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Okay Meela, now you're just sounding crazy. New vote incentive! Vote to see concept sketches for Jyaku and finally learn for certain what species he is.

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  1. Hehehe Feral! ;u;

  2. >w< Awwww. This is so cute. ;w;

  3. haha, no hug guys, but i think that from Ferals side it’s just enough XD

    I’m only thinking when kitty guy will arrive ;)

  4. Yay! :D Love her face in the 3rd panel :3

  5. XD favorite thing about Meela: always bombards Feral with questions knowing he can’t really answer

    1. But it’s nice to know that she’ll talk to him just like anyone else ^^

  6. It’s soo cute! It’s like he have accepted her as a little sister or something like that… just cute…. I knew that he deep inside cared for her ^^ <3

    1. And her face in panel one is awesome. Their relationship is gold to watch.

  7. I have a question, if she hasn’t been dreaming about his past, then what did the dreams mean?! lol

    1. I have a feeling we’ll find out in later comics :)

    2. He might not have any memories of past, earlier when he was eavesdropping in on Meela talking to Holland, he didn’t look surprised at either name.

      1. The creator even saud

      2. The creator even said that Feral had no memories from him past. So he could know his name is Yuen and he had a best friend named Mal and all those other things We know about him, but he doesn’t… Well he kind of does but they would be in his subconscious a place not to be accessed

        1. agreed.

          [also, i am really, really, REALLY hoping that we find out more about that red eye!!! it’s gotta have some epic powers and also curse-style drawbacks of epic proportions, so – c’mon! show us!]

  8. Aww, this page is so cute! ;w; I love mimique of both characters. Moreover, your shading skills are awesome, you improved a lot since first pages :3

    The new vote intencive is amazing! I thought that Jyaku is a deer, and it looks like I was right :’D

  9. Aaand… After reading this page I’ve got a very mixed feelings about my understanding of Meela’s dreaming. I’m really confused about them. Is the Feral REALLY Yuen? His reaction for Meela’s question is a bit weird, just like “what are you talking about” instead of “”Oh my gosh, how did you knew that?!”, but it’s maybe because he can hide his feelings very well.
    And what about Mal? Who is he? And if Meela’s dreams weren’t about his past, what were about? Maybe Mal have got a new name, just like Feral? So many questions, and no answers D: propably I’ll have to reread the comic one more time to get better understanding.

    1. Its okay to get confused I think I might be able to clear some of it up. First Feral is Yuen the creators have made that clear. The reason Feral had a lack of reaction is because he can’t remember his past (more information from the creators. Mal was Feral’s best friend growing up. The dreams Meela had are about Feral’s past. WHY and for WHAT REASON we still do not know.

      There I think that clears up your questions a bit

      1. thank you very much for clearing things up <33

        1. Hehe no problem

  10. Someone’s not being honest. He even *looks* like he’s lying through his expressions and the quickness of his gestures. I hope cat guy won’t arrive until everyone stops predicting it. :)

    1. But we’ve all seen cat guy and know he’s there, so he will always be int eh back of our minds, meaning someone will always be predicting it even if they aren’t saying it out loud.

    2. But in the character description it says Feral doesn’t know about his own past. I don’t think he’s lying. I think he really has forgotten.

  11. I’m so confused now. Just when I thought I had it figured out! *boggles*

    That aside, I approve of this new vote incentive. Looking good!

  12. It makes sense Feral said no. He isn’t lying completely – he doesn’t remember his past, remember guys? He doesn’t know he is/was Yuen.

    But this page is adorable <3 such a siblling like connection they have here.

    1. can you give me a link to page where it’s said that he doesn’t remember his past, please? I propably have missed it… XD”

      1. It’s stated in the characters’ page that Feral doesn’t remember his past.

        I imagine whatever gave him the demon eye and a lot of his scars caused him to forget, as when he meets Holland he’s still recovering from it (and I’m sure Holland would have noticed if Feral suddenly forgot everything.)


    2. I agree – he’s answering the question “Do you know a guy named Mal” and Feral’s truthfully answering no – he doesn’t know a guy named Mal. He may know both the names Yuen and Mal because of Yuen’s journal, which he would be able to read, though not understand it was written by himself. Perhaps he’s wondering how Meela knows those names, as she made it clear in the beginning that she doesn’t know how to read Feral’s strange writing. Just because Feral has the ability to read it doesn’t mean he’ll connect that it was his past.

  13. Aw feral! I knew you were not a cold hearted guy!

  14. Oh, and according to the new vote incentive – Jyaku is DEFINITELY a deer (like Feral is a wolf/Lupian). And deer keep their antlers like Vulpians keep their ears. I’m guessing… Cervian? If not, then what? I’m so curious :D

  15. Ahahahaha I called it with Jyaku! :D Male deer… x3 I like!

    Also, this page is simply precious. Especially the first three panels <3

    1. You sure did. He’s a stag, all right. :)

  16. B-But…….. the….The hug…….. Feral Y U NO HUG?!?!? Oh well! A head pat is good enough for me! XD

    1. I think maybe that ruffling hair, not head pat…but who can be sure? And what’s the difference anyway?

  17. That is so great! :D Love this page!

  18. I love Feral’s expression in the second pannel. x3

  19. First pannel meela face = priceless confusion

  20. Meela is SOOO cute ^^

    I can’t wait for the next page… the plot is so thick at this point that peanut butter looks runny in comparison.

    1. Love that analogy. XD

  21. First he was like U_U

    Then he was like O_o’

  22. So judging frrom the ruffling of hair Feral will be training Meela? Just another little thing to look forward to as the story goes along.

  23. the face talks!

    face1: I will train you, take care of you, and love you but show no emotion at all!
    Face2:YU-EN *epic eyebrows*
    Face3: Meela what are you talkin about?
    Face4: *shakes head* nope never once in my life, now Meela, Go back to bed!

    Hey Feral, you are a liar! Oh I know what happened, when feral got beat up and lost his voice, he also lost his memories, and somehow Meela has power to surface and look into those memories. Eh, it’s magic anything is possible.


  25. NEED, NEXT, PAGE! but i can wait :)
    so, jyaku is a deer. to be honest, i was a part of the people that thought he was mal. but he did look a bit like a deer and it makes no sense for a wolf person to wear antlers, that would be like, racist of your own kind. its good to know he is his own character :)

    1. thelightedDarkness

      “racist of your own Kind” I laughed so hard! XD

  26. That’s as close as we’re going to get to a hug, I suppose xD

  27. Another new development…I can’t be the only one who expected shock at that name. Maybe Yuen is a whole different person, but Feral somehow ended up in his body. Or Meela’s dreams are just wacky hallucinations.

    That second panel is the cutest thing.

    1. Don’t forget: the artists (and Feral’s profile description) have both stated that Feral has forgotten his past memories. Meela’s funky dreams are more than likely Feral’s actual past. But, since he’s forgotten it, he can truthfully answer that he’s never met Mal, and be confused over Meela’s suggestion that he could be Yuen.


      1. Ahhh, that’s true. But, this being a webcomic, he could have still expressed shock and gone into psychedelic flashback mode. Ah, well, I love when media is more realistic than you expect.

  28. well if Feral hadnt looked totally confused i wouldnt have believe him at all. But now? i am sooooo confused! o3o WHO ARE YOU DREAMING ABOUT MEELA?!

    1. Meela is dreaming about Feral’s past. The reason Feral looks so confused when she asks about Yuen is because he doesn’t remember his is Yuen. He had lost those memories (from unknown causes) as the creators have stated

  29. So what do you call Jyaku’s species?

    1. I have a feeling we’re going to find that out in the story at some point, so they’re probably not going to address this subject until we actually get there. XD

  30. Oh God that’s just what she needed.
    Feral <3 -extreme fangirlish mode on

  31. Oh gah. Even more excited about Jyaku now. Can’t wait to see him again in the comic!

    It’s interesting to see that the pointed ears of the lupians/vulpians is the norm rather than the rounded ones of the lyrians, though. I really wasn’t sure what to think about that after getting to see the lyrians for the first time.

    Also, this page. Nothing unexpected, but I still love it. <3

  32. He’s lying.
    I don’t believe him lol.
    But maybe he really doesn’t remember after all.
    Gah the waiting to find out is killing me.

    1. It’s been stated by the artists that Feral really doesn’t know about or remember his past memories. It’s also stated in his profile description.

      Likely he’s familiar with the NAMES ‘Yuen’ and ‘Mal’ since he has his old journal in his possession. But he doesn’t have any personal memories associated with those names, and he can’t remember having ever met Mal. So he wasn’t lying here at all.


  33. Nooooo Feral didn’t hug her! Don’t be so harsh, you know you want to!
    I wonder what her dreams mean then? Or is Feral lying??? :O

  34. Unlike most people I wasn’t expecting a hug…seems a bit out of character. I was hoping for some other show of caring though, and a head fuzz is perfect X3

    I’m curious now if Meela will be able to help Feral start jogging his memories. Hopefully they’ll be able to help each other out…Meela getting trained to defend herself, and Feral getting his past back.


  35. AWWW!!! *falls over at the sheer cuteness of this page*

  36. Oh man I love this comic more and more with each page <3 Meela's so damn adorable and Feral's so sweet and expressive when he's not being badass

    Also, on my computer the website's main page doesn't work right D: If I type just straight up it comes up as page not found, and when I type the page displays text and links and certain images, but it's like the CSS/Javascript isn't working correctly on the frontpage–I use Google Chrome btw if that helps. I didn't know where else to post this, so thought I may as well put it here :)

    1. It’s possible Google Chrome could be causing the issue. The website works fine for me in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

    2. Actually, I just checked it in Google Chrome and it’s working fine. Have you tried clearing your browser’s cache and reloading the site?

      1. That did the trick. Common browser sense strikes again xD;;

  37. I knew jyaku was a guy. It was pretty obvious…. And a deer? geez, anything is possible in this world…. XD

  38. Too adorable <3 <3 <3
    Jyaku looks cool!

  39. Hey, isnt Ferals belly button missing in the 2nd panel? or can i just not see it

  40. Feralsy, Y U NO KNOW MAL?

    1. I NO RITE?!

      So sad. ;_;

  41. Awww haha my brothers do that to me all the time! though usually there is a headlock involved. Lol

  42. Oh my god!, this is my first time reading strays and i read the 223 pages in a 1 hour!! this is realy amazing. I hope this manga become a movie or anime. I love it!

    1. thelightedDarkness

      Alot of Fans have submittted it to Nickloden. (I can’t spell). Feel free to do that also. :)

      1. What? Really? I must see this for myse–OH GAWD SOMEONE DID!

      2. Where ?!

        1. Wow is good to know this!, but on nickelodeon?. I have nothing against nick, and if this becomes reality it will be amazing i have to say. I was thinking something more like cartoon network because this chanel is more about cartoons and anime than nick because this one is becoming a channel for series and CartoonNetwork still been for cartoons. But is amazing this convocatory to animate Strays.

    2. Where is the ‘Like’ button?! I need to show my support!

    3. thelightedDarkness

      Nickeloden because of Avatar(s animation. I love that show!

  43. no hug….equals sad Gypsy :(

  44. he actually pulled some of her hair out (look in panel 2)

  45. Well BANG goes that theory. Maybe. Unless…. GASP AMNESIA!!! I’m getting in way too deep. :D

    1. No in a way you are on the right track

  46. I love the way they talk! so cute..

  47. I know it! it looked so like feral was gonna pet her AND he did :D
    that is one of the cutes moments in this comic…

  48. I bloody knew he would do that! :D

  49. HAHAHAHAHAHA~ Nice touch. Is Meela shedding?

  50. I love how Feral totally defied everyone’s expectations following the previous page while staying ever-so-spectacularly in character (yet demonstrating a significant change all the same). Brilliant.

    As has been pointed out many times on this page, we should all know by now that Feral has no real recollection of his past–but even so, I have to admit that I kind of wish he WAS lying about not remembering Mal…because Mal is too cool to just be forgotten!


    Not that I’m biased or anything. XD

  51. Aw, so cute.
    Hmm. Feral, either you’re an excellent liar, or you have convenient amnesia. We know TOO much for this lead to be wrong…….. right?

  52. I’ve just read the entire comic so far, and now I’m hooked! I want to know what’s going on haha! Beautiful work by the way, and I love Feral, there’s just something interesting about the fact that he can’t speak but still communicates as a very strong character.

  53. Feral’s earrings don’t look coloured.

    1. They are, it’s just night time :)

      1. Okay then :) Keep the great pages rolling! :D

  54. Oh Feral! I had a feeling he was going to ruffle her hair. As much as it would be awesome to see him hug her, they are nowhere NEAR that stage in character development, sadly. SOMEDAY!
    Facial expressions are the best. Feral’s eyebrows in the fifth panel are HILARIOUS.

  55. I knew it! I knew they were Jyaku’s and not a part of the mask :D lol I like his hair.

    I cant wait til Meela finally learns to transform

  56. I love this page and the interaction b/w Ferala nd Meela it’s too cute

  57. Aaannd, cue evil cat guy..

  58. 0.o Looks like Feral pulled out a bit of Meela’s hair… either that or the poison’s making her go bald

    1. I think probably the poison did that. xD

  59. I think people were thinking either this was going to happen or she would get kicked in the head.

  60. ^^ hahah woow that came put such a shock for me, ii never expected he would ruffle meela,’s hair but that’s nice he does show somewhat comfort side
    and thank you artist’s :D now the story is getting good she’s asking the questions i wonder what will happen next. hmm

  61. I know this isn’t the right page, but what I really want to know is how you can translate that old language feral knows. I hope we can find out soon x3

  62. Belly button shirt alert! Feral, how Holland’s style is rubbing off on you.

  63. Feral went from confused to concerned for Meela’s sanity.

  64. ferals got his teacher face on

  65. New theory : Feral isn’t Yuen. Feral is some sort of half-demon or somesuch that met Yuen and copied his appearance. =3

    Nah, I don’t believe it either, but wouldn’t it be fun?

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