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I would be concerned after hearing that.

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  1. There Meela goes again, being all kinds of crazy and unpredictable! Silly Lupian pups, never know what they’re going to say next.

    1. Hehe, so true! But I’m happy Meela apologized, she has really matured a lot throughout the comic :)

      1. She probably snapped because:
        As she nears her thirteenth birthday/ puberty, her demonic possession is starting to show through [this is my theory for why she’s on the run, and feels she has to leave the others soon]
        She’s planning to leave for some other reason, this fact is stressing her out, and she’s testy because of it. She may be intending to leave right now, and doesn’t want her final words to her friends to be angry ones.

        I definitely reckon we’re going to find out more about demons though – Young Feral’s friend, present Feral’s red eye, and Meela being chased by bounty hunters… there’s definitely an underlying mystery here, and I can’t help but suspect that all of these things are somehow interconnected. By demons.

        Oh well… we’ll find out eventually, anyhoo. :)

        1. xLizardx and I have the same theory. She’s about to leave because of her demoic possession. I CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE..

        2. Well, do you remember that part a few pages back where Mal tells Yuen about what the “traveler” outside of the village was showing him? I think Yuen gets dragged into it, and maybe that’s where their demonic possession started. Nothing like that has happened to Meela yet. But it was mentioned she had a bounty on her, and. Oh. J already said what I wanted to say. XD She could be Feral’s next target, and she doesn’t want to risk it! D:

        3. was meela related to the old guy feral killed early on in the story, or is that unexplained?

        4. I got the impression that she’s planning on leaving while they’re gone, and she didn’t want snapping at them to be the last thing she said to them.

  2. Oh no! Is she going to leave them? I feel like she is going to leave them soon!

  3. maybe she’s afraid the next one that Feral’s gotta hunt is her O_O ?

    1. o.o This is a very good point :o Considering that she has said she’ll have to leave soon and that she has a bounty on her AND she says she’ll miss them <33

  4. Poor little Meela. She’s growing up so fast! <3
    She's learned more than her brother ever taught her before he passed and I think she had good teachers, least now she knows how to do things on her own and isn't going into anything as blind as she was before. It's still sad that she thinks she needs to leave them but she's got the best knowledge she could have.

  5. Noooo :( Meela

  6. I am drowning in Feral’s expressions.
    and dangit Meela…. the tension is killing me
    drowning and being killed….just which one am I doing? Both?
    I’ll go back to my speculation corner….

  7. i think feral was concerned :I

    1. He was! Even though he tries to play it off that Meela is just a nuisance to him, I think he really cares about her, after spending all that time with her. And as to whether Meela will leave or not… well, not only from her words, but the expression on her face said that something was on her mind. Hmm…. maybe Jyaku has something to do with this? He seems awfully entertwined in all of this.

  8. Aw man… I just know she made those her last words to them before they left for a reason. This is where she runs off, I bet… hicsob… nooooo. :c Babies…

    …but in terms of the comic page itself, fantastic as always. You always get Feral’s emotions across so well, as well as everyone else’s. Your body language is so spot-on. Coloring is very nice… can’t help but notice the frame where it’s her saying she’ll miss them, it’s a little duller, less saturated. Good use of subconscious suggestion through color. Helps you feel the sadness that’s supposed to be there a little more, I think.

  9. …and then she goes Splitsville. Wonder what her grand plan is.

  10. Feral’s no fool. o_o

  11. I see what you gonna do there, Meela! Love Ferals face on second panel, like ” wtf Meela”? XD dont forget about their hunter :P

  12. she’ll be gone when they get back, though I still wonder why… :/
    Please update soon!

  13. Happy birthday, Meela….

    Watch out for the kitty….

  14. Does the phrase, “I’ll miss you guys” not seem odd to them? TAKE A HIT GUYS! SHTAP MEELA!!!!

  15. “I’ll miss you guys.”

    This has a double meaning!

  16. “We’ll see you later.”
    Meela suddenly whips out an apology and says “I’ll miss you guys.”
    Hello??? No you won’t! At least not that day….

  17. I think I’m the only one who noticed when Meela says wait that Feral then decides to walk away.
    Sheesh Feral at least listen to her apologize. =w=”

  18. Anyone else getting the feeling that Feral’s new assignment is to hunt down and kill her?

  19. Meela’s belly button is showing. She’s picking up on Holland’s style.


    WHY, MEN.


    1. I’m sure Hollands fully aware. when I feel like he isn’t sure, I’m sure Jyaku is somewhere nearby. Never forget about when they were talking.

      1. Yeah, I’m really hoping Holland is reading the signs loud and clear and has already taken steps to help…though I wonder what could be going on that he can’t just talk to her about and say ‘hey whatever curse or bounty or whatever is on you, you know we’ll stick with you right?’ or somesuch… ;.; I hope he has a plan to make it work out without her having to be on her own for too long…

      2. Jyaku is a creepy stalker :P and Holland would make a good mom. He just seems to know everything.

  21. don’t do something stupid meela….

  22. Hey, I just remembered something. When Meela and Feral were in the forest and there was that old man, he had a gun. It seemed guns aren’t common, but what other modern day ish tech do they have?

  23. Is it me, or does Feral’s nose not look as bumpy as it usually does? I guess I’m not sure what it is, his face is looking so weird to me right now….

    But for the rest of it, I love Meela in panel five! This is definitely my favorite outfit (even with her bellybutton showing.)
    And Holland…I would have expected more from you, considering what Jyaku said…

    1. It’s his scar that’s missing on his eye.

      1. The scar is there, it’s just hard to distinguish from the shadows under his eye, but I see what you mean about his face looking weird.

  24. I wonder if they are going to circle back around through the bushes unnoticed to see what she is up to, then follow her?

  25. Were did Feral’s scar go? :o

    1. OOPS seems we forgot about it!

    2. It’s actually just make-up he throws on to make himself look all tough in front of the ladies. Who has the time for that sort of thing when they’re trekking through the wilderness?

      1. Not Feral, thats who.

  26. Yeah I knew she was planning on leaving ;m;
    But I have a feeling it won’t be so easy. Don’t forget about Jyaku. I have another feeling that he’ll either stop her or maybe those two might try to follow her. :o

  27. Where is Feral’s scar? :O
    Why do I feel Meela is up to something big?

    1. Ooh, good catch. His scar is missing! :O

      And I really hope Meela doesn’t run away… but I know she will. So I guess that means I hope Jyaku is there to keep an eye on her.

  28. Yeah, it’s official. She’s bailing. Perhaps she seeks to become a bounty hunter herself? Or is this strange power that dwells within her, soon to surface? Or… is she finally heeding the advice to leave for her own good….


  29. MelodyofBrokenWings

    I think Meela might leave them… I don’t want that to happen right now! Or maybe by staying at the camp she might get kidnapped. So unpredictable at the moment.

  30. Lol pms?

  31. Hey Celesse and Algy is it alright if I make clay figurines of the Strays characters?

  32. I love this comic too! Can’t get enough of it! One page a week is not enough!! XD But I’ll wait excitedly for the next one. I too believe that she is bailing on them.

  33. Great, she’s going to sleep again. Time for another dream sequence…maybe!


  35. I have a feeling she’s going to run soon :( Just saying her final goodbyes..

  36. Yeah, she’s totally not going to run away after a comment like that. Yup, totally not gonna do that…. DON’T LEAVE HER ALONE YOU FOOLS! XD

  37. Oh my little unpredictable Meela….
    With all the talk of her running away, I’m not sure I like where this is going..

  38. Aw,poor Meela :’C
    … I have a prediction, I’m kinda hoping that I’m wrong, but my prediction is that Meela is about to runaway soon…very, very soon…like in-the-next-few-pages soon… like I said, I hope I’m no way near to being right :’C

  39. Feral’s eyes look weird in panel 2. He looks like a cross between scared, confused, surprised, and a bit crazy… Um, maybe its because of the small pupils?

  40. she is running away

  41. Could Meela be infected by a demon? Like it runs in her family and have to be hunted before they get to dangerous?

  42. I hate all this suspense its killing me ….is she going to run away… she going to turn evil…will she DIE…im going to die if I don’t find out what’s going on

  43. she isnt gonna be there when they get back. when she said ill miss you guys, she meant goodbye. :(

  44. She gon’ peace outta thurr

  45. ;-; she just said goodbye in all too obvious words. HOW COULD YOU NOT NOTICE IT FERAL?! she’s saying how she’ll miss them, but i take that to meaning that she’s leaving for good, or at least for a long period of time. WHY U DO DIS MEELA?! WHYYYYYYYYYY?!

  46. I like how Feral is so shocked that It’s necessary to give him a speech bubble with just dots XD.

  47. why?!?!?!? why cant yall post twice a week ?! :(

  48. Oh, Meela… I hope that you have at least some kind of protection, wherever you go… *hug*

  49. I can see that y’all went back an’ added Feral’s scar. :P ;) HaloOkami

  50. She’s gonna run away. I just know it. XD lol

  51. …”I’ll miss you guys”…craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap…Meela, can’t we just talk about this??? T-T

  52. HOLLAND! FERAL!!! You guys are so stupid! Can’t you see she’s going to leave?!?!? please tell me you guys circle back around and watch her. Don’t leave her alone…. :'(

  53. She’s leaving I know it -_-

  54. I’m sure they already know she’s going to leave.

  55. My two theories;
    one: She’s part demon and part something else, not just Lupian and not possessed. Remember how Holland earlier mentioned good demons and demon halfbreeds that just want to be left alone?
    Two: Her birthday is either today or in the next week, and she’s gonna run away today.

  56. What if she’s going to read that book of Ferals? If she’s been taught how to read that language :)


  58. Question…did you guys(algy and celesse) switch jobs? The lineart here looks a bit different than what I’m used to with this comic…
    might just be changing art style, but I was just wondering

    1. Celesse did this page all by herself while I work on our house to move in to. She uses a different program than I do


  60. I think she’s gonna leave. :(

  61. i love ferals expression in the second panel and meela dont leave them

  62. “I’ll miss you guys” sounds an awful lot like a goodbye…

  63. Is it just me or does anybody else want a purchasable item of Meela in that outfit? I don’t care if it’s a button or a sticker or a charm or a print! I think she just looks so adorable in that outfit. By far it’s my most favorite outfit of hers <3 <3

    Back to the original reason why I commented: DONT GO MEELAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! ~cries and paces around waiting for the update~


  65. twenty_fifth_night

    feral’s face at meela’s refusal to come looks like he’s seeing the sun rise in the west, ahaha.

  66. That face in the second panel tho… Feral’s all like ‘Mood swing? WUT IS THIS?’

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