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Sorry for the delay guys, we had house work to deal with. Meela, where are you going?? NOTE NOTE NOTE: Hey guys, we made a Facebook post stating that there is no update this week as we literally had no time as we prepared for Ponycon in Indianapolis, Indiana. And because it takes us two days driving to get home we -might- miss next week :( we will try to get at least one page done by the end of the week after we get home on Tuesday

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  1. Oooo… are we going to find out what happened to her brother?? His “broken promise”?

    Her old home! So sad!!!!!
    so many feels!

  3. Nothing good can have happened here, for Meela to leave her gift from her brother behind.

    1. I believe that’s the same cave from Meela’s flashback()When her father was alive) so I would assume it’s where her father and brother were slain.

  4. thelightedDarkness

    The feels are strong with this one…

    1. i find my lack of tear control … disturbing.

    There is the classic shark approaching theme playing in my head as I anticipate Feral’s sudden appearance to see Meela.

  6. Oh my god your teasing me! Her old home, where she probably will get more memories for the story! I cant wait till the next one, hopefully about Feral and Holland when they find her gone.

    1. Not likely. Not enough time has passed if it wasn’t far from where they were. What I’m more curios about is why she didn’t stay there in the first place, and why she had to leave.

  7. AAHH! I think this is the meadow we saw on the first few pages!

    Btw.. the mood on this page… it was the first thing i noticed. It’s a very different mood then what we have experienced in this comic thus far. Very well done girls.

  8. Oh wow, the scenery on this page is very very stunning <3

    Wonderful job guys!
    ALSO RIGHT IN THE FEELS… T____________________T

    1. Oh I know. the first thing that drew me to this page was the scenery. Cels why y amaze me *-*

  9. ….-whispers- Oh snap…

  10. oh man! Things are getting interesting…. (actually, I don’t think things ever STOPPED being interesting….. /:|
    EXCITED for the next page!
    Lovely as always. I wish I could draw like you guys.

  11. HO SNAP. Aww her toy! :C

  12. Oh this makes me all sad. Quick find her before she gets herself into trouble or in danger Feral!

  13. And, ladies and gentleman, we’ve come full circle.
    Get ready for feels.


    Omg her plushie her bro made her ; n ;.

    She’s back where she started. Feral is going to find her there I just know it. He’s gonna find traces of her or something. I HOPE HE GETS TO HER BEFORE VISRAL DOES OHGODIMSCARED

    1. O.O Oh snap…I forgot about Visral…is it too much to hope that he went home and gave up…?

      1. i get the feeling that since visral is a panther… and cats can hold pretty deep grudges, i get the feeling that he is somewhere nearby… i just hope the guy who detered him before is somewhere nearby as well…. o_o

        1. Probably not, unfortunately. Last time we saw Jyaku, Holland asked him to find another way for Feral and Meela to stick together. He also hinted at him possibly not being there when Visral finds them, and hoping Feral would end him. I think Jyaku went off to do research somewhere, and now Meela is on her own. This doesn’t bode well.

    2. WEAH! ::) Are you seriously worried about Visral? I thought Jyaku scared him pretty bad! I actually kind of hope she gets and danger and does her pretty red-magic-jitsu-kung fu thing again! That was awesome!

      1. Or what about the bear she was complaining about in the beginning? This is probably its cave

  15. Are they still in the higher ares where she sees the cycle of seasons? She has done pretty good job of hiding the fact she used to live around there and not see the different seasons. Maybe I’m over thinking this? xD

    1. No, they traveled a good distance from where they went to the market. They’re back in the summer valleys now.

  16. Hey, it would be nice if I could keep my feels under contr–oh, okay…

  17. What…what is this feeling?! …oh… my heart breaking… got it….

  18. Is it just me, or is Meelas ear really long in the background/second panel?

    Other than that…. Mother of feels… I’m crying…

    The ominous scenery and the depress-y-ness of this page… ;n;

  19. This is sooo not good, but maybe something good will come from it.

  20. Its seems the sun is setting. Are Feral and Holland back At their camp? I think its a possibility that Feral knew was something was up and followed her to see where she was going.

  21. I have to wait another week…*plays darth vader’s NOOOOOO*

  22. :( Poor Meela.
    Amazing backgrounds though :)

  23. I love the sunset scenery :)
    I’m still thinking Visrial’s gonna show up pretty soon, Jyaku was preventing them from being tracked but I doubt his protection has a large enough radius to include Meela’s new shelter

  24. awesome drawings. for some reason i got tears in my eyes when i looked at her old doll in the shelter.

  25. I officially want to become Sleeping Beauty and sleep for like six months so that when I wake up, there are TONS of new pages! Oh this is turning out to be soooooooo great! Celesse, are you going to be at AWA this year? You really need to, because when my friend took me to your booth, that is when I first heard of you guys and now I am absolutely crazy about this! kfja;lsdkjfa;ldskjf

  26. this is what makes the comics great! we have a week to think about this, and i could stare at these amazing backgrounds forever! :3

  27. AAAAAHHHHHRGH, I know what’s coming is further insight, and now I have to wait a week!

    Page is absolutely gorgeous, and that little wolf monster is adorable despite the loneliness it’s exuding. :D


  29. Reminds me of when we first met Meela back in the beginning of the comic. Looking for shelter again, are we, Meela? But so much has changed… the artwork may be the biggest change that I notice. It’s more refined and beautiful now, and the emotions are so well conveyed in the colors… Wonderful work, Algy and Celeste. You’re both awesome!

  30. Omg! Its meelas home! Can’t wait to find out what happened to her family…Friday better come soon! XD

  31. I don’t think, that this is home, where her family was murdered. I guess this is a shelter where she lived with her brother untill his death. I would even say, that I’m pretty sure about it.

  32. It’s still alive, wonderful!
    But I don’t understand why Meela left her friends, Feral and Holland? She was afraid for them? Maybe I’m slow a bit, of course.
    And yes, it’so sad… especially her old toy wolf…

    1. I think she was afraid for them, but she also knew Feral was a bounty hunter. Other bounty hunters (possibly even Feral himself) will be trying to kill her now that she’s 13. I’m assuming she has some sort of demon powers that are now activating. So a mix of fear for them, and fear for herself. She probably doesn’t want them caught up in trying to protect her. That’s how her family died. ‘It’s easier if others don’t get involved, then it’s not my fault’ mentality. Well, that’s what I think anyway, hope that helped :)

  33. Oh mah gawd! *flails* Celesse and Algy I am not liking you two right now! I am having so many feels!

  34. Oh my goodness, you’ve gone full circle! She loved this wolf toy from the moment she saw it on the first page – I wonder what made her leave it behind?

    1. Maybe…this is where Tannor died.

      1. I’m pretty sure this is this place. Tannor told Meela, when they escaped, that they can never return to their home. He gave her a teddy bear (look at page 202) but it was different than this toy. This plushie was shown in few first pages, when they were already on their own, and Meela had got short hair instead of long. Sooo… It’s propably place, where they were hiding after their parents death.
        Maybe we will learn more in the next few pages.

  35. *gasp* no. Way….. Nuh-uh, no way!

    >.< no freaking way!!!!!!

  36. Beautiful art work! But… but… the feels, the wave of feels… my heart.. what is this feeling..*sniffle*

  37. I think I’m gonna cry when Ferral finds out that Meela ran away ;~;
    I hope he goes after her to bring her back with him & not hunt her down for the bounty ’cause that would tick me off >:(

    1. I’m gonna cry too:( I bet him and holland are gonna be so upset:(

  38. Back at the starting point, eh Meela?

  39. You know that scene in Treasure planet where Morph cries when he thinks he has to leave Jim? Yeah…that’s me right now.

  40. I know this is a sad moment… but all I can think is ‘Called It!’ Well kinda… I thought her home was BEHIND the waterfall, not near… but still her home. I wonder if we’ll get to learn why she’s being hunted and how her brother died. btw- Please say there’s no dead body in there. O.o The would be WAY too traumatic. :(

  41. Ack… Feels…Dang. I REALLYREALLY hope Feral won’t hunt her…

  42. @_@ i’m not gonna cry… i’m not gonna cry !

  43. The feels! Everyone’s feels have been murdered by this page!

  44. And that big old wheel just keeps on turning, usually to kick you in the butt again.

  45. I’m very concerned about Meela going their because what about the bounty hunters she was talking about? What if they are still looking for her? WHAT IF VISRIAL FINDS MEELA? EEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  46. anyone remember the library that holland’s family had, the magic one? i think she ran away to find the library, because she was going to look for something that she didn’t want them to find out about.

  47. you’re enjoying this aren’t you? Leading me by the nose with all this. (I don’t mind too much). Each page is a gem filled with skill and little details. I want more!

  48. I think that feral was the one who killed Meelas family in the 2nd flashback.
    I think that it has something to do with his red eye and a berserker mode.

    1. i hope not, but that would explain the human that knew meela, and was killed

  49. this is the first time I have ever posted, but I have been reading since the comic started and I love it!

  50. NOOOO! I’ve just started this comic yesterday and now I’m at the latest page already! Waah!

    Great job, though. This comic is simply amazing. Thank God I clicked that advertisement on Kick-Girl!

    1. I feel ya,zuzu.I feel ya -_-

  51. Oh noes. Meela! We have to wait a whole week:(

  52. Ugh they are going to be mean and make us wait until Saturday again… ::'(

    1. D: I’ve been waiting all day. :(

      1. they wrote on the facebook that there will be no update this week :c

        1. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

        2. WHAT!!!!!!!!!

        3. I wish they had a twitter, because I don’t use Facebook!

        4. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated! ::)

        5. I also don’t use or even have a facebook account, but I learned to check strays fanpage, when new comic page does not appear as usually :c

      2. Ugh I have been waiting all day too! I can’t believe there is no update, we were left with such an awesome cliff-hanger!

  53. i finally found a hotspot, but its not updated yet! *goes into fetal position*

  54. I knew it! Once I saw the waterfall! I had some thoughts that it might lead back to her brother story

  55. Wait, didn’t Tanner mention that it was dangerous to go back home? I seem to remember him saying that it almost wasn’t worth the risk for their survival gear. I suppose that was years ago now, but still…

    I’m worried about Meela, especially since it seems that something about her birthday puts her at risk D: I’ve been wondering if it could be as simple as you need to be a certain age to legally have a bounty on your head? Like, now she’s fair game for bounty hunters? But I assume Holland (or even Feral) would know more about it in that scenario, so probably not.

    1. I dont thinks its that simple for do you remember page 257 when she tries to steal the hat? it has something to do with the red stuff she has like Feral something like that.

    2. For the first thing, I don’t think this was their original home, probably just the one they stayed in after running away.

    3. I think that it has something to do with her magic aura and her family. maybe because her parents had strong magic and its passed down , and now that she is of age she wont be able to control it and that’s why she left so that she wouldn’t hurt her friends.

  56. Why u no update? :( * sniffle sniffle* did James Bond kidnap you? That sounded stupider than I thought it would. Does anyone agree with me that James Bond is an asshole? And not in a good way, like asshole to villains.

    1. I agree no update :( but that means we should get two pages next week
      more then usuall :)

  57. I’m pretty sure Meela’s secret has to do with her being a half-demon. This is because back in the beginning one of the first things she asks Feral is if he was a demon lupian. Then when Holland starts talking about Liohnel Mithrennon (the black haired lyrain that employees Visrial) he mentions harmless demons and Meela is intrigued by that alone(page 155). It could just be her curiosity but Meela and Feral’s red magic are very similar as they are triggered by fear. But I honestly think that Meela is worried about becoming a demon which is why she left the others and why she would have a bounty on her head.

    1. That would make alot of sense, guess we have to wait and see still though………………………………………………. QUE IMPATIENCE !!! =3

    2. Wouldnt surprise me.

    3. hey maybe it was her brother who killed her family because his demon powers wade him go berserk.

      1. And that would be why she doesn’t want to stay around them. Plus, after her brother said he would protect her, she said, you lied brother. Maybe he hurt her also and then killed her family, then she had no where to go? Thats the only thing i can thing of….

        1. Um, neither of her brothers could have been the original killer. They were both accounted for in the flashback and were too young.

          Meela also implies Tannor was killed by a bounty hunter earlier in the story. Meela just said that he lied because, you know, he died on her. Basic child logic.

        2. Food for thought.

          What if feral was the killer? He has demonic powers and what if he came across his family in the past and went berserk?

  58. Yeeeah, I don’t check facebook. it’s a pref.

  59. The sky is really pretty in this one! <3

  60. can’t waaaiiittt

    1. OMG ! ITS LIKE THE REAL-LIFE VERSION OF HER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      -has a strays fan-crazy moment-

  61. Where is the 278? ;_;

  62. In response to Mistybooklover, they hinted on FB that they might do a double update next week! So let’s just hope and pray that they have the time and energy to and so we can learn sooo much! ::)

  63. Keep calm and hope for a double update .

  64. teehee, I need to comment on your guy’s pages more, considering how long I been reading them, I’m like a silent anonymous stalker >=D

  65. Know what would be an interesting turn of events? –

    -Just a thought-

    What if whatever is gonna happen that caused Meela to leave would cause Feral to learn to speak again for whatever reason ??? O.o

    1. I highly doubt Feral will learn to speak again coz by the looks of it he’s had his vocal cords ripped out

      1. Those are kinda essential. I do wonder if a type of magic would restore his speech though.

        1. Ya that’s what I was getting at Ruby :), that would definitely be an interesting turn of events.

  66. I always felt this song fit this comic.( ) I recommend listening to it while reading.

  67. D: Bad Meela. Go back.

  68. there should be a Strays role-play club!!! it would be fun to play a fave character!

    1. OMG! Feral cosplay would be so AWESOME! Feral has some rockin’ outfits, my fave being the very first one he wore, and the hooded one he wore to the market was cool too…AAaaah! I’m going crazy just think about it!…..
      …*breaths in…and out…*
      …forgive me…it was inevitable, Strays has reduced me to having fan-girl moments…

  69. I’m going with Mal as the killer instead of Feral, Feral doesn’t have the strange curved blade that the killer was holding in Meela’s flashback, and with as much as we’ve learned about Mal’s past it would be surprising if he doesn’t show up as a character eventually…but that’s just a guess

    1. The word you are looking for is Scythe :)

  70. I hope hope hope we get a double update. Or else I’ll cry. ;~;

    1. Meh, we probably will, and when we do it’ll more than likely be well worth the wait. :P

  71. Will you guys be to Otakon this year? I would love to buy book one and two there!!! I’ve been saving up all summer! ^_^

    1. Yes we will be there this year but in the dealers room instead! Hopefully both volumes will make it to us in time for the con.

  72. ;_; Just tear up my heart!

  73. Now Meela can carry her toy around with her again!!!!! Looking on the bright side as always. Heyoceama.

  74. …….. (ready to cry)

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