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You shouldn't make promises you can't keep, Yuen. Looks like we're dropping pretty low over at Top Web Comics, so it's time for a new vote incentive! Vote here to see the concept sketches for the current dream sequence.

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  1. This will end in a positive and not at all heartbreaking way…yup.

    1. until one of the next pages kick you in the stomach WITH BOOTS AND SPURS.

      1. Motorized spurs, with spurs attached to the spurs….that sounds about right.

        1. Don’t forget – tipped with poison.

        2. And the boot is an extra large ;) HaloOkami

  2. she’s so pretty *w*!

  3. Do not post something you can’t back up Dragonia…. omg this is gonna end horribly *cries* Or cut off with Meela not knowing what the heck is going on… right now I am not sure which would be worse. Excuse me while I go over to the corner and sob my eyes out.

  4. And then Yuen and Mal get attacked by something(perhaps his cousin?). Mal dies. Yuen ends up like how we see him when Holland talks about when he first met Feral.

    Predictions. I have them.

  5. Okay, two things: I like her flower (and everything around it), and now I KNOW he’s Feral. That hair just gave it away. Sorry I’ve been so stupid saying he’s Meela’s fatherXP

    1. I thought of Feral because of the eyes <3

  6. am i the only one that sees the resemblance between Mal and Meela?

    could it be that after Mal and Yuen leave, they get attacked, Mal dies and is reincarnated into Meela?

    1. I was just thinking Vihki looked like Meela, which may be why Feral is trying to protect her or something… But holy crap, you’re right. Mal looks very similar to Meela. At least her old hairstyle.

  7. or…. a wild idea… somehow, while on his trip he leaves for, they mess with dark magic somehow, *insert how eye ended up like it did*, he comes back to village, but goes into a postal state from the demonic magic and destroys the village, killing a few people, his poor girl here, and then a couple others, but they almost kill him, or at least, do enough damage to stop him killing more people, and the village they’re in is meela’s mom’s or something, and her parents were killed, which inspired her to become a bounty hunter…. or idk XD

    1. cause, meela’s mom is wearing the SAME bracelet as vihki*?* but yea… just a wild idea XD

      1. I don’t think the girl is Meela’s mom cuz her eyes aren’t the same… and i think she would be too young.

        1. Meela’s mom’s hair/fur is also a lot darker than Vihki’s :)

        2. was saying the bracelets they are wearing are the same, maybe as a sign of the village they belong to maybe? But yea.. i was only guessing maybe this clan that Vihki belongs to is the same clan as meela’s mom… just a guess tho

        3. oh, i’m not implying that girl is meela’s mom, maybe the village is hers is what i said…XD

  8. Oh no! :'( I’m so sad for this girl.
    She’s prob waiting for a guy who doesn’t even remember that she exists :(

  9. Or even worse… Yuen will return to find her dead for some reason, and be forever grieved that he could not be there to protect her. Or something like that. Its a classic!

    1. You know, if Korin ever decided to come after him, I could actually see this happening…

  10. Mal is definitely the guy on the right of the Incentive, isn’t he?

    This page cleared everything up for me! I like how Yuen’s situation with Mal is a callback to when they were kids and he was talking about leaving his clan.

    Also, those two kids in the big panel are so cute, and Feral’s face in panel 1 is so cute!

  11. Oh MY GOD! What a transformation from being so sweet and turning into a grinch that meela knows….

  12. thelightedDarkness

    Oh…. Now that’s a depressing promise.

  13. You know, their bracelets look suspiciously like colored versions of the one Meela has that was given to her by her brother who got it from their dad.

    Theres a symbolism thing happening here, but I can’t tell what it is.

  14. wow…painful to watch. Here’s hoping Feral gets his memories back.

  15. Gosh, I wish I were back to the night I first found this story. Oh, those were the days… when I could click and click and click for page after page, like turning the pages of a book. And then that fateful click, when I reached the last page. Since then, I’ve had quite a lesson in patience. I must say I don’t particularly enjoy the tease every week. It’s like someone uncovering a couple of lines at a time of a story you can’t wait to finish! I’m so invested in these characters. I have more then once started at the beginning, just to be able to recapture that page-after-page feel… You deliver such quality, both in the art and the storyline. Kudos, and thanks for yet another reason to celebrate the end of the week. Such a pleasure, such a pleasure!

  16. Weeell… When I looked at the picture in vote incentive I realized, that Vihki have exacly the same eyes color as Meela. Moreower, stripe on her tail is also very similiar to this on Meela’s tail. Just comparise this picture with Meela’s wolf form on page 226.
    I also think that Mal have a similiar fur color as Meela’s mother, Jira. Maybe it’s not important, but I learned, that our dear authors love to put a small hints about the plot in some places and cares a lot about the details XD
    What do you think about it?

  17. It seems as though Feral really is Yuen, or else very closely related. If you look back to the last panel of page 51, you can see that Feral’s fingers look like an exaggerated version of the first panel of page 266, when Vihki hugs Yuen. Also, on page 100, in the top middle panel Feral’s eyes and facial expression are similar to Yuen’s in the last panel of page 266 (again). There is also a slight similarity between the first panel of page 143, when Piper surprises Feral, and the third panel of page 265, where Yuen is happily surprised to see Vihki approaching him.

    And as a side note (sort of), it seems as though Feral/Yuen is again shown as a teenager on page 152. In fact, Holland names the injured teen as Feral and says that they met after his accident. If Yuen and Mal had taken off to see the world but had met up with some serious trouble, it’s likely that that was when Feral was hurt and lost his voice and, apparently, his memory. Due to the fact that Holland isn’t sharing whether Feral was alone or not at that time, Mal may have been killed or had gone back to the clan they had been living in, although it would have made better sense for the brothers to stick together. Since Feral tried to ditch Meela several times, though, that may have been what happened.

    (And does anyone think Vihki’s clan mark is similar to the ones shown on pages 119-121?)

    1. Hm, Feral on page 152 looks a bit older than Yuen is here, so I’m thinking whatever happens, happens a couple of years later. So it must be while they’re on the road or even on the way back home that he gets so injured. I can totally see Mal ditching him–deciding he was a bad influence or turning evil and just forgetting about him (judging by Yuen’s diary entries,) or even being responsible for what happened.

  18. Yuen’s face is ADORABLE in the first panel. I love it!
    And I know that when he leaves, he does not come back. I can guarantee it. It’s always how these things work. Unless he comes back insane and kills everyone. *shrug*
    But if Vihki is still alive, I have a feeling that we will meet her soon. And that could be interesting…. cuz she would remember Feral/Yuen, but he wouldn’t remember her, and Meela would be jealous, and… bad things…

  19. I’m calling it right now: Mal killed Meela’s family. It’s the grin. The evil grin…

    1. Still think he looks more mischievous than anything, but I can’t very well deny the resemblance, either. XD

      1. I think it’s the fact that the smile is just in his mouth, not in his eyes. That makes it sort of creepy.

  20. He looks an awful lot like Feral 8I

    1. Well, they are from the same clan. Gene pools can be kind of small in isolated societies. They may be distant cousins or something.

  21. what if there Feral’s perents

  22. Aw, gee! Does this mean Meela can hear what Feral’s voice used to sound like? D’awwww ;.;

  23. Hmmm… I wonder if Meela’s dad came from the same clan. Feral’s girlfriend and Mal both have intense yellow eyes—very much like Meela.

  24. Matching bracelets…. Stuff just got serious.

  25. Hopped on over to Top Web Comics as soon as I read the author’s note, saw the picture, and my mind was blown.

    “Wait a second…is that concept art for a teenage Mal?! WHOAMG! Awesome!”

    …Then I actually read the page, and it became quite evident that we are indeed going to be seeing him again. At long, long last. XD

    Wherever this latest dream is going, I have a feeling we’re going to learn a LOT more about Feral before all is said and done.

  26. Just looked at the new vote incentive…. please don’t tell me Mal killed Meela’s parents, PLEASE don’t tell me Mal killed Meela’s parents X”{

    1. …So I’m not the only one thinking this! Makes me feel better to know I’m not alone, haha! XD As a Mal fan, I’d like to believe he didn’t do it, either…but at the same time, I can’t deny that he is and always has been a prime suspect. =(

      For all of the evidence supporting it, I think it would be a mistake to jump to conclusions just yet, though. After all, it’s not like this would be the first time Celesse and Algy have thrown us for a loop. XD

      1. But the silhouette! When people started speculating that Feral was the killer, I didn’t think so ’cause the silhouettes didn’t match, but Mal’s does!

        1. That IS a pretty hard piece of evidence to refute, I agree, and it’s been steadily gnawing at me for a long time now–even before seeing the actual concept art for teen Mal. Granted, there is still a possibility that the silhouette could belong to Yuen with a slightly more grown-out hairstyle that he acquired sometime soon after leaving the village here, or else while he’s in the middle of some kind of transitory state between “Yuen” and “Feral” in terms of both character and appearance…but it could just be that I’m in denial. XD

          At the very least, though, the chances of the killer being a “third party” outside of Yuen and Mal have really dropped now. You can practically feel the gates closing in on the truth…and one way or another, it’s not going to be pretty.

  27. Am I the only one seeing the resemblance between Mal and Meela’s dad?

    I mean, yes I understand that the hair color is different, but maybe he got that changed from some kind of “curse” of a demon…After all his eyes and hair style are pretty similar :/

    1. I’m afraid I don’t see the resemblance myself. Aside from the obvious (Mal has a mole, Rollin doesn’t) their faces seem to have different bone structure–maybe once I see Mal in the comic I’ll think differently, though. Or maybe if Meela recognizes/doesn’t recognize Mal we’ll finally figure out what impact he may have had on her life.

      I’m also inclined to believe that’s Rollin’s natural hair color, and not a result of being cursed, since we’ve seen other lupians with grey hair and two of his children were born with his grey hair.

  28. Well this will just end up all fine and dandy. Yep, these two will get back together very soon after those one or two years and live happily ever after. Oh yeah, another thing…this comic won’t happen.

  29. Hmm…I’m not sure if this theory was made already or not, but I’m beginning to suspect, after re-reading the previous chapter, that Meela’s father had a bounty because of the dark energy that she keeps emitting. She probably inherited whatever the energy is from him.

  30. Feral is so sweet!!! :) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  31. I think Mal is the killer.. if it has to do with his (and Yuen’s) demonic power thingy? … and maybe Meela’s dad or mom is relatet with Vihki (or Mal, ooor.. ).. hrm hrm.. ^^
    Aaaand I hope Feral will meet Vihki and fell in love again.. awww… if she is still alive (I hope so!) and everything will be good! :D
    Can’t wait until next friday. ♥

    Sorry for my bad english :S

  32. XD panel 4, an meela just stands there…lol

    1. Meh, she’s doing a bit more than standing there I think, she is observing, taking in what info she can :P.

  33. One of my fave webcomics ever! So glad I clicked the link to you guys. There are not many comics that enchant me the way this did.
    Keep it coming!

  34. Hey will we ever find out who that old man was(in the beginning of the story;the one Feral killed) or are we supposed to know and I just missed a hint? HaloOkami

    1. Still waiting, unfortunately. I’m hoping that man shows up in the last flashback, whether it’s this or later.

    2. D: I almost forgot about him!

      1. And theres also figuring out who Korin is(the man in meela’s dream who killed aveela and terin) Member when meela woke up in the inn and said “*gasp* Could he be…!” and then left us hangin’ HaloOkami

  35. So, Mal’s still in the picture, huh? YAY!

  36. Working hard as usual. :)

  37. Anyone notice that Feral and Vihki have matching bracelets? Oh that just makes his so much sadder.

    1. Matching bracelets may not have as much of a significance as they appear

  38. In a somewhat unrelated/ minor note. Is yuen and vihki wearing a couple bracelet? Owo

  39. The chapter is called “broken promises”
    He’s never going to return.

    1. Or, maybe he returns but not in a way this clan will like or recognize

  40. Yeah, don’t personally believe in ‘promises’: far too many outside forces to cause you to break them or at least not fulfill them to the letter or spirit of the oath

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