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Prince Holland, both enforcing and breaking gender stereotypes since his first appearance in the comic. Also, due to numerous complaints about spoilers the "Latest Page" link in the sidebar has been changed to a static image. Enjoy.

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  1. I was wondering about that. Thought the page had glitched or there was a new scene with meela wolfy! Sadly no.

    But there’s a new page none the less! Holland indeed would make an odd king.

    1. It’s a pity he isn’t the youngest of three brothers, it would be a dead cert.

  2. AWWW!!! Poor Meela. She got Holland’d. But great job. I saw the latest page thing changing and was all O_O Glitch!!! Lmao. Great page!

  3. ^-^ Yay. I’ve been checking this every hour or so. Got confused when the image changed. xD

  4. Been stalking this waiting

    1. thelightedDarkness

      I had too, but gave up XD

  5. I LOVE HOLLAND! *__* I love every face he has in the comic. :D

  6. Hahaha, at last the new page appears! x3 Great job as always~ I love how Meela is developing. She’s becoming tough and more clever! …well. Relatively more clever. XD She should STILL know not to tag along behind Feral on dangerous missions >3< But oh well. She'll learn! (ohwait this is Meela we're talking about. Hmm.) Great art, when is it ever not, and Holland never ceases to amuse! Love the slight design change on Meela, too. You can tell she's older, but you can also tell it wasn't much physically, and is mostly a certain maturity she's gaining. Not sure HOW you are pulling that one off! Trick of the eyes, I suppose, heh. Keep it up, guys! You are my favorite webcomic out here. <3

  7. therainbowllamafaceofdoom

    Holland :D even if he turns out to be evil….I still love him.
    Loving the outfit changes<3 and I can't wait until next week :'D

  8. All Hail King Holland! :3

    1. Haha! That made me laugh.

  9. Lawl xD His face in the last panel.. priceless
    Been stalking this web since Monday… even tho I knew it wouldn’t b upoloaded yet xD

    Ya gotta love him.

  11. I think Holland would be the coolest king xD Hahaha!

  12. Gotta love Holland :) He’s one happy little swan :D Which is actually unusual, since swans are grumpy as hell XD
    Btw, you spelt missions wrong – you missed out an s. don’t mean to be annoying, sorry ^^;

    1. Oops! We’ll fix that right away!

  13. Hehe, Meela still in the dark about Feral. ^.^

    But on a side-note: Um… isn’t it “missions” in the first panel? D=

    1. I was wondering that as well, but then I saw she spelled the word usually ‘usualy’ in the next panel. I believe it might be the way /Meela/ spells- since she is writing in a journal, yeah?
      Maybe. XD

      1. Oops again, we’ll fix that mispelling soon too! XD;

      2. Um… yeah! Exactly! It was totally intentional!

        Only not really. That’s just me being careless, I guess. Two typos in one page is inexcusable. I’ll fix them right away, thanks for pointing them out guys.

  14. tried to imagine holland as king – failed xD
    all the characters are so well done in their characteristics! i just have to love them all x3

  15. Oh, yes! Every snippet of Holland’s personal life helps! You would think his family would still wonder where he is, but maybe they have Jyaku to tell them.

    I really like all of Meela’s new outfits here: they’re well designed, symbolic of her growing skills and maturity, but they also demonstrate another truth: she has the means to change clothes occasionally. She’s got a wardrobe now, either with money or new material or Holland’s help, whereas her previous Everyday Clothing was just because she was too poor/helpless to get anything else.

    This is one of my favorite webcomics out there–I love the art, characterization, and progression of the great story! Also, I truly do appreciate this new spoiler-stopper tag.

    1. I’m glad somebody noticed :) Yes, she does have a wardrobe now. Hopefully you can see the influences of which character directed the acquisition a specific outfit.

      1. I’m guessing that either Holland or Piper was behind the dress and this outfit is all Feral

        1. yes after all it does include a vest

    2. Why did tou steal my comment? I was gonna say almost the same thing about her wardrobe. Just joking around, not really mad :p i’m just glade some else sees it too

  16. Should be ‘missions’ rather than ‘misions.’ ^^;
    Regardless, this page is adorable. <3

  17. Holland would be a weird king huh? I guess thats true, I wouldn’t want Holland as my king………

    1. Nevertheless, that’s the sort of thing you must never, ever, ever say if you really don’t want to be king. . . it’s tempting fate.

  18. Has Meela got taller or is it my imagination?

  19. Probably been said before but there’s a few typo’s this page and a few back I really couldn’t help noticing. Page 227, ‘gues’, page 229 ‘misions’ and ‘usualy’!

    1. …If this was done intentionally, please forget my comment haha

      1. Nope, they’re typos. Thanks for pointing them out!

  20. Love the new outfits :)

  21. Ha ha! I love the new looks too! I guess I’d agree with Meela and say he would be a pretty weird king… glad he’s the youngest.

    Looks like Meela still wants to tag along with Feral, Holland’s more like a wingman now to get Meela away from him XDDD

  22. Yes, the perfect Holland page of Goofieness! and a Prince doing laundry! good grief! Thank you guys so much for changing the side bar, it’s nice to not get spoilers right before I click the page! Keep it up this is an amazing comic!

  23. A suggestion for the Newest Page link: Add the date of when it was updated. Since the image is static, it doesn’t show as an older or a newer page.

    Unless I’m missing something since I simply go to the main page to see if it updated. :X

    1. I’m working on getting the blogs for the comic posts to show on the home page for this reason. There’s some hang up in the site’s coding or settings that is keeping me from turning on this feature and I’m currently seeking help on a forum.

  24. NO Holland Belly button!! LOL

  25. Yes, Holland would be a weird king O_o

  26. yes.. yes he would.. a very odd king indeed..

  27. I just… Love this comic so much.

  28. I have two things to say.



    1. I’ve been wondering about the bracelet too!

    2. I’ve been more concerned now about his brothers. I agree we need to meet Holland’s brothers at some point. As for the bracelet not falling, it’s the joints that connect your hand to your wrist that stop it from falling

  29. Great page as always :D
    And isn’t it ‘usually’ in the second panel? OxO

  30. Missions is spelled wrong in the first panel. :)

  31. ROFL! One of my favorite pages yet! Sillee Holland! xD
    I bet the typos are on purpose, y’all! it’s not like Meela has much of an education! xD

  32. I believe there is a typo in the first panel. “Misions” should be “Missions”?

  33. I love Meelas current outfit, so cute. And Holland, amazing as always XD

  34. Your ‘mission’ is spelt ‘mision’ ^^ Just thought you should know x3 Love love love the story, and your art style!

  35. Oh, Holland, we love ya. XD This does explain a lot, him being the youngest prince. Also, love your commentary below: “Holland: reinforcing and breaking gender stereotypes since his first appearance in the comic.”

    Btw, hopefully I’m not being rude pointing it out, I just thought it would be helpful: mission in the first panel should have two ‘s’s, and usually in the second panel should have two ‘l’s. =) Although seeing as most people aren’t as nit-picky about editing as me, I’m sure not too many people noticed, so it’s probably not a big deal. XD

  36. Haha, I think Holland would be an amazing king. He reminds me of Sangyun Rae from Carciphonia; both are silly, yet very capable rulers~
    Well, if Holland were to be king. ^^;

  37. psh complainers will complain! XD

    Im liking this time skip. I get a new feel of the characters and their growing relationships. its very neat. :3 FOREVER LOYAL TO THIS SERIES! TuT

  38. Thanks a lot for taking my, and apparently someone else, advice on the spoiler.

    I really enjoy this comic, please keep doing an amazing job :)

  39. Psh, Holland would be a great king.
    Well, maybe…
    Can’t wit for next week!

  40. thelightedDarkness

    I like the new spoiler free thing C: and Meela’s outfits are adorable, i wish i had
    them. Also, is meela’s hair darker? Or is that just me?

  41. pfffft that last panel!!!!! XD Holland you’re just so…yeah lol

    And poor Meela must feel like she’s getting a bit of a cold shoulder from Feral since he doesn’t let her go with him. I dunno. At least he’s being the good ‘older brother’ by keeping her safe!

  42. LOL “I guess he would be a weird king anyways”
    Yes Meela, he really, really would.
    Love the new page and the new button!

  43. i love it!!! I wait for this!! i have a question exist any possibily of Fela or meeral?? i love this couple!!

  44. ALL hail the power full Ducky Kind Holland *Bow* In respect, copry and past his ducky face! Spread the word of Hollands awesomeness~ ^3^ XDD

  45. I love this comic :D haha… never imagined Holland as a king before :p thank good hi isn’t the king… ^.^
    so Holland does the babysitting when Feral isn’t around?

  46. This is much better <3 thank you so much for changing the unwanted spoilers for the latest page. I never thought anything I said would be taken seriously or taken into consideration.
    Fabulous page as well. Also, Holland is the best XD

  47. In the second panel where Meela says “He usually has Holland keep me from following” should it be “he usually has holland to keep me from following” or am i reading it wrong :S

    1. I hope this isnt annoying in anyway, sorry ^^;

  48. Meela’s new clothes are honestly great! Agree with everything Bluerosebud mentioned.

    1. I second that

  49. Hey Holland isn’t wearing a shirt that shows off his belly button. As for him being a odd king I have to diagree Meela.

  50. i think he should lie

  51. “Guess he would be make a weird King anyway.” x3 You can’t NOT love Holland. :3

  52. I totally would live in a kingdom ruled by Holland. Then again, he might turn out to be evil and might become a tyrant, so it might have side affects, but still.

    Love the new outfit. Strangely enough, the clothes she wears while she helps with laundry are actually more practical than the ones she trains in fighting in. Maybe that’s because she’s most likely to get attacked while dressed casually for an infiltration mission?

  53. First panel: Good choice, Feral
    Last panel” Weird king? Yeah, definitely.

  54. Holland is a featherbrain. lol. He’s tweeting again in that last panel. lol

  55. Holland looks so happy it would almost break my heart to tell him he shouldn’t be washing the whites with colours…

    1. thelightedDarkness

      Oh my gosh yes XD

    2. The shirt isn’t white. It’s just pale green.

  56. Wow, everyone is going crazy after all of the typos. Think about it: I’m pretty sure Meela doesn’t have spellcheck built into her journal.

  57. I love Meela’s new outfit!! It says ADVENTURE all over!! :3

  58. LOL! Sorry to burst your bubble, Meela, but he’d really be no weirder than many of the kings in recorded history…and I’ve always loved the way he plays with our concepts of gender stereotypes.

    One thing’s for sure, though. If his actions here mean anything, he’s hiding even MORE than he lets on…

  59. I have to wonder why the prince has time to hang out in the woods all the time, but I genuinely like him. I think he would make a spectacular king. The quirky ones are the best, after all.

  60. Woo-hoo! I get swamped with RL stuff for a little while and come back to TWO new pages! Lucky. <3

    I'm really enjoying the feel of this new arc, and as always, the artwork is stellar. Holland is his oddball, fantastic self and Meela is taking levels in badass.

    Personally, as one who is so acutely aware of spoilers, I'm very pleased with the change to the update page, so I thank you guys wholeheartedly for the effort and consideration~!!

  61. WOW! I love this soooo much!!! xD
    Celesse, I wish I could draw like you!!! It would save me the stress of trying to find an artist for my own graphic novel >_< ….

  62. Panel 1: Gee, I wonder why?
    Does Holland have a significant other?

    1. thelightedDarkness

      Not enirely… unless you count piper……. and his fangirls XD

  63. I think Holland would make a sweet kind King to be honest. :I

    Then again I feel like he’s got a deep dark secret and he’s gonna flip the tables or something. But I like his relationship right now with the gang nonetheless.

    Everyones so cute with the clothes and the getting along and asldhfaksdjhf!

  64. I still don’t know why I KEEP seeing comments mentioning about Holland being flippin’ evil… HE’S NNNOOOTT. -Rages.-

  65. I can’t help but wonder where Piper is now.

  66. I love Holland. He’s adorable~

  67. I just discovered this webcomic. Love at first sight!

    I love your artwork, the design of the characters is fantastic, the colours are superb, everything is absolutely lovely! :D

    Definitely going to buy the books, and if you ever feel like selling things like mugs or T-shirts, you also have at least this one sure buyer \o/.

    1. I second that t-shirt statement!

  68. :O The jeans that that is drying up isn’t the same as the one Feral was wearing some pages ago?

    1. I thought the same thing. I was like ‘hey look it’s Feral’s jeans!’ oh if that dosn’y prove that i’m a fangirl I don’t know what will.

  69. A very strange king indeed :)

  70. I was re-reading this, and realized that her hair is still stylized like Holland made it to be. Go ahead and check back some pages, and see what I mean.

  71. i love this comic, keep up the good work ;) just little deails, not really important, i the 2nd and 4th panels in hollands hair, the shadow goes across the hair that should go on top of it, nothing really noticeable but i’m like an eagle with glasses xD i can’t help but notice every little detail and with such a good comic, how could i not look at every little thing? xD you’re awesome girls! love all your work :)

  72. I love Holland so very much <3 He is the cutest. And the derpiest.

  73. Re-reading this it just occurred to me: Whenever I read Meela’s dialog now I imagine hearing Rachel Hirschfeld’s voice (She dubbed Anita King in the anime R.O.D the TV). To me, hers is the perfect blend of bratty, snarky, brave, vulnerable, and loveable: all the qualities I’ve come to see Meela possesses.

  74. Somehow I think that Holland is a bit metrosexual (still think he is straight though)


    Weird, overly thoughtful, eccentric people make the best leaders.

  76. Holland, we love you :D

  77. Hmmm! *closes eyes and rubs temples in ways of the Faux Seer* I predict that fourth panel is going to become very significant down the line.

  78. Prince Holland of Goof.

  79. Camolot the Creator

    I’m… I’m sorry. I couldn’t get Whistle While You Work out of my head at that last panel.

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