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Visrial is a big kitty. A few of you mentioned on the last page how he's able to speak in his animal form - I meant to italicize the text he was speaking with. They use a form of magic to talk when they're animals. We're currently at Anime Weekend Atlanta! Come see us at booth #103 in the Dealer's Room if you're there!

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  1. =D First comment! And I have to say I LOVE this page! =3 Visrial’s gonna get his tail kicked!

  2. hes soooo persistent! lol
    shouldnt he be back at the palace doing….uh guard duty or something?? XD

    1. I agree :/

      1. He must be fired by now…

        His boss must be like “Um…where’s Visrial? He’s about (looks at watch) 4,320 hours late…”

  3. Gah, action’s about to get GOOD, but alas, we have to wait another week. D:

  4. It seems that he is absolutely bent on getting revenge, I hope he doesnt find meela in the future, that might be bad…Eh, meela can protect herself now that she is in training :)

  5. That’s a very big kitty. I’d not realized how big he was until now. o.o

    1. Ya, I’d say he would be more dangerous if he stayed in animal form rather then going humanoid.

  6. If they use magic to talk in animal form why doesn’t Feral use it to talk in wolf form?

    1. Maybe it’s dolittle speak or something–they’re using animal communication (and therefore still vocalizing) but it comes out english for viewer convenience

    2. Ooooooooh, that’s a very good question. I’m curious as well. :P

    3. OooOOooh New, pretty, shiny page! <333
      I love Jyaku's eyes, they're so well drawn and so well shaded! Great panneling by the way! I wish I could do so nice job with panneling like you do.
      Anyway… I have got mixed feelings about fight between Visral and Jyaku. We don't really know what powers our deer-friend have, but I hope they're very strong and he will not get hurt in this battle :c Maybe his powers (if he had ones) are connected with earth? (just like lupians, the wolf people are connected with fire) and he will… I don't know, change Visrial into tree or wrap him with some plants? XD That would be nice.

      1. Uuuh… I didn’t want to post my earlier comment as a reply, I’m so sorry for that. Something just didn’t go as it shoud :/
        Anyway, that’s a good question… but I think that’s how Spizzy said- animals aren’t mute and they’re still using some sounds to comunicate. Feral can’t do that in both forms- wolf and human.

    4. That’s what I was wondering too.

      1. Also it was mentioned before that Feral CAN make some noises even in human form, such as grunts and things like that, he just can’t speak.

    5. Feral has no voice in humanoid form, thus has no voice in animal form. Even magic can’t fix that.

      1. That just leaves me with more gnawing questions, but it’d probably get too technical and dig too deep in something that’s meant to be taken at face value. :P

        1. i love ur pic

  7. oh Visrial… -.-

    I believe there is missing a T in the second panel?

    1. If you mean ‘forgo’, nope, that’s a real word.

      1. uhh *blush* .. I have to look it up, I don’t know this word ..

        ahhh now it make sense :D Thanks

        1. No problem, it’s getting pretty archaic nowadays. :)

        2. Shouldn’t it be “forego”?

        3. nevermind, looks like either spelling is acceptable.

  8. WOAH, this page is great! (Especially after the last couple having little to no dialogue.) At least now we know what side Jyaku’s supporting, if not what side he’s on.

  9. Hm hm…I’d think that Jyaku is just going to send Visrial sprawling…But that seems too predictable and simple. I think we may see more than Visrial’s pride getting hurt in this encounter…

  10. DANG, I hate how the update is only one page! I’ve been so excited for new updates, the week is torture!

  11. Is it bad that I think the manalope is hot just because of is eyes? O.o

    1. No, his eyes are pretty hot.
      Manalope. lolz

  12. Oh! It was him who got beaten up by Feral!

  13. The 9. Street of Em's

    Like I said! It’s Jyaku, the kittybutt-kicker!! Whohoo!
    Can’t wait for next page!:D

  14. Awesummm ^^

  15. Oh! <3 Love this page. You know what'd be cute? Jyaku and Virisil in chibi form!!

    Can't wait for this fight… Or maybe Jy won't fight him, he'll just like, walk away. xD

  16. So something just came to me earlier today. With Feral’s journal. It’s the same one he’s had since he was a kid (if the dreams that Meela has are real). If his whole life is written down in that journal, why doesn’t he just reread it to remember his past?

    1. maybe he forgot how to read that language lol

    2. The 9. Street of Em's

      Shi… you said something there!:O

      1. Though he wrote his name in it initially, I thought, when introducing himself to Meela. He doesn’t have to know for sure that the journal is about his own past, though, just some kid named Yuen.

  17. BIG KITTY. Holy crap! XD Even after I read the front page description, I came to this and those were the first words out of my mouth. Why did you change forms, Visreal?! You can maul him better in the other one!! I don’t even see how Jyaku would stand a chance!

  18. Silly kitty, seeking vengeance never ends well unless you’re a good guy, which you are not.

  19. Has anyone noticed that the panther guy (names escape me currently) is reminiscent of Javert (Except for that name lol) from Les Mis?

  20. Oh boy. It’s Jyaku, all right…and he’s clearly not in the mood for taking any crap from Felinians. XD

    Judging from the look in his eyes, I’d guess that this is going to end very, very badly for Visrial. If Jyaku isn’t the merciful type–and we can’t be sure if he is or isn’t–our resident rogue kitty might just be history before long.

  21. Oh goddie! A fight scene! I hope the big cat gets beat up.

  22. Amazing, truly amazing. Amazing page. =)

  23. …pointy ears on ambiguous-slightly-androgynous deer-masked person of interest? I’m guessing he/she’s another lupian…

    1. scratch that–just read the characters page.

  24. Whoot! Yay another page! Well ain’t Visrial an angry kitty? Hope he doesn’t get his butt kicked too hard… unless Jyaku refuses to fight and disappears… O___O that’ll be cool.

  25. Man Visrial…just set out on revenge. Glad though that Jyaku is trying to protect them…at least for now…>u>
    Nicely done page c:

  26. Thats right Visrial… Real men wear purpley pink. Prepare to have your ass handed to you.

  27. LUL, the big cat form would have been a much better choice for fighting. :I Just EAT him!

  28. Love your comic as always. :) Been reading it since near the beginning and this is yet another spectacular page. Visrial is bigger than I’d expected XD

    I wanted to ask, are you guys going to be at Midwest Furfest 2012 or Anime Crossroads 2012? I’d love to see you guys at either one. :)

    1. Unfortunately not. We mostly stick to east coast. We are considering a new con next year but we do not know for sure.

      1. Aw, alright. Thanks for the answer. Hopefully I’ll get to see you guys someday at a con.

  29. I have this feeling that Visrial is about to get his but kicked…

  30. I have this feeling that Visrial is about to get his butt kicked…

  31. O_O He’sa BIIIIIIG kitty indeed. HOLY…..

  32. I love the expressions on this page. And the trees, and the lighting, and everything.

  33. I know Visrial is evil, but I sort of like him. Must be the awesome dual daggers.

  34. Visrial looks so smexy in the last panel.

  35. Jyaku looks so small XDD

  36. thelightedDarkness

    Damn…. he is huge :O

    Oooooooooh, more magic! Yay!

  37. Ahh….. I really love this deer fellow. He’s such an interesting character. I’m so tempted to write a fan fiction with a Cervian as the main character.

  38. does this mean that this deer guy is good and hlping them out…
    and love the new page so interesing

    1. Is jyaku helping them or keeping them for himself? Lol we can’t say.

      1. ooooh……. i understand

        1. thelightedDarkness

          Oooh, Jyaku doesn’t want anyone taking his…. what ever to call Meela and the gang… lol

  39. Oh no. Visrial, you gonna get your ass kicked…

  40. Wow it’s been a while since I last caught up but I’m happy I did I can’t wait till the next page! ^.^

  41. He looks like a monkey in his humanoid form ;w; It`s impossible to unsee.

    1. So you thought that too? This is my second re-read and I still see monkey. xD

  42. I love Visrial’s eyes in the last panel! Awesome.
    Good, Jyaku isn’t going to betray Meela and the gang.
    Hope there’s going to be an awesome fight scene…. I can totally see Jyaku kicking Visrial’s butt. Visrial’s anger and impulsivness isn’t going to serve him well.

  43. You guys (The staff) should come to WI Daishou Kon, that’s the only way I coulfd see your panel TT^TT

  44. Saw you at the con, thanks for the signed book! (I was the idiot who thought I gave you $40 but only gave you $20 X’D )

    1. It was great to meet you!
      LOL, no problem, it was an honest mistake. :)

  45. Amaziiing as always gurls congrats *—–*

  46. Visrial seems to be in a strange pose in the 3rd panel. He looks too relaxed. Seems to me like he just ran into some crazy guy in the woods, he should be in a tenser pose, prepared to defend, attack, or chase.

  47. Okay was wrong. Dont mock me.

  48. Interesting. Usually when webcomics indicate something being spoken in another language (magic or otherwise), they type the speech between a “”. It’s kind of hard to tell you’re using italics with this font, though.

    1. Dang it, it won’t show the sideways V symbols.

      1. Yes, those symbols are usually used to show another language is being spoken, but he’s not speaking another language. He’s just using magic to project his human voice, which is still in English, so we didn’t feel those symbols were appropriate for this.

  49. I was at AWA! I debated to buy the book cause I had heard about it so much, in the end I didnt buy it cause I ran out of money. I LOVE this manga though. I read it all in one sitting and now Im going crazy for the next part. ^-^! Im going to buy the book now. Are you guys going to be at Kami-con?????

    1. No, we will not be at Kami-Com. Our next con is NekoCon here in Virginia!

  50. I was in an Umbreon Kigurumi and I was synchronicity Len.

  51. He’s so big you can ride him! …No pun intended. >.> … lol XD

  52. Whoa, where’d he pull those swords from? lol

  53. I think Visrial would’ve had better odds in this fight if he had stayed in his feline form. I am of course assuming that Jyaku is about to kick his butt. :)

  54. I love this scene! I am getting my little brother the actually books for Christmas! Thank you for making my Fridays that much better.

  55. HII!! This is Leah. I met you guys at AWA :D. You probably won’t see this comment, but you told me to contact you guys so this was the only way I could remember how to. I don’t know if you remember me though… I was with a Kagome cosplayer xD. Anyway I love your work and keep going c:

  56. Things that are sad – when you check this comic on a Wednesday-Thursday night because you think it is a Thursday-Friday night.

  57. Well, it’s not just that Versial is a big, big kitty but Jyaku is a Cervian.

  58. Wowwww I thought capes were used to fly maybe not these days at least…

  59. Go home and be a family man, Visrial /nerfed

  60. again visrial go home you’re drunk

  61. I thought he was a monkey, not a panther! Hahaha

  62. Time to skin that pussy!


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