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Holland is such a mother.

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    1. Agree’d T.T

      1. I third this T-T

        1. Indeed.

        2. Double indeed.

    2. already been done ;m;

    3. Triple indeed


      1. Well… better GLaDoS than Papa Roach.

  2. Feral’s little concerned look though


    1. I think he knows that somethings up

  3. Yeah, be nice and try to cheer poor Meela up Feral! But those last two panels…. Is like all touching and sad and stuff and :(

  4. thelightedDarkness

    I’M DONE


    But. Feral, I think .. Having premonitions?

  5. Holland bby. Shh, no more talking.

  6. Meela, come back. ;n; feral and Holland will be worried about you. Feral all ready is.

  7. D: > Feral instinct?

  8. o3o Also, is the front bush supposed to have lighting or is it just the way it is? ;A; Sorry!

  9. Aaaah, i can’t wait till next update. really beautiful done.


  11. I love how Feral’s green eye always seems to look a little less angry.

  12. oh man, feral is gonna show up there with everything he can carry, just hoping to cheer her up, i cant even imagine his face when he sees she’s not there

  13. She’s getting ready to have puppies!

    1. she is 13
      she isn’t old enough

      1. Actually, some girls start their periods at age 12, it was historically common for girls to be married at 12 or 13. It is entirely possible for her to be able to have puppies.

        Though I sincerely doubt that she is. More likely it has something to do with her odd magic and aura.

        1. (Reallysorrythisisn’tfullyrelevanttothecomic T.T) Technically, the girls who got married that young were in the upper class, where it was less about having kids (though that was important) and more about securing family ties. So they could get married, or at least engaged, before puberty.

          That said, considering that magic is involved, we don’t know what effect that has on the human body and it could be like how chemicals introduced to our food have been affecting us in the real world–i.e starting puberty early.

          I mean, I don’t think having puppies is it either ^ ^;–but magic potential and adolescence are often linked in fantasy settings.

        2. She isn’t even human.

      2. There are also a few girls, who get their periode with 7 years …. I guess, most girls get their first periode between 10 and 14 years and only a few girls get it earlier than 10 or later than 14…

  14. A real way with words you have there, Holland.

  15. Duck face for Prince Swan….

  16. Feral’s “It’s quiet, too quiet” sense is tingling.

  17. I’m not sure that look is intended for him to be sensing the problem. I think he looked back like that because Holland said ‘She tries to cheer you up’. That probably stroke a chord and made him feel guilty, so he’s looking back like that thinking maybe Holland is right.

    1. I actually have to agree with you here. Part of me believes that he might sense something, but when I first read this page, both your idea of what he was thinking and everyone else’s idea popped into my head. I guess we just have to painfully wait for the next page! ::)

  18. Feral, be smart. Go back.

  19. Maybe Feral’s gonna go back early to cheer Meela up ^ ^

    I just love Holland’s conversations with Feral–and by “conversation,” I mean “lecture.”

  20. …struck. Struck a chord. Good lord I apparently can’t type today. XD

  21. Aww, my poor babies ;.; It’s going to be so sad once they figure out she’s run away!
    Furthermore, I hope they can find her before big ol’ Visrial does…

  22. Uh-oh, Mommy is yelling at Daddy again.

  23. FERAL IS ONTO HER. Or he’s worried about her. And then when they get back they find out she isn’t there and then feral feels like it’s his fault because of Holland’s nagging and Holland tells him it’s not his fault AND ASHFJGH . n .

    1. Feral’s going to think that Versal (or something) took her, and beat him up. Just a guess.

      1. No Eric he wont beat him up he will just kick him in the head. :D


  24. he is gonna get all this stuff for her and MEELA WONT BE THERE!!

  25. Feral seems concerned I wonder if he may turn back to check on her, or just move on with the meeting than catch some rabbits for her. Is it bad that I really want to see his facial expression when he notices shes gone?

    1. eeeehh, idk maybe, but I kinda want to know what they’re gonna do when they realize that she’s up and left them…..poor meela wonder what her past contains

  26. I think this means the bird spies were Jyaku’s not Holland’s.

  27. That last panel! Oh FERAL! She does try to cheer you up, you know! So go back and catch her before she’s too far gone!

  28. I’m sorry Holland, watching him try to talk to Feral just makes me mad, dude it’s not like those two can have a conversation. I noticed that since Holland always has such a cherry attitude we never really see his eye brows drawn like that, so that duck face that looks really odd on Holland. I’ve never seen him looking as if he’s angry! Feral’s right push him forward and make him shut of, but for God’s sake turn around and go get PMSing Meela!!!!!!

  29. Yes, she does try to cheer you up. That’s what makes her a good sibling.

  30. Yes, she does try to cheer you up. That’s what makes her a good sibling.
    So GO GET HER!

  31. feral is gonna have a hurt heart when they get back to camp…

    1. ;__; Why you gotta make the feels worse? D:

      1. So freaking TRUE TTATT

  32. Oh gosh the feels in this one… I think Feral knows something’s up!

  33. watermelonoverlord

    oh my jeeze my feels want to happen and it’s killling mmeeeeeee TnT
    brb sads

  34. Mommy is giving Daddy a new hole lol…but really I hope she doesn’t get into any trouble :/

  35. Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! Update update update update update update I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ….. Visrial’s gonna find Meela, isn’t he? … *sniffle* Find her in time, Feral….

  36. holland is the mother.
    feral is the father.
    and piper is the irresponsible aunt.

    1. Is….is this….do I detect a Tsubasa Chronicles reference there? D= <3

      1. YES. You win internet.

  37. OTL Why don’t you just stomp on my heart with cleats? It’d probably be less painful. *lays down in a pool of tears*

  38. OW why would you do that to my poor little collie heart?? </3

  39. Plz, plz plz!! it woulda be nice if you’d draw Ferral’s profile more the way it was in earlier chapters) His nose in this page make him like a lot different man.

  40. Ah man! So much suspense! It is so nice to have the aprehensive suspense instead of the drama related kind. Holland plays a neat mother hen roll, but still a bit suspicious of hidden motives. This web comic is such a blast! Thank you guys for this wonderful story!

  41. oooh nooooo!!! :c poor meela…

  42. Must, have, next page. Why Meela!! I hope feral doesnt have to hunt her down :(

  43. Feral’s gonna have a heart attack when he finds out what’s going on ^w^

    I’m looking forward to this~~

  44. Holland…Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Holland fan, but why must Holland do his best to convince Feral it HIS fault she’s acting up? Stop that Holland…Feral might distance himself from her if he thinks its his fault…and just throwing a theory out after Visrial’s been mentioned, but maybe Meela won’t get far at all, and Visrial will use Meela as bait or a hostage, and while Meela’s trapped like that we’ll finally get to see her secret…All right maybe I’m getting to excited and thinking to far ahead, but I CAN’T HELP IT!!! Urgh…must hang on until update…

  45. Teehee, I like Feral’s “whatever” face + snort :) ….. not meaning to be totally random but I wanna see Feral’s “rejected” face + crossed hands again….

  46. NOOOOOOOO! I have to wait for the next page!!!!! I read through everything in one sitting and, I want it NOW! *gets up in face when says now*

  47. I neeeeed the next page! its suspenfull! I think Meela is leaving because she has what feral has; the red stuf that comes up when he uses magic on his swords.

  48. Oh and does the next one come out every friday? cause im in dire need right now. Ferals probably going to come back and see that shes gone and blame himself!

    1. Yep ^ ^ The next one should be up tomorrow.

  49. I can’t stop thinking back tot he beginning of this comic, when meela got hurt and Feral freaked. i might reread it, again.

  50. I’m in love with feral. <3

  51. Ferals red eye is getin old

    1. As in, aging along with the rest of his mortal body…?

  52. Know what the next page is going to be? A new chapter page

  53. Its Friday and it shoulda come out by now or does it come out in the afternoon more or is it late?
    Anyway how many pags of it come out omn the day? One or two or more? or is it random?
    I hope feral figures out that meela left and gets really worried! and that he figures out that mella has a power and shes wanted by an bounty hunter
    sincerly worried fan

    1. Calm down ^ ^; The authors are only human, they’re probably asleep. (I don’t want to assume with no evidence, but you may be in a different time zone from them and that’s why they haven’t updated on Friday yet)

      Usually only one page is put up, but if they miss a week then they try to compensate with two.

      1. Yup, think about time zones. For me now is 8.55 AM, but I live in Poland (thats in Europe). When girls updates (for example) very late (like 11.00 PM), I get page on saturday. So don’t be afraid and come back here later, to see new shiny, pretty page :3

        1. * should be “update” instead of “updates”. Oh gramma… English is not my first language, as you can see…

        2. Now 3:00 PM….I could be wrong….> <

        3. @Bluerosebud On my clock is 11.00 pm now, so I propably won’t see the new page untill tommorow. What a pity :c

  54. Thanks i didn’t think of that oh yeah that would explain it.

  55. Hey is a new page going to be up today or is it going to be late/ another day?
    Still love this comic

  56. I love this comic! Very-very much :3
    Say me, anyone, Meela will be okay? I like her ^^
    Hmmm, for me, Feral is looking like Mal, not Yuen. Am I right? And look on Mal’s palm. It has Feral’s symbol.

    1. Wrong palm I think.

    2. Mal has hair more like Feral’s hairstyle, but Feral has Yuen’s coloration, which is more indicative of who he is.

  57. Dagnabbit, Holland, you have unintentionally set it up so Feral will think it’s all his fault she ran off when they get back. Aaaaugh his uncertain face nuuu


  59. Feral’s the only one who looks back wahh! He does care Holland, you insensitive jerk!

  60. I bet he’s going to skip out on his client and go back for her… Then find her gone. ;o; and go looking for her… Meela noe…

  61. I ♥️ Holland sooo much i wanna hug him!

  62. I hope Meela at least had the smarts to track through the water first to mask her scent.
    This IS a world of animal-people afterall. They can probably track her rather easily by scent…

    … and speaking of which, her escape will inevitably be intercepted by Panther-boy… at which point these two will show up to rescue her and then they’ll have a talk about her brooding issue.

    Or at least that is what I predict.

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