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Oh, Visrial, long time no see.

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  1. Oh, it’s the tiger/jaquar guy. :D Long time no see.

    1. That’s a panther, friend.

      1. he’s not totally wrong. “Black Panthers” can be Jaguar, though I think Leopard are the most often found with the melanism gene.

        1. any big cat with the melanism gene is called a panther, so they are both right :3

          also jaguars are the cat most found with the melanism gene :]

          but than this is our world we are talking about.

        2. let’s just stop this and say it’s a big black cat.

        3. haha XP

    2. I thought it was a bird. My bad.

      1. i love you -_-

  2. Your cat anatomy is just as brilliant as your dog anatomy! TEACH MEEEE!<3

  3. owo Is that the deer man’s foot?

    1. Looks like it O.O

    2. I think his name is Jyaku

  4. Well I’d say that boot matches a certain Mr. Jyaku to a T. :D Are we going to see him doing some butt kicking in the next week?

  5. Omg I love the trees and sunlight in this page! Well done and…. HOW ARE U SO GOOD?!?!

    1. One simple little word. Practice.

  6. The 9. Street of Em's

    I’d like to see a oh holy catfight between them next or nextnext page:D That would be awesome!!
    But, am I the only one who wonder what Visrial’s race is called??

    1. I really do, cause I was hoping to make a fan fic if that was alright with the authors.

      1. The 9. Street of Em's

        Thanks, Algy!
        Me too, Tigerfur, about fan fic:)
        (Authors: maaaaybe update FAQ site about felinians?:D Pretty sure it’ll be a frequently asked question:))

  7. /waiting for epic butt-kicking


  8. the last panel has like an interesting feel. Can’t quite explain…Epic as always you two! ;)

  9. Epic deer versus jaguar fight GO……

    Or secret heart-wrenching betrayal unveil GO.

    1. I was wondering if the second option had occurred to anyone else. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst :l

  10. Oh Visrael, now be a nice cat, please!! :( =)

    1. Visrial… lol

      I like him…. dunno why:D

    2. I like that name, Visrael. : )

      1. Every time I read it I think “Israel”

  11. was wondering what that guy was up to all this time. 6 months, where has he been?

  12. @Sumkid – I was wondering the same. Beautiful page – love those trees.

  13. thelightedDarkness

    OH! Was wondering what hsd happened to him!

    (I’m ADD…. so that little yellow spot on te right distracte me from the gorgeous trees… lol.

  14. Was I the only one that realized he said AGAIN? The poor guy’s been tracking them for 6 months constantly losing their trail! 6 MONTHS 6!!!

  15. KITTY! sorry, i’m more of a cat person than a dog person, but I still love this comic <3

    1. Same here!

  16. Ha, I like Visrial the more he shows up in the comic. Love that little snarl on his face on panel three. I didn’t know the animal people could speak in their animal forms, though.
    Ohhh, no, that’s Jyaku. I hope he’s there to help and not hurt.

    1. It threw me off too when he started speaking, but then I remembered – the one we’ve seen transformed the most is Feral. Who is mute.

      Piper spoke when transformed on page 107.

      Excited to see more about Jyaku…!

      1. Yeah, I remembered Piper speaking too, but was impressed at first.

  17. Lol… While reading i was imagining Visy with Pus in Boots voice…. -shiver-his sexy voice. D: no irish he’s the bad guy!!

    HAHA… great job as always girls. Hope you had a relaxing break from working on the comic this week ;)

  18. LOL looks like my cat when I A) make the little red laser dot disappear B) don’t feed him on time in the morning! xD OH KITTIES.

    But I hope this means Jyaku gets to kick some kitty butt! …Or…what if he’s secretly betraying Holland?! -GASP!- NOOO! Jyaku you have to be a good guy! I can’t love you and feel good about it if you’re evil!!! xD

  19. Well I totally forgot about Virsiral. In fact, I had to go back and found out who he was again. This should be interesting!

  20. Very nice. He was always one of my favorite characters because he’s a kitty. :3

  21. ahh! i can’t tell who it is with just the boot!

    1. The 9. Street of Em's

      It’s Jyaku, savior of the day and kittybutt-kicker!:D

  22. A lot of people seem to think Jyaku’s going to fight him but honestly, with the whole scene setup they’re doing this looks far more like an upcoming alliance. I’m still on the fence about Holland’s true motives but I can definitely see Jyaku as being evil.

  23. Oo, he looks so cool ^^

  24. I’m kind of curious if he is still trying to track Meela and the group, or if he was hunting someone else here. That is a long time if he was still tracking Meela and the others. I wish I could be that dedicated to something XD

  25. Eep… Visrial… Jyaku… Possible alliance? Yikes! I hope Meela and co. can handle any outcome of this meeting…

  26. Huh…never expected these two characters to meet. Whatever happens now, it’ll definitely be interesting to see!


  28. OMG! U r so amazing at drawing can u tell us your secrets behind getting a wonderful page wih beautiful art every time? Oh and hi

  29. Could it be Holland? Visrail said, “The trail is gone again.” Soon after Meela woke up from Visrail’s poision, I think that Holland mentioned that his barriers kept their enemies away… just a thought?

  30. AHHHH! MUST UPDATE NOW! This is going to be a AWSOME CHAPTER! I know, I say that and it is only the first page XDDDD

  31. nice page! haha i almost didn’t get a chance to see becuase my internet was going to get shut off back on wendsay, but it’s still on! it’s a sweet blessing! really happy that I got to see it. This is awesome, great to see Visrial back, I sense some thing really epic in the near future. :)

  32. This guy gets biased love from me cause he’s a cat. Not to mention I think he’s got a wonderful design. Him and Meela are my favorites design wise. I kinda hope he redeems himself but either way he’s a cool character.

  33. Your cat anatomy is simply superb. I love it.

  34. I haven’t read in months, but I finally caught up! Wow….

  35. He’s been searching for her all this time … that takes determination. Or stupidity. Or both.

    1. Or orders. Orders might also motivate someone to do such a thing.

  36. o.O What will happen next~?

  37. Holland.

    1. Actually…you know what? The more I look at that last panel, the more I’m beginning to think you’re right! x_X

      1. Holland with Jyaku’s boot and cloak?

        1. Admittedly, I’m terrible at identifying characters by their footwear alone. The cloak, though, DOES look like Jyaku’s. I mean, in the past, Holland has worn a cloak as well–but not for a long, long time. Pretty much not since he started traveling with Meela and Feral, so…

          Here I go taking back my statement yet again. Anywhere from 90-100% chance it’s Jyaku. XD

  38. A cat! We are meeting him again. Hmm, seems I’ll just have to read the comic all over again, as I don’t remember him at all.

    1. He’s the one who fought Feral at that mansion and it was his poisoned knife that nearly killed Meela.

  39. Maybe someone can bribe him into going away. Anyone got catnip?

  40. Brilliant as usual >w<

  41. Aha! That’s why he got so angry when he sniffed the dropped shoe! It had no scent on it!

  42. Oooh…. Visrial! I was wondering what happened to him! Poor guy, tracking Meela and co. for 6 months. Sucks to be him!
    Jyaku! It is absolutely Jyaku, unless someone else has identical boots and a same colored cape… Please don’t betray them! Though I’m afraid you’re going to….

  43. I find it funny that the expression Visrial has in the last panel kinda makes it look like he’s got his tounge sticking out,even though its just his teeth being clenched.

  44. As a cat owner (who always observes the kitties) I thought I might mention something.
    With the amount of sunlight in this page, it wouldn’t be enough to make Visrials eyes slitted as shown. They’d only be about half siltted/round(so a ‘0’ shape).

    But then this isn’t our world, so it doesn’t really matter. Just thought i’d let yous know C:

    1. Well, small pupils also indicate negative emotions such as anger/hatred/fear “^^

    2. This much is true – however as Starfall stated, emotion can influence the size of pupils as well. That’s why when really excited, a cat’s pupils will get giant to take in all the light. An angry or frightened or even startled cat can have eyes that slit all the way in a matter of seconds! It is pretty amazing. =3

  45. “Again?” huh I guess Visrial isn’t that great of a tracker if he’s lost the trail multiple times. Or Feral and them just have a friend on their side.

  46. I get the feeling tat when Meela’s time comes, she will need to fight either Jyskku or Viseral. If so, am I the only one really concerned and assured that only smething bad could come from such a thing?

  47. Okay, I’ve been noticing the debate on what sort of cat this guy is. I will settle this right now. That is clearly a South American wood chuck. Debate settled.

  48. I would like to say–

    Dude, how bad do you /suck/ at tracking? How long has it been? D:

    That, or Feral and dem got epix skills at evasion.

  49. Just saying, but Panthers dont have slit pupils, they have small round ones (i found this out while looking online)

    1. MentalikesNarwhals

      In low light levels the cats pupil must be able to open as wide as possible, but also be able to contract to very small size to protect the sensitive retina in bright sunlight. In human eyes, this size variation of the pupil is controlled by a circular ciliary muscle, but this limits the amount of size variation. In cats however, the same process is controlled by two, shutter-like ciliary muscles, which gives the cat it’s characteristic slit-like pupil in bright light conditions. All cats pupils are therefore elliptical, however some, notable the ‘Big Cats’, appear more circular when dilated.

  50. Anyone else think it just might be Kosher, you know the guy from 100pgs ago?

  51. The 9. Street of Em's
    That’s the proof that this boot is nothing less than Jyaku’s!:D
    Or a man in disguise…

  52. Hasn’t a significant amount of time passed during Meela’s training montage?
    Wouldn’t Visrial’s bossman have other things for him to do by now?
    It seems weird to me that Visrial is still looking for Meela/Feral…

    1. Visrial is freelance, so while Mithrennon probably had more work for him, he can choose to decline it and endlessly chase a grudge if he wishes to.

  53. Don’t Jyaku’s boots have more of a heel to them? Or am I just being too sharp-eyed or is it the perspective or something?

  54. Jyaku versus Visrial!

  55. so what’s a panther/tiger cross? A Piger or a Tanther?

  56. He has to be the worst tracker in existance

  57. Question; are all felines bad in this comic? Or is Visrial the only feline we ever see?

    1. No, the felinians are not inherently bad. Visrial is just a bad one. He’s the only one we have planned for the comic at the moment, but that may change in the future.

  58. Woah…is it completely crazy that I think I just recognized the second to last panel’s big kitty pose? I think I’m familiar with the photo that must’ve been used as a reference XD


    1. Possibly, I have a folder of panther images I saved from Google to reference :) I did ref one of them for that panel, though I had to adjust proportions.

  59. Jyaku didn’t jingle this time!

  60. Bad pussy!

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