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Jeez, Meela. PMS much?

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  1. Hahahaha exactly what I was thinking :P Somebody’s PMSing..

    1. Someone’s blossoming into a beautiful young PMSing woman! :3

      1. I foresee an awkward conversation about becoming a woman in the near future. I’m guessing it would have to come from Holland, but I would laugh out loud if Feral had to find a way to give a girl “the period talk”

        1. Especially since Feral can not talk. That would be hard to explain then, with only hand motions and writing and embaressment.

      2. SHUT UP!!!

  2. Woooow Meela, geez, snippy snippy. You on your period? Lol

  3. I laughed at Feral’s face in the last panel. But woooooow grumpy Meela is grumpy.

  4. Wooah, even Feral looks shocked.

    That’s gotta count for something.

  5. …I only just realized how pretty Holland’s eyes are…

    In that second last panel, they looks positivity mesmerising. XD

  6. Oh wow, Ferals face in that last panel is killing me XD

  7. She’s gonna try to run away!!

  8. Dang. o_o

  9. Oh noooo Meellaaaaaaa. I think I know what you’re planning darling, aahhh nooooo. ;-; BB stay with themmmm…

    Fantastic as always, guys. The expressions in the last 1/3 REALLY make it. Just wow, fantastic. You guys really know how to convey emotions.

  10. Well, as usual, great art :)

    Meela is getting a little snippy.

  11. oooooo wow! the look on Feral’s face! Is that genuine shock/surprise?

  12. Well… What crawled into your lunch and died?

  13. Wow. Meela has done the impossible. She left Holland speechless.

    1. This. ^

      Where’s a “like” button when you need one? XD

      1. Seconded

        1. Noooo you can’t thirded my seconded!

        2. Forthed.

          O5O I believe she just did.

        3. Fifthed! and the other impossible (double impossibles!) she shocked Feral!

  14. feral: wat o_____o

  15. Well then. XD

  16. Oh man, all of a sudden puberty turns a sweet little lupian into a bad natured beast >.< already I wish I could go back I time and….WAIT A MINUTE *goes back to the beggining* aww poor Meela and boo to that nasty mute…I think this will be a great comic ^^

    Love it!

  17. Guys shocked faces = adorable! Tho I wonder wat has meela’s tail in a knot?! I refuse to believe its JUST the dream…

  18. shes just so adorable when she mad ^-^ and what better day to read this then on my birthday

    1. Happy birthday!!! :)

    2. W00t! We share a birthday!! Happy (belated) birthday!

  19. Suspicion…

  20. Aww, no! She’s going to leave now?!

    Of course, from Jyaku Holland is aware that she’s planning this…I’m wondering if he’ll catch on.

    (Really like Meela’s snippy face–and I still love the way that hat looks on her.)

  21. Well, in her defense, Holland is being kind of pushy about it. :)

  22. Aww, Holland looks hurt. That’s a first. :-(

  23. thelightedDarkness

    Pfft. Puberty.

  24. I really appreciate the absolute stunned expressions on Holland and Feral’s faces. I believe this is the first time sweet little Meela’s ever snapped at either of them. Usually everything sort of rolls off her. Pushy Holland or otherwise… :< It makes me worry for what she's got planned, and I bet if they end up leaving her there, they'll be worried too.

  25. Meela, haven’t you heard the old saying?
    “Keep Calm and… uh… Keep calm.”

    1. Keep Calm and rub some bacon on it.

  26. Meela! Don’t go! Poor Holland and Feral…. they genuinely care for her, and if she leaves… Meela, don’t hurt them any more than you have to…

  27. The suspense for me is building up again. Meela Y U TRY TO GO.adklfjafa

  28. Someone had their sassy flakes this morning

  29. Snippy-snippy girl PMS time, boys. Leave the angry animal alone. Don’t try to go Meela! Pleeeeaaaassseee;(

  30. Another comment! Just a quick question. If Meela and Feral have spent so much time outdoors being outdoorsy people, why are they still vampire pale?

  31. Hoho, it’s a joke about how we do not have to take female emotions seriously because they can be attributed to unimportant nonsense like menstruation.

    1. Eh? I took it more as because Meela was acting uncharacteristically rude out of the blue, not because she might be unhappy. It’s just a light joke that some of us can relate to.

      ..I guess your menstrual cycle might not effect you so heavily, but I know mine sure does; it’s painful and nauseating besides the hormones. To call it ‘unimportant’ nonsense that has no effect on your mood seems a little callous.

    2. Um, ‘unimportant nonsense’?? That seems a little insensitive don’t you think?

  32. Tsk Tsk Tsk Calm your tits Mee

  33. Well, this certainly is out of character for you, Meela! Even Feral looks a little shocked! Maybe you should just take a deep breath, dear. :)


  35. Oh man. AS much as I’d want them to stay together, I’m so excited to see the shift or change in dynamic and how it’ll impact the story line! *__*

  36. rawer….

    did Holland really deserve that Meela?

  37. Oh no, Meela… the comic’s been too happy as of late. Something’s going to happen!

    And please stop with the PMS jokes. That’s just distasteful. It’s like saying someone’s feelings are invalidated because of their hormones. Ick.

    1. Not quite invalidating, but explaining. Any woman who claims to have never had a moment of irrational anger because of PMS is lying.

      1. I can tell you that I’m definitely not lying when I say that menstruation doesn’t affect my mood. I’m not a woman, I’m still categorised as a girl, but when it happens to me it makes me feel really sick and constantly uncomfortable. This often leads to awkwardness and embarrassment, but I’ve never gotten unnecessarily angry as a result.

        1. It can get worse as you get older. I had no problems like that either til my 20s.

    2. Dude, I’m a woman and I’ve had times when I was REALLY irritable and snappish because I was PMSing. Sometimes it is PMS and Meela needs to hit puberty at SOME time. Let’s be honest here.

    3. I have to agree with Beluga. While, yes Meela’s actions could be classified as stereotypically PMS-ing, I think it is kind of distasteful to make PMS jokes as an excuse for a woman having strong feelings about anything.

      I’ve experienced PMS mood swings myself but I think it’s silly to downplay my opinions or feelings in the presence of a natural, hormonal thing. (I hate it when I get upset about something and a male friend/ family member says “oh you’re just on your period”. That SUCKS.)

      It’s kust something to think about. Hopefully this turns into a thoughtful discussion and not “i’m right, you’re wrong” junk. :)

      1. If I was making this joke in the comic I think you may have a point, but I don’t think it’s distasteful to make a joke about it on the outside when we’re obviously being sarcastic. I don’t think anyone that has made a PMS joke here meant it in any serious way.

        Aside from that, Meela isn’t expressing strong feelings about something, she’s just snapping at Holland who didn’t deserve it. It came out of the blue for basically no reason. If on the next page Holland and Feral roll their eyes and laugh and pat her head dismissively, explaining it away on hormones, then people can be full of righteous indignation against me.

        Meela isn’t just snapping because of PMS and, being a woman myself, I would never undermine a woman’s strong feelings by having anyone dismiss it as hormones. It was just a joke in the comments.

        But any way you cut it, snapping harshly at someone who simply asks you to come along on an errand is uncalled for. It’s not betraying some deep-rooted emotion, it’s just confusing and possibly hurting the person on the receiving end.

        1. Alright, I get what you’re saying :)

        2. The thing is, while you and others here have meant the comments about Meela PMSing in a sarcastic / humorous way to comment / explain on her snapping, what gets others about it (and I have to say, me a bit, too), is that too often, these comments are really done to belittle women and invalidate their feelings.

          So, while Meela has no right to snap at Holland out of the blue, she is clearly stressed about something, and her feeling that way has its valid reasons. And while we may joke about her PMSing, the correct reaction for Holland should be to ask her if something is wrong. As you wrote yourself, him commenting about her PMSing would just be condescending.

          What does not sit right with me about the joke, is that it’s another label that can be so easily attributed to women. But what would you say, if Meela were a boy? Pre Macho Syndrom? I’m not criticizing you for it, it was an easy joke and I took it at such. But think about it.

        3. Huh, I suppose I just didn’t ever see those jokes in that light–for me and many other girls I know, PMS is an actual source of stress, so I’ve taken it as a legitimate reason for why we would be in a crabby mood during that time, if no other stressors are immediately available. Well, it probably helps that no one ever used it to invalidate my feelings in my own life like Julubud above, just explain them.

          Not trying to disagree or anything, and it’s not really relevant to the comic, I know, just saying.

        4. Ah, I know it really doesn’t mean anything either, but if Meela were a boy we’d be chalking it up to puberty, right?

        5. Once again, I think this is being looked at in the wrong light. I would hope it’s obvious these jokes are just made in light-hearted fun and nobody is trying to belittle womens’ feelings. I admit that it can be misused, but I don’t see a problem with making the joke if no ill will is intended by it.

          And if Meela was a boy? I would make the same joke. I often accuse male friends of PMSing if they snap at me for seemingly no reason. It’s not so much an attempt to label women with something, it’s more of a “Geez, what’s your problem?” response.

  38. Ouch meela…lol But I have to say, luv the double update! ^.^

  39. GAH can’t wait for the next update! lol *sits patiently* :3

  40. Feral and Holland’s faces are the exact embodiment of any guy who’s ever had to deal with a girl on her period it’s fantastic

  41. OMG!!
    I think I get it!
    In early pages Meela goes on about how it isn’t fair she’ll have to be leaving soon and (back on page 232) that Holland is getting suspicous of random outbusts that she has. She’s worried he might figure it out soon….

    Does this have something to do with Meela’s thirteenth birthday??
    Or about her parents??

  42. I feel like she wants to be alone so she can slip away. OTL I hope I’m wrong and she’s just PMSing. xD

  43. Completely Unambiguous


  44. Geese, Meela, you even scared Feral.

  45. Ack… Snappish Meela = Meela getting ready to leave?? Dang… I hope the guys can figure it out…

  46. Well, I don’t blame her for freaking out! It seems uncalled for, to the guys..but when you take into account her odd behavior, her lashing out is so out of ends up being more of a reason for concern.

  47. Wow even Feral was shocked by that one…

  48. Feral, thinking: Wha– did that little punk just SNAP at ME and MY BUDDY? I’m not sure if I should be proud or smack her. . . .

    Holland, thinking: Well, that escalated quickly.

    1. this made me lmao, good work XD

  49. I wouldn’t touch that thread with a ten foot pool.

    Thanks again for the updates Algy, Celesse! Still loving the comic.

    1. I wouldn’t use a ten foot pole either.

  50. Jeez keeps, even Feral looks shocked ._.

  51. ohhhh I can relate to these feelings!!!

  52. Those faces … same as me when i got burnt from my GF

    Why am I thinking that next clients will want Meela? .. D:

    1. Their next clients could want Meela…?

      Ahhh, I didn’t even think of that! That would be a shocking twist, wouldn’t it? (At least because of how sudden it is.)

  53. I’m just here to say… I like the pattern of Feral’s boots

    1. They are awesome!

      1. ikr? I want a pair

  54. Ferals all like o.o Dayyum girl, calm down xD

  55. That’s what you get for getting into someone’s personal space. Seriously, I’d snap at anyone who’d be so importunate.

    1. Well, Meela is like thirteen, right? I don’t see anything odd about Holland noticing a change in her behavior and inquiring. How else would he know whether or not to worry?

      Agreed though – disrespect for personal space isn’t cool. You tell’em Meela!

  56. Feral seems genuinely surprised by Meela being snappy. Looking forward to seeing how this situation develops!

  57. Screaming at Holland feels like kicking a puppy :c

  58. When she opens her mouth like that, she looks like she’s going to turn into her wolf self and bite someone. :3

  59. Feral is like, “Uh oh…she’s mad…!”

  60. out of character always means shit is going down in some manner

  61. Iv’e been waiting for someone to tell Holland to shut it since I first saw him.

  62. I’m not sure what shocked Feral more. Meela snapping at Holland or Holland finally being silent. XD

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