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Stop being so emo, Meela. And this concludes Chapter 9! Check back tomorrow (Saturday) for the title page of Chapter 10. We also have a new vote incentive by popular request - Vote to get a wallpaper version of the group campfire scene from Page 236!

78 thoughts on “Page 238

  1. Poor Meela! First comment!

  2. beautiful!

  3. This page is just amazing.

  4. at first glance, I was irritated it was a one panel page.
    then I realized how awesome and beautiful that one panel is. and I felt stupid.
    seriously, though, this is gorgeous! your updates always make my Fridays. :)

  5. 5th comment! Heck yeah! And this is just so sad, but I love the art work in this scene!

  6. 6TH COMMENT! Oh Meela, why must you leave them? ;_;

    Also that wallpaper is now on my computer screen. ‘Tis so beautiful :3

  7. 7th comment! Yes! Anyways wow this page simply took my breath away. It is just absolutly stunning. Cannot wait till the next one. Hmmm usually I have something witty to say aboit the pages but I don’t have anything right now, oh well.

  8. This…is purdy. *3*

    1. what do you mean by “purdy”
      and i love this page poor meela

      1. lol she’s saying pretty ;)

        1. oooh i’m silly haha

  9. OAO So gorgeous.

  10. Holy gorgeous. o_o Please make a big big size available if it exists.

    1. Also I srsly wish I had a smaller screen size now so that wallpaper fit better. xD Stupid 1440 res, I can NEVER find a good wallpaper!

  11. This page is simply beautifull D:

  12. That’s some gorgeous drama going on right there ^^

    So excited for the new chapter to begin!! But then… anxious because Strays was originally conceived as a 3 volume series… and if each volume is five chapters long… that means we’re about to begin on the final book!!! Oh this is killing me on a number of levels… XD -dies-

    Even if I don’t have the weekend off of work – you make Fridays the best day of the week for me <3 Thank you, both!!! ^^

  13. I completely love that river!!!

  14. thelightedDarkness

    And This is why i like having a tiny screen, WALLPAPER!!!
    :D this page, is so beutiful!
    (Also, i noticed the updated still image for latest page XD)
    Awwwwwwwwh, Meela!!!

  15. Oh, I did not expect this beautiful scene right there–the landscape, the dark color palette, the wailing howl, the gorgeous sky, and of course Meela’s wolf-form–It’s all so dramatic and perfect! This is certainly my favorite webcomic, and now I’ll go vote and prove it.

  16. Great job girls :D, nice dramatic and sad tone to end the chapter. Makes me feel like THINGS are going to happen ouo

  17. oh my….such a beautiful page! Great job!!

  18. I’ve been reading back through the comic and had a crazy thought. What if the reason that Meela has to leave before/on her thirteenth B’day (Also why bounty hunters are after her) is because she is a Demon Lupin or Half-demon Lupin (Feral’s red lighting of doom looks very similar to Meela’s acting up magic.)
    This also ties into the Bracelet. Remember when she freaked out when she didn’t have it? What if the Bracelet magically hides what she really is until her powers develop on her birthday?
    Anyway just a thought. Loved the single page!

    1. LOL I just told my sister that the other day. I hope that’s what it is. I want more drama.

    2. I was starting to wonder if I was the only one with this theory! XD I don’t think the bracelet has any powers though, it seems mostly sentimental. With the backstory that developed she may be a quarter-demon, her dad seems mostly lupin.

  19. Oh yes, this gives away a lot.

  20. I want to hug her. ;___; One of those long, huggy hugs.

  21. Holy crap this page is amazing. Like I’m making it my iPod background amazing.

  22. …maybe make a wallpaper of this one, too. o3o

    1. YES I want this as a wallpaper!

  23. HEY can we please have a walpaper of this one without the “arooooo”? the text sort of spoils the beautiful artwork.

  24. I made a wallpaper of this page and then I saw your voting incentive and added that to my cache as well >w<

  25. Beautiful! Poor Meela :(

  26. Wow, so pretty! But why am I thinking that here and now would be a perfect time for that cat to attack?

  27. PRETTY!!! I go vote now… XD

  28. Premonitions?

    What are your plans? How will you sway fate?

    Stir the tides? Guide them on the next adventure?

  29. Uwah! I love this page! I can’t wait to see what happens next though, and the anticipation is killing me!

  30. Thanks for the wallpaper incentive! ^_^ Love it!

  31. Honestly a wonderful page. it works so well as a continuation of the last page and a chapter finisher. XD Can’t wait for next friday.

  32. oh my goodness i nominate this amazing picture as a wallpaper

  33. This is beautiful. I can’t wait ’till the next page.

  34. The 9. Street of Em's

    Wan’t to know, want to know, want to knoooow…. :D
    Btw, really nice picture!:)

  35. Love it~! ^-^ I can’t wait for next week.

  36. Am I the only one that wishes this was the wallpaper (minus the ‘aroo…’ text)?

  37. It’s beautiful! I especially love the way you did the clouds and trees with the light.

  38. oh the suspense

  39. <3 this page is beautiful! Coming home from school to see the latest page always makes my day! c:

  40. YAY NEW PAGE! Poor sweet Meela… I wish she’ll be happy again next chapter! We want happy Meela! XD I love the background scene! Me want lessons from you beutiful artists! XDDD

  41. non story comic -1
    absolutely gorgeous +infinity
    i’d say it balances out.

  42. D: Nuuu! Don’t stop there! Tell us Meela, tell usssssss! >.<

  43. it feels like a final page of this chapter… maybe it is! ;]

  44. sooooooooooo cooooooooooooool i want to be a wolf!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. So forlorn. :'( But this page is gorgeous!

  46. Holy… wow. Just wow. I am continually blown away by the amount of amazingness that you all crank out every week. Mad props, seriously.

  47. So beautiful! I don’t just say this randomly, but this is my favorite page. The lighting, the pose, and the setting makes it “howl” loneliness.
    Just curious, but are they still in West Meolley?

    1. Yes, they are still in West Meoley.

  48. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing panel it’s beatiful. But Meela oh god. I feel like Meela is hiding something.

    1. could it be her secret about the bounty hunters????

  49. Oh, what is Meela so sad about?
    Oh How i hate Cliffhangers!

    By the way, Beautiful artwork on this page! ;)

    1. I Know, it, i just know it has to do with the Bounty hunters!

      1. yea me too
        or it could be about something else

  50. The one-panel pages in this comic are always gorgeous, but WOW…this is something else! Tragically beautiful in a way that only Strays can be–that’s always been one of the things I love most about this comic. =)

  51. screw the campfire scene. I want THIS as a wallpaper. OwO

  52. This page… it’s so beautiful.


  53. I’m in love with this page <3 Well done, Getting a little sad though.. What's going to happen? =[

  54. Fancy that. Nobody has claimed anything to be “priceless” on this page.

    Well done.

    And is that supposed to be a road or a river in the background?
    Nothing wrong with it being a road… but if it is a river, the lay of the land could be considered a bit odd.

    1. I think it’s a river–but if you look carefully, it comes from around the cliff and not through it (unless you meant something else.)

      1. It is kinda tough to explain. The valley looks artificial… The river is meandering somewhat, which one would expect more from flatter landscapes than hilly terrain… yet there are obviously slopes there. And if the river had carved the valley then you’d expect the slopes to match themselves to the sides of the river.

        I can’t really explain it well though. I only did a unit or two on river channels and suchlike at undergrad level, and that was quite a while ago so I can’t really remember the details…

  55. Ow, awesome… would be nice as a poster :)

  56. If your going to cry do it in wolf form then at least you sound cool

  57. Meela, the high and mighty queen of subtlety.

  58. Need this as a desktop background. I hope u start making backgrounds and selling them? Mebbe? Pllleeeeaaaseeee…???

  59. Oh my god she’s so pretty! I wish I could transform

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