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Apologies for the delay on this page! It was a difficult one. And sorry, Holland, it seems your free flow of information stops here. FYI: Meela wouldn't have answered anyway ;P We've also noticed a lot of you are contemplating the importance of the bead jewelry you've seen various characters wearing. We just wanted to let you know that there is no significance to it. Beaded jewelry is simply popular among lupians, so it's not uncommon to see them wearing it.

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  1. Pft, I was also wondering that Holland. Doesn’t look like we’ll get the information, yet. xD

    1. Has anyone noticed how pink Meela’s cheeks are? HaloOkami

  2. And of course they just HAD to reach the market just as Holland asked the most important question. *sigh* more cliffhangers…

    1. She wouldnt have answerd anyway.

  3. No! Bad Meela! No distractions! Answer the question! XD

  4. nooooooo! i need to know why!!!!! T.T that isn’t fair!!!

  5. Meela! Stay on topic!

  6. I love how Holland’s acting sort of like how a mother (or, really, a general parental figure) would in the last panel. I can’t count all the times my mom had to yell some variant of that same message to me when I was younger.

    1. now we know something bad’s going to happen -.-

      1. We didn’t already?

  7. That middle panel is awesome, gals!

    And of course we’d have to wait for that answer… :P

  8. LOL.That poor chicken…

  9. run chicken run!

  10. the plot thickens

    1. Hehehe, at first I thought that said “the plot CHICKENS”!

      I’m so sorry…

      1. Maybe it’s just ’cause it’s midnight where I’m at…but I totally laughed out loud at this XD


      2. Omg, I’m so going to use that phrase now. XD

      3. That’s hilarious XD

  11. I love how feral is just casually chilling lol


  13. I feel like Holland is the dotting mother and Feral is the silent but firm father and Meela is their adorable, yet wild child.

  14. Wow!
    Love all that detail!!!! It takes ages to fill out!

  15. I anticipate trouble with her running off.

    1. Same here. Meela running off like that just seems to be the perfect scenario for her getting into trouble. Let’s just hope she doesn’t get TOO far from Feral and Holland…

  16. I think the reason is connected to her birthday. People in her fathers side of family must have something that happens or develops that scares people when they turn that certain age. That is just my guess though~

    1. like a rite of passage… the demon side flares to life and a battle over the body ensews, survive, (once known)you’re still hunted. or complete possession…which upon discovery leads to certain, and immediate death at the hands of demon hunters. That’s just my guess…

      1. Of course, this speculation would be easier if we knew the actual nature of demons. All we really know is that one looked like a dragon and they can breed with any race in any form. We don’t know how far they influence their line of offspring or what that influence takes form as. Her birthday could just mean that Meela gets a surge in her magic that makes it really obvious something’s off about her.

  17. I cant help but think of that guy on page 79 who knew meela, he also had blue eyes, even though I dont think he was a Lupian…but maybe there is some sort of a connection

    1. He does have something to do in all of this… but i highly doubt it is because he has blue eyes. He was human and as we know, blue eyes are not uncommon. Blue eyes are very uncommon in the Lupian race, and im sure uncommon a few others. But that only has to do with genes and probably not anything else ;)

      1. You’re right, it probably means nothing. Holland has blue eyes too, if anyone has noticed, but that doesn’t mean he’s connected to Meela and her family. I think the blue eyes is just a coincidence.

        1. Haha I kind of meant maybe there was some connection to how her father and brother died, because he knew her as a child looking around the same age as she did on recent pages.

  18. You know what that probably means.

    Her mother is still alive.

    …That’s my guess, anyway.

  19. …lol. Last panel: I thought, Holland, that`s totally something my mum would say…er, ten years ago.

    And then that train of thought just gave me a really weird mental image…

  20. Oooh, I hate you for leaving us without that answer!
    (Well, not really… I love you guys, you’re awesome^^)

  21. That’s too awesome!! I love the market!! We might get to see some interesting folks!! 8D

    I’d like some more teammates to tag along. But there aren’t too many colours left… I guess we still have white, or black, or pink… DX

  22. I also noticed, between panels 1 and two, Holland’s hair switches direction!! XD

  23. Eeeee! Another great page! Why can’t Meela answer the question!! Ahhhh, will just have to wait…..

  24. Awesome page !! :D
    (I instantly spotted the weapon stand) O_O

    1. i instantly noticed that the dog must be well fed if he’s not trying to catch some of those plump chickens!

      great page guy’s.

      1. Haha I didn’t even notice the dog XD

  25. “we never found out what happened to her.”

    No body means she might not be dead…but why never come home? Huzzah for theory crafting.

  26. Oh no, she’s not going to stay close. She’s going to explore, and then get caught. And poor Holland will never get his answer.

  27. Hrrrmmm… lets look at all the possibilities for what could have happened to Meelas mom..
    1) she died of something unrelated to the plot (highly doubt lol) ex) falling off a cliff LOL
    2) Her fellow bounty hunter peeps or boss found out she didn’t do her job, and what she REALLY did. For that, she was killed (pretty sure she put up a good fight if so :().
    3)Her fellow bounty hunter peeps or boss found out she didn’t do her job, and what she REALLY did. For that, she was captured and put into jail (as punishment or possibly bait), this means she could be alive somewhere in the present, either in jail or free. She could have died in jail, escaped, was set free, who knows. Reasons for why she didn’t return if she was free somehow could be that taht is what people wanted to find the families location, or she heard about what happened :/. Maybe BRAINWASHED xD lol.
    4) she’s a selfish bitch

    ….. LOL well whatever the reason, i hope we do find out. Not sure if we will though. Could be one of those unsolved mysteries that algy and cel will trololololo about xD

    1. there are other possibility’s you haven’t mentioned that could have possibly happened. A lot of them are not suitable for a PG-13, R, or even NC-17 comic, so I won’t say them…

      this comic tries to stay PG right?

      1. They’re not afraid of depicting bloody violence. I’d say it’s more PG-13, if you want to use film terminology.

        The fact of the matter, though, is that we simply don’t know where this is going–so I’d hold out on making any firm judgments just yet.

    2. hmmmm…..
      Option #5: Meela’s mom is still alive, and Meela finds her, but later on her mom dies somehow and Meela is left alone again

  28. Thought i should also comment on the page Xd.
    WOW, awesome detail girls!! You two never settle for less, and i like that!
    I wonder if Meela with find other kids to interact with here :o, set Cuteness to the MAX!!

  29. Holland: “Stay close to us!”
    Meela: runs away and won’t be seen for a while

    Is it just me, or do you also feel a lot of trouble coming ahead?

    1. :) cute trouble. Meela can perfect it. :)

    2. Personally, I’ve suspected as much ever since it was first announced that they would be going to the market…but WHAT kind of trouble?

      That’s the million-dollar question. XD

      1. The Meela type of trouble that causes bad things to happen.

  30. thelightedDarkness

    Woah… I see what you meant by “detail heavy”
    And, I hope you’re feeling better, Algy.

    But, this page… Woah. Just woah.

  31. The market is awsome!!

  32. That second panel cracks me up–too slow, Holland. I wonder if Meela wouldn’t answer because she doesn’t want to or just because she doesn’t know.
    Beautiful page, as always–I like how the bright fall colors compliment the down to earth appearance of the market. My bet is, Meela’s going to get herself into debt again/ try to trade something of greater worth for a shiny weapon or trinket before Feral intervenes.

  33. Meela you are too cute, I just wanna hug you and take you shopping!

  34. I’m sorry but, am I the only one who can’t see this page? All that will load is the paw print thumbnail, yet all other pages will load?

  35. Of course, if her father was the last survivor of some line or another, exterminating it naturally required the kids too.

    And the mother, just in case she was pregnant.

    1. quite possibly. although, for some reason, I think Rolan was taken by surprise.

  36. Exactly what Meela said… WHOA!!! You guys actually DREW that?! XDD

  37. FAT CHICKENSS!!! <3 <3 <3

  38. Wow you guys did a beautiful job with this page!!! Love all the fall colors

  39. Great job guys! And I hope you feel better soon, Algy. It sucks being sick, especially when you’ve got a busy schedule :/

  40. Wow, the detail on this is amazing!!! Good work!

  41. I can imagine someone asking if Meela is theirs x D

  42. Wow, the care you give to the artwork really pays off. That market scene is gorgeous! I really love the little details like the fallen leaves gathering in the awnings. So beautiful!

  43. Well no wonder it’s late, that looks like a lot of work! I don’t know why but the leaves on the shop canopies are like, my favorite detail!

  44. Sorry HOLLAND!?! What about sorry US!?! We want more free-flow of information too! (And more pictures of Meela’s hot daddy……)

    1. lol. yeah more pics!

  45. I like how feral’s just chillin’ in the background…nice try Holland, but she’s not tellinganyone…yet XD

  46. I want to live in a world where pumpkins and watermelon are available at the same time. Drools.

  47. i want to walk everywhere + live off the land with nothing but a tent, back-pack & bedroll…but it’s not the 1950’s anymore.

  48. Lololol, Meela xD

  49. Mommy Holland and daddy Feral :D i ship it now

    1. YES!!! XDDD I SHIP IT TOO!!!

  50. Like every little kid, she sees something new and their off! XD

  51. Wait there are Lupians AND actual pets, like dogs? I don’t know why I never realized that before… It kind threw me off when I saw the dog in the market. XP

    But on a more serious note, great page!! Can I just say again how much I love everyone’s outfits?? I want every single one Meela wears! <3

  52. NO. cliff hangers why? man i wanna know what happens. answer the question please bad meela

  53. Feral and Holland with baby Meela. I SHIP IT!

  54. Great page, guys! But… EVIL CLIFFIE!!! Wanna knoooow mooore!!!

  55. Wait, why are there animals…and yet there are animals? Like, do the pigs, dogs, and chickens also transform like Meela and the others or is that only reserved for certain species?

    1. As far as we know, there are cervians (deer people) lephians (bunny people) lupians, vulpians, and felinians. Technically, these kinds of people that can transform into animals are a separate species from the actual animals (that is to say, there are regular wolves as well as lupians and so on for the others.)

      I don’t know, there could be feral pig or chicken people somewhere if the authors want to introduce them, but I don’t know about dogs since they’re domesticated wolves.

      1. *Forgot lyrians

      2. Oh ok :0 Makes sense I guess. Thanks.

  56. T-T i waited so long i blame my friend for getting me in to this comic dash it all! thank you >)


  58. I love all of the random chickens and pigs that are running around. XD

  59. The plot chickens.

  60. Well, an interesting backstory for everyone… exactly what is going to happen?

    WAIT!!! Don’t tell me! I want to find out for me self, whats so great about being told every detail? What gravity might consume one to tell all their innards right forth?

  61. Wonder what happened to the other brother…..?

    1. Killed with Rollin, sadly. You can see his body behind the killer in the first flashback.


  63. Love how meela goes from serious to running off in under a minute

  64. Very, very, nice work with all the leaves.

  65. i noticed how all of your cat/wolf type characters have black lidded eyelids, like some animals do, how do you do that, whenever i draw, it looks like mascara.

    1. I just make the lines around they’re eyes thicker in different ways. Males tend to have a thicker “tear” drop while females have thicker eye ‘wings’ (like when applying eye shadow; Meela has this as a perfect example). It’s natural to their skin around their eyes just like in real animals. One can still apply makeup too.

  66. Markets are filthy places… -_-;

  67. For some reason that chicken just steals the page for me.

  68. ruin the 100 even comment streak

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