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And there's Meela's daddy! His name is Rollin.

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  1. WOoooo sexy :D

  2. Cute! I love it!

  3. That’s just plain adorable :D

  4. I love those marks under his eyes. Obviously the whole page is amazing. Just really love those marks. XD

    1. Yeah, the marks under his eyes gives him an awesome look like he’s gonna steal all ur moneh XD

    2. reminds me of ulquiorra from bleach

      1. That’s totally what I first thought!!

    3. Feral has a similar mark like that under his “demon-ish” eye…so…?? D:


      1. Oh, his is a scar though? :( pity hahaha :)

      2. that’s what I was wondering about…are the marks under her Dad’s eyes decorative or do they mean something more? And what about the one under Feral’s eye?!? O.O

  5. All together now, ready?

    “Awwww~! That’s so cute!~♥”

  6. Mm not bad. He be…ROLLIN… hahaha /shot

    1. I see what you did there…

    2. And… they be rollin… in the hay.

      (And now we know where Meela got the stubborn, and rascally, sides of her nature.)

    3. *snerkchortlesnerk*

    4. They be hatin’… Aha aha.. ::sigh::: I’m so easily amused.

  7. TheGirlWhoSeesParallel

    Meela got her papa’s eye’s.

    1. i knws she’s like a perfect mix between her parents imagine her in future when she’s older longer hair the same eye marks as her father that’d be cool :)



    1. I AGREE! He does look like Holland.

    2. Other way around. XD Technically, Holland would have to be the reincarnation of Rollin…if he hadn’t been alive and kicking well before Meela was born and Rollin was (presumably) killed.

      Outside of some sharing some physical traits on a very basic level, though, I don’t think they even look (THAT) much alike. Even if I’ll admit that I can’t unsee the resemblance now. XD

      1. Tannor, however, is his like…his spitting image, though. But that only figures. XD

      2. Mhm, that’s BASICALLY what I meant :P I only think his PERSONALITY and weird smiles are like Holland’s, not looks or anythin’. They look NOTHING alike XD Plus I agree that Tannor looked A LOT like him XP

    3. He’s like, Holland and Feral mixed!

      1. That’s what i’m thinking too!

  10. IS he a demon? :O

  11. he is HOT.

  12. I like how Meela looks like both of them. PHENOTYPES!

  13. His tail looks too small to be a lupin… theres spacing there too that shows its small o.o

    1. Naw, he’s just wearing a guard on his tail so it looks smaller. If you look at it close enough you can see it’s just (leather?) armor.

  14. This = my new OTP

  15. “Yep I hit that,” said Rollin.

  16. He looks like Holland when he was about to throw a pine cone at Meela’s shield barrier thingy XD. He’s definitely really cool :D

  17. Please, can you draw a picture of their wolves form and put in gallery or as a vote incentive? Pleeeaaaseee .___.
    I really would like to see them in their wolf forms D:

    1. Seconded! :D

  18. *singing* “Rollin’, rollin’ rollin..”

    SOMEONE had to do it! “Rawhide” only jumped into my head like, immediately here. XD

    Seriously though, I’m loving his design. =)

  19. Oh damn, you can see the desire in his eyes. XD

  20. Woah, that is WAY different from what I expected him to be like. (Doesn’t mean I don’t love the design.) Darn, Meela, your father was a troll. But now we know both her parents were awesome. Maybe her dad was the demon…

    I especially love panel four–missed him by that much, Jira.

    1. Also, that’s the first lupian I’ve seen to wear protective armor on their tail 0-o

      1. Why not, I suspect a Lupian’s tail is their pride… and I know that I wouldn’t care to have any of *my* important bits lopped off…

        Would you?

    2. Hahaha! Wow, he IS a troll…and an awesome one at that. XD

      Gotta hand it to him. Unlike many of his troll brethren, he actually seems to knows what he’s doing. LOL

  21. You always make such cute mens.

  22. HHHGGGNNN that last page bring out all the romantic feels from my pure innocent maiden heart!!!! SMOOPY POOPPIES GEEE!!

  23. This is basically how I imagined it, actually. Although I had no appearance for Meela’s dad in mind. I LOVE his design, too. And the story, of course. I just love this, period. XD

  24. My, my MY! I want a dad like that!
    Rollin. . .Rollin Hand? :-)
    You will only get this if youo know the 1960s Mission Impossible tv show. It’s just the first thing that came to my mind.

  25. Sexy. O_O

  26. What a sexy daddy :b
    I want to know more about meela’s parents +.+ they are so cute !

  27. He looks exactly like Feral but older with grey fur instead of black.

  28. A classic love story. :P

  29. Actually, he looks like a combination of both Holland and Feral, imo.

  30. ooooh, i love Rollin’s face in the second panel… i can DEFINITELY see where Meela gets her silly nature.

  31. Is he wearing a tail-guard? That’s actually kinda cool XD


  32. I love this page! I usually draw armor and all sorts but that tail gaurd totally gave me a “woooooaaaaaaah…” moment! XD So I see where Tannor’s fur color came from now. I wish I knew more of Rollin’s personality. That way I can compare where HE is in Meela :( He died too quickly.

    Ladiladila, romance dance time! Jira’s cheeks are red! XD

  33. Awwww Meela’s daddy is so cute. I love him ^_^

  34. I love that cocky smile/grin on his face.

  35. Rollin? As in Rollin Hand? *eyebrow wiggle* LOL Just kidding. XD My dad’s been showing me the old episodes of mission impossible and he’s my favorite character.

  36. Mayaluna VanSentinel

    Pre-last panel – Naughty grabby hands, am I the only one to notice?
    Last panel – I’m pretty sure she did that “meep” sound at that moment.

  37. Ok I absolutely LOVE the way these two look! Brilliant character designs! ^^

  38. And Rollin’s face in the second last panel… XD

  39. Aw, cute!
    And he’s pretty handsome ^^

  40. awwww such a happy family.XD

  41. Dat smirk. DAT SMIRK.

  42. Ooooh Rollin is handsome. :3 I love learning about her parents, it’s quite interesting. I can see where her brother got his looks.

    Good job, this comic gets better and better every single week. I hope to buy the books one day. :3

  43. I love the way the dad had more hair than the mum:3
    Beautiful Page<3

  44. and now I have yet another anime crush. :P rollin is HAWT dude. nice page guys. <3


  46. Oh God…..PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE please please please make a spin off with their full all-the-juicy-details story! ;w;

  47. Aww the blushing at the end! :D
    She can’t resist any longer

  48. Awww, really cute. Wow, Meela’s dad looks like Holland.

  49. superspecialawesome

    ……. Is it bad that I think Meela’s dad is hot?

  50. I LOVE that last panel. <3 It is very funny.


  52. Oh damn Meela’s dad is hot!!

  53. Oooh he’s attractive. I love their story too… then I remember they’re no long around ;_;

  54. Tanner! I love this page!

  55. This page totaly made my day!

    But was I the only one that too notice of Rollin’s wave in the second pannel?

  56. he’s just like “hi again!” and she’s like “grrrrrr” and then she’s like “die!” and then he’s like “no thanks, dance with me!”

    1. ^ This. xD

  57. I like how meela’s dad is waving at her mom. he looks like he’s got this.

  58. I god, I love it xD

    Rollin: *cocky finger wave*
    Jira: *RAEG*

    1. I know. It’s friggin’ hilarious.

      His name really ought to be “Trollin.” XD

      1. Dude, that last sentence was a total win. xD

  59. Rollin? how do you pronounce that?

  60. He’s just like “nope,” and I love it.

  61. I kinda wish her parents weren’t dead now….

  62. My heart flip-flopped. I seriously love love LOVE this sort of relationship dynamic. X33

  63. Hee… Well-matched character couple, Algy and Celesse, very well matched. Well done!

  64. He’s blushing!!

  65. Oh my god, I wish I had cool parents like Meela, I love these two so much!

  66. They are DARLING, and the Daddy looks SO much like Tannor. What a cute.

  67. Great artwork. I love how they just seem to mesh while clashing at the same time. Those two are defiantly Meela’s parents.

    ….Am I the only one who thinks Rollin is missing the tip of his index finger on his right hand in the fourth panel?

  68. Loving this and seeing how Meela looks like both parents. Meela totally got her smile from her father. She has his eye color, but her mom’s eye shape (when her mom isn’t angrily squinting–LOL). Daddy’s shaggy hair, but the mom’s hair color.

    1. Nice observations!


    1. XDDDDDD!

  70. I have a dumb question is there a like a dateline on when these come out just askin’, No rush.

    1. Each page comes out on Friday–unless the authors are delayed by a freak occurrence, which thankfully doesn’t happen often.

      1. Thanks

  71. Name Fix ^^^^^^^

  72. I kinda dislike Meela’s mum’s outfit XD No offence!!

  73. What a smexy daddy xD
    But where’s his well-known bracelet Meela carries with her now?

    1. I almost forgot about the bracelet! Yeah, maybe he got it later? Huh.

  74. SO CUTE! Cutest couple I’ve ever seen! :P

  75. lol. reminds me of the doctor who episode: let’s kill Hitler. River couldnt kill the doctor no matter what she did!

    1. Oh yes! Exactly! Except River couldn’t kill the Doctor because she was in love with him. Jira couldn’t kill Rollin cuz he wouldn’t let her. But I see the resemblance.

  76. Huh…I think I’d give up killing him too. Super cute D:

  77. Am I the only one who notices that her dad doesn’t have the “Lucky” bracelet on yet. :I

    1. Nope, I already mentioned it above x3

  78. Can’t be the only one who thought of Jack Sparrow. Those two are awesome. Their personalities are obvious on the page. Excellent work! XD

  79. So super cute!! <3 Lol, I absolutely love her dad. Explains a lot of her personality.


  81. awwww, okay Jira, now kill/kiss him! lol

  82. I do have to admit, I don’t like her outfit at all. The revealing nature of the clothing says much less “bounty hunter” and much more “theme whore”, it’s making me wonder if her personality was a lot like piper and I don’t like the image…

    1. Well, it’s not all that revealing in that it only reveals her arms, technically, but I get your point. It would look a lot more practical if there wasn’t a very clear outline of her breasts under the shirt.

  83. yay! Now we know which child takes after which parent.

  84. They see me Rollin’, they hatin’!

  85. daww’ so thats how they met? thought love. Mom tries to bring down dad, dad is actually fairly sexy. here comes some kids.. :3

  86. Tannor looks just like his papa! Could you magine how hot he cold be if Tannor was alive today?

    1. Oh gosh! I can just imagine!

  87. XD I love the second and third panels; Rollin: :3 *wave* Hai! Jira: D:< I SHALL KILL YOU!

    XDDD Bahahahahaha, Oh my.

  88. Snowtail the Khajiit

    Meela’s dad is sexy! :D

  89. wth, he really looks like the white hair-dude :/

  90. I dont like her red lips :C

  91. I really REALLY wish they weren’t gone. They would have been such great characters to see in the main story line ;_; But, that would defeat the purpose.

  92. So true Luka, It would have though… :(

  93. ahaha cute x3

  94. Meela just inherited his eyes. : )

  95. … You can almost hear her growling and snarling…


  96. why does he look just like holland.. even tho hes HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. The logic behind why Meela’s dad looks so smexy is definitely due to the silver hair …like seriously, all natural silver haired characters seem to be sexy in one way or another.

  98. she see me rollin~ she hatin~

  99. Why do I get the feeling this is how Feral and Piper might end up? |DDDDDD //SHOTSOHARDFORTHISMAYBE

    Not saying I ship them or anything, but I just feel like their situation is somewhat similar.

  100. Hmmm, I can’t see either of these people as being the ‘good parent’ type….

  101. OMG They’re so cute!!! Makes me wanna do fan art of these two XD Just that smirk he has haha!

  102. I’m loving Meela’s dad! He’s very hot (and I know everyone above me has said this too….), but he totally is! I love his grin and the red stones on his clothing.
    Anyone notice in the fourth panel, Jira clipped off some of Rollin’s hair?

  103. I gotta say, I can see where Meela got her personality….but how did Tannor turn out so mellow and sweet-seeming? O.O XD However, I totally love these two.

  104. Cheeky little fella

  105. wow, meela’s mom and dad are awesome :D

  106. they look kinda familiar

    1. they look kinda familiar like holland and piper familiar

  107. Soo sexy!!

  108. Hey Meela’s mum is blushing in the last panel :D

  109. OMg! I have 2 OCs that really remind me of ’em xD a lot

    I already love this two!! Rollin is so awesome!! ‘w’

  110. “O hi … again”. Oh dear.

  111. Ha ha~ I like Meela’s mum!

  112. I like the rag like cloth around his head,its looks good on him.

  113. I like the cloth around his head

  114. they see him rollin they haten

  115. Did anyone notice that Meela’s mom has a necklace that looks like the one Mal wears? I can’t tell if they are the same or just look similar.

  116. I see no bracelet!!! Where is it!?

  117. they’re both gorgeous @-@

  118. He reminds me of Zevran … from Dragon Age Origins.

    1. Heeeyyy, I can see that.

  119. is it just me or is Meela the perfect mix of both her parents?

  120. I so love Meela’s daddy. He’s so cute.

    (And he reminds me so much of my character Slain. xD SO MUCH.)

  121. Even under pressure, he’s a smooth operator.

  122. Meela’s father! O_O

  123. So, this comment is long overdue, but. Can I just say how much I would LOVE prints of Meela’s parents? They both look amazing!

  124. And that children is how Meela came around :D

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