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And Chapter 11 starts! With gross smooching, ew! Oh yeah, and "Eylinae" is a word of greeting in Meoley.

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  1. I love how you made her translucent! And man, even the single color shading is spectacular! o_O

  2. Ok. Yuen is so Feral… Look at the features!!!!

    1. But what if it’s Feral’s parents?! DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUN

      1. Oooh…. Maybe…. Good point. Very good point.

  3. Looks like Feral had a girlfriend. Possibly more. Interesting… wonder what happened there. Incidentally, I was watching Prince of Tennis, and noticed Meela looked an awful lot like Kintarō Tōyama. Mayhap some influence there?

    1. Nope, I don’t watch tennis, so if there is a resemblance it’s coincidental.

      1. It’s the anime, Celesse-sama. Not actual tennis. :P But all right.

  4. That girl, while clearly not her, looks a LOT like a certain fox we know, which may explain why Feral has a soft spot for her…

    1. Well.. that’s a bit weird, but nice feeling to see Feral TALKING O___O

      1. Now, the only mystery left is that how did he get that red eye? O____O

      2. I find it less strange that Feral’s talking than that he’s giving us a flat out smile! No strings attached!

        1. And a smooch!

    2. I don’t think its Piper. Look at the tail. Long stripe on top, no white tip. I thought for brief moment it might be Meela’s mom, but also wrong tail.

      1. Oh, please, this is DEFINITIELY NOT Piper… I don’t understand, why some people keep saying that this girl (as I understand called Vihky) is Piper. Come on… :/
        And yeah, Syddles, seeing Feral with so happy expression is amazing. I love it very much <333

      2. I don’t think they were saying she was Piper, just that she bared a resemblance ^-^

  5. Ok what language is yuen speaking looks like sim language??!
    An really good work guys I really like this page!!!!!

    1. It’s just Lupian language.

    2. I’m curious on how you pronounce it! :D

      1. Eylinae is “‘Ey-lih-‘ney” :)

  6. The 9. Street of Em's

    YUEN IS HER FATHER!!! I know it!!

    1. Her father is Rollin, not Yuen/Feral.

      1. Her father is Rollin down the slope!

        1. When I read this comment I laughed waaaay more than I should have…and throughout the day when I remember it I just randomly burst out laughing!

        2. *whispers* Rollin in the deep~

        3. Ha! I didn’t think of that til now Z XD HaloOkami

        4. The 9. Street of Em's

          Gooosh… *face palm* I’m so stupid…

  7. I like how you earlier explained how Meela’s parents met, so we wouldn’t have conspiracy theories about the pair being her parents. Also: yes, Yuen looks so much like Feral.

  8. How exactly are those vowels (the “ae” in eylinae and “eo” in Meoley) pronounced? Are they diphthongs, or do they represent monophthongs that English doesn’t have, like Korean romanization?

    1. They are pronounced like this:

      Eylinae – Aae-lihn-ae (The first and last syllables are pronounced like the letter A, so basically A-lin-a)

      Meoley – May-oh-lay

      1. Ohhhh ok. I always thought Moeley was pronounced Molee..xD

        1. I thought it was Mee-oh-lee. May-oh-lay sounds much nicer :)

      2. Cool. I’d been saying it as “Mee-o-lee” myself for the longest time. XD

  9. oh gosh he looks so happy, I kinda don’t want to find out what made him so stern looking and grumpy

  10. It’s Feral!!!

  11. It could just be the angle/distance/color-filter/etc, but in panel 3 it looks like “Yuen’s” right eye is darker than his left… But when we saw Young-Yuen, he had a R-Yellow and L-Green eye. So maybe it’s already red by this point? Or, again, I could just be imagining things.

    1. I think the “r-yellow” and “l-green” thing on that page was just because he was morphing out of looking like Meela, who did have yellow eyes.

    2. He would have a scar as well if he already has his red eye I think.
      Also, I agree with Bluerosebud on the yellow/green thing.

      1. then again, the scar could be caused by however he got mysteriously torn up and caused all the other scars,

        the red eye could be caused by some other reason altogether.

        guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    3. Yeah, I read back through the comments and you’re right about the yellow eye, but on this page it looks like he might already have a darker right eye (the one which would be red). As I said above, it could just be as simple as the angle and the outline being half a pixel too thick.

  12. YES! YOUNG FERAL! Okay, so Meela has effectively split off from Yuen. That makes sense. He looks so innocent and happy…^ ^ I guess now we’re all hoping that this isn’t a relative of Avela!

    I’m wondering where he is, though. I thought his diary stated he was taken in by Mal’s family, but didn’t he have to leave the clan or Korin would kill him?

    1. There’s no way this is the same clan/village–I’m sure Yuen wouldn’t have even lived to be a teenager had he stuck around his old haunts.

      Last time we saw Yuen, he was running away from home, which I think serves as a pretty clear transition to both a new time and place in his life.

  13. It seems they were something like engaged O.o look at they’re matching bracelets!

    1. I think that’s more like a symbol of being boyfriend/girlfriend.

  14. And now I’m glad she’s not standing in Yuen’s place. This would’ve been horribly awkward otherwise.

  15. While this mystery girl ever open her eyes? Find out next week on Strays.

  16. This mystery chick also has a clan tattoo :D

  17. Look at Yuen/Feral’s arms in panel 4. Quite muscular! :)
    I love Meela’s look of surprise in panel 2.
    It is interesting that Vihki has never opened her eyes… And the colors of her hair are QUITE similar to Avela’s…. Though only Vihki’s bangs are blonde/lighter instead of the whole top of the head, and then the bottom is darker fading back into light, like Avela. However, her clan mark is different….

    1. I would really hope she’s not related to Avela, or incest abounds!
      Maybe it’s just that that’s how Lupian hair colors grow in, like if their fur has different tones? Or some type of hair dye is available in this fantasy world with jeans and finely sewn clothing.

      1. I think that it is probably your first guess, that if the individual has multiple tones in their fur, their hair will reflect that. Which I think is totally cool. ^_^

        I’m going to guess that this is the clan that took Yuen in when he first ran away from home. There’s a high probability that it was Mal’s clan, since their dialogue as kids indicated that they were of different clans. I think someone else already suggested it, but maybe Vihki is a relative of Mal? His sister, mayhap? :D

        1. That could very well be. Hmmm…. Yuen in a relationship with his best buddy’s sister…? I love those sorts of things. But I’m not getting my hopes up. I have to say that I am curious about what happened to Mal.


  19. Hmmm… Older, but still a kid (though a well-built one) as he was a young teen when Holland met him (and he had his injuries).

  20. Wondering if this pretty young lady is a relative of Mal’s.

  21. Is anyone else totally weirded out just seeing Feral actually TALKING? Lol.

    Interesting…Can’t wait to see where this goes. :)


  22. And I only wonder, how this girl can just walk like that with her eyes closed all the time :P
    She has to have a good nose :)

    1. It’s possible that she could be blind…

  23. I really love how she’s not see-through until after that girl runs through her, like we don’t realize she’s not there until Meela does.

  24. The girls tail looks like meela and she may have yello eyes like meela, mayby Feral has a soft spot for meela because of this

  25. I don’t believe that Yuen is Feral just yet, maybe a few more pages in we’ll have proof?

    1. It’s already been established in the storyline and by the authors he is—unless you mean he hasn’t been renamed Feral—and that doesn’t happen until after Holland meets him.

  26. Eylinae kinda looks blind….like she has yet to open her eyes since she came on… She even ran to him with her eyes closed.

    1. The author’s note states that “eylinae” is just a traditional greeting, so it’s looking to me like her name is Vihki. =)

  27. Interesting how Meela hitches a ride into Feral’s dreams when they sleep so close together.

  28. Ack! Feral talking! Can’t wait for the next page!
    Keep up the great work!!! XD

  29. Omg O.o
    It’s totally feral but who’s that girl??? Could it be piper???

    1. Nah, he just called her Vihki.

  30. This boy is Feral?!? 0__0

  31. Wild! They both have the lucky bracelets. I wonder if they shared a tribe with Meela’s father or if he had a run-in with either of them.

    1. Whoops! Just went back to check out Meela’s bracelet. I take it back. They are wearing different bracelets than Meela (and her father/brother). It *is* telling Yuen and his sweetie are both wearing the same kind as each other, though.

  32. Oooooo Feral/Yuen goats himself a girlfriend! XP

  33. I’m not used to him smiling…

    1. thelightedDarkness

      Me either…. Or [i] talking [/i]…

  34. thelightedDarkness

    I noticed, the girl has a tattoo of some sort, which means she is part of a clan, yes? But Yuen/Feral is not so… I’m wondering if there isn’t some sort of… Prejudice against clan/non-clan lupians being together. Or maybe the people just don’t know he’s not a clan/tribe member… ?

    1. There doesn’t seem to be any indication of prejudice in the story against interclan/clan and no clan relationships, but then we don’t know the story of how he got there yet. He could be an honorary member of the clan, and he just hasn’t gotten the marks.

  35. tattoo looks nothing like availa’s clan’s

    they do not have matching bracelets (Yuen has brown back with light brown dots, vihki has alternating brown/light brown trangles).

    is vhiki blind? (maybe she knows her way around, kind-of like “daredevil”. blind dogs can still be drug sniffers).

    from the way the huts look comparatively this clan looks to be better off & in a more southern area from where mal/availa’s clan lived.

    1. If you look at the fourth panel where it shows Yuen’s up close, their bracelets are, indeed, matching.

      She might be. I’m thinking it could also be a situation of them keeping her eyes closed for the sake of some dramatic reveal, like she has red eyes or something like Feral’s right one. Perhaps it’s a situation like Kakashi from Naruto, where something happened to his friend/girlfriend/whatever Vihki is to him and she gave him her eye or something. Maybe it’s even the same ‘something’ that caused his throat to get injured. Or maybe even a huge plot twist where /she/ is that something that attacked him, for whatever reason.

      1. AH! 4th panel…::face palms:: i was intently staring @ the 3rd panel to the point i was going cross eyed trying to see his bracelet…
        i think posting @1:40ish didn’t help either…thank you.

  36. I’m gonna take a guess and say he’s about thirteen… Am I right?
    Aside from that, I do recall feral wearing that bracelet before :)

    1. Oh man! Yuen used to wear two of those bracelets. One on each wrist. Now he gave one to Vihki! Page 37, very clearly see that Yuen is wearing both.

  37. Feral speaks!

  38. I feel like I’ve seen that clan mark before somewhere else. I SHALL INVESTIGATE!!!!!! Come dear Watson!

    1. Ok I found it. It looks very similar to Korin’s mark but its not quite the same, wonder if there is any connection though.

      1. I did the same thing. Thought it was the same mark, but it’s just enough different to know that it’s not just small accidental alterations, but it IS quite similar. Family clans? Branches from one older clan that split? Or maybe they are all just that similar.

  39. This might not be Feral guys… just sayin’. We don’t know for sure until it’s stated. (Though Yuen does certainly look a lot like him…)

  40. I don’t think he looks like a scrawny teenager….

  41. It has to be Feral guys, he’s getting ALL DA LADIES!

    1. with a smile like that he’d get me too ::swoon::

  42. Couldn’t find a way to reply to you personally so sorry…

    Hey HalOkami, do you bychance read “Offwhite” as well, I just seem to recognize your username from somewhere…

  43. Oreoduck B. Platypus

    When….. When will there be more?

  44. Haha, I love how the artists edited this page to make Vihki open her eye XD
    It’s all because of suspicious readers XD

    1. XD!!!

      Just noticed that myself. LOL.

  45. I feel like we’re going to see some sad memories attached to Feral soon. :< Maybe Meela is picking up on them through her dreams due to the (probably shared) powers that they have?? I'm still wondering about their strange powers and how the play into all of this.

  46. I don’t like the changes made to Yuen’s physique! I liked him more muscular…. :( Oh well.

  47. I really like the changes you made :) I think it suits him better.

  48. Thank goodness, I was wondering where that muscle came from on a young teenager. ^ ^;
    I guess readers are really looking too much into something if it prompts the author to change it, huh? Yeah, I figured Vihki was just keeping her eyes closed for stylistic reasons.

  49. im guessing it’s Feral!

  50. Yuen’s good looking… LOl Ahaha.

  51. He’s not skinny enough to be Feral.

  52. she kinda looks like that one girl…..

  53. Meela’s hair never grow up?

    1. Holland probably kept it cut for her.

  54. So much debate…
    On one hand, Yuen being Feral is predictable and if it’s predictable, it might be right.
    On the other, plot twists.
    So I’ll just end the note on what if Feral and Meela were related? *Doesn’t actually have any evidence and still makes up ridiculous theories*

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