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Looks like Meela is trying to skip out on her hat debt.

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  1. No, Meela! D:

  2. Oh Meela, i’m sure you’ll cross paths with them again soon.
    But those emotions on this page ;n;

    1. Exactly my reaction! _-_


  4. I can’t believe been reading this comic for five years. *sigh* MEELA.

  5. Don’t run away Meela! D:

  6. MEELA!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! So many feels… :'(

  7. Nuuuu! Shtap, Meela! Q^Q

  8. Damnit wolfling just talk to them!

  9. Those birds ^^

    1. omg you’re right D: Holland will find out

      1. I have a feeling he already knows from Jyaku.

  10. ohmygod. The feels. SO MANY FEELS.
    AUGH WHY???? I am so anxious to know why she has to leave!!

  11. Dang it! Do Feral and Holland not know how to read comments?! I swear I yelled at them last week not to leave her alone…
    Okay seriously now, I kind of want Meela to just randomly run right into Piper while trying to run away, just because of how random that would be. XD

    1. This is the best comment so far. Way to go. :D

  12. What could happen… WHAT could happen!!? I keep on thinking she’s a demon lupian or that she’ll turn into one or something.

  13. QuQ Ah, the suspense~ and the emotions~ >u</ The colors/tone of the page is really well brought out. :D

  14. Curious Strays Fan

    When Feral gets back, the hunt….is…ON!!! Meela NOOOOO!!!

    1. Oooh, Feral hunting Meela down… she won’t get far!

  15. meela, i think that feral would personally rip the guts out of anyone stupid enough to go after you. feral could handle prettymuch anything in my opinion.

    1. Except if the trouble comes from her…. an internal conflict, not an external.


  17. Uhm… okay, I really really really have to know now!
    Come on I am really sad over here. :(
    If you’re going to take away an awesome character then at least give me a reason.
    Pwease? *puppy eyes*
    Also I love the birdies and squirrel. ;P

    1. meela is the lead character theyre not going to take her away. but yeah i wanna know too!

  18. Ahhhhh what could happen anytime now?!?!?!

    suspense is killing me


    1. thelightedDarkness


  20. Yes Meela. Leave. And. Never. Come. Back.

    You Killed Mufasa!

    Now leave and never come back!!!

    1. I. Killed. Mufasa.


  22. Mmm… It makes me think…
    You know, Feral can change into wolf. He alvays can go and try to find her by her scent, can’t he?

  23. Poor Meela. At least she’s a lot healthier than she was in the beginning. I’m betting the guys know something is up and maybe even stopped and watched her. Feral has a good instinct about this kind of thing and Holland probably has a good idea of what’s going on with her.

  24. whats gunna happen at any time???

  25. I’m sorry but can someone point me to what happens on / after her birthday???

    1. I don’t think anyone’s positive about what happens but I believe it has to do with her funked up magic?


  27. Considering not just how strangely she acted, but also the fact that Mr. Bambi already told Holland she’d be trying to leave soon… I can’t believe that Holland’s not expecting this and hasn’t already thought of something to do about it.

    I am still wondering how much Feral knows about… anything in the group, though. She seems to be making no secret of having been dreaming about him, but he hasn’t shown any interest.

    1. Mr. Bambi. xD Anyways, maybe he has. The birds in the 4th panel? I dunno, they could go ‘tweet’ and tell him. Lol

  28. breaking my heart! T_T

  29. ….What….?

    We missed Meela’s birthday….?

  30. I totally wanna see Feral and Holland circle back in front of her and be like “and where do you think you’re going?”

    1. That would be awesome and really funny

  31. D: NO! Why.. Why why why……….. But I bet the birds are spies…. heheheh, Holland will now and then they’ll chase her down

    1. aaaand the squirrel

      1. It’s always the squirrels… o3o

  32. The way I see it, this is for the best. Meela knows something big is coming involving her (whatever that may be) and so does DeerBoy and Holland. I can’t believe Feral is in the dark about it too, my guess is he’s trying to protect her from it by ignoring the impending situation. If she became his target, he’d probably hunt her down and drag her to safety. Piper is probably the only one who DOESN’T know what’s going down. And if she does, Holland told her. I just hope Meela doesn’t get into too much trouble without the guys to protect her. -keeps eyes peeled for the kitty-

  33. I can’t believe she left! D:
    Doesn’t she realize that Feral and Holland are better for her than fear and loneliness?!

  34. rabbity the rabbit, squirrelly the squirrel and chickadee-ey the chickadee…

  35. Noooooo! Meela:( I think that Feral’s new assignment will be Meela, and he’ll find out a little of why she’s leaving.

  36. I’m captivated by the way you showed her tearing up. As a person who can not draw…it’s nothing short of a miracle. I I can almost hear her..see it animated in my head. Well done.

  37. What if their next target is her

    1. thelightedDarkness

      My thoughts exactly…

      1. …hoping it isn’t… but it’s a good possibility :(

  38. FERAL! Why you do nothing!!! – sigh- No I know it’s not your fault, but I feel something very bad is going to happen to meela if she goes off on her own..

  39. “It could happen anytime soon…” – first thought: what? your period?

    But great job, it’s a beautiful page (like always lol)
    I think it’s kinda sad that there’s hardly an interaction between Meela and Feral. In this chapter he looks more like a boring supporting character (it only has a few pages yet but that’s how it looks to me). And Holland is talking to her all the time. I mean it’s cute and stuff. But Feral is there too!

    Sorry, my english is not that good^^

  40. Nooooo Meela!!! Don’t leave!!!!! D’:

    If Holland and Feral don’t get this issue solved and bring you back I’ll never forgive those two. >>

  41. Now I’m really curious as to where she’ll go…and the next page ;3;

  42. Meeeeela, MEEEEELA, you could run away much faster if you turned into a wolf! XD

  43. I love dis beautiful ARTWORK!!! ღ

  44. “It” will happen anytime now? What’s “it”? Something related to her “dark aura” back at the marketplace? Sad as it is that Meela is running away, I wonder what’s going to be revealed Real Soon Now(tm). Some dark family secret? Some secret ability? Or something really ordinary? :-P

    1. Hey Lurker, her whole clan had a bounty of some sort on them, and were all wiped out. When her older brother turned 13, he was hunted. 13 seems to be the age that a target becomes valid for hunting, so Meela’s a bit afraid to bring Feral and them into this. She’s just afraid as well, seeing as how her whole family was hunted, even her brother, so she’s just afraid.

      1. I actually don’t think a hunter would care about Meela’s age, considering that one’s bloodthirsty grin turned her way in her dream. ^ ^;

        Her brother Connor was killed along with their father as soon as they were discovered, and he looked younger than thirteen in the flashback. Little Meela and Tannor were being hunted ever since then, too, and she was way younger than thirteen. Tannor’s death probably had less to do with his age and more to do with the hunters catching up to them and Meela escaping.

        I think her turning thirteen probably has to do with the reason -why- her family has a bounty on them. Usually it has to do with puberty, and any latent magic abilities or curses commonly take effect at this age.

  45. Panther popping up in three… Two… One…

  46. No don’t go pup! ….maybe Feral can track her with his wolfy sense of smell or Holland and those birds in panel 4…

  47. DAMNIT!!! WHAT could happen any time now?!?!?!? you’re bloody killing me!

  48. Am I seeing too much or is she actually sticking her hand down her pants? .-. Maybe she is worried about her period or anything that might be related to it? Just a quick thought.

    1. At first I was like 0.0, but I see what you meant.

      It’s a little hard to see cause she’s small in that panel, but she’s actually holding one hand in the other and her bracelet is covering up her wrist.

    2. You’re seeing too much lol. She’s clasping her hands in front of her and has the bracelet on her right wrist, it’s the same color as her pants though.

  49. If this area corresponds to real life, it is occurring in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Before, Holland talked to a Meadowlark, but the Eastern and Western species are almost indistinguishable except by call and range. However, those sparrows are Eurasian Tree Sparrows, which only occur in the new world around St. Louis. Meadowlarks are all new world species, and the Eastern and Western Meadowlarks look exactly like the one Holland talked to.

    1. ::applauds:: Marc, I tip my hat to you. You have a very good eye & thank you, for your observations have enlightened my day! Bravo!

  50. I’m pretty sure that the boys are sensing something is up and will not just let her skip out.

  51. … on the other side… t’would be really cool if it time-skips now and we come in on her later as WOMAN. :D

    But that’s just me wanting to see badass Meela All Growed Up.

  52. So…
    what if shes in heat, cause she came of age.

    Hopeful wishing.

    1. o_0 That would indeed be awkward if she stayed… /)///(\

  53. What? What will happen pup?


  55. The bird and the squirrel is definitly some kidn of spies. I went back a few pages and as far as i know have they never just drawn random animals in the background without some reason. not even in the pretty waterfall scene.

    And I’m guessing that she is the next target, probably because of all the trouble her parents made? I guess she just reached some kind of magic number where… whatever Feral is working ass, i can’t remember the name, can start hunting them down. The only thing that doesn’t rhyme here is why she then decided to stick with him in the first place, instead of just running as far as she could when she met Feral in the first place.

  56. *sigh* Meela, pup, I hope Feral and Holland find you. I don’t think that Feral would hurt you; he’s too attached.
    Waiting VERY impatiently for next week’s page…

  57. Last week Feral seemed a little surprised that Holland agreed to leave Meela behind. Then there was the whole “I’ll miss you guys” statement. Hopefully they’re not too far away and waiting to see what happens and ready to follow. …and what do the dreams have to play in this whole thing? As for the squirrel? Never send a squirrel to do a raccoon’s work.

  58. noooooooooooooo MEELA STAY!

  59. I have this feeling that Meela will be Feral’s next target or the cat guy will show up while shes running. ~~~WAAAAAA xD I want to know what happens next.

    1. yeah, visceral is still prowling… he’s probably doing it out of spite.

  60. Oh no! :( so sad!!! But at the same time I can’t wait to see what she is talking about and where she is going!! But but, why leave!!? Nuuuu :'( is too sad!!

  61. Just wanted to add that the art work is amazing as always! Meela’s facial expressions were spot on and I love how you did the backgrounds!

  62. Do you think that Holland or someone is responsible for those birds, and knows that she’s leaving? I think there’s some reason for those birds, they just sort of jump outa the page.

    1. No, I think they are just scenery…I mean, they don’t seem important…

  63. MEELA! WHAT IS ‘IT’!?!

  64. Those birds are really suspicious looking.

  65. …isn’t jyaku still hangin around?

  66. They’re gonna either go after her or shell come back, I just know it XD

  67. Just finished reading the archives and what do I find at the end?
    Meela running off.

  68. Why is Meela running away

  69. Meela walks a lonely road
    the only one that she has ever known
    don’t know where it goes
    but its only her and she walks alone

    1. … LOL!

  70. She’s running away because she’s turned 13 right? So, she’s getting her period soon? I mean, sure she’s hanging out with a bunch of dudes, so it could get awkward, but what exactly has her brother been telling her?
    “You’re going to start bleeding down there. And it will be awful. For EVERYONE.”
    Poor girl.

  71. What if Feral DOESNT go after her? D : Like, Holland has his moment of
    we gotta go!
    and Feral,hurt by her leaving so suddenly,tries to be gruff like he used to be and just shrugs it off..? *worried!*

  72. I’ve been following this comic for the last year, or two. Perhaps three… heeehee. Anyway, after re-reading everything in whole up to this point I have a theory.
    Meela’s father, or mother, must have had some genetic coding that caused their pups to have demonic possession. Most likely her father, thus the bounty. Or one of her brothers was possessed and killed their father and himself. Her other brother, who knows… She now believes she has it (or as we can see from the deer-guy actually does have it somehow). It must have something to do with coming of age, and if they can’t handle the imbibed power then they go psycho. Her brothers were twins, and one may have inherited it rather than the other, or one handled it better. She doesn’t now how she’ll handle it.
    Feral also has a demonic possession of some sort, most likely resulting from contact with Mal and his creepy traveler. Thus, being in the same vicinity is dangerous as they might make each other’s “condition” act up.

    Just theories, but her face when she asked Feral if he was demonic in the beginning just makes everything make sense.

    1. The possession thing I’m not sure of, but I’m certain it has to do with something demonic or extremely powerful.

      I’m completely sure her brother was not the killer, however, seeing his scrawny little boy appearance in comparison to the killer’s muscular silhouette, and seeing as how Connor was killed alongside her father with the killer grinning over their bodies :P –the implication is that this was a bounty hunter.)

      I figure that rather than possession, there are already demon powers lying dormant within Meela due to the genetic coding you mentioned or her own ancestry (demons are the only creatures in Meoley that can produce children with EVERYONE.) With puberty, these powers would not be dormant any longer.

      1. Yeah I’m not so sure about “possession” but I had no other alternative thing to call it, at the time.
        I’ll have to go back over those pages with the dreams. Either way I’m sure it has something to do with the powers, and these powers are related to Feral’s which is why she’s dreaming of what we assume are his memories. He looked about young teenager-age when Holland found him so he may have gone through a puberty trial, or other such trial since he was already kissing… Haha

  73. nooo Meela! Dont do it alone! :(

  74. WHAT

  75. Is it just me, or do the birds look like they’re symbolizing something? Like Holland and Feral staying and Meela running away, like the bird above her is flying away?
    Also, the squirrel could represent the kitty-cat guy watching them.

    1. I also noticed the birds, especially after the 2nd reading, (yes I couldn’t help it I had to read the whole thing again and again while I wait for the new update….) but I was thinking maybe they would do more than symbolize and actually contribute directly to the story? Holland has already been seen using similar birds as messengers, its not too far fetched to think he could also acquire information from them, like Meela’s direction when she left a simple piece of information.

  76. meela? what are doing? meela? stahp!!!

  77. It kind of annoys me sometimes how you can always see the pixels in the outlines…

    1. Oh, and I forgot to add: Lol to Celesse’s humor XD

  78. this was all sorts of sad feels, until i read the description below the page, then i giggled a little XD

  79. spy squril (sorry about spelling) in 1rst panel


  81. This one is missing on tapastic…

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