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Eww, when did this comic turn all mushy?? We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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  1. I must admit, that’s a pretty d’aw moment right there. She certainly is very bold, risking everything for the sake of being with him, too. Also, the tail armor is pretty cool. =D

    1. All relationships should start with fighting to get it out of the way early.


  3. Uh oh, bet this might have had a part in the slaying of Meela’s family. :c

    1. Definitely. They must have found out that he was alive.

    2. Yeah, most likely.. ;;

  4. wlkfnuoervnoervniorgvnoi THE LOVE


  5. Love Rollin’s tail armour in the next to last panel.

    1. Yes, I was going to say that too! So clever.

      Also, yeah, sign me up for the ‘D’awwwwwwwww club’ too. :D

  6. Ah, and the truth unfolds! I’m beginning to realize why the whole thing with bounty hunters has been going down. Now the only question that remains is WHY Meela’s father was on a hit list. And why it might follow her…

    1. Yep. The motive for their deaths clearly goes deeper than the simple act of them falling in love and hiding their relationship.

      I have a feeling you and I are thinking very much along the same lines here…


  8. I lovw Rollin’s Tail armor and that necklace thing around his neck, it’s hot!

  9. I meant Love, my Mistake guys.

  10. Wowza! Boy, this is giving me some wonderful thoughts as to just why poor little Meela’s family was… slaughtered… And a lot more then that.

    I do notice Meela is a good mix between her parents <3

  11. aaaw, so cute ;__; now I’m starting to understand why her family was killed. I’m very curious about Rollin and why he was a target. In my opinion it’s one of the most important clues in comic.

    Did I said that I love cloud-like background in pannel four? It’s pretty amazing! *___*

  12. they could have had it aaaaall~
    rollin in the deeeeeep~

    1. I see what you did there…

      andtotallyloledbecauseofit. |DDDDD

  13. Mayaluna VanSentinel

    No worries, noble artist!
    All kinds of mushy, fluffy and sweet are apprecitated by internet – kittens, love stories, furries – all kinds!
    PS. I LOVE this page. Really. So much emotion! Tension easy to feel. I think it was entertaining to draw too, wasn’t it?

  14. D’aww, they’re so cute together!

  15. cute. definitely ad doctor and river song relationship here. the tail armor is cool.

  16. Wait… Where’s the bracelet?

    1. Good question. Maybe he doesn’t have it yet.

  17. D’awwwe. I love those first few words.
    “He never let her get him, but he never hurt her either.”
    SO CUTE. Even an action-obsessed person like myself can appreciate the mush, not to mention it seems VERY pivotal in the plot. o:
    Love it. <3

  18. They remind me of Feral and Piper…

    1. ‘Cept that presumably this love is real, and the roles are reversed.

    2. That was my first thought, too.

  19. I am wondering if Meela only tells everything to the others because it won’t matter after… whatever will happen.

    1. I mean, a few pages back she didn’t look very pleased to be reminded of her mother, but then she starts telling with happy exitement.
      And when Holland first asked her, why the bounty hunters were after her family, she didn’t answer the question exactly. (But that may have been because she was ill of that poison back then.)

  20. Hm, y’know, Meela never DID say her mother was dead, she just said she’d never met her. Her mother could possibly still be alive, maybe her mother is serching for her and Tannor, because she doesn’t know Tannor is dead yet.

    Just a thought. ^^


  21. Awww, that last panel is cute.
    I kind of like how Meela’s father drops the trickster grin when he’s going in for the kiss. Maybe he’s more mellow than the previous page implied.
    I also really love that stormy-clouds background you have for the second to last panel.

  22. NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiicccccce >:3

  23. he has the most creeper-like face in the 2nd panel

  24. D’awwww~ This is adorable.

  25. I love their little story <3 I hope to hear more about them in the future!

  26. They make a smashing couple. <3

  27. zomfg… Rollin is so hot… zomfg… <3

  28. And here we have the reason what they are killed for =/

  29. Like Rollin’s tail.

  30. ~Hee hee, Rollin got her.~

  31. Ewwww. Kissing.


  32. Best. Love. Story. EVER.

  33. Nooooooooooooo, I’ve only been reading for 4-5 hours! It can’t be over! like it too much!! Well, gots to wait a week DX ;__________;

    1. Happened to me about a year ago! Been checking every other Friday since. Enjoy your new addiction, we’ve all got it.


    1. HELL YEAH

    2. Sorry to bring it to you, but it’s exactly like Twilight.

      1. Um, you’ve obviously never read Twilight. This is a small pet peeve of mine, people saying “it’s like Twilight” in a knee-jerk reaction so I’m going to break out in a rant. I apologize if I offend you in the process.

        The problem with Twilight’s romance was that both parties partook in possessive, manipulative behavior that bordered on abusive and the author treated it like it was okay, especially since they both had the immaturity of teenagers. Ex. Edward stalked Bella (watching her while she slept, most notably before she even liked him,) he kept things from her, he admits that he WANTS to kill her multiple times out of vampiric lust, he takes out her car battery as a means to control her in a later book, etc. Bella obsesses over him, there is literally no scene with Edward in it that doesn’t have her describing his appearance in purple prose, she starts having conniptions at the idea of his leaving, and she throws away all her friends, her family, and ultimately her human life just to be with this guy she’s all hot over (because, really, the prose leaves no other reason for her obsession other than that he’s gorgeous.)

        Here’s what I see happening in this comic–Rollin is in trouble with the law for some reason, Jira wants to turn him in because she’s a bounty hunter, and no one is wanting to kill anyone. Over SEVERAL occasions she finds him and he eludes her, all times apparently with nonviolence as Meela says he never hurt her. Tension builds because he’s the one person she can’t catch, and for him it’s because she’s so doggone persistent. This could have happened for months, even years, and in that time their many encounters and the tension begins to develop into romantic feelings, probably ultimately culminating in the scene we see here. They are both mature, consenting adults, neither are vampires, neither want to kill the other, and the attraction may very well be based on more than looks.

        Overall it is not, I grant you, a very healthy start to a relationship, but it’s NOT Twilight. Twilight was the “star-crossed lovers” angle that was attempted and fell into a dark place due to bad writing. This is “star-crossed lovers” classic.

        1. I love you

        2. HuntedByTheMoon


          Thanks for pointing that out.

          Also I got a question:
          Why do people always have to think of just of TWILIGHT when they read a love story? I mean, it’s not that the Twilight series would be the only love story in the world. There are many better examples for comparisons.
          Think about it.

          To the authors:
          GOOD WORK, KEEP ON

        3. Willow the Clever

          It’s because there are just as many people loving Twilight as people disliking it, so it’s become popular and well known. Usually, not very good love stories don’t get very popular or well publicized, so not as many people know about them. EVERYONE knows what Twilight is so it’s sort of the universal bad story comparison. (I’m stating this out of personal opinion, not just repeating what I’ve been told, and I don’t mean any offense.)

        4. Perfectly explained! Instead of saying it’s like twilight, use your facts. Personally, unless it’s so obvious, I don’t think it’s very polite either to compare stories/ideas such as this Jamb person

      2. Actually this is nothing like twilight….at all. Strays is much more intriguing and a lot better story wise.

  35. Hmm, her father is missing his good luck bracelet.

    1. He might not have had it at that time.

    2. I totally forgot about it o_o

    3. Or maybe he wasn’t wearing it to keep it safe…?

  36. OMG LOVE IT!!!!!

  37. Rollin’s bedroom eyes… XD

    1. I think those eyes are permanent. XDD

  38. ; _ ; <3

  39. I badly want to know what Rollin did to get on that hit list in the first place.

  40. just out of curiosity, why is Rolin wearing armor? I haven’t seen any other characters wearing armor. Does Rollin wear it for any specific reason other that design? (just curious. :D )

    1. He lives a rough life, so armor is necessary. Some bounty hunters wear it too, but Feral prefers to have less cumbersome gear than others.

      1. I especially like how the only armour he appears to be wearing is the tail bit. Got his priorities straight I see! Heh heh.

  41. that’s so beautiful!

  42. So romantic ! what happened to the FB like button under the comic ?

  43. Okay Rollin’s gear makes me ask this question- Do these characters believe in the power of stones?
    A lot of people are.. well, cynical of stones and how they work and everything like that, but I am a firm believer that stones really do aid us when we need them. It looks to me as though he’s got a garnet choker, and garnets on his gauntlets. From an info page(’cause I couldn’t remember this all) ” Garnets were worn to enhance bodily strength, endurance and vigor. It was widely believed to be extremely beneficial to wear a garnet when one had to exert oneself.” Also, “The garnet is also an ancient symbol of friendship. In the past, garnets have been exchanged between parting friends to symbolize their affection and to ensure that they meet again.”
    So…. why does he wear the stones? To give him stamina? Or were they a gift from a friend? Or are they just fanciness to him? (also, woooooo sketchy…. “The stone causes people to be attracted to the wearer, which aids in business, as well as in personal success.” Am I looking too far into this?)

    1. Nice symbolism behind them there, intentional or not!

    2. This is very interesting to read, though I admit there is none of this intentionally implied in my choice of gems. It certainly fits, though! The gems do have a purpose, but what that is will remain to be seen ;)

      1. Good to know! I look forward to see what you guys have planned for us ^^

  44. Sign me up for the D’awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww club!

    o3o It is just me or does the armor on Rollin’s tail make it look like ADORABLE FLUFFY SUSHI XD

    1. Never thought of that, but yeah! XD

  45. That’s exactly how I expected things to be! Now for the heart-breaking parts T_T

  46. thelightedDarkness

    Nope. Sorry fangirls. Rollin is taken… And I don’t think his lovely partner would approve of any girles creepin’ up on her man…

    Just a thought …

  47. Well, as a reagular french reader…

    You’re good. Really good! I love Strays and, well, I’m just impatient to read the new page every friday.

    And I just can’t wait to know what happen next.

    To resume, your work is awesome (if you have staff (I think it’s the case, but well, I’m not absolutely sure, they are awesome too).

    (And, for this page, like others comments, they are cute)

  48. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw !!! :3

  49. Whoever her mom’s employors were must’ve found out that he was alive…then went afterthe whole family :-( poor meela, does this mean she’s gonna get killed too?!

  50. Awww so romantic :)

  51. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect Match. SO ROMANTIC

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *dies laughing*

    2. That’s awesome, and totally fits!

    3. If I could like this, I’d like it a thousand times! LMAO

  52. XD Rollin…. Yer walkin’ on th’ wild side!

  53. Hey, Rollin isn’t wearing that bracelet that Meela refuses to take off. Did that not come along until later or something?

    1. Oh, hey. Yeah.

      The bracelet’s gone and he’s not dead.

      Did one of his kids make it for ‘im? <3

      1. I think the explanation is probably much simpler than that. After all, they just met here. It was never implied that Rollin ALWAYS had the bracelet before giving it to Tannor, only that he had it first.

        Whether it was made, given, stolen, or simply acquired through some other means, it’s probably safe to say he just didn’t have it yet at this point in time–or else he did but he refrained from revealing it until later. Considering how little we know about the origins of the bracelet, there’s pretty much an infinite number of possibilities here.

  54. Awww, how cute! ;) ~True Love Rules~ <3
    Thanksgiving was wonderful!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! (belated)

  55. Since no one else is saying it, I will have to.
    I love following this comic, happy to see a new page every Friday, but wait what?
    This love story makes no sense whatsoever.

    Is there any explanation to it, something Meela doesn’t know, or is this actually it? Because wow that’s pretty bad then.

    It’s not romantic, this is borderline Twilight territory.
    ‘Aw I know you want to kill be, but AH LAHV YEW!’

    Bad love story, should need a lot of work.

    1. Of course there is more to it than what Meela is relaying here. This version is very concise, and details nothing about how or why Jira fell in love with him. It just conveys what is relevant to the current story.

      We could spend a whole chapter or probably more on their relationship, but this comic isn’t about them. Perhaps we’ll do a bonus chapter or something at some point to detail their story further.

      1. Plus, I thought the point was that Rollin -wasn’t- trying to kill her, and that Jira was the one trying to turn him in for whatever reason. This could have been the last in a long line of attempts to do so, and maybe they decided that enough was enough with the Unresolved Romantic Tension.
        A bonus chapter would be really nice, though–maybe after the comic proper is over?

      2. Maybe done as a spin off of sorts. A small Comic detailing their relationship and own adventures?

  56. Sorry, but I have to say this:
    HES A WOLFY!!!!

  57. Well it has to get mushy – otherwise Tannor and Meela wouldn’t be alive right now!

    And I like this concise version – it’s Meela’s version. Think about the stories you heard about how *your* parents met – I’m sure they didn’t tell you the whole thing and you won’t tell your kids the whole thing either.

    I do like the idea of a bonus chapter telling their whole (real) story – just out of curiousity. ^_^

    1. I would love to have a full story of them sometime. Once this comic is done, what will Celesse and Algy have to do with their time??? They will hopefully spend it filling in backstory for us. Yay! :D

    2. Actually, I just realized. Tannor ISN’T alive right now. He’s dead too.
      But point taken. :)

  58. Come to me….. Kiss me Live with Me forever

    Line from a story I wrote myself.

  59. i was just wondering…..about meela’s daddy’s bracelet. o.o

    but aww. a romance. ><

  60. I’m gonna be picky here… WHY is the dad not wearing the bracelet that meela made a fuss about? =D Not a hater, just a question!

    1. Just be patient ;)

  61. that looks just like feral with white hair and… smiling? naw… looks nothing like him.

  62. …..perhaps daddys a half-demon?

    Red thingys under eyes–red stones–red crackley magic that Meela has a hard time controlling? That she tries to hide? Mr. Feral has his red crackley magic too. “Red” seems to be a reoccurring theme here. Maybe the stones are to help keep the demony-ness at bay? Maybe he’s on a hit list because he’s half demon? Maybe thats how they all got killed–because peeps were super racist and anti-demon?

    Just wild presumptions but thats my guess. Doesnt seem like people take too kindly to demons in this universe.

    1. Since my image of Meela’s father as quiet and non-actiony has been shattered, I now support the idea that he’s the one with demon connections (since he had the hit on him.) Also, one of the dreams Meela had about Feral’s childhood merged into a dream about her father dying specifically…

      1. Although that last part may just be because it was about Feral’s father dying, so disregard it.

    2. the marks under his eyes are for personal decoration. :)

  63. haha, every comic is entitled to at least one mushy moment. ;3 Especially one as adorable as this.

  64. They’re so cute. I can’t… what a lovely couple. I want to see more about them.

  65. people are talking about twilight here? i do NOT understand whats so special about twilight. well, whatever the reason may be, let me get to the point :P cool tail armor bro XD

  66. I love the red marking around his eye, it’s so cool looking! also, I CAN’T WAIT FOR TOMORROW ASFL!!!

  67. I may be wrong about this, but I remember her saying that her father died the day he gave Tannor the bracelet and Tannor died the day he gave her the bracelet. I wonder if maybe the bracelet has a special magical property that prevents the bounty hunters from finding the wearer? XD I may be totally wrong but it was just a thought.

    1. Or maybe it causes bad things to happen if they give it away? I think that this bracelet may be of major significance in the story line

      1. Maybe, but I do agree. I think the bracelet plays a major role in the story.

        1. I think its power may be more symbolic–Meela, in the beginning, is a child with a lot of growing up to do and an unusual amount of tragedy in her life. Children in that situation would likely try to give themselves a sense of control by blaming something for the misfortune that they can manage, like a superstition of keeping on the bracelet. Meela has attributed her dad and brothers’ deaths to an unfortunate chance pattern (the bracelet being passed on and its previous wearer dying) as a sign of her immaturity, and now the bracelet has an extreme importance to her.

          In this coming of age subplot, I think the final step in her character development may be accepting that the bracelet really doesn’t have much significance at all, and to just let it go.

        2. It does hold the significance of her lost family members at least… But i believe you are right about the bracelet being more symbolic than actually retaining any powers.

          And Tannor didn’t get the bracelet until AFTER Rolling was killed (when he went back). Meela was just too young to realize this…. and what Blue said about her trying to put blame into something. ;) Great analysis Blue btw.

        3. I agree with you, Bluerosebud. Meela didn’t wear the bracelet when she was lying poisoned and she survived.
          In my opinion it’s symbolic.

  68. You know what this moment needs? More head kicking. Xb

  69. I need to know why Rollin was the target >.< I NEED! OMG!

  70. where is today’s page?

    1. I’m wondering the same thing…

      1. I feel so lost today without the next page. I need to know what happened.

        1. remember she sometimes update on saturday (1AM Firday) if she don’t do it tonight she’ll have it up tomorrow, be patient for her.

    2. It will be up tonight.

      1. Why not sooner? D:

        1. Calm down, people, they know what they’re doing. : )

        2. SileniaTheLupian

          I shall never calm down till I see ze next page D:

        3. SileniaTheLupian


        4. SileniaTheLupian

          ..Sorry I said that twice it didnt show up the first time so I said it again.

        5. Thanks ma. xD
          Something quite silly happened during the stream which eventually led to being late. Learn patience people. lol

      2. Good to hear that… I was afraid that maybe something bad hapenned to you, like an accident or something, because you are always thrustworthy if it comes with schedule D:
        But I hope everything is okay <33

  71. today’s page ? u no exist :'( ?

  72. Don’t tell me I have to wait longer, this has been the longest week of my life. ಠ_________________________ಠ

  73. Tonight then X3 That’s not so far ;D

  74. Heh. Sorry for all the comments, but @lillianblaze that’s a good theory. But my questions are, how did they get the bracelet? Was it from the 1st Loupain? But that would have to be impossible, since he didn’t have it at that time so there’s a ton of questions everywhere o.O Well, I asked my brother, and he said that maybe it’s just something that the dad got after the marriage, and perhaps a few seconds before they die, they give it to their oldest, and if they have younger siblings, they give it to them when they die and when they die, and don’t have children, they give it to their spouse, so on so fourth. But all of this lies in the hands of the next comics, I really really can’t wait.

    1. It more than likely just something Rolling/ Jira or one of his kids made for him sometime later. Think of it as a dad’s watch. To the kids it is something they can easily associate with their father because he more than likely wore it often. When Tannor went back home for supplies after the mass murders, he took the bracelet because it was the easiest, lightest thing he could grab taht held significant memories of the lost family members. Now, to Meela, it also holds the memory of Tannor.

  75. Stop complaining please XD
    In my country is already 11.17 pm, so I will see the page tommorow and I’m NOT complaing. Authors are sharing this webcomic with us for free and it costs a lot of time to do so pretty, shiny pages, so RESPECT that please.

  76. Will there be another page this week??

    1. yes, read the comments up above.

  77. Hey, Algy and Celesse. This is my first comment and I just want 2 say GOOD JOB!!!!! I was also wondering: do you guys take turns at answering comment or do you guys just answer comments the first time either of you see them?

  78. Hey, I was wondering, where’s the bracelet that Meela’s father gave to Tannor? In chapter 1, page 4 Tannor is wearing a bracelet, which he later give to Meela. But, in that chapter, Meela says it’s her father’s, and Tannor said that his father gave it to him and then he would give it to her(Tannor would give it to Meela I mean). Well, honestly I would have expected to see Rollin wearing that bracelet too…

    1. Rollin may not have gotten the bracelet yet.

  79. I’ve commented a lot but I found a comment on here that I can’t seem to find again. Anyone have the slightest inkling that maybe The old man from back in chapter 3 maybe housed Meela’s family, including her dad? Somehow higher ups in whatever government ran that area sent bounty hunters there resulting in the death of Rollin and resulted in Meela and Tannor running into the hollow tree for safety on page 199

  80. awwwwwww *-*

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