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Meela, you've got a long way to go before you're slashing trees like Feral.

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  1. Poor trees, they get so abused.

    1. LOL YES!

      1. :3 One day the trees will revolt and start magic stabbing people!

        1. OMG! THE ENTS!!!

        2. Ents FTW! =D

        3. LOL! The ending of Strays, right here!

          When the time comes and the trees wreak their vengeance on our poor beloved characters, we will all remember the words of the prophetess Ammanda, and how she alone knew the truth! XD

        4. Well, we’ll just have to hope they aren’t Redneck Ents. =P

        5. Durkon was right all along!

    2. Well, they need to stop having affairs with eachother. /sips tea B{o

      1. thelightedDarkness

        Lol, Sofy i almost died laughing XD

  2. LOL
    Oh Meela Magic just seem to be your strong suit does it?
    haha xD

  3. Meela really is looking grown up here.

    1. I agree, she looks more teenage-gangly here. I think that Holland had input into this outfit (considering the visable bellybutton ;p)

      1. Oh, no! Holland is transferring his fashion sense to Meela as he teaches her!

    2. I was thinking the same thing. She still has that sweet, Meela-look, but she’s more mature.

  4. Beep beep, “allows” is misspelled in the fourth panel.

    1. no its not

  5. her clothes are always so interesting!

  6. she doesnt look quite tall enough in the 1st panel…

  7. Is it just me, or does Meela kind of look like a boy in the 5th panel?

    1. I was thinking the same thing… but it doesn’t really matter… :D

  8. Holland should’ve stood away from the trees….really, really far away. :)

  9. XD she’s got that look, like “Please don’t hurt me!”

    but she’s really good now! fantastic! :D

  10. aww, I hope the dagger doesn’t blow up in her face!

  11. aw! Seems Holland is doing all the teaching like a mother hen and feral is like a father away on business trip all the time… hope he is not cheating on his wife!

    1. O.o i wth’d at that

  12. LOL I like that look on her on panel 5. XD

  13. Anyone else noticed her hair style has changed?

    1. No, I’m pretty sure that haircut is from when Holland took her to the party at the mansion.

    2. yeah just not brushed neatly. What’s the point, she’ll just get dirty and messy again xD

  14. You’re having fun with Meela’s outfits aren’t you? And is it just me or does she seem a bit more muscly?

    1. believewhatyousee

      I was gonna say that xD I noticed she’s not as scrawny as she used to be, compared to the picture at the top of the page.

      1. I actually didn’t really notice either xD
        But yeah she has and she’s able to catch food and eat more too. c:

  15. Meela don’t set fire to the trees! Don’t go crying when a pissed off ursine/bear dude named Smokey comes out of the woods to give you a stern talking to, young lady!

  16. Aw, the trees…….. Always the trees………. T~T

    1. AND THE ROCKS. Don’t forget the rocks :P

  17. …I just read 231 pages in about an hour

  18. I love that shirt/vest/top whatever you want to call it, Meelas outfit in this page, I love it and want it IRL.
    Also this page is amazing, as always. Love the last pannel too, hope it continues to the next page. :)

  19. She’s starting to look more and more like Feral.

  20. It’d be cool if she decided to master a single element :3

  21. Hi, I’m in Chrome and the new page previews on the home page aren’t showing up. Just thought I’d let you know! I tried a hard refresh with no change.
    I miss seeing a little snippet of the newest page when I visit the site, it instantly lets me know if there has been and update… and it’s exciting.

    1. I’m in Firefox, and I’m not seeing them either, even after a hard-refresh.

    2. The new page preview was changed to a static image so it wouldn’t spoil the future pages to new readers.
      When a new page is posted, the date under the static image changes, as well as a post on the front page under announcements.

  22. I love her new wardrobe. Holland gets props `cause you know it`s his fault. XD

    Awww, our little wolf pup is growing up. ;w;

  23. Hm, I wonder why it acts up..? Unless it’s just because she is inexperienced and it has nothing to do with she may/may not be the only one in her body (what?). I might be over-thinking. :3

  24. I’m so in love with her new wardrobe as well. All of her outfits are so adorable and entirely functional! I’m soooo tempted to cosplay her.

  25. Well, at least she didn’t catch herself on fire this time… xD

  26. I feel like, this is an omen. Or some link between the dreams she’s had in the past. It looks very peculiar to me. >_>


  27. I just now thought of this but, do you think maybe dark energy could possibly be related to their hatred they have in the heart? It sounds kinda silly probably, but I was thinking maybe dark energy is some of the magic they have that turns dark because of their pains and hatred of something that happened to them in their past.

  28. thelightedDarkness

    Well Meela You look like Holland in those clothes XD.

    But is it just me or does she look more boyish in the 5th panel??

  29. Holland must have picked out her outfit for the day, she’s got some belly button showing :P


  30. Go Meela!

  31. Go Meela
    go! Gosh
    n you holland! You’re influencing everyone’s fashion statements with statements of your own!
    Ignore how weird the comment is laid out, this computer does that soetimes and I can’t fix it :/

  32. Meela’s looking very confident lately… most of the time!

  33. The “acting up” magic looks a LOT like the magic Feral used when he attacked Visrial…. so I wonder….. it’s the same red, the same spiky, the same “krak” sound…..
    Man, I’m loving the new wardrobe Meela!!!
    Holland, you should stand farther away from the trees…..
    This comic is the BEST! I absolutely love it! I was away on a trip for the past month, and I missed four pages. It was kinda cool though, cuz I got to read them all at once yesterday, and now today I get another page!!!! YAY!!!! Anyways……
    Keep up the awesome comic! Can’t wait to find out what happened with Visrial….

  34. Pannel 6 mell a oh shi…. Face

  35. ahhh, i finally caught up to the most resent strip, and i just started yesterday!
    other than that, i do feel that meela is starting to look more mature, little by little!

  36. I dont know if it’s intended or not, but I like how we can see Feral and Holland’s influence in Meela. Because that second-to-last panel looks like a very Feral expression, and the clothes…well, it’s been well established who’s been playing “mommy”. Lol.

  37. Is it just me,
    Or does Meela look a little more… Boyish?

    1. thelightedDarkness

      Its not just you.

  38. Poor Meela, everything seems to act up on her quite a bit, the fire, magic in the daggers…. poor pup, she’ll get the hang of it.

  39. Hey guys, do i have permission to use wolf meelas face as a gravatar image ??.?

  40. Meela finally has cleavage!! (Weird comment is weird) Good for her! XD

    1. Yes…. weird comment is weird

  41. Meela sure has grown from that skinny lil child to this amazing girl!

  42. meela needs to start fighting in her wolf form! maybe training how to fight as a wolf?

  43. Holland should stand away from the tree or he could die or get seriously hurt

  44. Poor pups, always getting into trouble…you’ll get it sometime, Meela… +whisper+ …I hope!
    Anyway, I love how you show how Meela’s growing up! I wonder if she’s still that immature little kid inside… I guess we’ll find out soon! On one hand, I hope she has that personality still, on the other, I’d feel bad for her.

  45. Bwahahahha I love this comic <3333

  46. Meela needs to stop setting her hair on fire.

  47. Love Meela’s face in panel 3

  48. Meela definitelly looks like a boys ._. Pretty boy

  49. Heyyyy, Holland musta let her borrow one of his bellybutton shirts! xD


  51. The trees’ verdict: “it is not yet time, young one”

  52. Meela looks like her mum a bit here :D

  53. And may the Force be with you, young Padawan.

  54. Spin Attack! XD

  55. Its the same static that feral had when he sapped the dark energy from that guy who attacked them

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