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Looks like rabbit's on the menu today.

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  1. Poor rabbit … 1st comment

  2. Woha. She actually managed to catch it? I’m impressed Meela! xD

    1. She would be a pretty lousy student if she didn’t learn that in 6 months.

  3. Meela looks really good! The motion in this page is very well executed as well; I especially like the flying leaves.
    For some reason in panel 2, wolf-Meela looks a whole lot like Meela herself with that expression ^^. Likewise in panel 4. Can’t wait to see what else she’s learned!

  4. Yes! I didn’t think that she’d really catch it ;)

    1. And so it would seem that the fastest rabbit in all of Meoley has met its end. Alas…I do fear rabbit-kind is doomed. XD.

  5. Before Meela’s training began: (Meela saw dead bunny caught by Feral) Poor little bunny! Why did you do such a thing?!
    After Meela’s training began: Ah what the heck I’m gonna eat it anyway

    1. Haha, I noticed that too…and I think the parallels to that scene early on in the story are almost certainly intentional. XD

      1. Concurred.

    2. Oh yeah, exactly what I’ve thinked.

      1. i thought*

    3. Now we can conclude that Meela is a round character

      1. Not half as round as the freaky lady at the Inn, or the one at the ball…

  6. Meela looks scary! Poor rabbit!

    RIP, Rabbit. Page 225/226.
    May he squeak in peace.

    1. XDDD! That comment was amazing. =)

    2. I just loled all over the floor. Now you have to pick it up :V

    3. PERFECT

      A minute of silence here please.

    4. thelightedDarkness

      Im so glad it ewasnt a year…
      Meela… you have a huge mouth..

  7. That’s just life

  8. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed some bugs this morning D: I made some screens of them. I don’t know if it’s because new server, but some of avatars looks like that, and it’s a bit… scary for me XD another weird thing. last one.
    I’m not sure if they are really bugs, but I’m sure it’s something worth cheecking out.

    And something to say about the new page- it’s amazing! It looks like Feral’s training is succesfull :D The time skip is a bit bigger than I excpected, so I’m curious of a lot of things and I’m sure, they’ll be explained later.
    Awesome job, keep it going!

    1. Yes, our Comicpress theme had an update, and it totally fucked up all of my custom CSS for the site >:( Unfortunately I (stupidly) didn’t have a back up, so now I have to fix it all. I’m working on it! Thanks for pointing them out.

      1. Well, that certainly explains it. I was wondering what had happened there myself. XD

        Thanks for letting all of us know…and as always, keep up the amazing work! =)


  10. Phew, only six months :)
    GO MEELA! You got the rabbit! :D
    She looks so cool as a wolf.

  11. is that meela ????? really she managed to turn into a wolf

  12. Navigation buttons (previous, next etc) seem to have disappeared!

    1. Yes!! I couldn’t find them to look at the last page :(

      1. leopardshadow1234

        oh dang they are gone o.o
        must be some kind of glitch, i dunno, i have never seen this happen before.

        1. yes, indeed. they are gone…. hmm…

        2. Our coding got borked during a theme update, but it’s fixed now!

  13. Meelas wolf form is amazing…
    and the expression of Meela tells a lot! well I suppose its Meela… not too sure about that…

    love this comic <3

  14. Six months and Visiral still hasn’t found them yet :P Yay

    Poor bunny! ^-^

    1. Maybe he did and was dispatched. A lot can happen in six months. :)

    2. I was thinking that too!

  15. I guess rabbits don’t transform huh…

  16. SIX MONTHS!?!?!?! Where has the time gone?…… OUr little Meela is growing up…… T~T

  17. Where’s the “previous” button???

  18. Meela!wolf looks too adult for her age. Can she grow up that fast in six months? *scratches head*

    1. Wolves are already considered adults in just 2 human years.

    2. I think it’s the perspectives. In panel 2 she looks more like a pup with giant ears and feet.

    3. Lupians leave their “puppy” wolf forms pretty quickly. Meela is still an adolescent though, with big paws and ears and a skinny frame. The perspectives in this page do make her look a little bulkier though.

  19. Yay, wolf Meela! She’s so pretty!

  20. And here I was thinking she WOULDN’T catch it and then we’d see Wolf-Feral scolding her! lol…

  21. Who cares about the rabbit… six months guys. SIX MONTHS.

  22. your so good at drawing everything.

  23. I just LOVE this page and how you have imparted a human character’s personality into their wolf form so well (it does look like Meela to me, especially, as someone said, in the second panel)! It’s a beautiful design too.

    Visrial probably either lost the trail or the group went a long way when Meela was unconscious (or he has found them, but Mithrennon made him sit back and not attack for some reason…

    Well, can’t wait until the time skip is fully fleshed out!

  24. Dude! If it’s been roughly six months since the last page (time in the story that it is) then Meela must have grown some! I’m betting my pocky that she’ll have a an appearance change >:D

  25. Poor rabbit.. why can’t wolves go vegetarian? even carnivorous plants are doing it!

    1. Does that make the plant a cannibal?

      1. MentalikesNarwhals

        No it doesnt make plants cannibal because theres diffrent sepcies of plants, like diffrent speices of animals. it would only be cannibal if a venus fly trap ate a venus fly trap..

    2. MentalikesNarwhals

      ok lets explain the food chain to you and the animal capacity level, food chain wolf eats the rabbit and the wolf eats the rabbit. capcity level: The maximum amount that an area can matain (meaning area has only so much food and water to support the animals). Ok what happens when the chain is broken? Lets say all wolves went vegatarain ok? Now the rabbits dont have emenys right, well rabbits are going to breed like well rabbits…(they breed rapitly) and now there is millons of bunnys and what do bunnys do? they eat plants they these millon rabbits are chomping down, now most of the plants are gone because theres not enough to hold this many rabbits, so there going to starve to death of lack of food if desease doesnt get them first from over crowding. if these happened world wide every thing went vegatraion they would kill them selves because they would breed to much and eat all the plants and we would die and so would we plus with the predors eating the plants it would disapear faster. then we would die… and this is only food and deases wise. without plants beavers couldnt build dams so places would flood and also because the plants almost gone theres no roots to suck up water so that would case floods too. also without trees and plants theres barly any oxagen in the air (if we survived to this point) and we suffacate. at this point even Rabbits will go canibal outy of hunger…thats just the start if animals went vegatraion, probly only person who would litterly anwser your question litterly sorry..

      1. MentalikesNarwhals

        edit.. food chain: wolf eats the bunny and the bunny eats the grass/plants

        1. You need a lot more editing than just that >_> Your entire post was rife with typos and grammatical errors

        2. I didn’t even read it, not only was it too long but it was poorly constructed and the explanation truly wasn’t needed.

          My edit: “It’s the circle of LIIIIIIIFE and it moves us ALLLL…”

        3. MentalikesNarwhals

          sorry…. I was on phone, you know auto correct. Plus my exam was coming up so I was studying this for sceince, funny thing is this comment helped me remember stuff to pass my exam lol but better grammer in exam of course. Sometimes I just go abit over boared this wont happen again

      2. best comment award!

    3. Though some canids have eaten plants before, they were simply made to eat meat.

  26. again I quote:

    And what’s with all the creepy red smiley faces?

    1. I second that: what’s with the smiley faces?!?!

      1. yeah…. they are very creepy…. the whol page layout seems weird….

        1. A theme update borked our code and overwrote our custom avatar icons. It’s been fixed now!

  27. Well, Meela’s certainly changed. She’s not crying over the rabbit anymore.

  28. Question: Celesse, where’s the arrows, to flip to previous and next pages, go?

    1. They disappeared after a theme update. They’re fixed now!

  29. I was kinda hoping for the rabbit to turn into a rabbit-person….will there = be rabbit people in Strays, Celesse? o Uo

    1. I can’t say anything as to rabbit people at this moment, but if it had been one then Meela wouldn’t have been hunting it. Shifters smell and look differently than their real animal counterparts.

  30. just six months! but i wonder what came with kitty dude. as usual, i can’t wait for next friday!

  31. Looks great! Loving the story so far and the art on every page! There’s one thing though, it mean nothing but if you plan on showing a running rabbit in the future, they don’t stagger their front paws like that as they run. Both front feet touch the ground, then both back feet tough the ground. Like in this youtube vid->

    1. Actually, I used reference of a real rabbit bolting when I drew it, so apparently they do position their paws like that sometimes ;P

      1. Celesse is right, wild rabbits generally stagger their front feet and then both their back feet come down together. Thats why their front feet in their tracks aren’t parallel.

      2. Oh, well whoops ^^; my bad on that one. Sorry.

  32. The writing in the last panel must mean she started a journal, too. It definitely sounds like an entry. Maybe at this point Meela might as well be a female Feral. I had no idea Feral could teach so well!

  33. I love how her wolf form’s expressions match her human form’s. Amazing art – MEELA!!!!


    I was expecting weeks, so reading ‘months’ made me wriggle in joy. How much she has clearly matured in that amount of time is super-impressive. No more “poor bunny” Meela. Great job on the time skip so far, looking forward to seeing the training montage now. <3

    Also, I love how the second panel shows how much of a puppy she still is. Her thin body and face really help that along.

    1. wiat till you see some of the changes :D

      1. *Wait till you see some of the changes :D

        1. After seeing the Livestreams, I totally can’t wait to see them in color w/ dialogue!

  35. Haha, at the beginning of this series she couldn’t so much as look at a dead bunny – and now she’s making one! xD And exhibition of character development? I think yes!

  36. MEELA!! :D SO CUTE!!

  37. Lol, the audience has changed just as much as Meela has xD at the time of Meela’s first experience with dead bunnies, she was the one saying “Poor bunny! D:” and we were saying “Well you’re gonna eat it anyway, suck it up…” and now it’s totally reversed xD

    1. Actually I still see a lot of poor bunnies out there.

      But then again I’ve always been one of those who has silently said “They are “wolves” and it’s a rabbit, it’s gonna happen deal with it.”

      However I still expect Meela’s next line to be something like “And I still hate killing bunnies.”

    2. Oops, totally read that wrong, my bad.

  38. nooo a time lapse!!

  39. Yaaaaaay she can transform!

  40. You go girl!

  41. We don’t get to see Meela’s first transformation!? What a missed opportunity, story-wise! :\

    1. We still might in a flash back. They said that there will be flashbacks and things to help show some things that happened.

    2. Yeah calm down there Ronno! Don’t jump to conclusions juuust yet! ;)

  42. Maybe there will be a flashback or something later. :/

  43. I hope there are flashbacks to see some of Meela’s earlier training. Only six months have passed, so there will be more training in future too.
    I wonder how long she’s been able to transform? And what happened to Visrial? I’m sure all these questions will be answered in the next few weeks…
    In the meantime, lovely drawings! Meela is so pretty as a wolf! I love her eyes in the second-to-last panel.

  44. That’s got to be Meela xD She looks so cute in her wolf form!!!

  45. I can’t help but think about my bunny Rocky here… He was dark brown, but he was eaten by my neighbor’s wolf because my brothers forgot to lock his cage :c

    1. 0.0 Poor bunneh. And irresponsible wolf owners! I won’t rant. I could, but, I won’t. I have places to be today xD

    2. Your neighbor has a wolf?? Cool!

  46. Meela killed a BUNNY?!?!?!?! D:

  47. Meela finally toughened up a little! :o

  48. I must say I’m lovin’ it.

    And you got that horrible rabbit death shriek in they do. It’s an awful sound.

  49. Look at her eyes in the second to last panel, and the low hanging head, tucked tail in the last one. She may have killed the bunny, but she doesn’t appear to have enjoyed doing it.

    1. Have you ever seen a wolf(or dog for that matter) stalk off with their food(or bone, as with my dog)? That’s exactly how they look. Her tail isn’t exactly tucked in, it’s just low, and in line with her body, even though it looks lower, it’s just the angle that we’re looking at it. She’s probably moving at a fairly fast pace, now. She definitely isn’t sad about it, it’s just how wolves look when they’re bringing food back to wherever. Move fast and keep low, try not to bring attention to yourself, and your body language must scream “MINE!!” for all to see. If we were to see her from her side, that’s how it would look xD My dog does the same thing. Give her her bone or a dentastick(she loves those things o.0), and she stalks away, hiding in a corner or under her table to eat it. Funny thing is she’s not a small dog so it’s like “Uh.. we can see you.” lmao Oh yeah, and I think she might still kind of think “Poor bunneh” for a bit after a kill, or perhaps she’s got something on her mind? It might be “I’ve been hunting forever and this is all I’ve got?!?” kind of look.

      1. I think that six months of training with a bounty hunter has changed her mind.

  50. I’m impressed with Meela! She sure has grown.

  51. Weren’t there next and previous buttons before? When did those go away?

    1. They disappeared after a theme update. They’re back now.

  52. YAY MEELA!! Good job. Feral must be teaching you well.

  53. !!!NGUH!!! Nice one, Meela! And yes, time jump now makes sense. I was seriously wondering how they were going to pull it off. *mini squeeee!* Love this page ^^



  56. Houston, we have a problem….


    1. Our theme had an update that borked our code. It’s fixed now.

  57. Yay, it IS Meela. :D And 6 months eh?

    Glad to finally draw her in the comic in her wolf form? :3

  58. Who was designed first, Meela or Meela’s wolf form?

    1. Meela’s humanoid form was designed first. Her wolf form took me quite a long time to develop, as I was never happy with it.

      1. Well, her wolf form looks very cool. I love how there are patches of different colors, like the russet and the tan. Her yellow eyes are awesome as well.

  59. Pretty big time gap…

    WOO!!! Prevent the over population of fluffy rabbits; Support Meela’s Training

  60. wow! meelas grown (over what? 6 months)

  61. Yummies rabbit taste good if you like the more gamey meat. Though when it comes to beef jerky I prefer using buffalo. Or bear. :P

  62. dey say rabbit is bad for you. Dem bunnies. they nab u from the ded

  63. Yes. That is all.

  64. OMG! I read this whole 225 pages in 1 hour! I so wanted to see Meelas wolf form! but what happened to feral and that prince guy?

  65. Second pannel the rabbit looks like he’s trying to catch the leaf haha

  66. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! *clears throat* Sorry it had to be done xD
    Awesome page by the way Celesse, the running rabbit looks awesome ^^

  67. If it’s been 6 months, then she must look quite different in her human form. Can’t wait to see it!

    1. Six months isn’t actually that long growth-wise. She won’t look very different, but she’ll sure have a change in behavior ;3

  68. There’s an add for Sugar Bunny under the comic. How very appropriate!

  69. Does everyone agree that Meela’s Wolf form is cute?

  70. Well at least she’s not squeamish about dead rabbits anymore. That’s a plus. So happy for updates <3!!!

  71. poor bunny!!

  72. Absolutely love Meela’s wolf design, but even more than that I love the direction the story’s going now.

    Glad to hear the site’s back up and working properly. Keep up the amazing work~!! <3

  73. I love this page, its so odd seeing Meela in her wolfform! For some odd reason, I always thought she was a fox because of the colors. o.o Anyway, very nice page!

    I guess my only question about the anatomy is in the last panel with her walking away. Wouldnt she technically be a little off balance, or pushing too much effort to walk with her entire right side one direction, and her entire left in the opposite?

    1. Well, I used reference photos of a real wolf walking photographed from behind, so I can’t attest to the balance or whatever, lol.

      1. So it’s kind of like a shimmy? (: lol, Okay, just curious. Thanks for your reply!

    2. No, the anatomy’s correct. She isn’t exactly walking, it’s more of a slow trot that wolves do.

      Well, okay, alot of animals do it xD Not quite fast enough to be considered a jog, not slow enough to be a walk.

      1. Cool, cool. :)

  74. love the color, love the motion, love this sooo much.

    my computer loaded slow, so i got to the “six months of training” part before the part where you can see if she caught it. totally expected there to be another little box that says “but i still can’t even catch a rabbit”

    not sure where i was going with that, but ok. :) meela’s wolf is pretty cool. nice job

  75. I cant wait for volume 2 to come out!

    1. This is part of Volume two. Volume two started with Chapter VI. The Swan:

  76. Ah ha! :D yay I knew it was Meela. I love her wolf design, but now I can’t wait to see what 6 months has done to her human form and to Feral :)

    1. in the link i gave… it shows the newest page as the title page for the comic

      1. Oh, yes, that bug has always been there. For some reason the scripting displays the very first page as the “newest” page when you browse the archives.

        I’m not sure why, but it does keep the newest page from being spoiled for those who are reading for the first time, so I haven’t worried too much about it.

  77. Feral, I caught dinner tonight, so you’re getting it tomorrow right?

  78. I must admit, I am sad about the time skip… not that you had it in, but because you went outside the norm for time skips!! D=

    It’s always 2 years, man!!!! What’s wrong wit chu?! XD

  79. Great page as usual, really love this comic!

    And I love it how people comment on the “poor bunny” xD Meela would die if she didn’t catch it! Poor Meela!

  80. “that poor bunny that poor poor bunny!!!!!!!”

  81. who grows that much in 6 months?
    its crazey but awsome

  82. I thought she wasn’t able to shift yet? or did this occur in the time skip?

  83. thelightedDarkness

    Noooo! My comment was put in the comment section of another comment!!!!!!!!

  84. I love it! I’m a new fan, but this is a comic I’ll definitely be following! And yes, poor bunny, but YAY MEELA!

  85. with her coloring and fur style she looks like a maned wolf still very cute tho

  86. I just found this webcomic today, and I’ve spent all day reading it. It’s quite honestly freaking dam amazing. The art is stunning, and the characters are really rounded out. Everything is very real. And then you storyline – you had me hooked from the first page.
    Facial expressions xD Never cease to make me laugh seems like Feral and Meela share a trait of being able to make the most hilarious expressions.
    Now I’m dying for more! Great job, imma stalk this website evry day even if it sin’t Friday xD

  87. Its been six months!

  88. Deadly Nightshade

    Wow! I have been stalking this comic….And this is just so awesome!
    Meela…LET ME LOVE YOU!!

  89. Bunny….-tear-

  90. Omgwolfmeelaissoawsume!!!

  91. This is great, but I’m just a little bit disappointed. With this story going so long up to this point with her being unable to transform, a six month flash forward and suddenly she can feels like we lost a very precious chunk of development – or at least fan service.

    1. The authors aren’t completely skipping with no info on what happened. :3

  92. Very well done, such a wonderful comic so far

  93. aaaand meela it is! XD

  94. Can you please tell what kind of font you used for Meela’s journal? I’d try to use it in the translation.

  95. nuuu….u killed my Bubsy *runs to deck to see if my bunny is alive*

  96. what happened to “poor bunny!”

  97. I love this page. I just do. It’s gotta be one of my favorite pages, still; even after all of the neat events recently! xD

  98. Impressive wolf Meela

  99. Wow. Six months and Meela has already grown into a fine young… wolf-girl-pup-thing.

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