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Time for a music montage of market activities! ....Without the music.

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  1. Now I feel the sudden urge to fill a wine bottle with colored sand <3 stunning as always.

  2. Such pretty market goods! *grabby hands*

    1. Reminds me of many a fair I’ve attended.

    2. Grabby hands indeed ;)

    3. Heh. The merchant in Lothering. Good times. =p

  3. D’aww, it’s really sweet to see Feral doting on Meela, in his own way.

  4. thelightedDarkness


    And, Piper would steal his money. xD

  5. LOL Meela’s still chasing a chicken. xD

  6. Meela would look so cute in a beret! If she can’t afford it, maybe she will use some of Piper’s teachings!

  7. XD I love how he said that so normally.

    1. Oh, Piper. The total lack of anger is hilarious. It’s just expected… lol

  8. Holland kind of reminds me of Joshua from The World Ends With You

    1. You play that game? What is like all I know is that they made an appearance in kingdom hearts dream drop distance and Neku was shot. I think

    2. He certainly looks the part, that much I agree.

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No, seriously, I laughed out loud at that last panel. And at Feral’s expression when Holland was trying the mask on. That was great! I’m also looking forward to Meela’s solution to this money problem. Maybe THIS time she’ll successfully steal from Feral.

    Love the page overall. The market’s so beautiful, especially including those sand jars for sale.

    1. Pickpocket level increase: 2!
      Huuh HUUH HWAAUH!

  10. Yes, because having your coin purse stolen by your companion is such a normal thing.

    1. Well… if your companion is Piper, it probably is.

      1. if Piper were mine, she would have no reason to steal… well, she’d steal my heart anyway’s ;P

    2. I just noticed he said coin purse. I know men probably have those, but it cracks me up still xD

  11. I think Meela would totally rock a pair of french braids, myself. It would make her look about fifty times more “innocent and unblameable” shame her hair is too short.

    1. Not true! :) my hair is that short, you just can’t wear it in a single braid at that length. I often wear two braids following the crown of my head, then you pin the tails up and add a flower at the name of the neck, its super cute and good for all ages! :)

      1. But it WOULD look cuter if she had longer hair in a braid she WOULD look more innocent Q 3Q That would be so cute…

        -Faints at the image of Meela with cute braids-

        lol! ——————————————^

  12. I’m sure Feral will give her that money!

  13. Aw, Meela was eyeing the exact type of hat that Tanner wore on his head. This comic is grand!

    1. yeah :) just noticed that… good eye.

  14. I thought she was asking cause the girl didn’t look like she sold anything

  15. I love how the dream catchers are drawn! They’re beautiful I want one of them :p

  16. That’s a very clean and empty marketplace you’ve got there. :D

    1. Yeah, I realized how empty it looked after we finished it and didn’t have time to adjust it before the update :( I’ll probably go back and add more people and stuff later.

      1. You should offer people the chance to have their own cameos in the comic. That’d be sure to fill up scenes like this that need people. :)

      2. could be the end of the day. shops starting to close

        1. Or, conversely, the beginning of the day, shops just opening.

  17. I love panel 3! Holland looks awesome in that mask, and Feral’s face is amazing!
    Meela is so cute running around and looking at things. Reminds me of myself….

  18. Awwwwww Meela! T//////////T

  19. I love how Holland says that Piper stole it like its a normal thing and that it isn’t a big deal anymore! LOL

  20. yeah… Piper has some expensive tastes, then again who wouldn’t “keep up appearances” to try to win Holland’s heart…

    Ok, maybe step “1” should be NOT stealing from him! :P

  21. The Flaming Squirrel

    I think Meela would look cute in one of those floppy hats… the ones next to the top hat, I forget what they’re called. Or the top hat itself. Top hats make everything better.

  22. Agreed. Meela would look good with a beret. her hair is too short for the french braid, though. The whole market has the flavor of a ren-faire, but that is the point of a Faire, isn’t it?Good art, good storytelling. I wonder what will be next? Obviously something will happen to break up this little interlude, the only question is what, and good or bad? Maybe Piper will show up, with the usual chaos that follows! lol

  23. maybe Piper will buy her a hat, with Hollands’ money, natchurally. THE COLONEL

  24. I look at it closer, Feral looks like he’s wearing that green hooded outfit from Skyrim plus Sam Fisher’s backpack from Splinter Cell:Conviction.

    I also feel like Holland is lying, he knows when Piper steals his stuff. >.<

  25. Meela’s rather small for a near 13-year-old! I’m probably about head taller than her, unless Holland and Feral are particularly tall. XD

  26. man, I LOVE montages, but two questions.
    A, why is Feral wearing a hood?
    and B, what’s Meela gonna buy?

  27. Oh, and that scimitar at the sword stall is freaking awesome.

  28. Lol, dream catchers… now that i think about it, meela pointing at them is suuupper cute xD

  29. Holland looks so ridiculously awesome in that mask. It suits him somehow…

  30. Feral will give you money, Meela! ^^ WON’T YOU, FERAL? >:I

  31. Awesome Paaaaage! Meela is so CUTE! Totally made my morning. Also, *stares at sword stall and drools* Blaaaadesssss…. I have a slight addiction to blades. XD I blame my big brother LOL!

    1. I really like blades too. I can’t stand shopping in real life with my mum, but I could spent hours sifting through and admiring my various blades in Skyrim. My glass mace is currently the most beautiful, but my dwarven axe of thunderbolts and my elven war axe are the weapons I always use.

      Annnd now I’m telling you about all my Skyrim weapons. *headdesk*

      1. Yasmeen: oh don’t worry… if we have time later perhaps I can tell you every weapon ever written/drawn for a Final Fantasy game…

        Celesse: Your Drawing Style sooooooo ROCKS!

  32. aw rats, i knew missed something good at the live-stream too bad i missed it,but im catching it next time, anyways your market scene are job really well done, like are those coloured sand in a bottles :D were did you get the idea from? and i say i will wonder will meela end up telling Holland more information about her family again?

    1. The colored sand idea is actually from a real thing you see at today’s fairs/markets a lot. They used to be really popular when I was younger. You would buy any size/shape bottle you want, then you could fill it with layers of colored sand in any way you pleased.

      If you Google “colored sand bottles” you’ll see lots of examples.

      1. hmmm. oh i see, that is incredible, and now that you mention it,i think i might have seen those at one time i dunno, maybe when i was kid, but some reason the bottles did look familiar, they sell something moon sand in today’s market .

  33. I didn’t notice if someone said this already, but who is guessing Meela will try her hand at pickpocketing? Piper was teaching her after all and Holland just planted the seed by saying his last comment the way he did (most likely unintentionally).

  34. I think that Holland is fibbing.

    1. If he is, then I suspect he’s waiting to see what Meela does in response. It’s almost as if he wants to see something confirmed…

      1. that is a good point there.

  35. awww look at the second panel, meela is grabing ferals hand..

    I have a feeling or prediction that something is going to happen to meela soon

  36. hahaha I love Feral’s face of “Oh god Holland.”

  37. Dang it, Piper! Meela just wanted a hat! XD. Maybe she can successfully steal from Feral this time? XD

  38. Oo, sand art! =D I love sand art.

    I also love how unconcerned/unsurprised Holland is with having to state that Piper stole his coin pouch. XD It’s apparantly somewhat expected.

  39. Aww come on Holland! How can you say no to that face!?! XD great page! Lol

  40. Ferals face in panel 3: I don’t know him

  41. I don’t know if Feral is more annoyed about getting conned into buying Meela a snack or at Holland’s antics.

    And I love how casually Holland mentions Piper stealing his money XD


  42. Meela! No chase chicken! It’ll call a swarm of it’s brethren!

    Zelda jokes aside, we’ve established that swans and stuff can turn into people. Why not chickens? That could be someone just walking around being bothered by a half grown pup. XD

    1. If so, let’s hope he’s a subject of the Lathelinethetul family, or Meela could get in serious trouble.

  43. LOL! In that third panel, Feral is clearly doing his damnedest to avoid so much as making eye contact with Holland. XD

  44. Not surprising, Piper stole his wallet.

  45. Why am I not surprised? And Holland’s face in the third pannel

  46. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so cool. I think Hollland looks good in the mask and those dream catchers are amazing.

  47. S-Sudden urge… BUY A HAT

  48. If Feral can’t talk, why does it look like he’s talking to that guy who sells swords in the fourth panel? This is a great page by the way. I like how it’s still telling the story without people talking too much.

    1. Hm, yes…I’m not able to zoom in, but it kind of looks like he’s pointing at the blades. He might be talking through gesticulation. Heck, the merchant might actually know him enough to understand the gestures.

    2. I was wondering if anyone would ask about that ;) The merchant knows him well enough to pose questions about what he’s looking for and Feral answers by gesturing.

      1. Dont you guys remember how holland even said ferral like to haggle with one of the wepons dealers in this market?

  49. The third panel is great, it shows off all three of their personalities so brilliantly xD

  50. I just realized that if the world really does end we will never find out how this comic ends.

    1. XD now that would just plain suck now wouldn’t it

  51. Oh yes holland, you have your own little coin purse.

  52. X3 Of course, Piper stole the purse.

  53. I love this page so much! Though it seemed like all the people disappeared once it was out. Oh well, it’s hard to squish in so much art in such a deadline, eh? :3 I really want one of those coloured bottle thingies. Oh and Holland looks great in that mask! XD Real festive!

  54. feral is so cute, buying meela some food ngaaaw. and those sand bottles and dream catchers are so amazing! makes me want to go out and buy some more. i also agree with everyone else, meela might try to pickpocket and end up getting caught, leading to some embarrassing situations :L

  55. Except not as prissy.

  56. oh god i posted it as a comment not a reply

  57. the chicken came back for more!

    1. Hope it isn’t a cucco…..

  58. I remember seeing those sand art things at faires…I love those. XD

  59. this page is simply breathtaking, I love every single line and colour pixel of it <3

  60. Holland in that hat. <3

  61. i love how “piper stole my coin purse..” is a valid excuse…..

  62. So many pretty things. And waeapons ;)

  63. Oh course Piper X3

  64. Love this scene and all the stores :D have to admit though, Feral’s hood seems a bit unnecessary…? Is he like those people who wear sunglasses indoors? Or is he trying to keep a low profile!? Also, Piper must be *such* a lovely friend to have. Real keeper.

    1. I think it’s a comfort thing for him.

      1. It’s for warmth ;P It is chilly out and he doesn’t have a full jacket like the other two.

  65. ;A; weaponsss.

    *coff* Meela dragging Feral over to look at dreamcatchers is adorable. I want a dreamcatcher now. ;w;

  66. Anyone else notice the dream-catcher salesman has antlers??? 0.0

    1. Oh! Well now I do. That’s cool, are dream catchers a product of cervian culture, then?

  67. Meela: “Piper, can I have some of Holland’s money?”

    1. XD true true

  68. I’m expecting Meela with huge Bambi-eyes silently begging a busy Feral in the next page, she’s sooo interrupting him by just staring and he gets sooo annoyedXD

  69. Why do I have this sudden urge to go to a Renn Faire now?

  70. Cutest page!

    Love the chicken

  71. -hums Hyrule market theme song-

    There, montage with music!

  72. Is it just me, or was that dog NOT there before in the next to last panel?? Was that added later… or did I just miss it before??? Because I swear it wasn’t there Friday!!

    1. I don’t think it was there before. I think they’ve gone and added some background people and such so the market doesn’t look so empty

    2. Random new dog is awesome. XD

  73. A good idea maybe to give Meela a sort of allowance for doing things. Clean/setting up camp. Gathering firewood. Doing chores and such, it would be good for her to have some spending money.

  74. Oh look at the dreamcatchers! oh and the shinny bottles! Oh my gosh a hat store! meeeh why must this market be so amazing.

  75. Anyone notice, that seller in the 2nd pannel is cervian?

  76. Oh my gosh, you fitted these marketplace people in so smoothly, I didn’t notice until someone pointed it out! That’s awesome–looks more worryingly crowded now.

  77. What the dOg had nothing to say or is admireing the hats either way great comic

    1. Hahaha no the dots were from Meela, not the dog CX

  78. It’s funny how the strangers always have hidden eyes XD

  79. Is that a Cervian selling the Dreamcatchers?

    1. Yes, it is :)

  80. I find it a bit interesting that Meela’s dragging Feral over to look at dreamcatchers.
    And I like the chicken.
    Hmm… it also looks like Feral’s interested in the blades. …I wonder why it looks like he’s doing such a good job talking to that guy.

  81. mommy holland and daddy feral

  82. awwwww <3 Lookit, Meela and Feral are holdin hands X3

  83. oh look another dear guy

  84. for some reason im thinking of the outset island theme from wind waker

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