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That stew looks mighty delicious right now..

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  1. I love how Meela is learning so fast now. And I like her change in outfit.

    1. Yes – she looks both older, and more feminine too. :)

  2. I wanna try some of Meela’s stew!
    Has Piper stayed with them all this time? O.o?

    1. I don’t think so. If I remeber correctly she was left back at the mansion to distract the guards when Holland and Feral took off with Meela.

      1. Actually, we saw her after that. Here, to be precise.

        1. Ah yes. Thats right. Though I don’t think she stuck around, else we’d see some sign of her, or see Hollan talking to her.

  3. Is it just me or does Meela look unusually cute in the fourth panel?

    With all that’s been going on, I’m utterly clueless as to where the plot is going, but I’m sure it’s going to be interesting.

    1. Meela always looks cute so I don’ notice anything different! :D

  4. Love her progress! Feral must be a good mentor… either that or it was sink or swim. xD

  5. ;w; She’s matured into a lovely lady!

    1. In only 6 months. xD

  6. Loving Meela’s new outfit :D

  7. :D yay! Meela training with sticks!

    That sounded better in my head…. Oh well!

  8. In the second panel, Holland isn’t showing his belly button.

    1. if you look close i think he is wearing a shirt under that jacket.

    2. Holland has had another clothing change too. I personally love the various costumes that each character graces the pages with. I look forward to the next costume change as well :)

    3. Lol. Uh oh, someone’s disappointed with you, Holland!

      1. I still love the guy! Haha! I was just surprised he wasn’t proudly exposing his belly button to the world.

        I have this feeling, though, that giving that journal to Meela has something to do with his meeting with Jyaku.

        You two artists are brilliant, whatever happens! :)

    4. As a Lyrian, does Holland even have a belly button? Haha, comments about his belly button… Awesome comic, you guys! XD

      1. oh man, now you got me thinking about what kinds of animals have belly buttons and what kinds don’t! ha ha

  9. I’m so proud of Meela!

  10. I’m getting so giddy that I can’t stand it! I want more! I wanna see what else Meela has been up to! And Feral and Holland and Piper. And what of that panther guy that made an appearance a while back? What became of him?

  11. OMG!! she has advanced so much!! Way to go Meela!! And feral, watch ur training, She is a lady after all.

    And she looks so cute!

  12. I can’t believe she has matured into such a lady in half a year, in the real world some take their whole lives be like this. But what happened to the panther? I wonder if he has been spying on them? Can’t wait for more!

  13. Oh, loving the new clothes of Meela!

  14. Important Wardrobe Shift!! EEEEee!!!

  15. Meela!~ <3333 :3

  16. Both Meela and her outfits are getting prettier and prettier. I hope the new Meela look would some time appear in the website’s header banner too, because I like it so much. c:

  17. Wow! What a different 6 months makes. Even though Meela still looks skinny she looks like she filled out a little (compared to all of the story—not just when she was sick). Would love to see what she looks like as she grows up, but this is awesome in itself. I wonder if the new top came from Piper? It looks very feminine and a bit large. :)

    1. I wouldn’t doubt that Piper had something to do with it, but it’s not Large, I think it’s a tunic shirt (which is why she’s wearing leggings under it). It’s really cute though; I want one!

  18. wow. Meela has learned a lot :)
    she grows up so fast :D but will Feral leave once Meela has learned to survive on her own? and where is that big-cat that was after them? Maybe I sold just wait and see what happens ^.^

  19. OMG that shirt is soooo cute! i want one! its sooo pretty and the colours blend perfectly…… and that was the girly side of me
    awesome meela is learning swordplay! ^.^ the gutsy side of me:D

  20. I can’t say I really like Meela’s clothes. Oversized, halter-top tunic-shirt with color fading, and leggings? It looks way to “modern” for the story. I’d rather see her back in her old brown dress.

    1. Feral was also wearing jeans earlier in this chapter, so it’s not THAT out of place.


    2. It looks a little too girly for my taste, but it really kinda fits her…

  21. I wonder if Holland gave her that journal so he could snitch it later on and give the info to the cervine guy (can’t remember his name :P)

    1. thelightedDarkness

      Lol, i dont think Holland would do that…. But then again

      1. You never know when it comes to Holland

        1. Indeed…and that’s what makes him so compelling. XD

        2. i sorta got that impression too

  22. I cannot wait! I am PHYCED!!!!

  23. For a moment I thought Meela’s bracelet was gone in the other panels and I was like, “What happened to it?!” It was just hiding. :P

  24. yes! She kept the boots!!

  25. This page is beautiful but may I say Jyaku’s design is amazing. I want to do my hair like that REALLY bad lol if you allow people to cosplay from your work maybe someday I’ll give him a shot! (with permission of course)

    1. They do allow fan works–or at the very least, cosplay and fanart. What amazes me is that there isn’t more of it! I’ve been tempted to remedy that more than once. XD

      A Jyaku cosplay would be awesome…and though it’s rare that I have the ability to cosplay my personal favorite character in just about anything, come to think of it, I actually do have the build and the hair (both in terms of style and color) to pull off Mal.

      Random thought. You know what would really be something? If at some point we were somehow able to get a whole cosplay crew together with the cast of Strays (or to be more realistic, as many significant characters as possible) and set up a photoshoot for a group pic to send to Algy and Celesse. That would be pretty amazing…but really more wishful thinking than anything. =)

      1. That would be really amazing!! I”m sure it could happen someday! I know there are many fans that read this comic that cosplay~!

        1. Actually, I’m attempting a fanfic (Feral’s View), but it’s rather slow going… XP Feral is NOT a very cooperative muse at times… Mrrgh.

  26. Love her outfit~

  27. I looooove that new shirt of Meela’s.

  28. OH MY GOSH! Holland is covering his belly-button!

  29. yay!~ new outfit change

  30. Is it me or does Holland look like he’s gaining a little bit o’ weight????
    Maybe it’s just the way I’m looking at it……. herm…….. carry on fellow fans…. X3

    1. It might just be the way his shirt’s tucked in. :)


    1. *pats your back* it’s okay

      1. Thank you… :’)

  32. What I’m wondering is why we don’t see her bracelet for all of the panels except the last, where it’s only barely visible. Is it a sign? Or a coincidence? I’m probably overthinking this. :P

    1. We actually see it clearly in the second panel, and if you look closely in the fifth you can see some of it.

  33. Next thing you know, she’ll be wearing a dress. Though I believe she still cringes in horror at anything Holland’s little sister wears.

  34. thelightedDarkness

    Is it just me, or is Meelas hair darker??oh meela! Your a little Feral Arent you?
    ?…. I Think Holland’s been eating a bit too much Of Meela’s stew….. He looks kinda pudgy….
    Hrm, Anyway! What happened to Visral?
    (Maybe hes in the stew…….)

    1. Feral must love those jeans……

  35. Hey guys don’t forget to give Feral some love too! It’s great that Meela is progressing so much and in such short time and yes I agree Holland looks the slightest bit pudgy, but give Feral some love to! I’m happy with the fact that he is still wearing jeans :3

  36. That stew is making me hungry…it looks really good XD

  37. Go Feral!!! Teach her well, cuz we all know she needs it.

    I’m still hoping for Feral x Meela, even if their ages are pretty far apart.

  38. I don’t really see Holland’s pudginess. It’s just that he’s wearing a flesh-colored shirt. :)
    But good work you guys! I love how, once again, you’ve brought in some subtle changes to the way you draw her. From the skinny little pup to an illness-ridden child who just survived being poisoned to this. Just wonderful!
    Frankly, I think that her physical maturing is certainly in the realms of possibility. Sure, she looks older and more feminine but I think that it’s less to do with the six-month age difference than with food. Let me remind people that she looked quite malnourished at the beginning of the comic – the fat deposits that make up breasts and hips can’t form in such circumstances. Now, that she finally gets enough nutrients she’s going through a growth spurt and starting to have curves in all the right places – curves that would’ve been there before if it weren’t for her skinniness. :)

  39. I can’t wait to see her progression continue <3 She's already done so much!

  40. I’m so proud of meela!

  41. EEEE! Loving her new wardrobe! Seriously though, cute dress Meela :)

  42. omg her top is sooo cute

  43. I love how her costume changes around a decent amount but she always reverts back to those wonderful oversized boots! :)

  44. I’m guessing she’s not wearing her bracelet in her new outfit to prevent it from being damaged? XD

  45. WHERE’S HER BRACELET?!? D8 it’s good luck, where did it go?!

    1. I was wondering the same thing, but if you look closely in the last panel you can see it just behind her sword.

  46. Ohhhh! Meela looks so mature! It’s amazing what a different outfit and some training can do.

  47. Gumbo Gumbo in da pot, find me -cough-ahottieinasslesschaps-cough- WHATCHA GOT!?!
    -Next pannel Feral’s butt-
    B3 I approve!

    1. haha I got that referance

  48. wow she looks alot older and can finally catch her own food!!!!!!!!!!!1

  49. is it just me, or did anyone else notice that the bracelet is missing?

    1. No, it’s there. You can barely see it on her right arm in the last panel.

  50. you’re right Algy, that stew does look good!

  51. I love how she’s grown and changed, and how she still manages to be fashionable X3

  52. So awesome!

  53. 6 months, yet she’s growing fast! Oh kids these days… TuT

    1. Obviously. :D She looked quite malnourished at the start of the comic and now she’s getting fed well. It results in quite a reasonable growth spurt.

  54. I like this new font you guys are using. Will you keep it or is it just for the time skip? :3

    1. It’s supposed to replicate the writing Meela uses in the journal. At least, I think so. But seriously, what font is that?

      1. The font is called IndieStar BB and is only for Meela’s journal writing. The dialogue font will stay the same.

  55. Super thrilled to be back! And what do I find? A new comic with an ultra-cute Meela. She’s taking levels in badass as we speak; excellent. Plus, as XLizardx so aptly put it: She looks more mature AND more feminine in that getup. Can’t wait to see what other changes have occurred within our group of misfits.

  56. Only me who thinks Feral and Meela would fit well together as a couple? Will that ever happen? :)

    1. Nooooooo! They are like brother and sister, not a couple o.o Feral is 28 and Meela is 12, so nooo O.o

    2. You aren’t the only one who thinks that, but Celesse already said that it wasn’t going to happen. Plus it’s…somewhat disturbing for most of the fandom, as much as I’ve gathered.

  57. SO wish that more came out at a time. I’m hooked now LOL

  58. Guess finally she is not useless anymore

  59. Does anyone else notice the look on Meela’s face in the last panel?

    1. haha yes she is like D:

  60. Well, she’s got a long road to becoming a badass like feral but I see potential.

  61. I love Meela’s new clothes! :D

  62. I stumbled on this today and already read all the pages. T^T I love it! <3 The art makes me so happy inside. And Feral's grumpiness is downright adorable! Looking forward to future updates. :3 -Bookmarks-

  63. I’m sorta sad I can’t see Holland’s belly-button… :/ but now that he’s of questionable alignment, I’m not sure that his is a naval I want to behold! D;

  64. 101 comment!
    Aaaahhh yaaaa. *puts on shades*
    Also, I would thing she would be the type to “burn a salad”


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