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Oh Meela, just because Feral is rich, doesn't mean he'll share. Also, there will be a 2-week hiatus. Celesse is out of town visiting family. Updates will resume on January 11!

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  1. Oh meela you should know Feral doesn’t like to share XD.

    1. Is it just me or is Meela getting increasingly whiney? The art is wonderful, but I just can’t sympathize with the main character. :(

      1. She is still a kid, so that is understandable. ( she is 12 I think? )

        1. I wouldn’t call her whiny until we know why she wants that money (like, maybe she wants to buy that hat that her brother wore in the flashback.)

        2. No it bloody well isn’t understandable.
          My siblings and I at least learnt not to be greedy at about half her age. She has no excuse.

        3. She grew up under a brother who coddled her way too much. It’s intentional.

      2. not sure that was genuine whining or a distraction as part of an attempt at nicking ferals wallet.

        1. That would be funny. XD

  2. LOL Awwwww poor Meela, all she wanted was a little bit so she could go buy a hat. (most likely one like her bro had.)

    1. where did you see this?

      1. In a flashback Meela had back at the inn when she first ran into Holland. HaloOkami


  4. Wait, I bet you she stole some like Piper taught her ;D

    1. Haha, I wouldn’t be surprised if she did, haha.

    2. That would be awesome! XD Poor innocent Feral… *cough* (NOT) XD

  5. Meela, its not very wise to beg a thief for money, especially with that creepy man listening in.

    1. Feral isn’t a thief, he’s a bounty hunter

      1. same diff, he steals LIVES!! 8O

        1. XD!!!

      2. Creepy merchant dude, what do you care how much money Feral has? YOU AIN’T GETTIN’ NONE

  6. LMAO!!! Feral, give the kid a break; go buy her something.
    Oh, and Celesse, Algy, my email is down, so I don’t know if you ever got back to me about my Strays fanfic; Feral’s Veiw. Could you please tell me where I should post it??

  7. Look at Meela’s tail XD

  8. I call that tough love.

  9. If I was the weapons guy, I’d instantly mark everything up to 200% just for Feral as he’s being a dick to a little kid.

  10. I don’t think y’all get it. Yes, the weapons merchant is going to mark everything up. Because now he thinks he can scam Feral! In a market place such as this, merchants don’t know how much you have to spend. Based on your offers, they’ll haggle around how much they think you have. When Meela blurted about him being “rich”, she pretty much screwed Feral over! Now everything in the entire market place will be more expensive, and he will be hassled to buy things much more.

    1. Yeah, that’s kind of what makes this page amuzing…

    2. Oh, I get it plenty, but he was being a jerk to Meela even before she blurted out he was “rich.”

      1. You could say that, but he also bought her lunch as shown in the previous page. His level of jerkitude varies based on what it is Meela is doing or wanting, and his relationship with her is more like brother and sister than daughter and father. Think how siblings really treat each other, not the glorified lovey-dovey version you see in movies and on TV.

        1. Sounds like me, my little bro and younger sister XD. And jerkitude should certainly be a word. *thumbs-up*

    3. Yeah, we get it, but he was plenty annoyed just because Meela was asking him for money.

  11. Uh-oh.. I don’t think Feral’s gonna get that deal he was hoping for..

  12. Well worth the wait! “Come on, Feral, you’re rich…” xD Feral’s expressions make me laugh every time!

  13. No Meela! You do not say the ‘R’ word in front of a salesman!

  14. thelightedDarkness

    Wellp, there goes Feral’s deal….

    1. And there goes Meela’s dinner, heh heh.

  15. I don’t blame Feral a bit. Meela makes his life unnecessarily difficult.

    1. She’s just a kid—and one who hasn’t had adult guidance in over half her life. He can be firm without resorting to acting like an overgrown child himself.

      1. Understood. I just never did well with kids… nor teenagers… nor college students… O.o… Not even when I was those ages. ^__^

      2. Read the page again… yep… I feel no sympathy for her still. :P

      3. Well he can’t actually talk with her, can he? :P I think he did a good job teaching her not to beg too much. And I hope she stole the money anyways :P

  16. Oh just look at that salesman

    They should have probably told her not to say ‘rich’ in the market place before they showed up

  17. I don’t know if I’m alone here, but I find Meela to be a brat. I undertand that she’s young and naive, but she’s way too entitled and takes and takes with no regard. Remember that whole thing with her using tons of Feral’s money at the inn? She has to learn that whats his is not automatically hers. She needs to earn her keep, too.

    1. Yeah, I figure it’s intentional–that it’s another effect of her brother coddling her. Added to that is the fact that she’s been poor for her whole life, so she probably doesn’t understand the concept of financing or overspending.

    2. I’d like to think she’s improved. She didn’t demand the money or approach the vendor and announce that Feral would be paying her bill. She asked him, and even said please. When she was rebuffed she blurted out why she thought he was being unreasonable, as kids tend to do. They have a very narrow view point of what’s fair and why. But I don’t think she’s acting entitled here, just confused why he would deny her.

      1. Yeah I noticed thaaaaat.

    3. I would tend to agree with you on that; I don’t think she’s being… what was the word, “entitled”? Yeah, that was it. She may have been earlier in the comic, but this was more something that any twelve-year-old would. I know I would have done something like that, especially if I had never really had adult guidance, and the closest thing I’d had in years was a brother who tried his best to give me everything I could ever want just because I wanted it. I love how Meela’s improved and matured a little over the months she’s been with Feral. She doesn’t demand anymore; she doesn’t decide to do things before thinking it through at least a little. I love the character development in all the characters; watching them grow is almost as brilliant as the plot itself. :)

  18. I love this comic so much. I love the art, I love the characters, the character dynamic, and the jokes, and I could go on.
    I like the “aloof mentor” figure that Feral’s turned into, rather than “guy whom Meela is tagging along with,” and I’m starting to see the kind of relationship he’s had with Holland all this time.

  19. I had an epic dream about Strays last night. but I can’t remember half of it. I just remembered it was epic

  20. 0.o
    it left us to think this
    “shes going to bump into someone”

    1. Or, someone’s going to come along and scold Feral for being so mean to her *guffaws*

    2. Or maybe someone sees her and alerts the bounty hunters… that maybe Feral gets.

  21. Oh they resume on my birthday thats a great present XD

  22. Pfft, oh Feral.

    Also, yay, updates resume on my birthday! :D Have a happy holiday everyone, and a happy doomsday!

  23. i can understand Feral, if people know your rich they raise their prices plus i like money too and i’d never share with anyone.EVER!

  24. Another thing no one is mentioning is that if a thief overheard Meela, Feral would be instantly targeted….

  25. Feral that was mean. Poor Meela

  26. Awww, Feral! XP

    Have a good break!!! Happy Holidays!

  27. Crap, when a merchant finds out the person they’re dealing with has money, the price of their item will instantly go up. Here’s a life less, know what you’re buying more than the person who’s selling it does, and you will most likely get a good deal, and likely be able to shnooker some dude at a pawn shop.

  28. Oh my goodness, you just can’t help but laugh at the oh s*** face Feral has! Awesome job as always girls!

    Merry Christmas to everyone ~

  29. D’aww, why is Meela just so adorable w>; Feral reminds me of my brother.

    Ya’ll have a great Holiday and a Happy New Year! We’ll see you in January!

  30. Ohohohohohohohohohohoho, what’s this in the Second Panel? I am most likely wrong, but that looks like Piper’s tail o3o Probably not, but stilllllll xD

    1. Third panel, ye mean. ;)

  31. BWHAHAHA! Totally rich, eh? XD Nice move Feral!

    1. Oh right and I forgot to say: Merry Christmas my dear artists! And a Happy New Year too!

  32. Aww Feral’s bein’ a meanie…go whack him Holland!!! XD

  33. Man, is Feral in trouble. And also, Holland you tell him off!

  34. A kid’s idea of “rich” and an adult’s one are two different things. Feral might be able to use that to convince the merchant that he’s not really rich.

    1. *cough* If he had the words to convince him with.

      *dramatically raises hand and points at Meela, then makes a “huge” gesture towards coin purse, then points towards own head and make a “tiny” gesture*

      Doesn’t really make sense to me o.O.

      1. I could imagine that whole thing xD So you did good ehhe.. Good job xP

        1. Safiyah Yasmeen

          Why thank you! *bows*

  35. I kinda miss Meela’s crazy messy hair…

  36. What I wanna know is how was feral even planning on buying and haggling in the first place, HE CAN’T TALK! Oh well, and I love all of the facial expressions :)

    1. Holland mentions when they’re traveling that Feral frequently haggles with a weapon merchant at the market, so presumably the man is accustomed to his gestures and has developed some sort of method to haggle with him. For example: Feral points at a weapon, the dealer suggests a price, Feral shakes his head and/or gives a counter offer by counting on his fingers. Rinse and repeat.

  37. Haha I love how their relationship is developing. xD
    They’re totally brother and sister. And Holland is the father/babysitter. :D

  38. wow, im completely mind blown – read from 1 till current. Love it!

  39. I’m not surprised by Feral’s reaction at all xP

  40. heh heh, mrrrr.
    poor Meela. Just to what piper does, steal some
    hurr hurr..

  41. Was I the only one to see Holland freak after Feral did get jerky? Why do I feel like Meela’s gonna react badly to this and run off, then get lost in the market and make all of them get worried?

  42. Feral, sssssooooooooo mean!!!

    1. Oh wait ::Re-reads the announcement:: Updates start again on January 11th? That’s my birthday!! ::Squee::

      1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow then xP

  43. I have some questions about the world of Meoley –

    How do you tell the Lyrians from the Humans?

    Lupians have little claws/fangs and their wolf tail showing. Vulpians have claws/fangs, the white tip on their tails and their fox ears out. Cervians have their antlers. Felinians have the cat tail. I’m assuming Lepharians have rabbit ears and Elves have pointy ears?

    I’m just wondering about Lyrians as all the other races seem to have some animal feature that identifies their race.

    Also, what do Demons look like?

    Sorry about all the questions, I’m just really interested.

    1. I’m not a creator, but can I try to answer too? I think in a much earlier comment Celesse said that Lyrians have tattoos (markings?) on their back appropriate to the bird they can turn into.

      Technically, I’m sure that if they wanted to and knew how they might be able to sport a bird tail or feathers before becoming a bird proper, like how Lupians can apparently choose whether or not they want to show their wolf ears.

      As for demons, there was one in Meela’s first Yuen-dream…let’s see…it first appears on page 41. It’s kind of a dragon-y thing with curled horns and its teeth incorporated into its lips. I want to think, though, that they can shapeshift too, since they can apparently breed with all the humanesque races according to the forum.

      They don’t necessarily need to shapeshift into humans, though. Just something that’s more physically compatible.

  44. Lol am I the only one who`s looking for the other races that we haven`t seen before?XD(cervians and lepharians)


      1. There was a cervian shopkeeper in the last page.

  45. Hmm is that Piper at the top of pannel 6? I’m just guessing because of the pink


    1. I wish there was a “like” button…

  47. oh, Meela.

    I don`t know what some of you guys are complaining about, this looks exactly like a normal brother/sister relationship to me…XD

    and Feral. I`ve been haggling at marketplaces before–and man, is he screwed. ;w;

    1. Hear! Hear!

  48. pfft…
    Feral’s face in the fourth panel – PRICELESS!!!

    Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas everyone!

  49. Everyone keeps forgetting that Meela doesn’t know anything about markets. She’s never been to one and her brother never taught her about money. She’s acting like any kid new to this stuff does. Feral knows how naive she is but no one thought to talk to her about it before entering the market. I feel bad that even as an accepted member of thier group Meela still gets kicked around by Feral.

  50. Aww…I was hoping for moooorreee…oh well! Time to wait! *sits at her desk and stares the computer intently*

  51. Jan 11th is my b-day! Cool, at least I’ll get a great birthday present. :D

  52. You’re right Feral, don’t spoil her, she could become like Pipper ._.””

  53. feral and meela are really alike in some ways, they’re both arrogant, pig-headed, greedy, murderous half wolves.
    and i mean that in the best possible way.

  54. Feral and Meela seem to be acting more and more like siblings as time goes on. ;^.^

    1. Maybe Meela sees him as sort of an older brother. LOL OMG, Inspiration for fanart!!! Eeek!

      1. Indeed. Oh, the possibilities. Show us all if you make something! ^_____^

  55. feral was a bully when he younger wasnt he. thats why hes got the moves .
    wait till they dont expect it……………………………. kick to the head!!!!!

  56. …….Too awesome for words

  57. Lol, the fox guy in the first frame is cute.
    I love this comic, keep up the good work.

  58. Hmm, sudden thing that’s been bugging me–shouldn’t all these people be recognizing Holland, him being a prince and all? (Well, his appearance probably isn’t as important as his brothers, being the fourth youngest, but he’s still wearing royal clothes and all.) Or have they officially passed out of his territory of ruling? How much land does Holland’s family rule? Do they control all of Meoley or just the lower regions?

    …I mean, as soon as they saw Feral was traveling with Holland they should have thought he could afford price gouging.

    1. Holland’s family doesn’t rule all of Meoley, they are more of a sub-royalty family that only looks over a portion of it that is in the far East, so he’s rather far from his default territory.

      He’s also the youngest son of a large family, so not everybody recognizes him, especially in the West. And his current garb is more of casual lyrian than royalty (lyrians are pretty fancy no matter their status).

      1. Ahhh, that makes sense. Except now I’m all curious about the rest of Meoley’s government system (I know Mithrennon is involved and that there’s a council….)

        1. If you think about Meoley like Middle Earth, there’s regions and each region or large city has a main ruling leader or family. But there is one King of Meoley, and he is an elf. A Council is basically a Parliament of Meoley as well, but the King has power over them.
          Holland’s family rules Eustryia a large city region in the East, as Celesse states, but even all regions still answer to the King.

        2. (Didn’t expect a reply) Thanks! It’s all coming together now.

  59. Notice the placement of Meela’s hands, I don’t think she tried to filch money from Feral… besides… I believe he taught her well enough not to go for his money pouch when Piper was teaching her how to.

  60. Aaah Feral 8C
    …Ya big meany. although, Meela /does/ sound a little greedy xD Just waltzing up and saying “Can I have some money?” Remember your manners, Meela ;I
    I love the shopkeepers expression in panel 4 xDD Gold. Keep up the good work hun <3 Hope you have a nice time with your family ♥

    1. I lol’d at “just waltzing up and saying ‘Can I have some money?'”

      It made me think of sunglasses suddenly appearing on her with punky rap music playing and then she walks up all macho and asks him for money. And then the music halts and Feral does… well, -that-.

  61. poor Feral, that guy he was buying something from is going to try to get alot of gold. Meela why??

  62. Aw lighten up Feral! Hehe look at poor Feral’s face.

  63. Aw lighten up Feral! Hehe look at poor Feral’s face. Soo cute

  64. It just occurred to me that maybe Feral wasn’t really trying to be mean at all, but was concerned from the start that if he gave Meela money, the merchant would figure out that he isn’t hurting for cash and start marking up the prices. Of course, his method totally backfired, but that might have been his thinking at the time.

    Or else he just figured he’d already spent enough, getting her food and all, and wasn’t going to spend anymore. Heh.

    1. Oooor, Feral KNEW if he didn’t give Meela money, she’d say something about his income in front of the merchant thereby giving Feral reasonable cause to rough her up while teaching her a valuable life lesson!
      He’s a crafty one!

  65. Hang on, when is there going to be a new page? I checked this last year.LOL

  66. Haha, saying he has lots of money when he’s trying to get some cheap stuff. ^_^”
    I kind of like Feral pushing her around. He’s not afraid of breaking her or anything, that’s for sure.

    1. Yep, he’s a great example of a big brother. My brother certainly didn’t worry about any possible physical harm that might come to me when he was picking on me, let me tell you…

  67. haha KARMA. He was stingy not giving her a little money, and will end up having to pay more. Oh, Karma, I love you. except when you go after ME…

  68. Hehe LOL i reread thos page so many times…

  69. Oh Ferals expression on the mid-strip is priceless! xD I’m already saving up to but all the pins :p

  70. It’s only been 2 weeks, but it feels like a year. Tomarrow! Tomarrow comes a new page!

  71. Some people here talked about that one of the hats was similair to one tannor wore in a flashback and I tried to find it but I couldn’t. Does anyone know on which page you see tannor wearing the hat?

  72. … I know it’s jsut my paranoia, but has nobody noticed that guy who looks terribly like Jyaku? The dream-catcher seller?

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