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What a strange aura you have, Meela.

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  1. O3O

  2. I wonder what that aura is, demonic maybe?

  3. For some reason I’m thinking she has the weird aura because of her father and maybe he had a special ability, the reason why he had a bounty on his head.

    Something really powerful…. But I’m just guessing..

  4. Ohmygod i know what happens, maybeh o3o
    And it’s going to be intense

  5. I really want to know why her 13th birthday is so significant. Of all the secrets and mysteries in this comic, that one is driving me crazy the most right now. XD

    1. Her 13th birthday is probably a sort of “right of passage” for her. The real question is, to what?

      1. Hmm, i wonder what. maybe it’s her very first yi- *punched*

  6. i want to know so badly about what happens after this!!!!!!!!1 rrg
    but i should also say, i love her outfit, to adorable

  7. What if the aura means death? I mean, she’s been surrounded by it her whole life. And if she does have a bounty on her, which I think she does, maybe hunters can’t claim it until targets are old enough- 13 maybe?

    1. Well that would depend on what age Connor was when he died, but I think the bounty hunter was trying to kill little Meela in the flashback too (else why would it bee too dangerous for her to return home?)

      1. Yeah, and in the flashback, Connor’s twin brother was killed too, and I doubt Connor was 13 at the time of the flashback.

        1. Umm.. Just saying, it was Connor that was killed, and it was Tannor was taking care of Meela, well, for the time-being that he was alive. .-.

  8. I am on the EDGE of my seat right now. Looking forward to the big reveal behind Meela’s 13th birthday.

    Also, I really enjoy the layout of this page. It flows well with the dialogue.

  9. That’s one very tight aura. Almost like it’s been pulled around her like a blanket or a suit of armour to protect her from something.


    1. i want his hair D:

      1. Jyaku is just awesome like that :D

        1. dont think its Jyaku….. look at the colour of his eyes, and the colour of Jyaku’s eyes on the character page….
          plus, he could never had his hair grow that fast…..

        2. Actually, if you look at the other pages with this guy, he also has brown hair. and maybe his race’s hair grows faster? I dunno. The golden eyes are from him using a power to see her aura or whatever it is he’s looking at. anyways, there is no way to tell for sure.

        3. You’re right about the eyes. Kinda focused on the golden eyes.
          Still dont think its jyaku, he might be involved with jyaku though….

  11. In regards to auras, her aura is actually green if read correctly. Whatever color is seen is then deduced to be the complimentary color.

    1. And the green makes more sense for her than red does (at least on the site I’m reading):

      Dark or muddy forest green: Jealousy, resentment, feeling like a victim of the world; blaming self or others; insecurity and low self-esteem; lack of understanding personal responsibility; sensitive to perceived criticism

  12. OMG this is soooo nervewrecking, i cant wait to see what happens!!!!

  13. I love this comic and don’t mean to pick, but I think it’s supposed to be “You’re thirteen?” Not “your.” <3 Again I do not mean to pick, only want to help!

    1. @Wolfs,
      Actually, this is correct :) he is saying “Your thirteenth birthday”

      I want to knowwww what happens next!

    2. He said, “Your thirteenth” not, “You are thirteen.” I think you read it wrong ;P

      1. Oh my gosh, I’m sorry. I did read wrong and didn’t even notice it until just now! I’m very sorry!

  14. Nyehhhhh the suspense ><
    Dammit why can i skip to 10 fridays in the future TT^TT

  15. “As well”? Did this guy know Meela’s family? 0.0

    1. I think it’s “as well as your birthday another attribute you have is a bounty on your head” –and wow is that long winded. But it’s Meela’s birthday and bounty, not Meela’s birthday and her Family’s bounty(ies)

      1. Or maybe it’s all three, and he’s trying to be vague about it.

  16. Creepy o.o

  17. Gah, I love this comic! I should look up what a magenta aura means.
    I feel like Jyaku better explain himself quick, because right now he’s sounding like he IS a bounty hunter. Heh, heh….he’s not, right? Huh…

    1. I should saw I wonder what green means, seeing the above post on complimentary colors. One site said it’s someone looking for a sense of identity.

      1. Hmm, feral is often represented with green, wonder if that has any connection

  18. bounty? no bounty! only thing on my head, mr deer guy, is hair! hey, i don’t suppose you could bully feral and holland into BUYING me that hat, huh? i mean…that way i don’t lose my hand?

  19. HOLY CRABCAKES!!!! ThIs DuDe Is LiKe ThE bAtMaN oF aUrAs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would not be surprised if that were Jyaku without his mask.
    I like Waffles.

  20. OAO I wonder why her aura is blood red.

  21. Hm…..I wonder what Holland and Feral’s aura looks like? :D

  22. I did not think Meela was that old. But thn again, I’m a horrible judge of age! XD

  23. You know, I’m starting to miss Meela’s old hair… T_T

    1. Yay, I’m not the only one, I was reading the comic from page one cause i was bored and just noticed the major transformation her hair went under, and honestly I like the old one, it made her look less meek/innocent or like a little girl

    2. Thirded.

  24. I’m worried ;w;
    I have a feeling that the reason she has a bounty on her head is because of her father.

  25. Meela looks so sad and scared and lonely in the 4th panel! Poor Meela….
    Oh Jyaku, your eyes in the third panel are so scary!
    Hmm… I REALLY want to know what is going on! You guys are masters of suspense!

  26. You know, it’s interesting… Jyaku’s eyes are normally dark brown, and same with this guy’s eyes (still think it’s Jyaku). But in panel 3 they are glowing a yellow-ish. Is this because he is looking at her aura? Something to do with seeing people’s auras instead of just seeing normally?

    1. I was wondering the same thing!

    2. I don’t know if this is really Jyaku, but he is of “deer” people — they probably share a common trait of brown eyes.

      I also went back 2 pages and it looks like his eyes were brown before panel 3 of this page, so I agree – it must be something with the reading of auras that changes the eye color. I’m going to assume this is a trait of his race.

  27. Ok those are some epic eyes in the third panel. I just can’t stop staring at them. So pretty! (and creepy, at the same time…)

  28. Perhaps there’s some rule where you can’t drag someone in for their bounty until they’re at least thirteen?

    1. I think it is something more serious than that….

  29. So, what I’m curious about is why Meela says that she “needs” that hat. Is whatever that’s going to happen on her 13th birthday going to change her head in such a way that she’s going to need to hide it?

    1. Oohhh, great point…


    2. Kids are in the habit of declaring that they need whatever it is they really just want. I’m sure it’s just that she reeeaaally wants a hat like her brother’s, for purely sentimental reasons. Of course, I could be wrong, but I don’t think it’s something we need to read into too much.

  30. Aura? No, no – she just needs a bath.


  32. Ha aura reader ^_^

  33. I’m thinking her aura is red because she has developed a “red overlay” on her actual color. This does not mean her aura is “red” as in the healthy, vibrant natural aura color… Red overlays happen when someone has been through serious trauma, especially during childhood. It’s not a natural healthy color you’re born with, the overlay is something you develop if you’ve had a harsh life, a fact which sadly fits Meela.

  34. What if she is a demon lupia :3
    would be so nice.

  35. So it is Jyaku! Right……?

  36. 0_0 Run Meela! Run!

  37. I’m going to throw out a wild hypothesis and hope I’m right. First, I think Jyaku was the one that patched up Feral when he was hurt. Thus Holland thinking he was not alone(pg 152) and Jyaku being interested in Feral and Meela’s relationship(219). Second, I originally thought that Feral was hurt when he tried to enter a clan and got the crap kicked out of him (from his look Meela asked why he hasn’t tried (pg 57)). but the last page makes me think that Feral was caught stealing and that’s why. It would make more sense considering there doesn’t sound to be an initiation to join clans… but I don’t know…

    1. I think it’s suppost to be something much darker, like with his demon powers and red eye and such, and based off of the decrypted journal page from back at the inn (its full of goodies and spoilers) which talks about the marking on his hand.

      1. I like the idea of Jyaku patching up Feral, though.

  38. Jyaku is actually a bit scarier than I originally thought.

  39. Best page yet…. Must read more… I love the page showing her aura so much… I wish I could take out the speech bubbles and use it as a background for my phone or computer or something. You are such great artists!

  40. the guy as x-ray vision meela… that’s how he knows…

  41. *is too distracted by the pretty man’s pretty hair to pay attention to the forboding stuff* <3

  42. Hey….hey guys….
    That’s the same guy from page 242 and a few other pages. He just isn’t wearing a mask. and might I say he looks waaaay better with no mask.

    1. I agree. He looks a lot younger than I first anticipated. I’m pretty sure it is Jyaku, they have the same horns if you look at them carefully from the other pages.
      But yep, he is quite the looker.

  43. ok then.

  44. your statements are true. he does have the same horns.
    fear me…

  45. oh my gosh i just realized that meela has really fluffy hair. YAY!

  46. in the beginning

  47. This is the best comic I have read and this suspence is amazing and I think about what could happen next all day long, but when the update comes I’m always surprised. I love this comic!!!

  48. Is it just for me, or is the front page not working for everyone? I can’t load the front page when I go “”. I consistantly get the message “Site Temporarily Unavailable
    We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.
    error id: “bad_httpd_conf””

    Is this just my computer?

    1. Have you tried clearing your cache?

      1. Oh yay, that worked!

  49. Maybe the aura`s color is different for everyone. Red doesn`t necessarily mean demonic. We could just be showing off our deer buddy`s awesome abilities here. Also, he has gorgeous eyes. *__*

  50. This is AWESOME! LOVE this comic!

  51. Why must you tease us so!

  52. Hmmm… I wonder… On her thirteenth birthday, is she in danger, or is she the one who becomes dangerous?

  53. I bet that Meela’s father was a half demon

  54. What does it mean you have a bounty on your head? :o?

    1. It means somebody has offered a reward to anyone who either captures you or kills you, depending on what they want.

      1. Oh poor meela :(

  55. Wait, I just noticed something. It looks like his pupils changed from black to that gold color. Is that him using magic to scope out Meela’s aura?

  56. My hair goes almost down to my butt, so I am going to attempt Jyaku’s hairstyle. 0_0 This is a must.

  57. I LOVE that hair. I really want to try it. If only I knew a way to do it on myself…

  58. Is it “Your Thirteen?” Or “You’re Thirteen?”

    1. Never mind, I see what you did there.


  60. *flips page over page* Must know what te hell os going on!?!

  61. Huh…Looks like that guy that fended off the panther. Same antlers, though I finally get to see the nice hair :D Wonder why he’s sticking around and following them?

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