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Whoa, Meela. Looks like you've got a bit of a hitch in your get-along.

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  1. Ooooo figure what out?! I must know!!!

    1. Go ahead and figure it out.

      1. We can’t yet. Soon…. Yes, sssssoon… Unless he doesn’t say it in the next page either, and we are stil in suspence for a few more months.

  2. Ohh Does she know something important? :O

  3. Figure out what?! I can’t wait! O.O

  4. The suspense of not knowing what she’s hiding is killing me!

  5. Well she’s female. Dunno how old exactly but she’s growing up fast. There’s one thing that could easily destabilize concentration that comes to mind… but it could be something completely different.

    1. I like the way you think, it is a lot like myself. Being a woman I can totally attest to things being distracting at times.

      But she probably has some dark unexplained magic or something.

      1. As opposed to the dark explained magic of menses?

    2. I doubt that would be the reason, mostly because I’m sure it happens more often than that. I agree more with Lyndz, though it doesn’t necessarily have to be dark magic, just something most people frown upon that could be mistaken for dark.

      1. Aroura nightingGaile

        I agree whole heartedly but if you look back.. its acting the same way that fearl’s did when he took the panther guys powers… im wondering when we’re going to see him again…..

    3. Boys right? Yeah we must be talkin’ ’bout boys -_-

    4. i think it has something to do with the fact that her family was being pursued and killed, maybe they hav some kind of power that others want/fear an thats why her family was being hunted o.o

  6. OAO -Super curious-

  7. maybe shes a super magician/ bounty hunter/teenage girl/lupian vampire with a pet dragon whos afraid of her magic…… or maybe i just took the best bits out of random stories…

    1. Well, there was some reason that she and her brother had to leave home.

  8. so do we get to find out before Holland?

  9. It could be a case of different clans using different magic. A wolf from the mountains, say, might have a different magical “talent” than a wolf from a river delta. Perhaps her clan had a very specific and recognisable magical talent that she’s worried he’ll figure out and then either turn her in or kill her because of it.

    1. that’s an interesting thought, i never considered that.

  10. Oh Meela, Holland gave you that journal, if it’s not enchanted somehow he’ll get it the old fashioned way -he already knows

    1. thelightedDarkness


    2. OnO Soooo not cool! (But probably right >.<)

  11. It looks to me that that’s the same energy that Feral used against Visceral to bring him down (or did he take it? I can’t remember), and the same energy, that Holland described as a ‘dark energy’, that he was trying to get rid of when he was attacking the trees before. I’m thinking either Meela has been affected by Visceral’s poison, she’s more connected to Feral than she knows or, more likely, something in her past is cropping up now in this form.

    1. No, feral “stole” that energy fro, Visceral and basically used it against him a believe. But i like the way to think.

      1. By god, did i just wake up and start typing or what?? XD

        1. I was thinking the same thing Irish. xDD

        2. thelightedDarkness

          o.O yeah XD

  12. >w< yay!! plot development!!!!

    I'm gonna buy these books in sets if they ever come out in stores!

    1. You can get the books online. silly goooose. :P
      It’s in the strays store!

  13. I still wonder about the bounty hunters that were after her and her faimly, wonder if this might be connected? can’t wait for next week!! Friday, why you no here faster!!??!

  14. so many unanswered questions

  15. Figure what out! Next friday is so faaaaaar. :(

  16. Maybe her family has a very unique magic like chibidoll said, but the way they got it was through suspicious means, like if her family was a family of demon hunters, maybe they found a way to either absorb or mimic the demons’ powers, and since this may be frowned upon, people have tried to put an end to it by force.

    1. That’s a possibility, i like it.

  17. FIND WHAT OUT?!???!??! I_ MUST_ KNOW_!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. my hunch says that it is similar power to feral…and feral has a similar to demon creature… >_> i could be wrong…

  19. I wonder if her family has special forbidden powers…

  20. “Could he already suspect that I’m… a Sith Lord?”

  21. Meela… He probably already has.

    1. It’s Holland. He almost certainly already has…she just doesn’t know it. XD



  24. .*twitch* *twitch* how am I supposed to wait ’till Friday?!?!

  25. Secrets, I must know them! Deffinitly has something to do with her family and the reason the bounty hunters were after them. Which will hopefully explain alittle more about that guy from chapter 3 and how he knew Meela. I need to know! XD

  26. So Mysterious… :0 lol xD She looks so nervous… Holland must know!

  27. Now THAT’S an attention-grabbing cliffhanger line! My mind is already abuzz with theories. Is the reason tied to why Meela and her brother were hunted by bounty hunters? Why she’s hit with nightmares? Why Feral and she seem to share a link that neither can figure out? THE POSSIBILITIES~!

    Thanks once again for this comic.

  28. THE SUSPENSE! Also, Cellese? Could you put a new page here on Sunday? Because that’s my birthday and it would be nice if you did that.

    1. They probably can’t due to their tied up schedules and Otakon.
      But happy Early Birthday Rachi xD

    2. Well she didn’t. Epic comic though :D

  29. what if it was the posion!

  30. And here I thought she was just clumsy with magic. Of course then I remember that her family members keep getting killed by bounty hunters so it muse be something in her bloodline that makes her magic so unstable, and why she dreams about Feral’s past.

  31. THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dx

  32. Ihateyou. Next Friday is WAYYYY too far. D8

  33. Holland looks very unimpressed in that second to last panel lol.

    I can’t get over his expressions, they are always the best.


  34. Yes, I gotta say, Holland sure does wear his emotions on his sleeve…or his face, shall I say? LOL XD

  35. Lol, you two sure know how to drop cliffhangers. I love this story and I can’t wait every week for more to come. I wish it was like when I first found out about Strays and had a few chapters to read in one shot xD
    Love you guys!

  36. Holland looks so serious all of a sudden.


  37. maybe it has something to do with her brother being murdered n stuff…? D:

  38. Everyone’s worrying that this is a sign of something dark, and that Meela knows it. While I kind of agree, I’m gonna play devil’s advocate and suggest something completely different: perhaps she’s just not good at controlling it yet? Perhaps this is just a normal progressive thing, and if Holland finds out he could step up something in the lessons to compensate?

  39. Perhaps this is why there was a hit on her clan?……


  41. Simple comment with a not easy answer: Meela what are you hiding?

  42. Does Meela’s head/hair look a lot like Feral’s in the first panel, or is it just me?

  43. did you notice in the 3rd box meelas eye is a slight red.

  44. ooo what an awesome story XD cant wait for the rest :D

  45. Well, she did say that people had been after her family. Maybe there’s something weird about her family that’s starting to show through in her?

  46. While I’m probably going to die of anticipation like everyone else, I still can’t help giggling at Meela’s adorable little poofed up tail, every time I see it.
    Also, I love the range in outfits we’ve been seeing these past few pages!

  47. I bet its the poison!!!
    Poor Meela3:

  48. Holland looks so serious.

  49. thelightedDarkness

    O.O Holland…. Your scary when your face is like that……

  50. Maybe Meela’s mysterious connection to Feral is what’s causing the spazziness.

  51. Snowtail the Khajiit

    I love all of the people freaking out about suspense. Impatient people. XD

  52. on top of everything id like to remind everyone that Holland already knows bounty hunter killed her family and therefore after her ssssooooo i thinks he gave that journal for that reason

  53. Perhaps who she is and her family would explain much, I’m still curious as to why her clan and later her older brother were killed.

  54. Hey Cel+Algy,

    I hope you guys sign up for the PA Stripsearch. If you haven’t already heard, go to the PennyArcade website for more details. I love this comic so much cuz of all of the effort you guys put into each update. The BG, the colors, the simplicity & complexity. I don’t know what the rules are about collaborated comic strips, I imagine they would be included since PA is (was) a 2-man operation also.

    Anyways, thanks for all your good-hard work. And keep it up :)


  55. wow love meela’s outfits they change everytime we see her
    but one quick question what is meela so worried about holland finding out?
    i dont get it
    keep up the awesome work

  56. Poor Meela! I have to agree with the comments about maybe that’s why peope were after her family. It definitely could be something genetic.
    I’m glad today is Sunday and I didn’t get around to reading this on Friday (I was out of town) because now I don’t have to wait as long! Though I bet we won’t find out for awhile……
    GAH! The cliffhangers in this comic are SO frustrating!!! But I love it!
    Holland, you are terrifying when you’re upset….

    1. i know right its scarrrryyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Damn, the one page I actually read on friday.. And it has such a big cliffhanger! (I Did read this on friday, I just haven’t been able to post till now.)
    I’m thinking that its either the poison is actually still harming her and its causing her to lose concetration, she has the same ablitly as Feral and acidently took in some of Versatile’s power when Feral used that on him, since she dreams of someone who could be Feral younger- Maybe she is connected to him and took some of Versatile’s power.
    I bet everyone has got it wrong:3

  58. o: -Singsong- Meela has a secre~t! Totally forgot to look for the update friday. Oh, well. :3

  59. Figure out what?! I can’t wait!
    oh. and I love Meelas look/style :D and her expression in the last panel is grate :D
    I JUST CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

    ps. I have just cycled one hundred kilometers

  60. i think she is getting older, so she is changing, which means pretty soon she will be able to shape shift into her wolf form! Holland would be able to guess and probably understand better than she does :D

    1. she already shape shifted into her wolf form.

      1. WHAT?! i missed it :O which page did that happen?

  61. Knowing Holland he probaly already knows,just waiting for Meela to tell him….

  62. thats sounds about right

  63. Dang it, I want to know now!!!!!! And Holland you look more grow up (mature?) than normal in that second to last panel….. Hope the magic is demon related type thing, ‘cuz that would just be epic, though I’m not too sure how Holland and Feral would take that….

  64. I wonder if Meela’s secret is the reason why her and her brother had to run away when they were younger.
    I’m curious now, can’t wait to find out what she’s hiding

  65. What happened with Meela’s mother?
    there’s only about her dad and brother, but nothing about the mother.

  66. doesn’t check for a few weeks. Lastest page is a cliff hanger RAWR

  67. Okay… I don’t think it has anything to do with her family… Nor genetic crap between her and Feral. :I I think something is just distracting her, her mind is on something different and she’s not paying attention to how she’s channeling her mana(magic) through her sword correctly, which, ends up with a sudden outburst. The red crackly magic stuff… What ever it is, might just be a common spell used by Lupians, and just is kinda hard to control if not handled correctly… o-o

    But that’s just my theory on this :o

  68. I agree that the magic has something to do with Meela’s past and why she’s being chased. She seems pretty familiar with it, even though she just started learning magic, and she knows it’s something she doesn’t want Holland finding out more about. It’s Feral that I’m really curious about though. I think he got his dark energy from an injury somehow, and I want to know what the story is with that!! =D

  69. somethings wrong. HOLLAND’S NOT SMILING!!! O___O

  70. Maybe it’s…that time of month?

  71. Is she a half-demon? That’s my guess.

    1. Yeah I was thinking along that train of thought too. They’re supposed to be loners too… uh…

  72. i have never seen holland so mad

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