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This strategy might actually work.

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  1. Holland’s face in the first panel should be a button xD

    I’m not sure if it’s the same for anyone else, but when I press the “read the latest page” button, nothing happens.

    1. Yeah, been having issues with that. I just modified the code, so it should work now. Clear your cache and try again.

      1. It’s working now! :)

    2. I have the same problem, actually… tried to use the button yesterday and it was like, ‘Nope! :D’ Maybe has something to do with the wonky things that have been happening?

      And yes. Button. XD EVERYTHING should be a button.

      1. *produces a pack of over 9000 buttons, each one with a different item on it – including keyboards, potatoes and trees*
        Now everything is a button. =D Shop now!

  2. Keeping close to Feral is also a good idea.

    Press the date under the “Next Page” button and the link works :)

  3. Now I see the sibling-relationship between them much better… And yeah, massaging Feral’s feet and do all his laundry might workXD

  4. This shading with dark and light tones in the 4th pannel is sooo awesome!!!

    1. Sorry, I mean the 5th pannel XD counting is a hard think, isn’t it? XD
      and I wish comments had an “edit” button…

  5. WoW!
    Love the pannel where she’s surrounded by people :o
    It’s so… Lonely ^^’

  6. Feral looks like he could use a pear.

    1. That made me laugh.
      But I agree!

    2. XD!!!!!

      You…have just won the Internet. Or at least this comment page. =)


    4. Best comment :3

  7. I’m pretty sure Feral’s thinking that Meela never worked for anything in her life. Great page, guys! Love Holland’s face when he gets tackled by Meela.

  8. If Holland had a tail… imagine the frizz we would have seen there! xD

  9. HAHA Hollands face! I can sympathize, my friends do that to me all the time :p

  10. Feral and Meela are way to adorable! (Holland too, of course :3)

  11. DAT
    5TH PANEL.

  12. I absolutely adore small gestures that appear in stories – like Feral just allowing Meela to hold his forearm in a crowd. Despite it not seeming important, I think it’s such a sweet gesture that Feral isn’t really even aware of which makes it all the more charming

    1. I completely totally and wholeheartedly agree <3 I love little things like that

  13. OH MY GOD FERALS FACE ON THE LAST ONE!!!!! I can’t help but get all giddy and start laughing at that, that is fanatic cute.


    1. it’s called suspense. It’s the reason people pee their pants.

      1. And rip their hair out <.<

  15. That’s so cute, Meela holding Feral’s hand (Well wrist but close enough)

  16. I am thinking that Meela wants money to buy a hat. She is probably trying to hide from anyone that might recognize her. After all, she might have a bounty on her head.

    1. So, to combat a bounty on her head her strategy is to hide her head.

      Sorry I couldn’t resist, you set it up! : P Heehee~ But really… I’m starting to think that she does but I’m wondering why? Is it because her mother was a hunter and her father one who was hunted? Maybe someone knew about them and is trying to get back at them through Meela…. :’O

      1. I think the reason why Meela has a bounty on her head is somehow conected to the reason her father had a bounty on his head. And it all seems to have something to do with their age also.

  17. AH, Feral don’t look at me with your red eye like that! Too intimidating! lol

  18. I wonder if it’s genetics or breed that determines the ears, I mean, there’s those foxish type ears on the fella in the sideground there, panel 4.
    Is that only one type of race that has that, or does it have to do with breeding?

    1. It’s more preference of the individual. I believe the artist once explained that they can choose what to let show. Like Piper likes her lil’ foxy ears so keeps them from form to form, etc.

    2. Adding to what S. Aquila said, although the showing of the ears is up to the individual, the style of the ears is determined by race. All Vulpians will have fox ears, all Lupians will have wolf ears, etc.

  19. Awww Let the kid have a hat! X3

  20. For some reason, that close up panel of Feral’s face makes his demon eye much more prominent. It’s kinda trippy/freaky.

    1. I was thinking the same thing!

  21. Aww! Feral! Maybe she hit a sweet spot. His expression is adorable in the last panel. I also particularly was caught by the colors in this. Awesome job on this one! One of my favorite pages yet!

  22. XDDD Second to last panel scared me.

  23. hollands face makes me giggle every time i look at that first panel lol

  24. First, LOVE Holland’s face in that first panel. XD Second, I’m impressed that Feral doesn’t immediately shake off Meela’s hand. He clearly tolerates her even more than before! ^^d

  25. LMAO Holland’s FACE!!!

  26. Oh FACIAL EXPRESSIONS!!! Holland’s in the first panel is PRICELESS!!! Love it.
    Meela’s in the 6th panel is so sad…. PUPPY EYES!!!
    Feral’s in the 7th is terrifying! But in the 8th is cute….
    And the shading in the 5th panel IS phenomenal! It gives the atmosphere a somewhat sinister feel to it. Before the market was all fun and games and happiness, and now Meela is feeling scared and that shading fits that perfectly.

  27. All she needed was to be dragged off by a stranger and have her life threatened to learn the value of a dollar. :D

    1. That’s a humorous way of saying it XD

  28. Glad to see Feral’s letting her hold his hand. :P Been a while, ya’ll.

  29. Those eyeless people with evil laughs of the 5th panel, just look at them they are scheming something

  30. thelightedDarkness

    Extra chores?

    Me thinks Feral is considering… xD

  31. Why does she ‘need’ a hat? Is she about to grow lil’ demon horns or summat? =]

    1. She “needs” it because it looks like the one her brother had.

  32. NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am more than curious about what Meela “is”…! The story is sooo unique, creative, and addictive! Every Friday I honestly am more excited about reading the most recent page of strays than getting out of school!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I just realized – the horned dude that snatched her is Hyaku (the guy that Holand talked to and gave a package to. He tackled the panther and told him to leave the group alone.) If everyone else has realized this and I just now did, then *facepalm*

    1. I couldn’t decide if it was or not, and was too lazy to look back, so you’re not really the only one :3

  34. Meela gets an A+ for persistence! XD

    And really, it’s hard NOT to laugh at that first panel. ROFL.

    1. I turned it into my gravatar, it was just that amazing.

      1. XD!!!!

        Now I’m going to laugh whenever I see a comment posted by you. LOL.

  35. *Jyaku

  36. lol dude

  37. Wow, she’s still thinking about that hat even after that encounter. Her mind right now: “Hat hat hat hat hat hat–AHH, scary deer!–hat hat hat hat hat hat HAT HAT HAT. HAAAAT.”


  39. Lol Feral doesn’t know what to do with her ^,^
    There so cute together (brother & sisiter-wise) I hope they stay together OnO

  40. I love this whole page! XD! Holland is hilarious, as usual. And I love how Feral’s scary glare doesn’t faze Meela in the slightest. I just hope Meela has the good sense to drag Feral and/or Holland over to the hat shop with her this time, assuming Feral finally gives in.

    Come on, Feral! She’s even being responsible enough to realize money needs to be earned. Give her a chance, will you? :3

  41. BWAHAAHAHAHAHA! I love Holland! I also like how the writing shifts once they go into a crowd.
    Aww, Meela, you don’t live anywhere. You can’t do chores on an imaginary house. But at least you put in the effort!

    1. They have chores like cleaning the clothes, tending the fire that sort of thing

  42. BWAHAAHAHAHAHA! I love Holland! I also like how the lighting shifts once they go into a crowd.
    Aww, Meela, you don’t live anywhere. You can’t do chores on an imaginary house. But at least you’re putting in the effort!

    1. Darn it, I posted my mistake-post anyway. Sorry about that.

  43. The fact that Meela is holding Feral’s arm, wrist whatever it is ITS ADORABLE THATS MY FAVOURITE PANEL. POOR MEELA ;; Baaby shhh let me hold you. <,3

  44. I just noticed, when clicking on a link which led me back to previous pages of Strays, how the style, and not to mention the characters, have changed a bit.
    I think personally that both past style and this time’s “eye for the details” are good, in their own ways, but today’s style is slightly neater than what was.
    And I just said something obvious… Ah, whatever, another point I had in mind was just that I think that Feral’s appearance before was better to express a (handsomeXD) professional bounty hunter stuck with an annoying, helpless pup, but now he seems to have soften… kind of… a lot… Thinking how you’ve said it’s more a sibling-relationship between Meela and him, than father-daughter, he seems to me less like a grown up. Like, he’s actually nearly thirty, but I have thought him not so few years younger than that lately…

  45. poor meela, she REALLY wants/needs that hat, doesn’t she. wonder what’s going to happen to her on her birthday.

  46. Just noticed Meela’s ears. xD

  47. Omg I hope there are puppy eyes from Meela in the next page! XD

  48. Oh wow, that face in the first box is becoming my Gravatar…so funny!

  49. Anyone know where to find fanfiction for this comic?

  50. She has little high heels~~ *Swoons* I love this more mature look for her. It shows her growth. She’s almost thirteen now. She’s growing into a lovely little lady. I hope she becomes Feral’s mate when she grows up~~

    1. Except considering that he’s in her guardian role and will technically have raised her from this vulnerable sheltered little girl stage, as well as being almost thirty right now, that would be unlikely and a little creepy. There’s a reason adoptive and foster parents don’t marry their children.

      1. XD

        1. Heh…um…I take things too seriously…

    2. i’m actually hoping Meela and Holland have something going on… well, they can’t have kids, but they seem like they could be best friends for life.

      1. BFF for sure, no doubt about that!:)

        1. shapeshifters16

          Unless Holland turns out to be the ULTIMATE BAD GUY behind that smile of his. But I really doubt that’s gonna happen.

        2. calm your doubting! holland is too pretty to be a bad guy.

        3. With a face like the one he’s making in the first panel (and your gravatar) there’s NO way he’s a bad guy! lolz

        4. shapeshifters16

          Yeah, yeah, I know. Just had to throw that out there. I know that he’s too awesome to be a bad guy!


    1. thank-you…… I’d hug you but this isn’t reality.

    2. …has anyone ever figured out what zwann-cride means? I do, but i’m wondering if anyone is that interested in foreign languages…
      it also tells you where my loyalty lies :)

      1. Sadly, I am the only one who is a fan. (If you have a fanpop, please join? I would have a happy chibi face, most likely)

        And nope, no idea what it means.

  52. Omg I thought it was Friday and I’ve kept coming back and checking to see if theres been an update yet cause its what I always do as soon as I get home from school. XD -Facepalm.-

  53. meela is so cute! >w<

  54. the facial expressions in this comic are top notch, although feral sometimes looks more dumbfounded than mute, as in the last panel, the shadows make it look like he’s sort of going “bwah?”

  55. There’s some sort of grey dot on Meela’s face on the third panel. I’m not sure if that is a sweat drop or a glitch or maybe there is something wrong with my computer. Just wondering if anyone else sees it…

  56. where is the next page? O.o

    1. yeah, something must have happened. they’re really good about warning us when there won’t be an update…

      ::crosses fingers & hop’s on one leg:: I still love you guy’s!!!!
      trust me, your more regular than my…er, weather???

      1. ROFL nice save! xD

    2. i agree wheres the next page :0
      take your time

    3. If you fallow Strays on facebook you can see that they warned us that the page will be a little late (either be out late friday or early saturday). So the page will be here soon :)

      1. oh ;)
        I’m sorry guys
        dont have facebook

  57. You guys are all crazy! I don’t see Meela in love with any of them – she’s 13 years old! They’re more like her guardians and it’s obvious that she sees them as such. I mean just look at that “MUMMYYYY!!” hug of hers when she finally finds Holland. And holding Feral’s wrist is totally something I wish I could do to my own dad XD.

    1. I believe so too! They’re like guardians or big brothers. I always wish I had a big brother. He could teach me the world and bash up big bullies for me?

      1. I think people are thinking “best friends forever” when thinking “something’s going on between them…” between Meela and Holland. Not quite sure with Meela and Feral, but definitively not something like “fall in love”.
        But if some disagree with me, and people are really discussing MeelaxHolland/Feral, then what the H?? That’s just weird, because they’re obviously posing like big brothers, or anything in the family/friends-category.
        I know Piper’s gonna chew some heads off if she hears something like that.

      2. lol Well I’m already fine at beating up bullies. My grandfather, who is like the most violent person I know, is now saying that I’m strong. It’s kind of creepy.

  58. My guess is feral’s gonna go soft on her, way to go meela! Lol X3

  59. Not everyone cares for facebook. I avoid it personaly. I rather have news about the comic posted here on the site.

    So now I ask, did they say they where ok, just behind?

    1. They’re fine, from they said. It sounds like they just fell a little behind this week and it’ll take a little longer to get the next page posted.

      1. Ah, that is good that they are all right. ^_^

  60. From what she said earlier about needing that hat, and it seems like she’s still wanting it now, it kind of sounds like she can hide something about her head with a hat… Like maybe something will happen when she turns 13 that she thinks she can hide?
    Well, unless she just thinks people will recognize her or something.

    1. A suggestion was that the hat looked like the hat her brother had. Personally I think that believable:)

      1. Although she might want to try and hide her head anyway when she goes into hiding from bounty hunters–if she keeps her head down, the hat would be best to disguise her distinctive hair and pointed ears-or-whatever-might-happen-with-her-birthday. (Don’t know what she’d do about her tail, though.)

  61. I’m sorry if this is an odd question but did you work for gaia at one point? Your artwork looks very familiar.

  62. Haven’t read this in a while, site got blocked for games on my school computer >_<
    But looks like you've gotten pretty far in the :D

  63. Are you guys going to update soon? I’m starting to worry about y’all! Are ya sick or abducted by alien?!

    1. What? We’re up to page 261 at this point.

      1. Compared to an actual book thats not much but then again actual books arent made by hand by a single person. I always love the small group works. They tend to not only work harder but also do more quality work then a larger group.

  64. and thus allowance was invented

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