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That's right, Feral. Put that pup to bed.

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  1. HOIST!

    1. “And now I shall go find a pond and camp out in the reeds.”

  2. SUPER SPY HOLLAND!!!!!!!!

    1. thelightedDarkness

      STALKER HOLLAND!!!!!!!!!

      1. Both true XD

        1. thelightedDarkness

          Yes, both true XD

  3. Cute Feral… Just plain out cute. X3

    1. I ♥ the way he “HOINKED” her X3 They would be PERFECT siblings, and am I the only one who thinks Holland is a super stalker? XD

      1. Nope. You’re not the only one!

  4. D’awwww. Ferallll. <3 You so papa.

    They just blend SO WELL into a sibling relationship. It's perfect.

    1. It’s just what I was thinking.

    2. LOL about the papa thing! and yes, they might as well be siblings. But Meela! Why did you ask him about his parents? If he remembered them, who knows what he’d do? Leap at Meela? That would look funny, Feral just jumping at Meela, knocking her over…and then what would he do? Well…guess I’m going a little overboard…and I’m just blabbing away…

  5. Story gets more would be great to find out about Feral’s past just like we found out Mellas

  6. Hahaha aww, Feral is such a cutie. It’s awesome how he’s protecting Meela. I still think he was upset at the idea that if he trained her she’d leave. I’m interested to see what he does! :D

  7. d’aw~ loved this part of the story so much <3 I love how all of these characters are progressing, now i wants more please~

  8. I just outright laughed when I saw these last couple of pages from Feral’s facial expressions! Oh Feral you’re turning soft on us. How cute! :)

  9. It is just like when a wolf takes the baby wolf in the mouth of the cave – sry, my english is really bad, but i wanted so much comment this one.

    1. Your english isn’t that bad, it’s actually pretty good.

    2. your english is better than most people

  10. XD Oh my gosh, I just CAN’T decipher Holland.

  11. uuh can someone ckear this up for…. good disicion about what? sorry for spelling hal f asleep!

    1. Feral decided to take care of Meela and teach her how to defend herself, as opposed to finding someone else to care for her.

      Hope that helped :)

  12. Is it bad that if Meela and Feral were closer in age I would want them as a couple? Ouo; Buuuut with their current ages I’m loving the brother/sister relationship here.

    1. no, that’s just fan instinct

    2. Glad I’m not the only one, but I do think that it’s just fandom. Fans have been trained to pull for the main male and female characters getting together simply because that’s what usually happens.

      1. We were “trained”? Lol :P

      2. I believe the term is “Ship Tease”.

          (Don’t make it stop Meela/Feral is my fandom OTP mwahahahaha XD)

    3. yeah I had the same reaction, too, no worries :)

    4. There is only 16 years there. xD
      (Considering that from some people in real life the age gap is 30-40 years, what is 16 years? :D Lets also not forget there wolves. //shot)
      Yeah, I am currently loving there Brother/sister relationship right now too. :3

    5. Dun’ worry, that’s you fan instint, me haz it too.

  13. yay! :3 I just love that Holland face ^^

  14. I think Feral was getting slightly irritated by Meela’s questions. However we are going to be seeing more with Holland because apperantly he knows everything.

    1. Holland knows all…. hehe nice a nice ring to it xD

      1. Haha Holland is amazing

  15. heehee feral’s a good dad.

  16. Feral, for such a BAMF you’re so freaking cute!! x3

  17. aww. Feral way to go. he’s so clam <3
    oh. o.Ô was Holland spying them?

  18. sooo cute!!

  19. HOIST! Hahaha! the look on her face is priceless. Plus Feral went from bad ass to big brother, Thats cute.

    1. more like badass big brother :P

  20. *giggle* I love how when he picks her up she goes limp~

    And dangit Holland quit spying on everyone >:[

    1. Just like a momma wolf picking up her cub xD

      1. Or papa wolf xD

  21. yuppers, pick her up by the scruff and put her to bed ;)

    1. Exactly what I was gonna say ^__^

  22. Feral, I agree with your parenting style. Put that inquisitive, noisy little yappy thing to bed. x3 Love it~

  23. Lol he’s a very straight-forward no-nonsense sort of parent isn’t he?

    Rather amusing though. Good decision, Feral. X3


  24. It’s like grabbing her by the scruff of the neck. Cuties.


  26. gah the confusion and suspense is killing me xD I want to know what secrets everyone is keeping!

  27. New theory! – Holland is a chessmaster and will turn out to be the main villain!

    The page is adorable. :) Especially the fourth panel. I really love the way she holds her limbs while off the ground, it really does bring to mind a puppy being carried in it’s mother’s mouth. But I have a bit of a problem with Feral’s right arm on the third panel. It seems just a teensy bit too short, especially the distance between the wrist and the elbow. But then again maybe I’m just missing some perspective.

    1. It’s not just his arm, FERAL looks shorter in that panel

      1. *nod* I noticed that as well but I figured it might have something to do with perspective (perhaps the imaginary ”camera” is ”picturing” him from a slightly upwards angle?). His head might be a tad too big for his body, which gives him a shorter appearance.

        1. Yes, there are issues with his proportions in the third panel. He started off as semi-chibi like Meela is, but I changed it at the last minute and didn’t have time to adjust it properly before I had to put the page up. I’m going to fix it soon!

        2. I think it looks kind of cute like that. It almost looks like a mix of chibi form and the real Feral form.

  28. I think Meela hit the nail on the head and Feral’s just lying to her. Just a theory, great page btw. Can’t wait till next Friday!

    1. He might be lying, but those are some pretty convincing facial expressions in my opinin.

    2. I think he just flat out doesn’t remember anything from his childhood.

    3. He isn’t lying. If you go to the ‘Characters’ page. It says on Feral’s description that he remembers nothing on his past.

      And anyway, Feral dosen’t really strike me as someone who would just flat out lie about something like that. xD

  29. Haha, I love how Feral and Meela interact! Great page! o(≧∇≦o)

  30. I love the fact that he hoists her up by the collar of her shirt: her BAGGY collar. A real wolf pup, much like a kitten, has a bit of baggy skin around the neck for its parents to pick it up and drag it somewhere if it’s being uncooperative or keeps running off chasing butterflies. It really adds a layer to the way these characters interact.

    1. I think all canines and felines have that baggy skin around their neck when they’re babies.

  31. HOIST xD Love that panel Meela’s face face is brilliant xD

    1. lol face face

  32. Love Holland’s face in the last panel…. please don’t make him a bad guy??????? QnQ

  33. assassin creed fan

    is holland now a betrayer??? he is making me curious by acting so stange!

  34. Isn’t Piper with them? Holland asked her to watch Meela when he went to find Feral, so I was thinking she was still around.

    1. Yes, she’s sleeping in the cave.

    2. I’m getting a nudge that Piper is joining them on their little journey here. Anyone else have that hunch? It would be very, interestinggg~

  35. Meela looked old in the second panel xD

    1. Mostly just tired, I think. But those bags are not vey becoming of a young pup! xD

      1. She DID almost die earlier…

  36. I have a bad feeling that some is about to go haywire. I’m gonna guess Holland will come face to face with the panther guy.

  37. Everyone stop thinking that Holland is flipping evil!
    So far I’ve seen nothing in the comic that would make him seem like a bad guy. Yeah, he handed over papers to some weird deer dude, and is spying on Feral and Meela. A little off, yeah, but not evil. xD

    1. I agree with Sangrewolf101, Holland has thus far given us no reason to think he is evil. He is acting a bit odd, but not evil.

    2. .-. Holland’s not evil, he has just his Holland way to act.

  38. Haha! I just realized I named my new puppy Mila which is said just like Meela! I love this manga. :D

    1. Aw, if it was a female pup that would be extra cute xD


  40. leopardshadow1234

    um…how…how do you pronounce meela? *feels stupid.*

    1. Since it isn’t spoken it’s forgivable if you don’t know–I personally see it as “Me lah.” “Me” like the word people use to refer to themselves, so pronounced that way–I assume so because of the double ‘e’s in there. (I don’t know if maybe English is your second language or-or something, sorry if that comes off as patronizing in any way.)

      1. leopardshadow1234

        yes, English is my first and ONLY language. so no worrys.
        yeah, that is how i thought it was pronounced. thanks!

    2. mee-(rhymes with he)la

      1. leopardshadow1234

        good, that’s how i thought it was pronounced, but when people started typing it as ‘mila’ and such, and seeing other such as when ‘i’ was used for ‘e’
        i started to wonder if it was pronounced such as m-ill-ah.
        that, and i always seem to mess up when i read names like that from other comics and books. so i was not very suprised i thought i had messed up pronouncing her name for 224 pages.
        thanks for helping me with that!

  41. Did Piper just completely vanish? She stayed at the cave with Meela so Holland could talk to Feral (and Jyaku) but we haven’t seen her or heard mention of her since then. :(

    1. No, she’s still around. She’s sleeping in the cave.

  42. Too cute <3 Can't wait for next week as usual!

  43. Hmmm… I wonder what that shrug is all about? Usually, anyone who wasn’t orphaned very young can at least give a yes or a no to what their parents’ names are…

    1. This stood out to me as well. Here’s hoping we’re on the right track, and it’s suggesting a future revelation.

      1. Like I said before: I suspect he doesn’t remember his past.

  44. Heh… He DID carry her into the cave…

  45. For some odd reason, I love the way Feral looks in the fourth panel. His pose is really hot.
    Holland looks kind of sad in the last panel. I think he knows more about Feral’s past than he lets on. Perhaps even more than Feral himself knows (as he doesn’t know ANYTHING). But maybe Holland does….

  46. Awww my older brother does that to me too!

  47. I think Feral’s brotherly behavior is really adorable in this scene. I honestly didn’t expect it, and it adds a new dimension to his character. It makes me eager to know more about him. Does he have siblings? Did he have them, and lose them? Does he normally have this instinct to care for others, that he represses? [My apologies if we’ve learned some of this information already, and I missed it somewhere!]

    I’m sure it must be a challenge writing him, because he’s such a withdrawn, silent character [this might just be my impression, but I get the feeling that, even if he could speak verbally, he barely would]. But I think you’ve done a wonderful job of conveying quite a lot about him, even despite his secretive nature. It’s been very interesting.

  48. u.u Secrets, secrets everywhere…villains…too T_T

    Hey! Congratulations form Canary Islands, Spain love your comic!…or only me …*huh*

  49. I just love how Meela’s eye’s pop out of her head when Feral picks her up.

  50. Maybe he doesn’t remember his name friends and family? Not like he could tell her. She’ll have to find out through the dreams methinks.

  51. what kind of position…

  52. A great christmas present to us all (but not so much to you) would be releasing 5 pages at once, just around december..then you could take a break..but..but 5 pages.. worth it. Right? T^T Right? No mean suspense!

  53. Love how Meela’s tail tucks under her legs when Feral grabs her. Also, loving the vote incentive! Love how we get more of a hint to Jyaku’s race (and sex).

    Got a lot of questions –

    Question: Don’t those jinglies in Jyaku’s antlers destroy the ability of being stealthy?
    Question 2: Are Holland’s and Jyaku’s races ever in danger of being hunted (accidentally or on purpose) as prey by the predator shape shifters (wolves, foxes, cats)? If not, how would anyone know who is a sentient being when they are in animal form?
    Question 3: Do prey shape shifters ever get involved with non-prey ones? Can they have children? Can humans breed with shape shifters for that matter?

    1. I’m going to try to answer, but Algy might correct me on one or two things XD

      1. The jinglies can ruin stealth, but he can silence them if necessary. For the most part he doesn’t do a whole lot of sneaking around, so they aren’t that big of a problem.

      2. They are in slight danger of being hunted, but for the most part one can tell if a creature is a shifter. They are usually much larger than the normal animal, and generally have unique features (like Holland’s feather crown or Korin’s mowhawk color). They also smell differently than regular animals.

      3. Sometimes, but it’s kind of rare. They are just naturally attracted to their own race. They might have flings (like Holland and Piper) but rarely settle down with them. Algy will have to confirm, but I don’t think different shifters can breed. And humans can breed with shifters, but the odds of getting a shifter offspring is slim to none. They usually turn out human.

      1. Ah, so Jyaku’s “he” after all, or did I just miss a previous-pages-hidden-clue on deerling’s personality?
        Anyways, thanks for the wonderful job. Totally love the comic.

        1. yeah I think so too, look at the anatomy and structures on the torso, that’ usually can help, unless he could be just very muscular.

        2. muscular girl* …lol

        3. If you look at the vote incentive, it’s really obvious—all the more so if you know about how North American deer are built.

      2. Oh, wow! Thank you for answering my questions! I’m really curious about the origins now—especially as you’ve said they can’t interbreed but can breed with humans (makes me wonder if they all originated from humans). What an amazing world you and Algy have put together!

  54. you have a point…

  55. Actually… bells on the antlers can be stealthy when they want to be. I have friends who wear keys on their beltloops of their pants… and yet… don’t make a sound when they walk…. unless they choose to

  56. Holland is up to something, but what? also, i love how feral carries Meeala. it is just too funny.

  57. XD I love how calm she is about being hauled off by the collar.

    Man, I forgot how small she is. She seems almost to have aged since her ordeal…which is fitting as that is a common side effect to such an event.

    I don’t at all think that Holland is a bad guy, but I do wonder what his mysterious agenda entails.

  58. SO CUTE!!!

  59. RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!!!! What is goinggg on????

  60. Ha! I bet Holland knew Feral from before he lost his memory =) “After all, you were in the same position once.”

    1. Or Feral did the same with/to (? ;D) Holland, when he was a … fledgling^^

  61. =^w^= He is so nice to her…

    Can’t wait till morning :)

  62. Holland, you’re adorable you suspicious effer.

  63. MelodramaticFool66

    >w< cuteness. I love Meela and Feral together.


  65. *le spaz*

    I actually started crying for the first time reading this comic ._.


  66. I love how Meela doesn’t complain about the *HOIST*.
    I suppose as a wolf cub she’s used to being scruffed and carried around ;)

  67. I just found out that Mal means evil. Ouo;;

    Adorable Meela.

  68. I just had an idea:
    –Holland’s comment about how Feral had been in the same position once… what if-and I’m just “spitballin'”- but what if Jyaku is/was Feral’s Feral? His mentor? He shows up when Feral has to make a life or death situation for the kid, and Holland’s sneaky side is revealing nothing and a lot of stuff at the same time… I’m just wondering if this means Jyaku was the bounty hunter who trained Feral?
    –Oh, how exciting! I cannot wait for Friday much longer! Good thing it’s tomorrow… ;) Great job on this, you guys! Really, it’s brilliant!

  69. Awww… I think he have adopted her as a immature but sweet little sister or something in that style cus he takes care of her and cares for her as she relies and trust on him. >//////< It's so cute!!! I can't wait for next page! D:

  70. …Am I the only reader who thinks Holland is the cutie?

    1. Not just you lol i think he is adorable!

    2. I have stole Holland numerous times. I even at one point wanted a Holland Fleece blanket xD

  71. I’m just loving the relationship between feral and meela more and more

  72. I love Feral’s expression when he picks her up. It looks dignified. LOL

  73. Poor Meela is so easily carried, it’s funny that she just accepted it as bedtime and let him carry her :3 so cute

  74. omg! i LUV these bro-sis scenes! its soooooooooooo cute! plz put more of these in here! >w<

  75. Oooooo feral played stupid on that one! As soon as Holland said good decision, feral I figured he must have acted like he didn’t know anything – then again I may be wrong -.- lol

  76. He carries her with such ease! Xd

  77. I ♥ the way he “HOINKED” her X3 They would be PERFECT siblings, and am I the only one who thinks Holland is a super stalker? XD

  78. Background (3rd) panel. =D

  79. I love the snobby face Feral gets when he acts all brotherly like that.


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