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Oh dear Meela, what are you speaking of, I wonder.

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  1. I wonder indeed

    1. MMMMM, perhaps Mella is a demon and her 13th birthday is when her demon side breaks out >:D

      Like when Feral went nute when she tried to wake him up in the Inn. Evil has corrupted thier hearts!!!!

      Also love the comic. i am still learning to draw >.>

      1. Or she is under a curse of the gypsy variety….

  2. Poor girl!

  3. MEELa? Whats wrong doll?

  4. why do you torment us with these nasty cliff hangers!!!!??????
    Meela I wanna hug and comfort you so bad so you don’t cry no more.

    1. It’s Literally ending on top of a cliff…

      1. Loooool!

      2. ROFL. This. This comment right here wins the page.

    2. IRONY!!

      1. irony… on a cliff… not a good place to be

      2. Actually it’s a coincidence. That’s not what “irony” means. Irony is “an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected.”

        1. A little technical are we? You know what they mean, so why do you have to point it out? Really?

        2. …because that’s not what irony means. Coincidence/Literality and irony are pretty darn near being opposite terms. It’s worse than, say, mistaking a spider for a bug or calling a four year old a baby. It’s more like calling blue a “warm color” or calling midnight afternoon or saying “I ain’t never saw no gooses”. The terms are related by both being literary terms but that’s the only commonality. Sv Rouge only brought it up in conversation (when the moment was appropriate) merely to educate, not to be rude. It’s a sweet thing to do to impart knowledge when you have it rather than to hoard it and let people continue to sound uneducated when they are obviously not. It’s a common mistake, but at the same time, it’s still a mistake and, you know what? I’ll bet there are people who have read this comment stream, who could give less than a rin about English grammar, that now know more about irony than most English majors. Howzat for ironic? :)

        3. Which I never said was a bad thing, and blue can be a warm color!! <:-O

        4. Because I like reading long comments :D

        5. You lost me at Coincidence/Literality.

  5. 13 is an unlucky number for her family, it seems. Is 13 when something happens as part of puberty? Maybe it’s like the bracelet, something she believes, but isn’t really true. . .
    Poor Meela.


    Seriously, though, great work. Haven't been this hooked on something in a long time.

    1. Not even drugs. O_O. Just kidding, drugs are bad 3 7


  8. Why 13? Why is that bad? Tell us Meela! TELL US! >.<

    1. I think there might be a thing with her family that when you reach the age of 13 then you have to go and find your own way in life. or shometin… :\

    2. The number 13 has always been considered to be an unlucky number so maybe that’s why. But I think something bad is going to happen. Like the people who killed her family is supposed to kill her on her birthday maybe.

  9. assassin creed fan

    poor meela, don’t cry… tell us.

  10. Babbuuuuu ;-; We love yooouuuuuu saosjklajfsda

    Also curse your cliffhangerssss!!!

    And gorgeous lighting. Stop that. o3o

  11. Aaaah cliffhangers!

    I am seriously wondering though and considering a couple of people’s theory that her clan might have some sort of curse or pact with the demons. Being Feral has some demon power inside him (his red eye) I wonder if that’s what connects them, how Meela has seen Feral’s past. Like whatever pact her clan has it binds them to the demons which is why her powers are a bit wonky (and she wonders if Holland will figure it out) and also her worrying about turning 13 and having to leave. It would explain why her family was killed too, that they’re feared for their connection to demons… I don’t know I’m just antsy for the reveal.

    Watch we have to wait at least a month to find out. AAAAH!

    1. I get more and more sure of this theory with each page!

    2. What if they got their plot ideas from our comments? 0_0

  12. I think the problem is rather simple. Meela’s training with Feral is coming to end on her Birthday. Meela leaving friends would be pretty sad by itself, leaving on her birthday is nothing short of cruel.

    1. I don’t think it is anything that simple. Especially because she is worried about Holland figuring something out about her magic flare-ups.

      1. Maybe Meele unleashes some kind of familiar unique to her clan?

        1. But…Meela said earlier she didn’t have a clan. It was too hard to get into one, her brother said. Maybe this mystery is why?

        2. Maybe they used to be in a clan? Or maybe it’s just their family?

  13. Maybe this has something to do with her magic flareups? some kinda family curse or something like that?

  14. Poor Meela :( 13’s always been a good number for me…

  15. Is it bad I really want that fourth panel as a background without the text… <.<

    1. I wouldn’t mind the 5th panel as a wallpaper. Or maybe some sort of collaboration between the 4th and 5th.

  16. Feral! Don’t just sit there! Go see what the poor girl is so sad about! And give her another good whack on the head if she tries to get out of telling you! WE ALL WANT TO KNOW!!!!!

  17. thelightedDarkness

    Awwwwww, Meela, its gonna be okay!!!


  19. I wonder what she is going to do. o n o

  20. umm its my 13th birthday is that bad?

    1. Do you turn into a wolf? Do you have to leave all your friends?

      No? Then for you, probably not.

      (Many happy returns of the day!)

  21. ou… Meela what’s wrong? you poor poor thing :(
    whats the secret? Ô.ó

    WOW is Meela almost 13??? what will happen then?

    I can’t wait for next Friday ~

  22. Hrm…..this is interesting. I wonder what she’s talking about.

    Also…anybody else think it’s a bad idea to howl and announce your position when there’s a big angry kitty after you?


    1. thelightedDarkness

      I agree,

      (Wonder whatever happened to him……….)

    2. Aw, crap, I forgot about Kitty! D:

    3. Oh great. Not the angry kitty! Feral! Get yer butt in gear and go get Meela before bad things happen!

  23. Is there a curse related to being thirteen?

    I could’ve sworn she was older than thirteen….

    1. Modern living retards maturing. Cultures where kids get more responsibility younger see them grow up quicker.

  24. Oh noes – shes going to turn into a TEENAGER! :)

    1. ROFL. Much scarier than any demon. XD

    2. thelightedDarkness

      *falls over laughing*

    3. Oh boy that’s not good at all XD

    4. oh no! the days of darkness are upon us!!!!!

  25. Awww! Poor Meela! Don’t cry! :( Oh I cannot wait until next week!

    1. You kidding there’s another 15 pages until we find out whats going on.

      1. Bare minimum

        1. really? I was giving it 20.

  26. Aw man, I don’t know what’s wrong, but Meela needs a hug. :(

  27. Hm, is that a new form she magicked into or is it just because of the lacking daylight?

    Anyway, I wonder what will happen next.

    1. Was wondering about this, too.

    2. It’s not a new form, she just shifted to her wolf form.

  28. I was taught to actually do a cliffy almost on each page because it makes the reader want to know what happens next and yes this is ONE MAJOR CLIFFY! Can’t wait for next Friday! <333 Makes me want to huggle her! and the last panel is just amazing the expressions are great.

  29. The first thing that came to me is that those random outburst is maybe linked to her 13th birthday….and she wants to be with them, but she’ll be exposing to them whatever this phenomenon is. Hmm.. CLIFFHANGERRRS.

  30. Piper’s face in the last panel is gorgeous!!!!

    1. I know! Piper’s my favorite character in this series. She was since Feral went over to…. make facial expressions with….

  31. how old was Meela’s brother when he died?

    1. That’s a very good question! When you will lok at page 2, you will see, that Meela is very small.
      Her brother have a bracelet on his hand, so it mean, that they parents are already dead. So… he was looking after Meela’s for some time (as she will turn 13 soon). But how old he was when he died, and why he died… I have no idea.

      1. It was implied somewhere that he got killed by bounty hunters, I think. As for how old he was, I want to say nineteen. Meela looks about four in the flashback (I don’t want to go any younger because of how long her hair was) while Tannor looked ten or eleven. Eight years later, he probably died at about Holland’s age.

      2. It’s hard to say. He could be between 14-17 here
        And he was still alive, that is, I’f I’m not mistaken. He had to have died not long after that.

  32. Wow. The lighting in this scene is gorgeous. And the thought bubble style does a great job of conveying the emotion.

    Poor Meela. I hope everything turns out all right for her.

  33. Hmmm, looks like Feral’s eye is glowing a little… could that mean something?

    1. I noticed that too. I wonder if it has to do with the lighting or what’s going on with Meela…

    2. It isn’t glowing, it’s just the lighting :3

  34. This entire page is beautiful! I just had to say that; the lighting is perfect in every panel, I love all the different angles and backgrounds… everything is spectacular. <3

  35. Thereallyupsetreader

    Meela is going to get attacked and she is going to die. ((I know))

  36. The suspense is killing me!!!!

  37. Noooo! Evil cliffie! Feral! Go comfort her!

    1. And stop giving me writer’s block!!!

  38. Soon it will be the 5 years of posting strays online, wouldn’t be?
    And I still don’t know anything about Meela’s and Feral’s past XD
    Anybody else noticed, that this is the 24th page of this chapter and usually the chapters have 25-27 pages? It could mean that we are coming closer to the end of this chapter C: Who knows…

    And… I’m still curious about THAT guy:
    DO YOU REMEMBER HIM? XDD I’m sure that he knowed a lot of and that he is, or rather he was somebody important for this story.
    Replies with suggestions and crazy theories are welcomed! 8D

    1. *he KNEW, not knowed… u___u Me and my “perfect” english. Sorry.

      1. thelightedDarkness

        I have a reaaaaally crazy theory, but i will keep it to myself for now….. *mischevious grin*

        1. My own theory is that he was a friend of Tannor, or Meela’s father, and he may have helped the children hide or escape from the bounty hunters. He said that ‘they’ (probably the people who hired the bounty hunters) tried to kill him (but got his wife instead) because of ‘what he did,’ and his memory of Meela was as a little sad girl.

        2. and i think you idea or theory (bluerosebud) is somhow reaaalllly good 0.0

    2. You are correct! The next page is the last one of the chapter ;)

      1. That sounds veeery interesting! I love your chapter covers and I can’t wait to see the next one 8D

      2. but why????
        i mean it’s good and all but they is still a lot that needs to be explained

      3. I have a sinking feeling that someone unexpected and unwanted is going to pop up. :I Leaving for an even greater cliffhanger.

        1. We will see that soon :’D I think that story is getting more and more action with every chapter!

          (yay, 100th comment! XD)

  39. Aww, Meels!

  40. Awwwww Meela! </3

  41. Curiouser and curiouser.

  42. This would make such an epic anime.

    1. And it’s already got chibi moments, so the transition might actually be pretty smooth.

      Frankly, I’d die for an anime version of this. I doubt that would actually happen for various reasons (the difficultly with adapting the journal sequence, the sheer amount of effort that would be required to make it, and such things), but if it did, I’d be the first to see it.

  43. Aww, poor Meela, don’t cry. :c Why can’t it be next friday yet, its such a cliffhanger.

  44. Could she be crying because she doesn’t want Feral and the others to get hurt because those bandits who killed off her family are hunting her and they have to kill her when she turns 13???? Just a thought X3

  45. Oh, man, the lighting in the fourth panel is AMAZING! Really great artwork as always, folks. Thank you.

  46. It’s obvious what the issue is. She’s about to become a teenager, and we all know how much fun it is to travel with teens.

  47. Poor Meela :(

  48. meela.. oh meela what’s happening?!?! D’8>

  49. Feral went to kill Tannor (cause he was a bounty hunter) and Tannor used some kind of demon power (the same kind that Meela seems to have a bit of) on Feral, but somehow ended up getting sealed in Feral’s eye (his soul or powers or something). Yay me. [Probably way off.]

  50. Meela’s ‘power’ would be…turning into some kind of dangerous demon-esqe thing? Bah! I have no idea.


  52. Cliff hanger on top of clif B| Not cool bro… not cool

  53. Arrgghhh….this is so good! And I am loving all the different outfits Meela has been wearing these last few panels!

  54. What isn’t fair? Come on Meela tell us!

  55. oooo!!!! this story is gettin’ better and better with every page!
    meela! hang in there!


  57. It is customary to neuter her species at age 13, I’d be howling too :(

  58. You SUCK!!!! Leaving us on these awfull cliffhangers!!!!! Making us wonder what’s going to happen next. You evil person!!!! ;) :) <3 <3 <3

  59. Makes me sad when I see Meela cry ;o; Stunning drawings, though. x3

  60. This whole page is wonderful, but especially the last three panels. I love the last one. Feral, Holland, and Piper’s faces are amazing.
    At least we know that she’s not leaving because Feral is making her leave. I think the others don’t know she needs to leave soon. Poor Meela! I’m about to cry!

    1. so am i but why is she leaving??
      i dont get it why does meela have to leave has something happened and what’s up with that kitty or cat guy who tryed to posion her we havent seen him since he found one of meela’s shoes
      really love his comic so many questions
      but must wait @.@

      1. I’m sure all our questions will be answered. All in due time. :( Unfortunately, that means waiting.
        Yeah… I’m sure that it wouldn’t take kitty guy this long to find them.

  61. Go catch her, Feral

  62. I don’t know why, but Holland has always kinda reminded me of Thomas Raith from the Dresden Files, though their hair colors are completly opposite.

  63. I can’t wait to find out what happens!! Please hurry!

  64. friday cant come soon enough!

  65. OMW! I just noticed how much your art has changed! AWESOMENESS!!!!!!
    I look back at the first pages of the comic and then flip forward and i am blow away at it. You guys have the best comic EVER!

  66. My theory is that their family is still being hunted, and i’d reckon that they have some sort of mark that comes up when they begin to mature/get older, so she’d have to leave because this would mark her for the bounty hunters (like Feral is) to kill, and if she stayed she might end up dead like her brother.

  67. Does anyone else think it’s unhealthy to talk to yourself as if you’re talking to one of your dead siblings?

    1. just a tad…

  68. I hope this means we will finally learn why Meela’s family has all been killed.

  69. Poor Meela. i wonder why? I hope everybody cheers her up.

  70. This is just a random thought and a terrible one at that, but… Maybe whenever her family turns 13, they go crazy and kill everyone in sight? I mean, in her flashbacks, it looked like a young adult that was attacking her family and then it only showed her and her brother escaping. Maybe the twin brother (I think he was his twin?) was the one that went crazy and killed their family. They escaped, but then her brother left her and went to face the brother and died in doing so? And now she is worried that she will do the same. I dunno, it doesn’t really make much sense…

    1. no, the twin was killed. If you go back to the page you can see his dead body. :P

  71. Ohhhhh, I really want to find out what’s going on with the 13 thing. Poor Meela ;_;

    … My brother is thirteen… Its a bit weird thinking that they’re the same age. ._.

  72. i love this page even if its kinda sad….. there is so much depth in it. i love this cominc and plan to buy this once it comes out in real book form.

  73. PS. I like the new New Page banner. =D Fun transition, makes it look so official and nice!

  74. POWER UP!

  75. This is the farthest I’ve ever read into this comic, but I’m going to guess the whole having to leave at 13 is nothing more than a cultural tradition where lupians without clanmarkings leave their pack behind to brave the dangers of the world on their own.

  76. I really like how much Meela has changed throughout this comic

  77. Ahh, I love this dramatic scene.

  78. 13th birthday? when her saavy is unleashed upon the earth?

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