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  1. woah. o-o
    Now I’m really curious to see who this guy is.

    1. I’m sure he becomes evil and than the mortal enemy of everybody in the land or feral kills him before he can go berserk on people…

      1. Who’s to say Mal isn’t Feral?

        1. I think too that Mal is Feral…

        2. I’m pretty sure that Mal is Feral. :c

        3. Mal can’t be feral cause the symbol is on ferals other hand!

        4. nah yuen has got to be feral, or linked to him at least. mal’s hair and eyes (in so much as we can assume that feral’s natural eye colour is green) are too light. it’s clearer in the vote incentive. yuen and feral even wear similar colours and styles of clothes.

        5. This is only possible under the assumption that Feral can’t remember his past…otherwise he would’ve recognized the name Yuen when Meela brought it up and…well, not SAID something, persay, but given some sign of knowing what she was talking about

        6. Maybe he’s the lupin from the very start.
          You know… the one that killed her family in the dream…?

        7. AbbottCreations

          mal cant be feral, yuen looks more like feral first of all, 2nd the mark is on the wrong hand. when feral used his mark to save meela from versal (forget his name most the time) it was on his right hand not his left

        8. SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! REPEAT DO NO READ UNLESS YOU WANT THE ENTIRE SERIES TO BE SPOILED FOR YOU!!!! Yuen is Feral. Proof is seen in one of the early pages.

      2. I think Mal is the one that killed Meela’s father and brother…

        1. OMG creepy thought! But it could be …

        2. Thats what I exactly thought too! XD


        4. Mal is Meela’s father. look at the resemblance. the mark probably turned his hair white.

        5. Again, I really don’t see a resemblance here. (I admit I was off about the mole, in my defense it was a rough sketch I was working with.) His face looks very different to me, in particular his profile is a lot more pronounced than Mal’s (see this page and 249) and the eyebrows do not match.

          Not to mention, his two sons inherited his grey hair and he is not the first lupian we’ve seen with it–it’s very likely natural. Also the fact that Feral later has the same mark and his hair is still black, so there’s no indication that would happen…

          Personality-wise—Mal seems to be moving very quickly towards “overexcited evil best friend,” while Rollin is a casual reprobate.

        6. It’s kind of weird for me that someone think that Mal (or Yuen) is Meela’s father. And it’s not about lack of resemblence. According to character list Feral is 16 years older than Mella, which means Mal is approximately 17 years older. And Mella also has two older brother, who is at least 5 yeasr older than her. It’s not like you can be father, when you’re 12.

          Well, maybe somehow you can, but that’s totally not that case XD

        7. That can’t be it, she would definitely remember her father’s name, especially if it came up in a dream. And Mal is too unpredictable to take care of two pups when he’s older–he’ll be up to nothing but trouble

        Mal has the sign on HIS left hand, while we see at this page, Feral has the sign on his right. Feral is
        I think they did a hand shake…. XD

        1. No, wait, a hand shake is impossible, silly meXD

        2. They could always high-five

      4. I remember a few chapters ago, was it Feral who had that mark on his hand?

  2. Ok Mel you are keeping me out now that face in the last panel… :\

  3. overly attached cursed male friend who follows you all around your reincarnations with your lady friend.

  4. OMG, I’m still torn if Mal is Feral or Yuen is Feral. //AndhowMeelaisinvolved inallofthis?!

    1. It’s Feral. Even the authors confirmed it. Mal has brown hair. Yuen has black.

      1. I mean Yuen is Feral.

        1. Soiled it!! :c

      2. But that doesn’t make much sense.. I mean, the mark on Mal’s hand looks exactly like Feral’s(As far as I remember). :I

        1. But they’re on different hands, Ferals was on his right, Mals is on his left. so why wouldn’t it make much sense?

    2. I do believe that Mal is Meela’s dad…but I don’t know for sure. and, like Dotcom said, Yuen is Feral, I do believe.

      1. Well, back a few chapters they had the page introducing Meela’s parents. Remember Rollin? He’s Meela’s dad, not Mal.

        1. Maybe Rollin is the traveler Mal is talking to…? Just a random thought.

      2. If yuen is feral then mal just can’t be meela’s dad. Meela’s dad should be a lot older then feral. I mean feral’s at least in his twenties and meela’s dad should be in his mid thirties.

      3. If yuen is feral then mal just can’t be meela’s dad. Meela’s dad should be a lot older then feral. I mean feral’s at least in his twenties and meela’s dad should be in his mid thirties. So that can’t work
        (hope i’m not double posting. My phone’s acting up ^^”)

  5. Feral has the sign on his right hand…

    1. But that’s Mal’s left hand. o3o

    2. Oh wow, I didn’t catch that! Nice job!

  6. I think it’s pretty plain that Yuen is Feral. She has these dreams about Yuen, not specifically Mal, and ALWAYS when she’s close to Feral. Mal isn’t around for a lot of Yuen’s memories, so there would be no reason for Yuen’s memories to be attached to Feral if he were actually Mal. He’d have no way of carrying those memories. (Particularly with his mother’s death).

    1. One of her dreams *revealed* who it was. And the authors confirmed it. If anyone looks at the voting incentives, there was one with these 3 characters above in color—and aside from looks—Yuen is definitely Feral. He has his natural eye colors and black hair. Mal is brown-haired. I can see how easy it is for people to get confused, though, as Feral looks so rough now—much more like Mal.

    2. I think Mal is Feral, but that’s just my opinion.


    Feral is both a combination of Mal and Yuen, from some freaky magical accident, and and the accident caused him to have amnesia which is why he doesn’t remember. :O

    1. A friend of mine and I actually discussed that as a possibility. owo This story just keeps getting more and more interesting~

    2. Agreed, and I’d been thinking it for a while too. We shall just have to wait and see.

    3. Interesting. I could maybe buy that—or even that Feral carries a piece of Mal in him—or even his soul. That would explain a lot of things.

  8. thelightedDarkness

    He always did have a creepy attachment to demons, that mal.

    And then Feral has the sign on his opposite hand so…

  9. Oh…that’s the magic symbol on 193….oh my. How did Feral end up with it, since he’s confirmed to be Yuen? Here’s hoping we find out in this dream, although I doubt it with how much older Injured!Teenage Feral looks.
    Mal’s face looks really creepy in all these panels, like he’s already crazy or something (I’m sure he’s just excited, but…) XD glad to see that I’m not the only one who thinks so, Vihki!

  10. Oh… it’s not Feral, Feral has it on the other hand

  11. My theory:

    Mal is gonna go crazy with his power and he won’t be able to control. He will start attacking and killing people (possibly vihki) and destroying towns and such like that. Because he is so out of control feral cant stop him so he goes to the mystery man to get the same powers inorder to stop mal (maybe even killing him for his own good) and during their battle that is how feral gets all of his scars and looses his voice.

    BAMMMM!!!! I can predict the future! This totaly gonna happen.

    1. I think Mal is going to kill some demons.

  12. Oh man, all the facial expressions on this page are great! Mal is looking crazy. My theory still stands, that Mal goes insane, destroys the village, kills everybody, maybe including Vihki, and Yuen goes to stop him, is injured and somehow Mal transfers whatever it is he’s got going on to Yuen.
    However, if Vihki is still alive, I think she will be showing up again soon. She will remember Yuen/Feral, but he won’t remember her. AWKWARD! And Meela will get jealous…

  13. I’ve been following this for a while (I believe this is my 1st comment), but I finally had to to mention something.
    Everyone thinks Mal is gonna kil Vihki and Yuen/Feral is gonna go to the stranger, or that Mal is Meela’s dad. 1) Mal can’t be her dad because her dad has WHITE fur/hair. 2) Anyone ever think that maybe Yuen and Mal go off and get into a fight and maybe Mal or maybe even the stranger (possibly the person who may end up being Meela’s mom or dad) and things get heated and the symbol gets FORCED onto Yuen that way? And in the process he gets severely hurt and loses his memory and voice? So then when Holland finds him he just DECIDES to call him Feral?
    Just a long, crazy, random theory of mine. I read a lot lol.

  14. Still looks like the eye of Sauron to me

  15. ….. O.O ………….uhhhhh……… That’s creepy…………

  16. I think at this point my biggest question is not how Yuen becomes Feral, but who the stranger is. I have a hunch that knowing who the stranger is would explain quite a bit, or at least open doors for more plausible theories. (Not that any of your current theories aren’t plausible, but it would be nice to have more evidence to base them on.) Somehow I don’t think that the “stranger” is a stranger to us…

  17. Mal’s face in panel 2 and 6 make him look clinically insane…. And deranged….. o-o

  18. Wasn’t that on Feral’s hand???????????????????????? D8

    1. Same mark, other hand :)

      1. Unless they get it on both hands….. And Feral wears gloves. The mark, when activated, just shows up through the selected hand’s glove. Doesn’t mean it shows through both either. Magic is weird that way.

        Guess we’ll find out in due time. :/

  19. A theory on the Stranger; he’s this guy:
    He was there the day that Meela’s family was killed.
    “They were trying to get me. Because of what I did…”
    –Maybe “what he did” was giving the mark to Mal (and Yuen/Feral); being blamed for Mal’s insanity?

    We know that since the night this man’s wife died, he’s had bounty hunters after him… (stated in the last panel of page 62 –

    No matter what, I have a feeling that the Stranger is somehow connected to Meela, either because he’s her father, or because he is this man, who knew her when she was younger.

    Just throwing this out there…

    1. That sounds like a really interesting theory. We haven’t heard about the guy in the cabin since when he died, but he seems to play some sort of role in this. Much is still unexplained about him. I think it’s very probable.

      But if this guy did have the “unique abilities”, my question is, why didn’t he use it in the fight against Feral?


  21. Wellp. That solves it. Feral is both Yuen AND Mal in one body.

  22. My theory:

    Mal becomes berserk and attacks everything and/or everyone, including Yuen. Maybe, Yuen becomes ‘infected’ with that symbol while also losing his voice during the attack. Then, perhaps, Mal turns out to be the one that killed Meela’s family.

  23. XD I’ll bet he strangle Yuen unknowingly or something thus, scarring his throat. But idk, just an assumption.

    1. strangles*

  24. Uh-oh – Meela knows something about that symbol…..anyone else think Mal might be a young version of her dad or some other relative? She knows something…………

    1. Yea, she knows about it because she saw it on this page:

      or maybe saw it in the 6 months she has lived with him.

  25. I was thinking this for a while now, that it could possibly be Mal that killed Meela’s family because his shape does kinda mach the black figure in her memories/dream’s. But that’s just my theory. :)

  26. And another thing, Mal actually looks a LOT like Meela, but he also looks a lot like her mom, so he could have possibly been some how related to Meela’s mom. Just another thought of mine. :)

  27. Me thinks Meela recognizes the symbol, judging by her expression.

  28. Is that not the same mark that Feral has on page 193?
    Though i admit, Feral’s mark appeared to be on to other hand on pg 193…

  29. Ah Mal :c are you going to be a bad guy?
    note: “Mal” in portuguese (my native language :D) means “bad”. There is something suspect on this ¬-¬

    1. En français aussi!

      (French too!!)

  30. Mal looks positively deranged in the last panel.

  31. I think that Feral didn’t kill Meela’s parents. When you look at the page 9 you see, that the BOTH eyes of the murder are glowing. When Feral gets angry or something, only the red eye is glowing.

  32. Clearly, Meela’s dad was wanted for tattooing poor unsuspecting kids with runes of power.

  33. O.o Aaack… Creepy Mal… *gnaws anxiously on knuckle while waiting for the next page*

  34. Well, when she saw Korin, the guy that killed Yuen’s father she acted like she thought he might be someone she knew, perhaps the one that killed her own family.

  35. This man must be the reason Feral is the way he is. With hi eye and all o – o

  36. omg! i knew it! here are my thoughts… that guy mal goes insane with power and starts killing people including meelas family. feral gets that mark to protect people an somehow looses his memory! i dont know for sure but COMMON it makes sense! kinda…

  37. I say they get in a fight, feral gets his throat and eye cut/slashed by thiscrazy guy.

    1. What if the sign on Feral’s hand was transfered there by a high five? Look at that last panel 0_o

  38. I knew that mark looked familiar!

  39. Has anyone else noticed that Meela and Mal look almost identical?

  40. meela looks waaaay too much like mal

  41. Holy cow! How can there be this many comments for it being up one day? Hey, I have a suggestion regarding commenting. I have to scroll ALL the way down if I want to leave a comment and that can be frustrating. If it’s possible, do you think you can have a comment box at the top too? Just a thought. Thanks!

    1. You don’t need to scroll, just push the button. That will immediately teleport you to the bottom of the page.

      1. What button? 0_o I’ve never noticed it before ^^’ HaloOkami

  42. I have a feeling Mal is the one who murdered Meela’s family.

  43. I live for Friday’s when this story is updated. Just saying.


  44. Meela looks so cute standing behind Feral like that ^^

    hmm… I.. I think I know how Feral lost his memory ^^ think.

  45. -insert the theme from The Omen-

  46. that looks familiar. hmmmm……

  47. Poor Mal : < Why do must you to do such stupid things XD?

  48. Hey, what if Mal and Feral are brothers? Or related in someway, and maybe Mal died, and cursed Feral with that power..

    Or, what if it happened when they got into a bad fight, and Mal’s the reason that Feral is mute? And has the hand.

    1. I think they’re just friends because Mal referred to Yuen’s mother as “Mrs Avela”.

  49. -Mal at the last panel- “Yuen, high five!”

  50. I have a feeling that the traveler was Meela’s father, he was wanted remember?

  51. Erm, am I the only one who recognizes that as the crazy mark on Feral’s hand? No? Okay. Lol.

    1. I do, isn’t it on page 193? HaloOkami

  52. Could the stranger be Meela’s dad/grandfather?

  53. This thing of Mal’s hand…Feral got it,too…Look page 193.

  54. LOL Mal looks so derpy in that last panel. But God… so scary at the same time… He must be pretty far gone sanity-wise if he looks like his possessed o3o

  55. What is Mal is Meela’s father…?

  56. Each page makes me more confident in my new fusion theory.

  57. Mal looks soo much like Meela….

  58. I think that Mal might end up being Meela’s recent ancestor, perhaps. Since Meela is getting this new special power when she “comes of age” and they want her to leave/die when that happens. Just my thought.

  59. I think that this is just a bad dream for Meela, because she’s been having troubles with her abilities back snapping on her. So she’s having a dream that her subconcious is trying to explain why. Or it’s just that she’s so nervous and scared about everything it’s playing tricks on her. Then again, maybe there is some connection with them all O: I have no idea, but I am trying not to freak myself over the wait I have to endure until things get explained LOL.

    1. I think all this really happened, but I definitely think it’s a -possibility- Meela is/will interpret(ing) her dreams wrong based on her own life. She spent a lot of time thinking Yuen looked like her because she was looking through his eyes, for example. Now that she’s lucid dreaming, there are all sorts of possibilities for changing what she thought she saw in the past dreams and what she may manipulate in this one.

  60. is it just me or doesn’t Feral have a shirt that’s almost identical to Yuens?

  61. I am having serious trouble wrapping my head around all this…

  62. I’m telling you guys, what happens to feral is the same as kakashi in naruto! In a rather more sinister way, perhaps, but the general idea! I mean, a different color eye+scar, how can you not see it?

  63. Wow…. just started the series… so interesting! I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  64. Vihki looks so adorable in the first panel :3 HaloOkami

  65. An Elf out of Time

    I’m not even going to bother speculating…
    Btw, I’m a new reader, and I am absolutely adoring your comic! I wish you could update more, but you are probably extremely busy.
    Also, is fan art accepted?

    1. Thank you for reading!
      Yes we adore fan art, you can send us a link to straysonline(@)

  66. Nice, definitely intrigued for the next few pages. I personally, think that Mal doesn’t want to loose Yuen to the chick, so he grabs him with the demonic hand and they fuse somehow. Would explain Feral’s eyes currently.

  67. I think feral is some kind of combination of Yuen and Mal O_O. Like maybe Yuen had to obsorb some part of Mal or something.

  68. Mal killed meelas parents. I just know it! Okay, not really…XD but that guy is gettin crazy…lol

  69. AH HAH! Feral has the SAME mark! (but on his left hand)

    Could it be Mal IS Feral, and he just has it on both hands?

    1. Feral has it on his right* hand.

  70. O.o Hey girls, does Mal lost his freckles on the way to adulthood??? or is just a mistake? I know its a tiny detail, but I dunno, i miss it hehehe
    Btw great work on his expressions e.e he really lost it…totally looks insane…something is very wrong with him.

    1. Freckles can fade as people grow older. That’s why it’s usually viewed on younger characters and not older ones. (Visual shorthand.)

  71. I have a sense that poor Vihki is going to be a *very* temporary character. Definitely, she will be the one to be target. Even her character design deems it as she looks a bit like Daphne from Scooby Doo. XD

  72. Theories keep attacking me because of all this awesomeness of a plot and subplots happening!!

  73. i am so conflicted….what if mal is feral? what if yuen is feral?

    1. Yuen is Feral X3 HaloOkami

  74. This makes me think it was Mal that killed Meela’s family.

    1. Yeah, you know, that symbol is one Feral used to drain life energy from Visrial, and it’s implied that makes him grow stronger. Maybe Mal took the bounty to hunt Meela’s family because they have stronger magic in their bloodline and he wants it for his own?

      I see little plot reason for making the killer a lupian if it isn’t one of the previously established characters.

  75. Since I probably won`t get it anyways, let`s go with a crazy theory that makes no sense! =D

    Mal goes off the deep end, finally.

    Yuen is forced to kill him somehow, ends up absorbing his spirit or something.

    Loses his memory from the aftershock. Maybe he lost his voice or got a bit more scarred up in the fight.

    = FERAL.

    1. Skyeh gets my vote! :D

  76. i think feral is yuen. the mark is the same one on ferals hand except on the opposite hand. maybe as people have been saying mal goes crazy and attacks yuen trying to take his energy but it doesnt work and yuen looses his voice and all that but yuen winds yup defeating mal but with this crazy magic and winds up with the red eye and also i think the man that gave yuen and mal the powers is meelas da because the jems shapes on him matches up with the shape of the jems drawings on yuens and mals hands

  77. Am i the only weirdo who thinks Mal is Meela’s father, and Yuen is Feral’s father?

  78. I miss Mal’s freckles. I think they were a good part of his design :(

  79. If everyone’s making speculations, I’ll make one too… Mal was the one who killed Meela’s dad and one of her brothers (from the first few pages of the comic)! … Probably unlikely due to his youth and I doubt Meela’s father could be killed so easily when he was able to stay alive for so long with a bounty on his head but that crazy look on Mal just put that thought in my head xD

  80. he has the exact same symbol on his hand that Feral has, except it is on his left instead of right hand. (look at page 193 of this comic)

  81. Mal’s hair is eerily similar to Meela’s, just saying. I’m thinking this “traveler” or Mal gave Yuen that eye, and are the reason he’s now a bounty hunter. Also, I’m going to go out on a limb and say Meela recognizes that symbol of “dark magic?” and it’s the very reason she has to leave, because it’s uncontrollable. There’s my prediction.

    On a side note, Vihki is gorgeous, and I love your clothes as per usual. They’re quite simple, but at the same time, very interesting, even for this world.

  82. Theories, theories, theories…

    “Mal is Meela’s dad,”
    “Yuen is Feral,”
    “Mal goes crazy/bad/idk,”
    “Mal and Meela have similar hair,”
    “____killed/watched Meela’s parents die,”

    I’m not all too clever on speculations but, has anyone said that maybe that traveler guy is Feral? (I haven’t looked through all of the comments)
    Oh, I don’t know, we’ll have to wait and see.

  83. not sure if you guys know this or not, but when I look at the archives, the cover art for vol. 3 shows the current page (this one) and not what it was before.
    Will post this on your facebook page along with a picture.

  84. And of course I had to catch up NOW. -.-‘

  85. this is awesome…
    can’t wait for the next upload

  86. THAT’S THE THING THAT FERAL HAD ON PAGE 193!!! MAL HAS TO BE FERAL!!! I wonder, was I first to figure it out, or was I terribly wrong?

    1. Feral has the mark on what would be his right palm, where as Mal has it on his left.

    2. The authors have confirmed that Yuen is Feral. Try reading the other comments before posting the exact same thing that a dozen others have, and which has been refuted many times. :/

      1. NO, I like commenting and/or reading on my own time. I aint gonna read each and every comment, I just called it as a saw it. thank you and goodbye! :)

  87. That is the creepiest expression…..

  88. If you read on to the page after Feral is revealed to have the demon eye hand thingy, Holland says, “Feral, that was reckless! You shouldn’t have drawn his energy!” That could be of course referring to drawing the energy from Visrial to knock him out; OR ‘his’ could even refer to Mal, saying drawing his energy/powers from the mark was reckless/dangerous in the fight because it’s a power that’s clearly not the easiest to control.
    If not though, the potential neck-grabbing-and-energy-drawing aspect of the mark could end up being highly significant too. Not usually a theory-spouter, but I just wanted to comment with something I noticed.

  89. Feral’s scar on his right side….eye-demon thingy on his right hand…..Mal and him fight…….that’s where the scar is from…..

  90. hmm maybe Feral is the result of two people merging? Like magic backfires on them and turns them into one stable person? ._. or maybe the stronger mind ended up absorbing the other but because of conflicting personality some memories were archived?

  91. Hey… Istn’t that symbol on his hand, the same one Feral has on his hand on page 193, when he uses magic against Visrial? Only, it’s on Ferals right hand, not like Mal, who has it on his left.

    1. Maybe Mal forced Feral to get the mark? Sorry, I just forgot to put this on my previous comment.

  92. …that’s just creepy. Mal freaks me out now….


  94. Feral is definitely Mal, the symbol is when he drew out that dude`s energy. Feral`s bag looks like that one from the dream when Korin kills whats-her-name. Feral likes pears and so does Mal. Also, the first dream about Yuen and Mal. Feral probably has that scar on his leg so… Mal is probably Feral!!!

  95. mal cant be feral you can tell the eye color is wrong because in this coloring its the same as meelas and meela has brown eyes so mal must have the same amber as her and also remember yuens journal it was the same journal as ferals

  96. and remember sure mal likes pears but in that scene yuen said he liked pears to

  97. There’s only one explanation feral is a mutant mix of Mal and yuen.

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