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Welcome to the start of Chapter 10, the last chapter in Volume 2! Here is the title page, and next Friday's update will be the first page of the chapter!

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  1. Anyone else getting the feeling that Jyaku (the guy) is taking his mask off? The girls are getting better at this motion thing!! And congats for getting the 10th chapter, girls!!

    1. And I’m 1st to comment too!!! :D

    2. yeah.. at the end of the chapter, hehe =D

    3. Sorry, he’s actually putting it on ;)

      1. You just destroyed every fangirls’ hopes. XDDD

        1. Rewind! Rewind!! >O<


      2. Is your avatar Kairi?

      3. So he isn’t just cupping his hand over it and trying to look cool?

  2. Beautiful :D you are so amazing!

  3. I think this is my favorite title page of all this time~

  4. I’m so tense with apprehension!!!!

  5. I like this page :)

    Volume 2… Does that mean that once this chapter is finished, we’ll get a new book in the store?!

    1. Yep! As soon as this chapter is finished we can take Volume 2 to print.

  6. 0_0 I can’t take these long waiting periods with the plot bait right there!
    ^_^ I love this comic keep up the good work.

  7. yeaaaaahhhhh!!!!! So excited!

  8. I so cannot wait to buy this volume when it’s done. I might have to buy one for myself and one for the classroom. I love your work so much!

  9. Borrowed Time…. never a good thing!
    Lovely cover too! It definitely looks like he’s gonna take his mask off!

  10. ironic the name of the chapter and that i’m watching “In Time”

    1. I love that movie. I got my hair cut like the girl’s :3

  11. Dear God the suspense is killing me already!!!!! I want some information!!! NOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!

  12. Can’t wait to see what lies under the mask…

  13. I feel that Jyaku is some magic witch Doctor that finds Meela when she goes to run away and teaches her to control whatever she is having to run from. But of course, Meela may be bull headed and charge right through his “Helpful” attempts. Don’t forget that he is Holland’s secretive buddy.. I don’t really trust Jyaku for more than one reason, more than I could even begin to explain.

  14. I don’t comment as often as I should but I’m hooked on this series and I can’t wait till friday to read the next page. “Borrowed Time” this should be an intense and epic chapter……oh wait they all are. Hmmm.

  15. I love this comic, but I can’t help but feel that when she turns 13 that she’s going to get killed or something. And I also can’t help but feel that the person in the mask is someone she knows!!

  16. I’m down with a bloody cold, but despite the muzzy-headedness, I am buzzing with anticipation!!! This made my day! LOL now I’m going to lie awake wondering just what Jyaku really looks like!

  17. Is it possible Meela is from some species/clan who’re demons or have special powers? 13th year: probably special transformation into something else.

    I mean: she’s got this strange ability to mind-read or rather, live out people’s memories like they’re her own. She’s her strange magic “outbursts”. And she seems to have been marking down the moon cycles.

    1. I’ve said this before, but I really like the theory: I personally think Meela’s a demon lupian. She specifically says she doesn’t have a clan, though, so I think it’s related to her (remember when she was asked why bounty hunters were hunting her, she said–as though she was guilty–“I didn’t do anything wrong.”) I think that’s why she was reading Feral’s memories, because he has some sort of demonic entanglement in his past.

      1. Yep I mean all that’s possible. Well whatever it is, I can’t wait!

        Also, I suspect Holland or Jyaku already know something’s up with her.

        1. Most likely Holland AND Jyaku.

    2. Probably something along the lines of the first Negima anime.
      She has a demon contract to die on her 13th or something.

  18. This is very exciting! Can’t wait to see what happens! Gah, can’t believe I have to wait a whole week!


  20. went back and re-read from the beginning. Small subtle things here and there that I didn’t catch as I read the series. So awesome. I can’t wait for this series to be 100% finished. I’d buy the books.

    Curious, how long / how many books it will be?

    1. That’s great to hear :) We’ve planted small hints and a few red herrings through the story, though it’s always easier to spot them when rereading.

      As for the length, Strays is going to be 3 volumes. So after this chapter is done we’ll have one more volume to go before the end.

      1. thelightedDarkness

        But then, once it ends, what will happen???

        1. Pear sales will plummet.

        2. Pears?! I LOVE PEARS!

          *gets weird looks*

          Oh, come on…like I was going to let THAT opportunity slide! A perfectly good chance to quote Mal? Really?

          Pearl sales ain’t plummeting post-Strays if I’ve got anything to say about it. XD

        3. Wow. I wrote “pearl” instead of pear. When will I ever learn?


      2. Whaa? Only one more? D:

        1. Don’t worry XD If this chapter would have 25 pages and there will be one page per week, it would take 6 month to complete whole chapter.
          And if the volume 3 will have 5 chapters, and all of the chapters will have 25 pages, we will continue our strays adventures for 2,5 year XD

      3. No! That will make me so sad! I hope you tie everything up in the end! I hate it when series leave a ton of loose ends!

      4. Well guess I better start readying the noose. :(

  21. ^Ahhhhh, I surfed the whole page and found the answer to my question in FAQ :3

  22. AHK! Only Three Volumes? :c awwh! Seems just like yesterday I started reading :3

  23. I completly for got abt him/her
    its been so long

  24. Hey, guys. Been a while. Lol. Looking forward to being able to buy Book 2. I’ve read book 1 to death. It’s now sitting pretty at the absolute top of my bookshelf. :P

  25. Hm…I have followed this from the start…I feel a bit sad that its going to end! This is prolly a stupid question…but do you ship to Sweden??

    1. Yes, we ship to Sweden. :)


    1. i know WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US???????

  27. IT’S HIM AGAIN! Or her… OMG OMG OMG! I can’t wait! PLEASE LET FRIDAY COME DOWN ON US SOON! Okay… now that is just creepy O___O

  28. Three words: JYAKU TITLE PAGE.


    (Now, why didn’t I see that coming? XD)

  29. Is Vol 2 gonna get a special cover for it like Vol 1?

    1. Yes, Volume 2 will have a new cover. We just need to finalize it!

      1. yay can’t wait to see it

  30. Tamberea Wolfspain

    hmmm iwas just thinking that what if Jyaku happens to be of relation to Mella (or even her brother) im also guessing that’d be way out of line or something like that to even be possible hmmmm…….

  31. Oh gods I know by now Yuen is most likely Feral but whatever happened to Mal? Did Mal get “absorbed” by Yuen or something?

    Also, there’s something interesting about the jewellery in this comic: the pendants or bracelets all seem to have some special powers or maybe symbolism. Come to think of it, is Meela’s bracelet really a lucky charm? What if it attracts danger instead?

    1. I’m thinking the bracelet really is just a lucky charm. What I wonder is if hunters are really after Meela’s family, or if she just slips into some terrible, curse-induced rage and has killed them all one by one. *eyeshift*
      Sure, from her opening dream sequence it looks like someone else is doing the murdering, but how did she escape as a (n adorable but arguably clueless) twelve year old? I’m suspicious. You don’t fool me, Meela! The blood of innocents stains red your hair and coat! Heh heh heh.

      1. ….Well, she was taken away by Tannor the first time when she was about four or so, but when Tannor was killed? Hmm.

  32. That was a great volume! I love how there is no long break before the next volume like some stories! Friday with be great!

  33. aaalllllllllliiiiiiissssssoooooooooon hi i cant wait to see ether

  34. Oh god he’s kind of like Oki from Okami isn’t he? Never will he take that mask off XD

  35. just another troll

    he kinda reminds me of amon

  36. He is a DEER-BABOON! :D HE’S NARAKU-JYAKU! D: Nooo…. don’t let him be eeeeeeeevilll…

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