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11 thoughts on “Page 24

  1. Meela’s face: Food?

  2. Second panel: All in a day’s work….

  3. frist pannel:
    I still say that guy looks cute

    1. I love the dust clouds in the first panel… They’re… EPIC!

  4. Is it just me or does… whatever her name is… look a whole lot younger in panel 3 than in the last panel?

    1. Its just you. :p The way Meela looks in panel 3 completes the way she feels about the current situation, namely being used as a bludgeon by Feral.

  5. Don’t kill Mercutio!

    1. OMG. A Teahouse reference!

      1. Teahouse? Thought it was from “Romeo and Juliet”

  6. Ok this is random but I LOVE Feral’s sheath haha!

  7. *crosses arms* FERAL! You don’t steal from dead guys. Especially guys you killed. Now give that back right now. *taps foot*

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