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Time to move on to the next crazy adventure. The ending of this chapter is going to be good, I tell you what. Volume 2 preorders are still open! We're almost half way to our first goal, so we're off to a great start. Please spread the word if you can! We'd really love to get both volumes printed :)

57 thoughts on “Page 270

  1. SO CUTE


  2. I just read this webcomic from start to now today, and I have to say, I’ve loved everything about it so far :)

    1. Welcome to the fold DoctorShaggy :) Hope you continue to enjoy this comic like we all are!!

  3. Aww Holland! I really hope he really is a good guy. He’s got a bit of a tender side it seems ;u;

    1. Yeah I hope for the same, he’s so sweet to Meela lol

  4. Well that was adorable XD

  5. aw Holland you are so sweet!

    1. I meant “awe”

  6. This is my first time posting a comment here though I have been following it for a while! BTW Good job for posting on Taptastic! Fridays now have a even better place in my head.

  7. Are we going to see Holland’s house? That would be so cool! He’s so much my favorite character right now…

  8. Awwwww, Holland has become a mommy figure. :)

  9. Well that’s just adorable! Last panel looks sad though =( Maybe it’s just me but the drawing style where the eyes aren’t visible always seemed like a sad expression to me. Meela what’s going on with you????!!!

  10. (I’ve been watching for a while, just never bothered to comment)

    But awwww! and kinda figured he’d have a magical libookerary

  11. Holland and Meela chibi’d! Feral being Feral…..

  12. Aw, I love this. So cute.
    Ooh, now I’m REALLY excited for the end of this chapter!!!!

  13. That second to last panel needs to be a button or a mug or a wallpaper vote incentive or something. So cute, such infectious grins… Please?

  14. panel 5 must become a button!!!!!! O.o xD

  15. Holland is growing on me c:

  16. Feral is stomping the heck out of that fire.


    Also I love holland. It seems Meela has another older brother to make up for the two she lost . __ .;….

    1. I didn’t realize she had two older brothers, I thought she had only one…? Hey Weah!

      1. Yep. We knew Tanner better in the comic, but Tanner had a twin named Conner. It took me a while to realize they were different characters as well. Meela has a dream about the two of them and their deaths early on in the first chapter of the comic. also, on page 250, you can see both Tanner and Conner. There are a few other times Conner is mentioned, though not as many as Tanner.

  17. I don’t know if I like this or GaMERCaT more.

  18. Aww, so sweet…makes me wonder if Holland has a similar relationship with his sister back home. If dress size is any indication she’s probably around the same age.
    I forget, did he ever mention how many siblings he has…? All I remember is the brief sister reference and the reference to older (or, at least, higher ranked, since I can’t remember if age was actually mentioned) siblings. I’m sort of excited at the prospect of seeing them later in the comic, if they decide to delve more into Holland’s backstory, you know? I’m curious at to whether they have Holland-like attitudes (lol), or if they’re just your typical pompous royal pains, or what. XD
    …by the way, if we suddenly encounter his family in the next few pages, I am going to scream, jump, wave my arms, and yell “Holy Crap” as I run around my room, and then be giddy for the rest of the day…just saying in case someone thinks I’m “predicting” and it happens…I do not have magical powers, lol, if it happens it will be purely coincidental.

    1. He did mention older brothers, but I’m starting to think he was making up the whole “little sister” thing as an excuse for happening to have exactly the right clothes for Meela.

      1. Lol, if so I have underestimated him. I look forward to finding out. :)

  19. LOL! I love the way Meela, Feral, and Holland interact! It’s so… family-like!

  20. Finally! The end of the published pages!


  21. Geez, I wonder how Holland is going to… ‘say that something that we don’t really know about.”
    Meela still trusts him… a lot.

    (o-o;) (*sweat*)

  22. I really love this, but is Meela ever going to mess up her hair again? I miss that boyish style. T_T

    1. Sorry, I got really tired of drawing her hair like that ^^;

  23. If you love wolves, click on this link below:
    This is the most beautifulest song and video I’ve ever heard/seen.(It’s going to take some maturity). HaloOkami

    1. I’ve heard from a lot of people tha’ the wolf looks like or is a husky, I agree tha’ the face and maybe the color shows the likeness of a husky, but the overall muscular build is a wolf. HaloOkami

      1. I love that song as well. Though the naked woman I could do without. Lol The wolf does look sort of like a husky to me, but I usually don’t think about it too hard and just call it a wolf, especially as the song is called She-wolf.

    2. I’d love to hear your opinions :) HaloOkami

  24. Ain’t that precious! ^_^

  25. I had a really sad dream about Strays. I’m not going into a lot of detail, but Feral had to end up to battle Meela OAO in a pokemon-ish way! (not sure WHY he battled her though…) and Meela had to leave them, in the dream.
    Then it turned sorta Minecrafty…
    Yeah, all the parts it was strays was SAAAAAAAAD.

  26. darn this is my third webcomic this week and now i just read them all in just 2 days Darn

    1. list what i’ve read by now

      MSF high

      anyone know another good web-comic

      1. Everblue –
        This is the only one I’m looking at right now that I like as much as Strays. :3

        1. Thx

      2. Off White:
        This is my favorite wolf comic :3(not that I like Strays any less! :D) HaloOkami

      3. What kind of comics are you liking for? I read a lot of them and can tell u some

        1. i like action,fantasy,comedy and adventure books
          i like mostly comic’s that involves wolves

      4. Toilet genie –

        no doubt about it: the title is weird. It was slightly off-putting until I read it. It’s got a fun storyline and the author has a great sense of humour that shows in every page :D And the artwork…? THERE ARE NO WORDS THAT ADEQUATELY DESCRIBE HOW BEAUTIFUL THAT ART STYLE IS.

        Also wolf and birdie :3

  27. with every new page my heart melts into my toes, and then I have to wait another week, why do you torture us with this!

  28. Hey I have some questions not to do with this page but are not in the FAQ so Iv been meaning to ask how do u pernouns visrial’s swear on page 193? how do u pernouns Hollands full name? and what conventions do you “bring” strays to? I’m sorry for my poor spelling and hope you understand what I sead thanks.

    1. What Visrial is saying pretty much sounds like it is read: “pesh-te-ka”.

      With Holland’s name, “la-tha-li-ne-theh-tool”.

      As for conventions, we take Strays to all of them. We will not have it at Animazement this month since we do not have any books to take along.

      1. Oh ok thanks and is that just where u live like for the conventions or is it long ranged?

  29. Love this page.

  30. How many more to get Vol 1 reprinted? I’m REALLY hoping for that!! :D

  31. Am I the only one who thought getting rolled up in the bedding would be an easy way to avoid walking…? :3 Plus probably free carry from Feral :P

  32. I saw they were wearing red green and blue and I instantly thought TRIFORCE!

  33. How can he be so cheerful after what happened last night

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