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Not too much going on here, but I hope the pretties make up for it. You can also see progress shots of painting the waterfall for a new vote incentive over here at TWC. Also! thankyou We have reached funding to get Volume 2 printed! Thank you to everybody that has preordered! But we're not done yet! We really want to get Volume 1 reprinted and we've still got a ways to go for that goal. Please spread the word and help us get both volumes done!

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  1. Beautiful background! Thanks for sharing the progress on it as well :)

    I love Meela’s puffed face in the first panel haha

  2. Yes Holland, yes it is.

  3. One, the waterfall IS beautiful and totally breathtaking! oAo I normally don’t like it when there’s a panel that takes more than half of a page but the painting skills just make me appreciate t. <3

    Two, congrats on getting it printed. ;) (First comment, I wonder. :D)

  4. CONGRATS! I better go grab volumes 1 and two!~ And yes Holland, This page they drew is very beautiful. I couldn’t agree more. JUST LOOK AT THE DETAIL.

    1. A totally fitting description.

  5. this is awesome, beautiful drawings as always:).

  6. Man, that waterfall looks so realistic, I can almost hear the roar. You guys do paint good.

  7. CONGRATS on the printing!! Page is gorgeous, as always. You really do scenery fantastically. <3

  8. Oh god I want that last panel as a print *o*

  9. Good job, it’s beautiful.

  10. Just recently got a job. Can probably get some money together in a few weeks for both volumes

  11. Woah. That’s amazing!

    And Holland has officially rubbed his style of bellybutton shirts off onto Meela…

  12. thelightedDarkness

    I love the scenery in these pages.. Super beautiful

  13. I’m kind of finding it adorable that Feral is holding Meela’s hand XD


  14. It seems like only last week tha’ page 270 was a new page……. mainly because it was last week X3 HaloOkami

  15. Aw dang.
    Why do I have no money for the first volume, let alone the second!
    Grrrr…I really want both. How long will this be open? I mean like, I’ll have the money in July, will we still be able to get both?

    1. Right now we just have the books up with preorder specials. Once we have them printed, we will have them up for regular sale without the specials. The preorder ends at the end of the month.

      1. Fake Algy?
        Where’s the avatar?

        1. LOL no it’s the real me! I just don’t sign in on my phone.

      2. What’s the price different between the two?

        1. There will be no difference in price when we get both made through the new printer. We can reduce the price of Vol 1 to $20 instead of $30.

  16. I have to be honest, i miss meela’s old hair style ^^;

  17. One of Feral’s more neutral, pleasant expressions :)

  18. I just found this story yesterday and read thru it all! I love it! its beautifully done and the characters are great! I cannot wait for more!!

  19. Congratulations~! That’s an awesome feat! I’ll definitely buy a book! Also, Feral and Meela in the first panel, they’re just too precious~ I’m really looking forward to the growth in their relationship

  20. I love how Feral is just holding Meela’s hand. x3 It’s so cute!

  21. oooo I wanna be there and watch the water fall and shimmer in the pool there. ♥

  22. as a kickstarter, you can do bonus levels, if you surpass X amount you’ll reprint volume 1 and then include new donation tiers. or include a donation tier for all 3 volumes (the complete set?), the third volume of which people only receive when it’s done (in a year or whatever). i ordered all four volumes of plume even though she had only completed 1-2, when she did that with her kickstarter, to encourage her to get to work. i think that was her biggest seller. if you haven’t read plume, check it out.

  23. Blue Lagoon… <3

  24. It certainly -is- beautiful, Holland. I prefer these shades of nature to the sunrise tones, myself.

  25. Awesomly beautiful page!

  26. I just noticed, the new vote incentive picture is a sketch/ older version of this panel.

    Oh, and amazing work, by the way

    1. Wait, I just realized you mentioned it in the comments. I can sometime miss things. And just to all the people who try to come up with what’s going to happen, don’t say it. If you do, the authors will try to come up with another twist.

  27. one of the best backgrounds so far

  28. meela is so cute on that thank you <3

  29. Wallpaper? Pretty please? I’d love to have that waterfall on my desktop! :D :D :D

    Also, I love how Feral is helping Meela up the steep slope. It’s in a rough, seemingly merciless way, but still, he’s helping. So brotherly. <3

  30. O_o they’ve left autumn land already? did I forget about a time skip?

    1. The group must’ve went back uphill after buying some stuff in the market. We see this in the last chapter of volume 2. But yeah, I sort of forgot about that too since I’m too into the story to remember stuff… does that make sense?

      1. you must be right. I hadn’t noticed how green everything was at the end of the last chapter; the last time we see autumn colors is when they’re leaving the market. so i guess they went back to the summer valleys (or something)

  31. I think you guys forgotten Feral’s shadow in the first panel, under his foot? Ah what the heck? FRICKIN WATERFALL IS FRICKIN AWESOME! XD I LOVE THE SCENERY!

  32. Amazing job! Except, Feral doesn’t even look fazed by it…

  33. only downside to this page is now i have a choir that won’t stop following me around

  34. Feral is unimpressed XD

  35. Oh my it’s so… beutiful.

  36. I looked really quickly and for a moment I thought Holland had a pony tail. It was weird.

  37. Is it just me or…. does it look like there may be a secret opening behind that waterfall?

    1. Ah! I think you’re right! *excited* I sure hope so!

  38. Lol feral and meela on panel 1…XD an I luv the background! It’s so pretty! ;D keep up the good work!!

  39. Beautiful! Reminds me of Multnomah Falls in Oregon. Right on I-84, with its’ own rest area/parking. Getting to the top is quite a hike, and if you want to get to the top of the upper falls, plan for an all day trip, with good boots. That is, when the trail is open. it varies,

  40. How long will the preorders last until? I’d love to preorder two books of volume two and one of volume one but unfortunately I gotta wait until my paycheck at the end of the month .-.

    1. We’re planning to end the preorder at the end of the month, but we may extend it.

  41. Huh. Holland’s hair looks pretty off-white in this lighting…

  42. This comic rivals twokind for story and the amazing art

  43. /\ /\
    >(^ . ^)<
    ~( _ )~
    | | | |
    ^ ^

  44. lol it failed it has to be a cat xD ^^^^

  45. I just realized how much Meela looks like Kira Nerys…

  46. Beautiful page. What’s up with Feral dragging Meela like that and she’s apparently whelping ^o^ It’s adorable though.

  47. Yes yes… pretty… sure…
    I’m more impressed that I can’t see anything wrong with it. The water is flowing as water does. The plant-life is directed as plant-life would. It looks… sufficiently accurate.

    Accurate is good.

  48. Can I just say that Feral holding Meela’s hand and tugging/helping her up the side of the mountain is adorable? <3


    My day has just been made.

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