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As Holland returns to the camp, this page ends Chapter 10 and with that, Volume 2!

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  1. never thought I would have first comment! Awesome as always!

    1. I don’t know why but that girl in Meela’s dream kinda looks like Piper to me. HaloOkami

      1. It’s not Piper; Piper is a Vulpian and doesn’t have two toned hair or the colorations of this Lupian on her tail.

        1. O well thanks for the heads up <3 I can't wait to find out who she is! She's very pretty<3. HaloOkami

        2. Mother of God, she has the same colored tail/pattern as Meela in her wolf form.

        3. Or maybe its her analog in this dream world

  2. interadasting

  3. DREAM! I really thought that was Piper on the live stream but it’s another memory dream thing, yay! I’m more excited about that than I thought I would be. XD Also, that fourth panel, too cute!

  4. Meela’s face in the fourth panel is so adorable!

  5. owo She’s pretty, that lady!

  6. The lady at the end DOES look like a young version of Piper….

    1. Except that she has a wolfy-tail not a foxy one…

  7. something tells me.. that Feral will end up with the job of killing Meela or something like that and he will refuse and things will blow up and the like .___.

    1. Same here…
      It would totally destroy me on the inside if feral indeed has to kill meela….
      But why does meela has an bounty on her head…. Still troubeling me…

  8. Forth panel, cuties! <3
    But aaaaa, Holland. I'm so excited to find out what's the deal with Meela :3

  9. IT WAS A DREAM SEQUENCE! AHH. NOW I’M EXCITED. I can’t wait till next friday to see what happens next! >u<

    1. But next week will likely be the cover page, so you shall have to wait for the next week! Bwahaha. . aha… I have to wait too.

  10. awe she’s snuggled (sort of) up against Feral.
    Another dream! I’m excited!
    And what of Meela’s predicament?

  11. Aw so cute!!!!! I’m so excited to see how this all turns out and yet at the same time I’m utterly terrified.

    1. I love that your username means ‘BunnyWolf’ in japanese X3 HaloOkami

  12. Congratulations on finishing the second volume!
    And that panel with Meela and Feral is so precious. <3

  13. My reaction is exactly the same as Holland’s.

  14. Why do I have this feeling that the lady ended up dying at some point ):

  15. and again.. every time i see a dream-panel my face is like “WTF??? OO” so this is the reason why this is the one of my favorite comics:DD i never know what’s going onXDDD i can’t wait for the next “WTF” face ^^ oh, and the fourth panel is really killer-cute :3 <3 (my english is bad as always.. sry.)

  16. I ship FeralxMeela in the sibling way so hard.

  17. Geeze! it seemed just like yesterday we started this volume. Awesome Job Girls, keep it up!!!

    Andddd a new character, OH Yuen, you do-….wolf. O<O;

  18. I wonder if Meela could possibly be dreaming about her father’s past life, and not Feral’s. I don’t know what her father’s name is, if it’s been mentioned at all even, but I wonder…

    1. But we know that she really is dreaming about Feral now, remember?

      1. I wonder if it is getting easier to “feel” his memories now that their practically brother/sister.

        1. Meela actually talks about her father and mother in previous pages. His name is Rollin.

        2. Ah okay! I didn’t really catch any of that, I guess. I only keep track when it updates and I haven’t bothered to re-read recently. I’ll have to do that. Thanks for the clear up!

  19. Aww! Meela looks so cute snuggling Feral. He will never know either. Still cute as ever.

    1. with how I’ve seen puppies sleep, she might just end up sleeping on the other side of him with her feet in his face…

      a basket of sleeping kittens/puppy’s, is so adorable, to the point I have to stop myself from cuddling them >_<

  20. Congratulations on finishing the second volume! It’s as wonderfully done as the first one was. :)

  21. from the girls facial features (and story) I know she’s not Avaela…
    could she be her cousin? …i don’t recall any other characters with 2-toned fur/hair.

    I feel really bad for Holland now that he “knows”, but can’t really “do” much about it.
    the 3rd picture just made me want to hug him and tell him that they’ll get through it…
    WWWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! girls, must you have such awesome work that you drive me to tears from a single sight of his sorrowful eyes??? ::huddles in corner balling her eyes out::

    1. seriously,
      girls, you should go work for pixar or something… you’re awesome!

    2. “I don’t recall any other characters with two-toned fur/hair.”


      1. well, that’s completely debatable… he had a “shock” of white hair in otherwise black hair. when I first read those pages I thought it was bleached. >_<

        i'm not going to debate the other "dream" flashback time lines I have my theory & i'm not going to post it… i'll wait till the story unfolds to put 2 + 2 together ;)

        1. Yeah, it really does depend on how you define two-toned, since it’s true that his two hair colors were divided from one another and not combined–hence all of the people claiming he looked like a skunk. XD

  22. I saw the third panel and it made me sad :( and then the fourth panel made me all warmmm inside :) I wonder what hollands going to do. AHHHHH I hope this is not our last volume! You guys should make a SEQUEL after this :)

    1. Lol. We’re not done yet; the story isn’t over. We still have one, maybe two more volumes to go!

  23. somebody likes feral. congrats on the end of chapter 10!

  24. Oh my! I thought the Yuen dreams were over! This is such a pleasant surprise! Although I am wondering why Meela still pasted her face over his.

    Now that I think of it, the dreams will probably end when he meets with whatever catastrophe turns him into Feral…

    1. Well, if you want spoilers, someone decoded feral’s journal (cause journals more manly than saying diary, lol) It tells alot a bot what happened and raises some interesting questions. It’s in the comment section of the page where there at the inn (can’t remember which # and I’m too lazy to look)

  25. 4th panel, all I had to say wuz AWWWWWWWW!!! poor meela’s probably havin a bad dream lol

  26. Now that I think about it, the dreams probably will end in meela figuring out what happened to Feral, I wonder if he’ll ever remember what happened himself…^.^

  27. Awww- it’s like a mini puppy pile!

  28. Does anyone else think that the stranger in the last panel might be Avela? Her hair looks kind of similar in regards to the lighter tips at the ends of the braids. Although, looking back, Avela’s hair seemed to be lighter than that… Maybe a relative?

    1. Huh? Avela would have been dead for a long time by this point. If anything, she looks more like Piper.

  29. Meela is so adorable…….and look, she’s budding! XD Puperty?

    So, even though she now know’s she is herself and is dreaming about Yuen/Feral, is that woman talking to her/Yuen?

  30. Awwwww, Meela and Feral are like brother and sister! Too cute! XD

  31. OMG is that Piper as a child/teenager?!?!?! CUTIE!

  32. I have to ask, maybe someone else beat me to it, but I must know; is dreaming Ferral’s possible past part of Meela’s ability? Or part of the reason why she (and previously, her dad) is on the run? Maybe not just Ferral’s, but other people’s as well?

  33. Hm.. The mystery person in the dream sequence makes me think of a young, long haired Jira.

  34. Volume 2 is done! Nooo! And Yaaaay! I can buy it soon! But there’s only one volume left of Strays! Nooooo!

  35. Whoa. New mystery girl ahoy! XD

    1. Of course, she might not turn out to be as “new” as we might think…

  36. That is so cute >\\\< it makes me wonder what Farel will think of Meela when she's all grown-up <3

  37. Aw, Meela all cuddly against Feral ♥
    Funny, I sleep that way too ^_^
    Hmm..another mystery character…intriguing

  38. Don’t fart Feral…

    1. LMAO! My sentiments exactly… Still, VERY cute!

  39. WHAT!? There’s only going to be three volumes!? Come on!

    1. That’s always been their plan, though…alas, all good things have to come to an end sooner or later.

      Curiously, though, they’re now suggesting the possibility of a fourth…so it might not even be over quite as soon as many of us would have thought. XD

  40. OMG !She’s wearing exactly the same bracelet as Meela‘s !

    1. It’s either the same bracelet or a different one designed in much the same style…but since there aren’t exactly a whole lot of pure coincidences in this comic, you might just be onto something. XD

      1. Well, they did say that Lupians are big fans of jewelry so it could just be that, though it is pretty similar…

  41. Aaaaaawwwwwwwww~~~ :3
    Meela is so cute, but she moves quite a bit in her sleep it seems….
    Wonder if Feral will notice =w=

  42. random theory…. maybe meeela’s dream have to do with a past life or something cause the people in her dreams tend to resemble the people around her… sorry im having a very creative moment… XD

  43. You know, I just realized, we never got a cover for volume 2– just the splash art for “The Swan.” Curious; is there going to be one posted in the future?

    1. if I remember right, the swan doubled as the vol 2 chapter cover (it appears twice in the archive, last time I looked at it)

    2. There will be a cover for it, we’ve just been holding off on doing it because we weren’t sure how we wanted it to look. Now that the Volume is done, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what to do with it.

  44. Aw… Meela and Feral in this page are so cute <3
    But Holland's facial expression is heartbreking…

  45. Owwww meela, you are such an cute girl, you know feral secretly likes you <3

  46. Hmm, Did Yuen have a sister maybe? ..She was never mentioned or anything in the other dreams, but she sure looks like she could be related to Avela. …It would be really awkward if she turned out to be Yuen’s girlfriend when he has Meela’s body in the dreams, pfft.

  47. Guys… What if Yuen is Meela’s father…. And this woman is Meela’s mother.. And this is why she couldn’t kill him because she was in love with him in the past and omg its 6am… I should sleep. Good night!!!!!

    1. Meela’s father has already been identified as someone else. ^ ^;

      (For anyone else wondering about Meela’s dad, he’s named on page 247 and we get our first look at him on 248. Feral was identified as Yuen on page 206 and subsequent pages.)

  48. OOh, Yuan has a girlfriend. LOL

  49. Omg! Omg! My first comment on this site! Absolutely stunning, great comic. I love that balance between humor and seriousness in it. How often do you update?

    1. Every Friday. But this week we are having to skip because we both got sick and needed to script the next few chapters.

      1. Awww. I was so looking forward to the new page. Oh well. That means you guys have more time to make it even more awesome :)

        1. yeah… =)

          so, get well & we’ll see your awesome chapter page next week!

  50. I just came up with a…strange theory.
    In one of the previous pages, when Meela was explaining about her parents and how she and her brother’s were concieved and born, the look on Feral’s and Holland’s faces was of shock, though Feral looked more of dawning comprehension. What if (and this is a shot in the dark here!) Feral is the bounty hunter going after Meela and her family. She’s never explained how her brothers of father died. What if Feral and Holland had something to do with it? Feral is 28…plenty old enough to have killed her brothers…
    Other than that, great job! Keep it up! :0

    1. not sure…
      from the shadow of the person murdering meela’s dad + brother, person (could be guy or girl 0_o) is fairly tall and a bit older than Feral @ the time (see where holland meets feral).

      I think some one else can explain it better… but the general thought is that feral did not murder meela’s parents… then again, that idea is not “set in stone”.

  51. YAY!! CONGRATS WITH THE END OF VOL. 2!! 8DDD cant wait for the rest! X3

  52. Could the girl be Avela?
    they both have the same kind of two-tone hair, so this could be a younger Avela… possibly?

    1. Hm…I don’t really think so. Avela had white on the top of her head. And their tails are completely different.

    2. And Avela had only 2 tones in her tail, this girl has 3 HaloOkami

    3. Plus, isn’t Avela Yuen’s mother? And dead? Yuen looks way older than in previous dreams.

  53. where is the next page?!?!?!?! D:

  54. I still remember that summer day three years ago, when I received the first volume of Strays. Can’t wait till you release the second one! So…Whenwhenwhen? *puppy eyes*

  55. Hmmm have noticed meela has these dreams when close to feral. Am obsessed now lol

  56. she’s pretty.

  57. Panel 4: Hhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnngggggvggg

  58. That hairdo reminds me of the 40’s

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