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Not smart, Meela. Not smart. No double update this week, but at least we got one page done. Our schedules are still packed, so we'll try to do the double updates when things ease up a bit.

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  1. Meela no D: go back sweetie, please??

  2. OMGAHNOOOOOO RUN MEELA!!!! O_O run run run run, i dun like that rune!!

  3. Nooo! It’s a trap!

    1. i know right!?

    2. thelightedDarkness

      “IT’S A TRAP!”

      1. Why did that immediately make me think of A:TAS? xDD

      2. Am I the only one here who doesn’t see a trap? :/

        1. that glowing blue rune on the ground, its a “sensor”, someone put it down to altert them of anyone entering that cave, so most likely, its someone who is expecting her to come there…. not good, not good at all.

        2. Mayne it’s her mum!

  4. Oh sheeeeeeet! Run, Meela! Run like a wind!

  5. Ah Crap!

    Get out of there! Before we need a rescue Meela Arc!

  6. This is a page worth staying up for. But then again the whole comic is worth staying up for.
    Oh boy despite the pretty blue that rune doesn’t look good. The suspense man.

  7. Oh my lord…
    Run child

  8. i hate it when people give batshit crazy unspecific instructions.

    how about “this place wont be safe, we can never return because of magic trackers by our hunters!”

    1. The reasons may have been vague, but the instructions were clear – Don’t come back. She didn’t listen.

    2. I found the instructions rather clear. If we have to run away from here, our enemies have found us. Coming back is useless because as said they found out we lived here!
      Come on, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. No longer safe means no longer safe. Even more, Meela is older. I’d certainly hope that in remembering that time word for word she’d figure that no brainer out.

    3. agree with Tk. he didn’t say NEVER come back here EVER. or this place will NEVER BE SAFE AGAIN. she may not have ever returned until now and assumed that by now it should indeed be safe. the tracker/trap possibility most likely would not have occurred to her. he needed to get more specific with his warning.

      1. He said “CANNOT” which is more or less implied that she should NEVER return.

        1. He was talking to a 4-5 year old! And like it as not, memories like that get blurred. Plus, if you remember, he was never strict with her.

    4. Considering he’s talking to 4-5 yr old Meela, that’s a fairly reasonable explanation to give to a child. Had she been older it would have been firmer.

  9. meela nooooo…. D; although, guys imagine if that rune summomed FERAL D:

  10. Admiral Ackbar says: It’s a Tarp!!

    1. You mean…”IT’S A TRAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. No Sir, it is a play on words, google “It’s a Tarp” ;)

  11. umm any one else having trouble seeing the page? it’s not loading for me for some reason.

    1. I can’t see this page either, tried refreshing and restarting my computer but I still can’t see it.
      I’m glad it’s not just me.

      1. Never mind it’s seems you just have to refresh the page like 10 times.

        1. if you still can’t see it, go here

          i just moved the pic to a different page, it should work for anyone now

  12. Of Course it was a trap. WHY would it be anything other than a trap? WHY?

  13. Uh oh, I’ve got a feeling that she won’t be alone for much longer. Feral hurry find Meela!

  14. where’s my double update?! >:l

    1. Read the description! Agly and Cel are/were in the middle of moving and house renovations, and to top it off went to a con. So I’m giving them a break.

    2. -Your- double update? > >

  15. Heeeey

    Didn’t you guys say there would be two story comics this week?

    1. Read the description :)

  16. Afhhghahhgahag!! Why Meela why?? Tanner told you not to come back!!!! D:

  17. How old are Tannor and Meela here? How old were they when their father and brother were killed? I’m just curious and can’t figure it out…

    1. Celesse said in an earlier comic that she accidentally made Meela look too young in the first few pages (with the flashback,) so your confusion is understandable. Judging by the other flashbacks, I want to say Meela was about four and Tannor was eleven or twelve.

      1. *earlier comment ^ ^;

        ….I’m also assuming this is some time after the death.

  18. I have a bad feeling about all that. o n o

  19. Am I the only one that thinks the rune looks like an eye that just opened up?

    1. D: ohmyglob you’re right!

    2. I guess I didn’t think about it like that, but now that I looked at it after you said that – it DOES look like an eye opening up! ::)

  20. AWESOME! And don’t worry about the double update, we are very grateful for the new page! THANK YOU THANK YOU THAN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    Meela, you’re just making this story better and better!!! ::)

  21. No matter how cute she is, i want to slap some serious sense into her right now. -__-

  22. Hmmm.. will we see an adult Mal the next pages?!
    I’m curious about it.

  23. Arggghhh!!! Not safe — Meela, what does this phrase mean to you?

  24. Meela needs to improve her listening skills…

  25. Why hasn’t anyone thought that it looks like Holland’s magic?

  26. I have the sneeking suspicion that she might have done this on purpose….
    XD I love this comic!! The suspense keeps me involved!

    1. Yeahhh!!! I thought the same!!! like: If you are remembering exactly what happenened you shoulndt go in there, still she went so maybe she is giving herself away un purpose since all her family was killed and she doesnt want feral and holland to get hurt because of her.

      And then, there’s the comment bellow:

      “WHAT IF that rune summoned Feral and he was one of the enemies that her brother was talking about and he was trying to track down the last person in that family, and that’s Meela but he doesn’t know it’s her yet! :O MIND BLOWN AND WORRIED! Awwwww Meelaaaaa!!!!”

      I too thought of that and it kinda makes sense, but at the same time, holland’s friend didn’t seem to recognize her at all even though he knows what she is and: holland’s friend –> holland –> feral = bounty or something like that, but then why were they getting so close to that place??? coincidence?

      1. I forgot to say that indeed the rune looks somewhat like holland’s magic, in case the last part of the comment doesnt make any sense xD

        1. nvm, I just re-read the last page, and it seems she’s nos reaqlly listening at all
          THIS IS KILLING ME!!!! I love this comic! :D

        2. If the magic looks like Holland’s magic, it’s possible that, rather than implicating Holland, it may be implicating another Lyrian….Mithrennon, perhaps?

        3. I second this idea of Lyrian!

  27. WHAT IF that rune summoned Feral and he was one of the enemies that her brother was talking about and he was trying to track down the last person in that family, and that’s Meela but he doesn’t know it’s her yet! :O MIND BLOWN AND WORRIED! Awwwww Meelaaaaa!!!!

  28. I wonder if that rune seals the opening so she can’t get out! D:

    Quick, Meela, do it like in LoZ! Shoot the eye with an arrow to make it blink, then run like hell!

    1. That was my first thought, too. Because why would you put a sensor there, but not a way to keep the target there? Meela has less than a second to get out of there!

  29. They see you Meela…. Lalalalala….. Better run or they’ll get you

  30. Oh, the pacing on this page is perfect! :D

  31. thelightedDarkness

    GUYS! It looks a lot like an opened eye!

    Meela is so bad at following directions… :C

  32. Oh bad, oh bad, oh bad bad bad baaaad!!!! RUN MEELA!!!!!

  33. FRAK





    ; n ; ……….

  34. Meela! Why don’t you ever listen? :(

  35. AHHHH! Meela!
    Feral and Holland, hurry yourselves up and notice that she’s gone!!!

    1. Unless the thing alerts Feral because he’s the bounty hunter that was searching for him, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Meela may have snapped at them, but it’s not like they have any reason to suspect she’s going away. Maybe Holland, but I also doubt it. Her only hope is Jyaku at this point, and I suspect he’s still away, looking for information at Holland’s request.

  36. Oh crap. Such a pretty rune, but possibly a trap. Also possibly designed to alert bounty hunters that there is someone there.

  37. Not going to end well but hopefully Feral comes to the rescue.

  38. ….I think the reason Meela isn’t running is because she wants to get caught.

    1. It’s possible, but I doubt it. The only reason she would want to be caught is because of the reason she left. Something’s weird about her or something, and she thinks it’s to dangerous. But! She wouldn’t have spent so much time learning how to survive with Feral if that was the case, so I very much doubt she wants to get caught. And there’s no guarantee that anyone will be there soon. That trap might have been set there ages ago, when they were originally scented out. It’s probably been there for YEARS. I suspect it’s something of an organization that had been hunting them, and their headquarters could be days away.

  39. Just found your comic this morning and read the archives to present. Outstanding art!

  40. Gah. I must know what happens. /eye twitch/


  42. I kinda guessed the place was rigged by the was it had been set up…:/ poor meela

  43. I love how you guys did that magic trip wire effect. It’s one thing to imagine it..but another thing to execute it. Beautiful!

  44. Part of me thinks… somehow she must have known going back is dangerous, so maybe she is expecting something?

  45. Is there any other site to view this page on? I’ve been trying for hours to see the update and it will not load, even when I go directly to the image URL. :c Tried at my friend’s house, too.. anyone else having this problem?

  46. I can’t see it either Rythos.

  47. OMG this is so suspenseful and full of mysteries!
    I wonder if that trigger she stepped on will summon a bounty hunter and maybe it will be Feral, that would be soo cool if it did i hope it summons someone bad and then she gets into trouble but then Feral and Holland find out!

  48. *sigh* Thirteen year olds. They think they are invincible *waits for the next update*

  49. She should get out her AK-47

  50. I can’t get over how cute meela was when she was little…xD

  51. aw blank! RUN!!!!!!!!!!! its a homing signal now they know where you are!

  52. Tripwire rune. Ouch. Really bad move meela. Really bad.

  53. why do i get the felling that she knows but she doesn’t care? like she wants to be caught.

  54. Plot twist, something good happens.

    1. Half of me thinks so too.

  55. OMG Meela! Very bad idea!…I’m with the others that have already mentioned that Meela may have done this on purpose, she already has a history of overestimating herself (deciding to “teach” feral, stabbing Visrial) and has completely resigned herself to deal with any problems or threats alone.

    I know its a long-shot but I’m still holding out hope that Jyaku followed her maybe? He’s been lurking in the shadows and probably noticed she left…right? If nothing else maybe Jyaku stayed behind and intends to inform Holland.

  56. Wow, lots of speculation going on. o__o And here I am, wondering if I can achieve the same effect as the blue rune/tripwire line with pencils…

    In all, I also noticed that it looked like an eye (so maybe someone is watching her?) and it does look like the same sort of blue/swirlies that are reminiscent of Holland; everyone is all worried but I’m thinking, ‘FINALLY. We get to know what’s going on with Meela!’ Because honestly, it’s all still a mystery.

    1. I love speculating, its the only time its exciting to be wrong, but its fun to be right too so either way is a win-win!

      I do have to admit though… there are a lot of pages cause me to pull out my sketch book…The art is definitely inspiring.

  57. The real question is was this tailored for ANYONE walking into the cave…or her specifically?



    Is it just me or does that look like a ‘good’ version of the eye that was on Feral’s hand on p.193? :U
    Because it’s blue and ‘heavenly and angelic’, but then the one on 193 is red and looks almost like it has little devil horns and a small, slitted ‘pupil’ whereas this blue one looks like it has a dilated one?

    ..which somehow in my tiny mind made the blue one a little more friendly than the red one. . A.

    I DON’T KNOW ;C;

    personally I think something GOOD will happen but hmm

    1. No. It looks like a generic eye. But I do agree that there’s a good possibility of something good happening.

  59. watermelonoverlord

    Shnitzel nooooo this is a bad this is a very bad!

  60. Maybe she purposely came back, knowing it would be dangerous?

  61. dan dan daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

  62. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Anyone connect the fact that Meela’s mother is called the “Blue-Eyed Devil” and that trap/spell looks like a blue eye?!

    1. OMG! I never thought of that, but her mother would definitely be an accomplished magic user, being a top-notch bounty hunter, and no one really knows what happened to her, only that she disappeared….I love this theory! Her mother could have found the opportunity to start looking for them again, or if it is not directly her mother, maybe her mother has enlisted the help of a trusted friend (a lyrian maybe? as someone else mentioned the color is similar to Holland’s magic)…AAaah! The possibilities are endless!
      Buffy! Awesome theory :)

  64. The ruin reminds me of a trip wire/security type defense…..the eye watches.

  65. Meela, nooooo! don’t give yourself up!

  66. THIS SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!!!!!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  67. hopefully feral n holland will cum n help her


  69. Oh no! Meela! Honey why did you have to leave Feral and Holland? imagine how they’d feel when they notice you missing, or find you dead? They’re your friends for a reason! You need to go back, even your big brother knew bad things would happen if you went back.

    1. The reason she left is because something bad was going to happen and she didn’t want her friends to get hurt. She’s not about to go back.

  70. Poor meela. “SADNESS”

  71. Sorry sot of a random question but how come you only have Mal’s profile on the character list? Surely Yuen should be on there too? :3

    1. Well, aside from the page needing to be updated, Yuen is kind of a spoilery topic. Some people read character bios before they start reading a comic and it would totally kill the reveal.

      1. Ah that makes sense. Thanks for replying !:3

  72. Everyone’s all like, “No Meela run!” and I feel horrible because I am the only person (or so I feel) saying, “Stay Meela and get into even more trouble so that the story continues to get better and better and then Feral and Holland will be all worried and lksjcf;lkjsdf;lakdsjf;alskjdf;laskjdf;ldskj just so much stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I liked the theory that Buffy said, and Mythrainbow’s reply to Buffy. You two got some good heads on your shoulders! AS;LDKFJADS;LFKJAS;LDFKJ;ASLDKJF;LSDKJF;LASKJDF;LSJDF;SJDFLKJASD THISISWAYTOOGOODWHYMUSTITBESOGOODPLEASEPLEASEIFYOUGUYSEVERHAVEAWEEKWHENYOULITERALLYHAVENOTHINGTODOPOSTLIKEFOURPAGESPLEASEOKTHANKS(HOPEFULLYYOUGUYSCANREADTHISANDSEETHATITISN’TTHESAMEASMYPREVIOUSGARBLE!!!)

    1. Yes. Exactly. I want this to, so that she can run into feral’s arms ;w;

  73. That totally looks like a spell Holland would set up…

  74. Okay, I’ve had a really weird plot idea that has a lot of holes, but a little possibility. I think Feral is Mal, that’s why the hands match. But she’s dreaming mostly of Yuen, right? Well, what if Yuen is her father? Or the other way around. What if Mal’s her father, he convinced Yuen to get the same thing and so Feral has it, and the thing is slightly genetic, and that’s why Meela has bursts of random energy. Anyone agree?

  75. Am I the only one who tries to load the picture but it refuses? I’ve tried 6 seperate times now, and left it open over hours to see if that would get it to load, but I don’t see anything. :(

  76. Meela…. you… are just… stupid x.x
    Not only does she just run off, but runs back to a place her brother specifically told her to not go back to!

  77. The style you guys draw is just amazing. And the storyline, gosh, I’m just awe-struck. I can’t wait to learn more about Meela’s past. Magnificent, you guys!

  78. That doesn’t look good.
    Though… perhaps now we’ll get more information on who wants her dead and why.

  79. Hmmmm……her and her brother were being hunted by bounty hunters. Her mother is a bounty hunter called the blue demon for her blue eyes. The rune is blue……I think I understand.

  80. I get excited when ever I wait for another but every time I think about this has to end eventually I cry a little. TnT

  81. I get excited when ever I wait for another but every time I think about this has to end eventually I cry a little. TnT Also you need to advertise this more. Many know about gamercat but few are aware of strays. Maybe connect the 2 with links?

    1. Sorry for the double comment.

  82. Maybe once you finish the comic it could be animated. But I imagine that is a VERY long time away.

  83. Celesse can you possibly add an account system so i can track where ive commented and if people have responded to it instead of scrolling through 10bil pages?

    1. Using a Gravatar helps- then you just scroll through until you see your picture :)

      1. Thanks.

      2. I got the gravatar now how do I make it appear?

        1. Ok it works now.

  84. BACK FLASH & TRAP TIIIIIIIIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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