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I'd say that's a pretty good proposition, wouldn't you, Feral?

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  1. No feral! No let Meela leave!

  2. He doesn’t want you to go away!

    1. He really like you’re company, meela!! Don’t be fooled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. no he doesn’t

        1. yes he does!

        2. He likes her company, but wants her to go away so she doesn’t almost die again :3

      2. It’s like a big brother relationship. You always love them, but you don’t have to LIKE them all the time. Xb

    2. I think that, deep down, he likes her. But can’t really SHOW it. He’s not that type of person, and is an assassin. He learned how to hide his feelings.
      But I don’t think he’ll let her go. :3 Her company lit a light in the deep pit that was his soul. -poetic, thanks

      1. beautifully and slightly hilariously said. ^

  3. Then they train and be best buds!! Right?

    1. Im hoping for a training montage :D Maybe a brief explanation of the rules underlying whatever sorcery crazy thing theyre doing but mostly montage.

      1. oh, training montage yes pleeeez! (if only we could have a nice, 80’s era song to go with it) <- completely serious on both counts

        1. “Hungry Like the Wolf”

  4. Wow. Meela you just took the words right out of Feral’s…er…well…nevermind.

  5. Omg, I think he’s going to hug Meela.

    1. That’s just what I was thinking. XD

    2. Oh please, please, please – I hope! That would make my life! <3

      1. That would make my life as well, but somehow I don’t think it’s gonna happen :(.

        1. Feral probably wants to, but his manly-tough-o-meter will go down 5 points.

        2. Shinjite Florana

          *sight* the ever dratted manly-tough-o-meter. The downfall of all touching moments.

      2. omg I wish that would happen! it would just add so much emotion the this part of the story!!! I LOVE the mixture of action in this comic!!!!!!!!!

    3. actually i think hes going to punch her. start showing her how to fight and protect herself X3 maybe even unlocking her wolf form in the process right before cat boy gets there

      1. that is what I was gonna write when I saw the post :D
        but he can also pet her or push her… or something like that

    4. First thought that would come to my mind as well, but it’s a loong shot lol!

    5. If nothing else, that would be the ultimate vote incentive!

  6. Meela’s desperation is heart-breaking. Combined with her weary look, I would have a hard time saying “no” to her. Again, I love how Feral knelt down to her level. It really shows that he is concerned for her, despite his aloof nature.

    Looking forward to next week! [especially after seeing what’s next via the impromptu Livestream ;D]

    1. You’re saying she could weaponise desperation to cause heart-attacks?

  7. D: Please, teach her! D:

  8. hug her!! hug her like you’ve never hugged before!!!

    1. If hes ever hugged someone XD

  9. I feel a significant Feral nod coming on!!

    …or a song (cough, -shot-)

    1. …wut…?

  10. Now ya gonnna give her an big warm hug! Make her feel a little loved would ya?!

  11. Dawww that makes me cry because Feral looks so sad. I think he dont want that Meela leave. Hug her AoA

  12. hehe, naah he wont hug her, i don’t see him as that kind of person so he will probably just nod or show something else to leave that subject BUT i know that he wont let her leave that fast because if you think about it, she,s his friend ;P

  13. If he’ll decide to teach her I’ll bet it’ll be lot of fun ;)

  14. I wonder when Visrial is going to catch up to them…

    Is it possible that Feral smells him? :P

    But Feral really give her a hug

  15. Feral… you gotta help her. Please…

  16. Is it bad that I think Feral is at the perfect position for a head kick? Yes, yes it is.
    But seriously AAWWWWW

    1. xD! Nice

    2. Yes! That’s how I think too! Good to know I’m not alone!

    3. First thought after I finished the page… “Hey, I wonder if he’s gonna kick her?”

      1. or one of those nice, slow, rest-foot-on-head-and-push-off-log-backward deals

  17. HeissandCommander

    I still think it is WAY to early in Feral’s character development for him to hug anybody. Maybe he never will… I don’t know.

    But I really love this page. But I have a sneaking suspicion that Visrial is some where very near… But I could be wrong.

    Great job! I love it! =)

  18. GIVE HER A HUG DAMN IT!!!!!!

    1. …This is one of the best comments ever.

  19. so many text bubbles, I thought maybe Feral started talkin’ to her

    1. So true!

  20. Does he really want her to leave?

  21. spicybleachedhead

    Owwww, someone needs a hug~~ <3

  22. leopardshadow1234

    i have a feeling that, like, visrial is gonna come before he can do anything. like, in the next page or something. then again, it could be me just wanting to see visrial’s cat form again. i don’t know, guess we’ll all see on the next page.

    1. Now that you mention it…Yeah! I can’t really imagine Feral reacting to Meela in any way…I think I can almost hear Visrial saying, “Are you done yet? So sorry to intrude!” Then he leaps forward for the fight, Feral does his wolf form, they fight, Feral gets hurt, he transforms back to human and has fatal wound on his neck, Visral goes in for the true kill, then Meela can’t stand it and gets up from screaming, and attacks Visrial, somehow getting her wolf form…What am I saying? Not bad, though…

      1. only, say meela sees the fighting, and only THINKS feral’s got a death wound, freaks, wolfs out and attacks, then its 2 wolves vs the catman

  23. Celesse! Algy! Pleeeease tell me he’s about to give her a big, brotherly hug!

  24. Meela….. ikanai de

    1. ikanai de means don’t go

  25. Meela, Talis manthos bravos. And Feral, GIVE HER A HUG! Obey the fans!

    1. LOL! yes Feral obey the fans

      1. I agree!!! Meela no te vas! Dat spanish for Meela dont go! But somehow… I dont think the hug is coming. Most likely it’s gonna come at the end of the comic…? Just a guess, but…maybe after completing a bunch of missions together, maybe something like: Meela-“Hey, Feral, wanna go on another mission together?” Feral-*hug* Both-*walk away into the sunset, holding hands* Yeah, ‘cuz Feral would have been through a lot with Meela and would have a much softer heart. And it would ROCK if Feral got the power to speak again!

  26. maybe he’ll pick her up and cary her back into the cave =D that woud be so sweet xD

    1. This one. I vote for this to happen next!

    don’t he?

  28. ;A;! This is so cute.

  29. Wolf form teaching time? 8D

    1. :D I’m thinking yes!

  30. Aaand this is the part where you HUG HER REASSURINGLY, Feral! Hug her and convey to her that she is wanted and loved (at least to come degree). Then take up the task and help her Take a Level In Badass!!

    Oh, how I adore this comic. Cannot wait to own a hard copy. I can’t quite pin down a conventional name for Feral and Meela’s relationship yet, but it is undeniably heartwarming.

    1. I think there relationship is like the one in movies. How one person doesn’t like the other but slowly starts to care but the person doesn’t relize it.

      1. Hmm… That’s an interesting theory, RS. I think you’re on to something there. Feral does seem to the type to be unaware of his feelings changing towards Meela.

        Blaaah. Spelling errors. They taunt meee.

    2. Si, a Level in Badass needs to be taken! (awesome phrasology)

      1. Yes Feral you must level your badass-ness. However a relationship with one just starting ti realize their emotional changes it is a very sensitive one and can be easily borken. Hopefully this is not the case. Although with the choices Feral has been given….

  31. Heeheh, reading all these comments- getting our hopes up for a hug or that he’s going to agree.. XD Except I can’t help but forsee the next page Feral making a “DENIED” motion or something and throwing us all through the loop haha. (It will probably be so though because he will think since she almost died- being with him is too dangerous and will wanna find her a safer home instead….. at least I’m sure thats what he will TRY to do XD)

    1. No… I think the idea of him seeing himself as a monster, stupid, find new home for the kid to be safe, is way to cliche. But I can totally see a twist like the “DENIED” face coming into play. =)

      1. That would be good…DENIED!/REJECTED! But what would Meela say to that? I can’t imagine her answer. But didn’t he just get up from just being on her level? What does that mean? Walkaway?

  32. I love this comic! this is so good moment. ^.^
    I think his ether gonna pet her or start a little fight ;D

    its just what I though… :D

  33. Holland and then Meela both request Feral to teach Meela how to survive. He can’t say no to both of them! D:
    I think he will teach her. He doesn’t want her to leave anymore.

    1. Sorry Kaelina, I stole your “obey the fans” line. But you know what they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery :)

      1. Lol Arth you know that from experiance ;)

      2. And yet somehow, it’s still annoying…
        lolz, kidding. It’s fine. :)

  34. I love how deep your characters are, even when they say nothing~

    1. Totally agree with you.

  35. I’m thinking he’s thinking ‘Well, if you’d asked me a few days ago, yeah, I’d have said yes.. But.. Okay. Come on.’

    SUCH an awesome comic! Love it to bits!
    And has anyone else had troubles with the page loading? I had to refresh the page three times because some error came up that it was using some form of some unsupported compressed.. thingy. I don’t even know :/

    1. leopardshadow1234

      ditto, the website has been very buggy for me lately. coming up with errors like that.

    2. same probelm as you D: but what’ going on here hmm?

      1. maybe the site is just still buggy. if something happens like, the website crashes my computer, then i will start getting concerned. right now i just guess the site is still acting up…hopefully that’s what it is….

        1. Yeah.. :/ I think we’re just gunna have to ride out a few aftershocks from that main server move thing that just happened D: As long as the site doesn’t crash my computer and as long as the site doesn’t permanently crash(that would be the internet trolling us all), I’m good to refresh the page like crazy when needed :P

  36. I could cry this comic is so good. I really look forward to it every week. I have a feeling Feral doesn’t want her to go, and he doesn’t want to leave her all by herself. It’s a feeling of loneliness and guilt. Meela looks so sad. :(
    I wish I knew what happens next. :x

  37. Aww, Feral doesn’t want to teach her only for her to leave.
    (…and if he shakes his head, she might misunderstand. ^_^” Well, unless maybe if he hugs her afterward)
    Does she still remember her dream? She hasn’t said anything to him about it.

  38. Hugging Meela is just too out of character for Feral. I can see him reaching his hand out to her for a handshake approval of the offer and to get her back inside to rest, though.

    1. I’m glad somebody else thinks so. It’s too early for any hugging that doesn’t come from Holland. And I don’t think that Feral will ever be a “willing” hugger. But maybe in the future he won’t completely reject an attempt.

      1. i agree with you too

      2. Yeah… that is most likely. Cant you just imagine this scenario, after fighting so many battles together, and Feral’s grown a softer heart for Meela?: Meela-“Hey Feral! Wanna run as the wolf together?” Feral-*hugs Meela* Feral+Meela-*Transform to wolf form and run free* or maybe: Meela-“Hey, Feral, want to go on another mission together?” Feral-*hugs Meela* Feral+Meela-*walk into the sunset, holding hands* That would be sweet!
        GO STRAYS!!

        1. i agree, awesome as hugs would be, he’s not gonna hug her.
          he maybe would have done a hair ruffle, except that she totally hurt his feelings saying “i know you hate me” and “i’ll go away and never bother you again”
          – because i’m pretty sure feral thinks he was being completely obvious about that not being what he wants –

  39. Come on Feral say something! Or er do something! You can write, tell her! Do something Feral!!

  40. Why do I feel like there is a hug coming on?…

  41. Not lying, I hope he gives her a hug…..or sword lessons…..both would be equally wonderful. Or both.

    1. or better yet A FLASHBACK!!!!!!!!!!


  42. thelightedDarkness

    Attacks Meela. this is how you train :P

    1. yes. i can see that.

  43. This is gonna break my hear. Poor Meela D:

  44. If he does one of those crazy things where punches at her and she has to hold her own against him..

    I would die of joy.

    1. She’s a little sick and weak right now to be starting any training :P

      1. “The enemy doesn’t attack at your convenience! Defend yourself if you want to live, pup!” ~Totally the sort of training I would expect Feral’s instructor to have subjected him to, and thus the sort of training he might inflict upon little Meela.

  45. oh my, what a strong page D: i can feel the intensity on this, celesse you did a fabulous job :) it always get me to ask this question to you:
    will feral really leave meela or have her stay to train only and then leave?
    Ive always been wondering this since they first met, and now it seems the answer will come soon enough! :3 oh man what’s going to happen in the future XV are ya sure you can’t give a little hint hahhaha

    1. Sorry, you’ll have to wait and read for yourself ;) Though I will say there wouldn’t be much of a comic anymore if the two main characters split up and went seperate ways.

      1. ahh i see, thank you very much! celessee :) i knew it!’
        that it wouldn’t make any sense if they split

  46. This would be a extremely hard decision, train her to be like him practically a hired killer, (I bet you he is not forgetting her reaction to the death of the old man) or find her a pack to take her in so that she can grow up normal with other pups like her.

    His life looks to have been bad this might be Ferals chance to give her a better one, she will fight him tooth and claw and you know he will reluctantly give in, but i can see him refusing her pleas for right now.

    Meela and Holland may have seen this as the reason to train her to fight but Feral may see it as a reason to get her as far from a Bounty Hunters life as possible.

    For now I see Ferals first priority is to get her somewhere safe, that is till he finds that she is safer with him.

  47. >_< I just can't stand Feral leaving Meela after teaching her has to survive. D: If he does ditch her or if Meela ditches Feral I hope that Feral will go after her cause they're just too good as a pair/group of friends.

  48. I think everyone needa calm down with the “hugging” comments. it’s just too .. not the right moment.

    Besides, if he were to hug her I think he’d done it on this page right now while crouched down. It be kinda awkward to suddenly hug her now after standing up.

    1. Agreed. XD

    2. Thank you, someone who makes sense of the situation

      1. Aha. You are welcome.

        Hm.. I can almost see him do some sort of scare tactic on her. Pull out a dagger on her face to see how she reacts to it as this will be the start of the training.

        1. Huh. Niceeee with the dagger thingie! But do you know what an honor it would be to have FERAL’S dagger against your thoat? FERAL’S? And it just sounds plain cool.

  49. whats feral gonna do

  50. Feral hug in 3…2…

  51. AGGH! I LOVE this page!! Although… I could imagine Feral placing his hand on her head, back or shoulder, and leading her back into the cave. Or carrying her. Can’t wait ’til next Friday!!!! *chews on nuckle*

  52. NOOO~ I caught up!!!! D: Now I actually have to WAIT for updates!!! XD This comic is great by the way, can’t wait to see what happens next.!

  53. Random – Feral’s wearing jeans! That’s awesome!
    Oh, Feral, please show Meela that you don’t REALLY want her to leave! Where would our story be then!?

  54. Give the kid a hug! T^T

  55. thelightedDarkness

    enter Holland…..

  56. *sniff* I love this comic so much.

  57. …And then the moment is ruined by a giant black panther jumping out of the trees and eating them all.

    The end. :p

    But really, I think that the kitty is going to make an appearance soon, and where did our foxy lady run off to??

  58. I loooove your Comic! I just bought a Feral Charm :D He’s soo cute :3

  59. Sad Feral makes me sad.
    Although I actually thought he was just gonna leave after that. SUSPEEEEENSE

  60. it’s surprising how much depth of character they’ve managed to give feral what with not being able to speak, it’s very hard to pull it off with just facial expressions.

  61. I can’t wait to see what he does in the next one >3<

  62. Maybe he will smell the cat guy, they fight, Meela tryes to help Feral and gets her wolf form? idk ^^

    1. EXACTLY my thoughts!

  63. There has been a lot of speculation about Feral being somebody from Meela’s dreams. Two of the favored ideas are Korin, Yuen, and Mal. These are my ideas about whether they may be or no. First off, Korin appears to have a browner tinge to his hair/fur than Feral, although it could be because of the sepia tones that Meela dreams in. Also, there would be no reason for the white streak in his hair to disappear unless Feral dyed it, and I don’t see why he would do that. Also, Korin had a prominent scar on the left side of his face. Feral’s only facial scar is a simpler scar on the right side of his face. There is also the matter of the clan marking that Korin had on his shoulder, which I am assuming is not removable (although I could be wrong). Holland’s flashbacks also reveal that Feral was injured at a time when he was a teenager, several years younger than Korin appeared, and was a lot thinner.
    It would make more sense for Feral to be Mal, if anybody. Their leg scars appear to match up, and Feral looks like he’s adventurous like Mal was. Meela could be a reminder of Yuen, whom was possibly killed through Mal’s daring or recklessness… perhaps in the incident when Feral lost his voice. Therefore, his care of Meela could simply be a guilt thing, and he thinks maybe he can protect Meela better then Yuen. Plus, it was noted that Mal and Feral are both apparently attracted to pears and had no intention of receiving a clan mark.
    Of course, in Meela’s dreaming after the incident with Visrail, Yuen’s hair turned black and he looked like Feral. There is the possibility that Yuen and Feral is the same person, but I don’t see how the hair color clinches this fact. Face it, when people get stuck with poison, they don’t have a tendency to think straight. I do acknowledge, however, that Yuen and Feral seem to have possession of the same notebook. For the most part, though, Yuen looks more like Meela.
    Way back when Feral, Meela, and Holland were on their way to the castle/party where Meela got hurt, Meela and Holland were discussing Meela’s dreams. Feral didn’t seem very interested, even though he was eavesdropping. Some people commented that they thought it was because Feral knew who they were talking about. But if Feral was just listening and didn’t recognize the names, I think his interest would be due to the unusualness of Meela’s dreaming. Another point brought up is the episode when Feral nearly strangled Meela at the inn,and his reaction. His shock/horror was attributed by some to a flashback of Avela’s murder, but it’s just as probable that it was a natural reaction when he realized what he was doing.
    Thoughts? And sorry it’s so long.

    1. YES thank you, someone else who thinks that Feral is Mal, not yuen!

      Yeah, that’s… that’s the extent of my input xD

      1. Haha thanks for the input, Wolfeth. Short as it may be :)

        1. I was thinking Feral is Mal, but it’s been all-but-confirmed that Feral is Yuen. Feral not recognizing names is because he has no memory of his past (read character bios).

        2. All-but-confirmed doesn’t mean a thing sometimes. Still, I see your point.

        3. Shinjite Florana

          Ah, yeah, it’s kinda almost definate. He’s Yuen.

  64. Wait, wht about the nightmare she had with feral being the boy from here reacurring dreams did u guys just forget about that or wht

    1. At the moment, I don’t think it’s weighing too heavily on Meela’s mind, seeing as how she’s focused on her own uselessness. I’m sure she’ll get to that later when she feels comfortable about talking to Feral about his past.

  65. Dudes and ettes, come on. Hold off of the “Hugging and Handholding” crap, would ya? For one, Feral isn’t THAT familiar with Meela yet, even if he does care about her some. The most that would probably happen is maybe a pat on the back; or something like that. Another thing is that MEELA IS A KID. So NO HANDHOLDING PLZ. And anyone who is the least bit story savvy should know that the two are stuck together, for better or worse, so no more “PLZ TEACH HER FERAL” comments. NO MOAR ;^; .

  66. Awesome comic! Keep up the good work!

  67. Another toboe and tsume moment! Hmmm.these simalarties….

  68. meela i am feeling the exact same (second panel)

  69. His face looks so sweet, almost understanding. Hmm.

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