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And Mal finally returns. Older, but apparently not much wiser.

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  1. Oh my goodness… this looks more ominous the more I read it.

    1. Even in sepia tone…that looks an awful lot like blood to me…

    2. If you love wolves, click on the link below:
      This is the most beautifulest song and video I’ve ever heard/seen.It’s going to take some maturity. HaloOkami

      1. Wow, nice song, thanks for sharing!

        1. Your welcome<3 HaloOkami

      2. That video was amazing and I love you


  2. Oh my God I CAN’T WAIT AN ENTIRE WEEK NOOOOOOOO… But, yeah, it’s looking pretty ominous. I really wanna know what happens next though and ARE WE JUST GOING TO IGNORE THAT THE THIRTEENTH BIRTHDAY IS COMING AND WE STILL DONN’T KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING?!

    Sorry for the caps I’m just really excited okay.

    1. No, well I haven’t, but I’m pretty sure the birthday is going to happen ;) just have to wait a couple more weeks. HaloOkami

    2. sometimes caps is the only appropriate way to express something lol!

      gawd they are conveying so much info outta so little on each page, its AMAZING!

      My guess (and this is a guess) is that they will get to her birthday after the dream sequence, but we won’t know until it comes :D :3.

  3. The hair… bandaged left hand… Could Mal be Feral?

    1. I think it is pretty safely established that YEUN is more than likely feral.
      Mal’s Hair is actually brown.

      1. Umm it’s a bit over obvious that Yuen is Feral. xD

  4. Nevermind, just saw the topwebcomics vote thingy and saw their colors.

  5. What if Mal and Yuen fused together to create a super lupian being, like in Dragonball 0_0

    1. O I love Dragonball Z! And I don’t care if I’m a girl<3 XD HaloOkami

      1. nothin wrong with bein a girl and loving some dbz and all the decently put violence/blood/drama/action, (says a fellow gurl :3)

        And a Yuen/Mal fusion thing would be an interesting turn of events :P.

        1. I wonder what they’d look like? Or what their fused name would be? Muen… Yal even? ;3 HaloOkami

      2. That was my first anime! I started watching it when I was about 5/6 xD

        1. At first I thought it twas lame -_- but after my brother forced me to watch a few episodes, I’m like attached to it<3 HaloOkami

        2. hehe ya i grew up with the series, dragon ball, dragon ball z, :P

          Yumal maybe?

        3. I never thought of that Genell XD HaloOkami

    2. I was literally just scrolling down to comment some sort of “Fu…sion…HA!” remark! XD

      1. You make me happy :D

  6. That is the crappiest bandage job ever lol. I love it! I think someone needs to learn proper first aid.

  7. thelightedDarkness

    Well that got creepy fast.

  8. Mal, Getting into trouble as usual….

  9. Mal has to come in and ruin the moment :P XD HaloOkami

    1. Ruin the moment? Mal? NEVER. XD

  10. I would just like to take a moment to appreciate Meela’s face in the first panel.

    1. it needs to be a button…. that is a GREAT face :D And Yuen’s face is brilliant, too.

      1. I second the button suggestion.

        1. I third the button! XD

        2. Fourthded X3 HaloOkami

    2. Fifth! It must be a button!

  11. Aside from Mal’s returning, I think the greatest thing of this page are their faces. Even Yuen’s face in last panel is brilliant!

  12. i don’t know why, but Mal looks more like Feral then Yuen does

    1. hmmm a little, i think its the the shape of his bangs, but that’s all i see really, Yuen is still a dead on match for Feral, it couldn’t be more obvious at this point.

  13. my guess, this ‘traveler’ that he is talking about, I think it might be Meela’s dad. O_O

    i LOL’d so hard at the first panel !!! hahahaha !!! leave it to lovey dovey stuff to gross out Meela :D.

    Beautifully done as always gals. :3

    1. That would be so awesome if it was Meela’s dad! It would explain so many things!

      1. It would, and yet at the same time there is still so much left unexplained if the traveler is in fact meela’s dad, stuff that won’t become clear til it happens. (grabs popcorn and waits for action to start :D)

    2. Assuming Mal is the killer, I don’t think he CAN be Rollin. From what I’ve gathered, Rollin really would not have qualified as an “old man” at the time of his presumed death, nor could I see him (intentionally or not) sowing the seeds of his own demise. What reason could he have to bestow any of his power on Mal, who he (most likely) doesn’t know at all?

      While I don’t think Rollin is going to have much of a role beyond what we already know about him (as alluded to by the authors themselves when people were badgering them for a Meela’s parents spinoff” and all that stuff), I do think this “mysterious old man with abilities” is most likely of great importance and possibly bears more responsibility in the overall scheme of events than we know.

      Whoever he is, he HAS been discreetly referred to multiple times in the past, most notably with that decoded journal entry…

      1. Heck, we still don’t even have definitive proof that Rollin was a half-demon, even if there is a lot of evidence suggesting it. XD

        1. True. One of her parents must have something. I would come to it being her dad since he WAS a target. Since Meela has a bounty on her head, but the only conclusion is that she had it for a while and so did her brothers. Hmmm….tricky to figure out…indeed.

      2. Actually, upon re-reading the journal entry in question, I take back much of what I said. There’s no concrete suggestion that the traveler is an old man–I’m not sure what I was even basing that on.

        Still, however, I find it highly improbable that he’s Rollin.

    3. Oh someone thought the same thing as me! I wonder if it was Meela’s father too!

  14. I just noticed that in the vote incentive Yuen is wearing Leela’s bracelet… or one very similar.

    1. Ha

    2. Just looked at that and realized I’m wrong wrong wrongitty wrong.
      Sorry guys, my apologies!

  15. I wonder if Mal has the mark on his hand at this point…. and then Yuen/Feral ends up with it too…. But with the bandage on his hand, blood dripping from his palm, I think it likely….
    I love Vihki’s face on the second panel. And I love Mal’s outfit shown in the third panel. And Mal’s face in the fourth, and Yuen/Feral’s in the sixth… Okay, I just love this whole page. It is VERY well drawn. You guys keep getting better with every page!

  16. Did something happen to his hand? Pfft. It’s just a little blood magic, Feral. No big deal, ALL the cool kids are doing it.

  17. I’m placing a bet on some sort of demonic fusion between Mal and Yuen, to become Feral…

    You know the type. Mal gets himself turned into a (preferably red-eyed) demon… Yuen realizes the only way to save him is to do the fusion spell… and Fu-Sion-Ha! We get ourselves a guy named “Feral.”

  18. Taken from the page 111 from Bastet’s comment- entry from Yuen’s/Feral’s diary:

    “So the village is as quiet as usual. Mal’s parents treat me like their own son, but I still miss mine. Especially mother.
    Mal seems to be up in spirits today.
    He’s talking more and more about going out on an adventure. I’m not sure what he means but he’s been going oun and oun about this after a strange visitor me encountered. Mal was telling him how was practicing to get stronger. The stranger told mal about a power he could give him that would help him. I kept telling him he shouldn’t but he went ahed and agreed. When it was done, Mal had this weird mark in his palm. It’s kind of freak since the middle has what looks like an eye that just stares at you when you look at it.
    I’m concerned for Mal. H’s getting wore reckless every day now. I’m afraid to tell his parents because I don’t want him to get in trouble. Though I might have to after yesterday. Mal killed a demon. And took it’s power. He’s changed a little. But I still see him as mal.
    I’m so confused”

    Sooo… I think that it can explain a lot of things.

    1. Thanks for posting this – I had completely forgotten about it!

  19. Geez, SotiCoto! Just because some people who comment aren’t geniuses or masters of grammar doesn’t mean they’re idiots. If they care enough to theorize or actually THINK about the comic, I say give them a thumbs up. Though I do agree with you that people who post like four-year olds should fricking stop posting and annoying us with their shit.

    1. -_-; I’m replying to this too late, but note:
      When you’re swearing towards innocent comments made for a colorful and fun webcomic, you’re already being just as hostile as the person you’re censuring.

  20. Both Mal and Yuen lokk like younger versions of Feral, but with different hairstyles.

  21. 0_o <– eye twitch.

    WHY YOU SO MEAN!?!?! This is so mean!

    I seriously want to go to the future right now….

  22. The traveler was eating his hand… that’s what happened to his hand feral…

    1. nom nom nom nom, wait… this ain’t chicken!

  23. lol, Vihki’s arm in panel 2 disappears and her hand re-appears oddly.

    Not sure if I trust Mal at this point… He’s acting strangely.

  24. Hey there Mal, lookin a bit crazy there buddy. :)

  25. O.o I know he has grown, but didn’t Mal had freckles?

    1. maybe he’s part white-tail deer and as a young cub he had spots (freckles) like fawns do but as he grew the spots disappeared.

      Anything can happen in this comic.

    2. I knew something was missing from his face!XD HaloOkami

  26. Hi! Just wondering… are you guys ever going to do a double update because of the week or so that you missed, or are you going to keep doing single updates… just wondering.

    1. For now, we’re updating one a week. We are currently in the process of preparing Volume 2 for print while working our day jobs. When we get the chance of extra free time (which isn’t often), we managed to do two pages.

      1. Speaking of Volume 2 being prepared for print…

        Are you guys planning on printing more of volume 1? Or some sort of combo pack? Or maybe a combo pack for all three when its time? I’m sure you could get people to buy the first two with a presale of the third if you marketed it well.

        Anyway, I guess my original question before trailing off was when/if you planned on restocking volume one?

        1. Yes! Hoping that we make enough funds from Volume 2’s pre-order, we will be ordering Volume 1 from the same company. As far as combo packs, I’m not sure.

  27. If this is the dream sequence Meela witnesses how Yuen becomes Feral, I think there are many stronger reasons she should be happy not to be him anymore. Yuen is creepy. I have to agree with the others who are theorizing he offed Meela’s dad and siblings.

    1. ^ I meant *Mal* is creepy (not Yuen/Feral).

  28. definitely not wiser……

  29. Is it wrong to fangirl over Yuen? (He looks my age) PLZ say it isn’t. I’ve already done it :D
    Loving the comic you guys! :D

  30. Wow, now that is a BIG wolf in panel three! How is that exactly possible? I mean, I know Meela commented a while back how Feral’s wolf form was huge but I never knew wolves could grow THAt big! O____O

    The mystery’s just beginning. What happened to Mal’s hand? Please let Firday come soon! :D

  31. Gotta love the wagging tails in the first panel. And Meela’s face xD

  32. Hmmmmmmmmmm…… I wonder what happened… =w=


  33. The look on Meela’s face in the first panel. OMIDIN, I love it!

  34. Mal looks a lot like Feral, don’t you think? It’s probably just a coincidence, but still.

  35. Well, there we go. Another comic archive devoured in a single day.

    Just hit that bookmark button…

    I’ll be back next Friday.

  36. May we all just take a moment to appreciate Meela’s face in the first panel? K thanks.
    Awesome work, as per usual!

  37. I love how Vihki is wagging her tail in the first panel! It is so cute!

    1. I noticed that too :) HaloOkami

  38. Is it just me, or does Mal look an awful lot like Meela here…?

  39. Hmmm, if Yuen is Feral, then it would mean that Avela and Korin are his parents…

  40. Yuen’s face in the last panel is just…

    ‘…what’s on your hand? And do I want to know? Because after years of being your friend, I really should know damn well enough to ask that question first.’

  41. Well, Mals not the sharpest tool in the shed, now is he? Lol although I must admit dat Yuen/feral and Mal are hawt! XD I wonder what happens to mal, I mean, where they are now feral doesn’t even know bout mal…or anything from his past for that matter…are we even sure Yuen IS feral!? Omg I can’t WAIT 4 next week! Lol

    1. I like Mal better than Yuen/Feral <3 HaloOkami

      1. For some reason his eyebrows makes his face pop out for me, I like it.

        1. I just realized that I don’t really focus on peoples eyebrows(I often forget that people have themXD) HaloOkami

        2. XD It is true that a lot of people forget to draw them on faces, myself included.

        3. Every time I draw someone I always forget the eyebrows, an I look at my drawin’ an I feel like there’s something missin’. HaloOkami

    2. While he might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, I think he makes up for it by being cool. Barring any potential psychotic tendencies he may or may not have, he’s a great friend as far as I can tell, and his adventurous personality endears me to him quite a bit.

      I like his his older design quite a bit, too. =)

  42. I know this might sound odd but could the stranger be Feral?

    1. Feral is Yuen in Meela’s dream ;3 HaloOkami

  43. Lol!!!!!! 1st panel is hilarious!!!!! Also, it looks like Mal ran into some trouble. Perhaps from this traveler with special abilities? =3=

  44. I’ve just clicked on the vote incentive link and GUYS, MAL LOOKS A WHOLE LOT LIKE MEELA
    what was his name?

    1. One of her bother’s names is Tannor who was in the first few pages, an no one knows who the other brother is; but I guess we’ll find out. HaloOkami

      1. Yes – Could that other brother be Mal?

      2. Actually, her other brother is named Connor.

        1. You mean her other brother? HaloOkami

        2. Both her brothers have grey hair, and we saw both her brothers die. Not to mention the timing doesn’t add up…

        3. –Well, we saw Connor die, and Tannor is said to have died.

        4. I saw both of her brother’s die in the first chapter, I just didn’t know the other brothers name X3 HaloOkami

  45. Maybe, I see that resemblance ;) HaloOkami

  46. Меlla in the 1 page…. :D

  47. Ok Ikinda think Mal looks like he could be Feral… But I don’t know I can’t see the color of his tail very well lol

  48. Nevermind! lol

  49. They look like such a cute little couple. LOL Panel 1. I like how you drew them!

  50. Extreeeeeeme High-Fives – Season 2. Only on Fox.

  51. Oh, Mal… What kind of trouble did you get yourself into THIS time??

  52. Did anyone notice how much Mal looks like Feral? Except without the red eye and stuff.

    1. I did notice that, but we know in Meela’s dream Feral is Yuen x3 HaloOkami

      1. Yeah, true. On first glance, though, it was just like “Woah!”

  53. Meela’s face makes me LOL too much to feel too scared about the bloody hand. But that really is scary. Mal’s motto obviously is “Growing older is mandatory. Growing up is optional.” ha

  54. Hmmm I feel sad for Meela she’s gonna have to witness everything that happened. Even more trauma… hang on, my dear little wolfie. =D

  55. o-o you know… now that I look at him… Mal looks
    more like Feral then Yuen does :O

    1. Looking over this and other’s comments, it’s true that Mal looks a bit more like Feral right now due to his hair style being wilder and his being (I think) more physically matured than Yuen.

      Still, though, Yuen has Feral’s coloration and that’s the clincher right there. Not to mention Feral’s eyebrows look different.

      1. I actually think Yuen looks more like Feral. I only say this because Mal has a reckless look to him (in my opinion) and Yuen has a more innocent look. And there are times (especially in the beginning) where Feral looks like a grown, innocent Yuen. Eeh, my opinion though.

  56. enter the origin of Feral’s red eye :D

  57. Mal <3 officially in my top ten favorite characters.

  58. “Mal: bad. In Latin.” – River Tam

    1. Yes! I’m not the only one to think of Firefly every time someone mentions Mal’s name!

  59. Honestly, I have to say that I enoy the comments, because oftentimes, I miss something that somebody else notices and then I am able to see it. Stuff like little hints or clues that I might have missed.

  60. Is nobody commenting on the first panel? Priceless!

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