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Jyaku gonna throw down a kitty. I'm sure some of you are wondering why Visrial didn't just stay in his panther form when he attacked. The reason is he knows a cervian is far too nimble for a giant cat to catch, as Jyaku is proving in this page.

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  1. Hahaha Visrial got OWNED!

    1. Oh that is just *embarrassing*.

  2. Teehee… serves him right >:3

  3. The 9. Street of Em's

    Hey, who turned off the lights!? Pwned, kitty!:D

    1. Doctor who referance?

      1. The 9. Street of Em's

        I can’t understand that question…

        1. “Hey, who turned out the lights?!” – From the Doctor Who episode in “The Library”. That reference. :P

        2. Not exactly a phrase that wouldn’t see common use just about anywhere. Dun see why it should evoke Dr Who like it was specific to it, like “He’s dead, Jim” will. To the point I doubt I even need to say what show and which characters are involved in that one.

        3. The 9. Street of Em's

          I really have no idea what “Doctor Who” is, I’m not American, or even EnglishxD

        4. Im glad im not the only one who thought Doctor who when i read it xD

        5. look jethro…not evryone is a Dwho fanatic and just because he says a sentence from one of the episodes almost perfectlydosn’t mean it either.
          for example,what u asumed is like if isaid “hello” and you said “OMG they said that in episode 1 of digimon!!!<3"

          sorry celesse…off topic for a minute

        6. Shinjite Florana

          Don’t mind them. Yeah, you were off, but I love Dr. Who. You’re not alone in your fandom!
          Stay calm and don’t blink, my friend. Xb

        7. It was phrased as a question, so asking, not assuming the Dr. Who reference. And there’s a lot of overlap between fantasy webcomic readers and Dr. Who fandom, so not an unreasonable guess. Anyway, I got it, too :-)

        8. this makes me want to watch doctor who, just to see what all the hype’s about…

        9. When I read “Hey, who turned out the lights?” I keep hearing that guy from the Library too.
          Like when I read “It’s a trap!” it’s admiral Ackbar saying it in my mind.

        10. The 9. Street of Em's

          Guys, guys, guys… shouldn’t we talk about THE COMIC and not… doctor who (what a funny name!x-D) I must say… cut off this thing and comment about the cape instead, it’s not such a big deal if it was a question or if it was assumed to be acknowledged by everyone or…. yeah….
          Like… I think Jyaku is pretty graceful in that jump!!:D:D Thought he was some old man lurking around, hahaha!;D

        11. thelightedDarkness

          XD I must say, that “Thought he was some old man lurking around” made me laugh.

        12. This Random-Doctor-Who-Obsessed-Person (RDWOP for short) does not understand why nobody got my obscure reference… :) at least JethroRayne, Shinjite Florana, aineotter and Futschi (plus anyone else i missed) did! one more thing from my very OCD mind…. DOCTOR Who not DR Who… Just coz im cool….

  4. Knowing Visrial’s luck, getting first owned by a kid, then Feral. He was bound to be pwned by Jyaku.

    1. So True! ^^

    2. Hahaha! What luck is to be a gaurd! XD

  5. Really great dynamic action sequence, guys! :)

  6. Is Jakyu a woman? I dont know I just got the sense that ‘he’ is.

    1. *Jyaku (sorry)

    2. Definitely a guy, check the characters part, Celesse and Algy refer to Jyaku as ‘he’. :P

      1. MentalikesNarwhals

        Jyaku could use binding if thats what you mean, plus he might be so good at hiding that hes a girl everyone thinks jyaku is a he ever think of that? just a thought :P

  7. O_O Jyaku is so……graceful.

  8. Jyaku’s hair peice at the end of his hair, Why does it disappear in panel 3?

    1. The hair piece, I think, it their actual hair. The fur is part of the head dress. If you look hard enough, you can see a brown blur in the middle of the fur line where it is supposed to be, it is just not outlined and follows the movement lines, so it is hard to notice at first.

  9. The 9. Street of Em's

    A silly question, but does Visrial twist many times in between the panels?

    1. Probably 1 time, cause there’s only one twist in the cape, but also can be 2 times

  10. lol what a lame way to lose XD

  11. <3 GO GO GO HOT MANALOPE….type….thing. o.o

  12. Visrial is taken down without being touched, ouch xD

  13. X| Oooch… That’s gotta hurt… Go Jyaku!

  14. But…antelope and the like is what big cats regularly HUNT. o_0

    1. they also tend to hunt them in a large open settling (such as plains and savannas. This is kind of an enclosed forest where the deer got the jump on the cat, and he knows what’s coming. Cats take a while to build up their speed where as deer have less body mass and can take off faster. In closed quarters, I think a deer would be able to react faster than the cat.

    2. Yes, but most big cats aren’t very good hunters. Only about 20% of the time are their hunts successful.

      1. Actually if he’s a leopard his success rate would be 40%.
        Cheetah’s have the highest, about 50% whereas lions have less than 30%.

  15. WHOA VISRIAL! O___O Getting into a lot of trouble these days? Don’t you know Jyaku’s level? XD

    Awsome fighting-sequence page! Totally made sence! XD CONTINUE ON!

  16. I want to see Jyaku’s face… he’s probably a sexy beast ;D

  17. Cape as a weapon. Genius!

    1. Ikr? Jyaku doesn’t need a weapon he has a cape :3

    2. I’ve gotta try that with my cape…

      1. HAHAHAHA I know what we’re gonna be doing this week….

  18. Need some ice for that burn Visrial?

  19. first time I’ve seen a cape strategically used to the cape wearers advantage rather than the adversary’s

    1. ik it is an interesting twist. However sometimes the cape is sometime used to the wearers advantage but more as a distraction like in the third panel not as a weapon like in the final. But still cool to see.

    2. um…batman, anyone?

  20. He warned you Visrial

  21. thelightedDarkness

    Well, that is an intresting move…
    I’m amazed, capes are usually… A downfall… o_O
    And, Visrial…. He Did warn you…
    But, this is a very nice page, well worth the wait.

  22. Well that was awesome. XD Poor kitty has such bad luck.

  23. That’s gotta wound poor Visral’s pride more than anything… getting taken down… by a coat… -giggles- Go Jyaku! -waves a Team Jyaku flag- ^.^

  24. Go Jyaku! Take Visrial DOWN!

  25. Favorite Character=Jyaku. I love this page so much!

  26. i just figured out why jyaku looks so cool in the first 2 panels! his arms are hidden insted of flailing about! it looks awesome that way!

  27. And so Jyaku lays the smackdown. XD

  28. I like Jyaku – he’s got Troy Polamalu hair! <3

  29. Holy crap Jyaku’s got the moves! XD

  30. Deerman took down some catboy.

  31. Total. SmackDown. Now I cannot get Smackdown by Thousand Foot Krutch out of my head.

    Who else thinks that Jyaku is Batman in disguise?

    1. The 9. Street of Em's

      Now that you mentioned it… Yes! Hahaha!XD

  32. Now break his clavicle!!!>:-p

    1. Can his clavicle be broken, author?

      And possibly his spine?

      And possibly the rest of his body?

  33. is jaiaku a girl…?

    1. Nope, Jyaku is male.

      1. Is a sexy male?

        1. Is he a sexy male?*

        2. …just wait and see. :)

      2. how do u know?

        1. Algy is one of the creators of this comic, so she knows XD

  34. which just goes to prove that if you can’t respect what you hunt or fight, you have no business doing so.

  35. In the last panel I thought for a moment that he was being spun by his own hair. That certainly would have hurt.

    Nice to see a bit more Jyaku!

  36. I officially have a man-crush on Jyaku.

  37. I think.. Jyaku’s female. :l

    1. The 9. Street of Em's

      No, Jyaku is male. Check the characters page:)

  38. Lol, kitty got OWNED!

  39. Well… that’s one way to use a cape… XD

  40. Oh my gosh, I read all the way through this comic in a day, and I’m finally up to date, This comic is great, I can’t wait to see more.. <3

  41. I like how one back flip and landing has everyone assuming Jyaku is female.

    1. Makes me laughxD

  42. I love the deer hoof pattern on his gloves. The detail in this never ceases to amaze me!

  43. … Jyaku… Damnit, you just got so much hotter and awesome at the same time…

  44. rule one of comic book life, never mess with people in horned animal masks, they’re always some sort of mystical guardian or supernatural being that can give you a solid whomping if you do.

  45. Daaaaamn.

  46. I bet Edna (The Incredibles) might change her stance on capes if she saw this.

    1. I was totally thinking the same thing…Edna Mode running in, declaring “NO CAPES!” and then informing Visrial that he’s gotten fat…

      1. thelightedDarkness

        I can totally see that. Edna saying he has gotten fat…

        Wait… I think he has o_O

  47. Oh look, for once the cape a benefit and not a fault lol.

  48. NO CAPES!
    Oh, wait….

  49. I am planning to attempt making a story (which I’m bad at) in comic form (which I’ve never tried) and I was wondering what size you make one page.

  50. I couldn’t hold back a snort. That’s just embarrassing…

  51. Waitaminute.

    Whatever happened to Feral’s job as bounty hunter……………….?
    @__@ Wasn’t he supposed to catch Piper?

  52. Kung Fu hustle moves!!!!

  53. Hang on. Whats a cervian again??

  54. Someone’s been a bad kitty…

  55. whats a Cervian?

  56. HAHA that was a cool trick!!

  57. HEY! Anyone notice the last/5 panel there’s under hair??? Isn’t this Meela’s mother, Avida?

  58. HAH!
    and she said NOH CAPES!

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