Page 272

And the adventure finally continues! There's a double update this week to make up for the missed update last week, so look for Page 273 on Saturday.

39 thoughts on “Page 272

  1. She’s planing something, i just know it…

    1. She’s planning to leave when she turns 13.

      1. the question is why exactly…

        So excited!

        1. Gah! I know! And why the hat?

        2. Because it looks cute? :3
          And an update right around the cornor?! Yay! ^_^

  2. Yay double update! I know you guys have been super busy, as been I! xD
    Double update I will definitely say is a very nice gesture!
    Ohh this page…I sense something off. Meela’s expression seems to be giving it off. Now wait till Saturday. >u>

    1. Is it just me or does Meela’s arm in the second panel look a tad skinny. Maybe it’s my medicine. Hahaha. xD

  3. wow… your “technique” always floors me… great close-ups & shading!

    now all I’m wondering about is why Meela is so “focused”.

  4. there’s something she’s planning on doing that she’s not telling them ;-; DUN LEAVE MEELA!

  5. I should really go read everything again. Reading it all in two days didn’t give me time to sink in information.

  6. aaah, i’m so curious :). great work.

  7. Curious behavior, Meela.
    Then again, Curiosity killed the cat. And me. Several times.

  8. ;A; Oh no, what’s wrong Meela?

  9. thelightedDarkness

    Meela…. Don’t do it.

  10. I get the impression she may have seen this particular waterfall before. Hmmm..

    Also, I love that Holland’s hiking in what’s basically a suit.


    2. That’s what I was wondering. She seems kind of interested in that waterfall, and if she knew what she was saying yes to, then it’s not because she’d never seen one before. Either that, or the waterfall reminded her of something else.

  11. Holland seems awful chipper this morning…

    1. Doesn’t he always?

  12. Maybe she’s going to use the roaring waterfall to escape?

  13. So something bad happened to Meela regarding a waterfall, maybe not this particular one but a waterfall. Maybe the attack that killed her brother was in the woods by a waterfall? Now she looks sad =(

  14. Another awesomely great page! Oh, I hope everything’s going to be all right…

  15. My vote is that there is a cave behind that waterfall and that that’s where her and her family stayed. I’m probably way off. But I wanted to throw it out there.
    Otherwise with the way she’s looking back at them… yeah seems like she’s going to make a break for it.

    1. That’s an interesting theory! Although Meela did state that she’s never experienced the changing of seasons. Still not a bad thought though c:

  16. Poor sad Meela. Beautiful page.

  17. Cutest hat ever

  18. Feral’s head in the 4th panel is too big but apart from that the page is stunning as always <3

  19. I’m glad that the next page will be up tomorrow! But it probably won’t give us any more information…
    Oh, Meela! Just tell them what’s wrong! Don’t try to fix everything all by yourself. It doesn’t work like that…

  20. Meela looks so sad. The panel made me frown with her. :(. Love this page, can’t wait for tomorrow’s! Best reading I’ve had in weeks!

  21. what you planing meela

  22. Am I the only one who think Meela looks a little bit like a Pokemon trainer with that hat? XD lol

    But being completely serious, I think this is another lovely page! Can’t wait to see the second page tomorrow! :3

  23. Am I the only one that thinks she might not be happy because she’s not getting the attention? Though it does look like she’s got something to hide…

  24. Or maybe she doesn’t like water… Forgot to include that. Just a thought.

  25. She’s so pretty in the last panel :3

  26. panel four, feral approves of this plan.

    1. Or he disapproves. :/

  27. Okay first with the haircut and now with the hat, Meela is starting to look like me and it is scaring me.
    I have a similar haircut, red hair, and a greek fisherman’s hat (which looks similar to what Meela is wearing) that I wear often.
    Or maybe my memories are false and I am Meela.

  28. Meals doesn’t know how to swim! :(

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