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Meela get your butt back in that cave and stay there. The moon is totally wrong on the previous page. We'll fix it soon.

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  1. ;A; Poor Meela. -huggles her.-

  2. It’s a magic moon that ignores the laws of phases. ;)

  3. I don’t usually comment, but now I have to because the interaction between Feral and Meela here is just too damn adorable not to mention anything.

    This comic just keeps hitting me right in the feels, man. Right in the feels.

    1. YES. *pointpoint* Hahaha, that`s so cute.

    2. Right in the feels, I like that. :)

    3. So true o.o

  4. Poor Meelah… She looks like she could use some herbal tea, a nice fluffy blanket, and hugs all around. Poor girl.


    Can hardileh wait to see what comes next. Ach, i’m such a fangirl. :3

    1. Lol, me too. I have a feeling he’ll pick her up and carry to the cave. :’D

      1. I’m thinking more just sit with her and wait until she’s ready to go back in on her own.

  6. oh god that look on her face. ;_____;

  7. the anticipation is killing me!
    I love the look of genuine concern, dare I call it brotherly, that Feral is giving Meela. Character development!!!

    1. yes! This! So much this!

  8. I just can’t. I love these two so damn much. Look at them – urgh, so damn adorable and caring and sad <3

  9. the face1 says: what on earth is she doing out here?
    face2: Meela, you better get to bed little lady!
    kneels down: Meela are you listening to me?
    face3: C’mon it’s time for bed
    face4nod: I am really failing at this parenting thing aren’t I….

    1. You just made the page even better. XD

  10. Feral is so sweet ^.^

  11. Feral hug her! Ya know you want to

  12. Feral’s so sweet <3

  13. AWWWW~!
    Yes! Finally! A brotherly moment! You guys are amazing!! 8D

  14. Just can’t stop looking at this page. Something about it makes me want to stair at it for hours

  15. i love Ferals face when he points. its sooo cute. and i just keep reading this page over and over


  17. Yay go feral! Be the caring person we know you are! :)

  18. Oh, I love the interaction between them. He seems to have a brotherly kinda concern for the poor pup…and she seems to have…mellowed, for now. Matured?

    Love this…keep up the great work.

    1. I think the experience of nearly dying really did mature her. We’ll just have to wait and see! (Oh, it’s ALWAYS waiting…. and then seeing…. but waiting first…. *sigh*)

  19. baaw <33
    Why aren't you unstoppable comic-mashines that can give us new pages every day? D:

  20. Feral should cuddle her! *o*

  21. I can’t put my finger on it but there is something about this page that has just made it one of my favorites. Maybe it’s the big brother personality we are getting from Feral right now. By the way does anyone know what time periods this is in?

    1. I’ve been trying to puzzle out the time period… the blue jeans have thrown me way off. Denim blue jeans were created sometime in the 1850s-70s. Obviously this isn’t “our world” but that might help pinpoint an era, unless blue jeans existed in a previous era in this world :)

      1. Hmm so for the time being it will be safe to asume they are in the 1800s? I guess that’s the best place to start.

        1. hmmm, nooo, i don’t think 1800s are right, remember the gun? design looks like a rifle, maybe Winchester (which definitely was not around in the 1800s) not a musket, im saying alternate reality of some kind

        2. I just recived a note from Celsse on DeviantArt. Aperantly the creators did not reallly pic any main time era to base the comic off of. That it was a mix of modern with old fashion. Seems like the time ear could be ALMOST anywhere now.

  22. Awwwww this is too cute! Love that Feral is trying the caring, gentle approach ^_^

    I wonder if Meela will mention anything about her dreams to him?

    LOVE the page, can’t wait to see more!

  23. PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEASE Tell me there’s going to be a hug from Feral soon!!!!! I love this page so much…these rare moments when we see a softer side to Feral are just precious! I love his expression on the botton left panel! <3

    1. Agreeeed!!!!

    2. Yes agreed

  24. I love the pointing that Feral tells her to go to bed. It’s so fatherly. <3


      1. Chibi meela makes me laugh. XD

      2. LOLZ! I was totally thinking that!

      1. Gah! I love his facial expressions on that page (68)! They are all so amazing!!!!
        His faces on this page are wonderful too…. they are so concerned and caring….

  26. D’aww, I adore this page. So cute x3 Feral’s become such a brother figure in Meela’s eyes, it’s nice seeing him act like it of his own accord ^^

  27. give Meela a hug Feral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T^T


  28. *———-* just so adorable, don’t have really words for it

  29. I know the feeling Meela, hold on…

  30. I love the emotion on this page

  31. I cant wait for the next page!
    feral is so sweet :)

  32. I really love the expression on his face on the 6th panel. He really speaks without saying anything, doesn’t he?

  33. D’awwwwwwwwwwww.
    Feral’s being openly nice for once X3

  34. Ahhh, so much conversation takes place with so little words. Feral is quite the talker for one who can’t say anything. ^-^

  35. Awwwwwwwwwwwww ^-^

    Come on guys!

  37. Ah, shouldn’t Feral realize by now that pointing doesn’t work on Meela?

  38. The long-awaited interaction between Feral & Meela begins! I’ll try to keep my incoherent noises to a minimum.

    I adore the layout of this page – how it starts and ends with open panels and the panels in-between create a nice variation. My favorite panels are the second and fifth, though. In the 2nd, Meela’s face looks so weary, and the way y’all drew her mouth while speaking in that panel is great! Definitely digging how Feral kneels down to interact with Meela on her level. That simple gesture speaks volumes!

    One other thing about this page: the misty forest feel is fantastically done. I look forward to the next updates with an eager grin on my face.

  39. /)>3<)\ I Can't take it anymore!!!


  40. He looks but pointing.

    1. ^ He looks cute pointing.

      wtf am I typing. XD

      1. Name stealer.

        On a related note, BIG BRO POWERS ACTIVATE!

  41. I love the way they are interacting right now!! :'< There better be a hug coming!!!! <3

  42. Nights like those… <3 <3

  43. I love that Meela still looks sick. I hate it in movies when a character is deathly ill and then, in the very next scene, fit as a fiddle. Thank you for adding realism to this situation; it reinforces how serious her condition was/is. Love this page! ^_^

  44. D’waaahhhh, lookit you, Feral, all big brother. I positively LOVE that third-to-last panel. You can just TELL looking at his face that he’s trying to ask “what’s the matter?”. Just. Awwww. You so big brother. <3

    Also I agree with Annie C! Thanks for keeping the realism and having Meela still look ill, it adds a lot. Just wanna hug her even more. :C

  45. awwww So brotherly Feral ^^
    I want him to give Meela a hug but knowing Feral he’ll put his hand on her shoulder with a ‘it’s ok’ sort of look on his face. Still a sweet moment ^^

  46. I cant see him doing it, but I so badly want Feral to give her a hug, she needs one. This whole page is just amazing and adorable and I’m so sad we have to wait a whole week to see what happens next XD

  47. Your ability to convey facial expressions is amazing.

  48. Feral is so precious when dealing with Meela. Doesn’t need to be able to say a thing, his actions say it all. Such a good brotherly figure, something she really needs. I hope they’re able to get it together though! I feel a storm a’brewin’!


    1. OH MY GOSH! HE’S NOT!!! Will he show Meela the mark on his hand, do you think?

  50. Gosh, Feral looks so young on this page! :o
    I know he’s suppose to be in his late twenties or really early thirties, right? But he looks like a teen here. <3 He's still pretty awesome!

    I predict a hug coming on! :o

  51. Yes you did Meela… so let it be a lesson to you next time… when you are told to “stay behind my back” you do exactly that….urgh

  52. d’awwwww Feral! HUG HER. NAOW.

    no but seriously I love how they’ve gone from “Bounty hunter with random(unwanted) pup” to “Bounty hunter with some random pup her really cares for” :P

  53. *sigh* Feral is just too adorable! :’)
    I want the same!

  54. I’m just going to mention how much I love Feral here. And his interactions with Meela. And this comic.

  55. The emotions on this page are just absolutely perfect. Especially for such a telling moment…it’s the first time Feral’s willingly interacted with Meela (without her following him around or being close to dead) since the beginning.



  56. AWwww,
    This just makes me wanna hug them both. :( Poor Meela…
    Feral, hug her! :(!!

  57. that paaaaaaaageeee isss soo huuugaaablwwwww

  58. Ya hug Meela, Feral! Please?!

  59. Oh, precious Meela. ;.;

  60. Goodness, Meela looks so sick (which I really appreciate)! Also, I enjoy the interaction between her and Feral right now, they seem close. I look forward to the next update!

  61. Meela is totally going to hug/tackle Feral.

    1. No, I don’t think so. She seems too…. withdrawn right now. Too serious. It’s more likely that Feral will initiate some sort of contact. Probably not a hug, but maybe touch one of her hands or her shoulder or somesuch.

  62. who is Feral?like what clan??did he know Avela or something…

    1. thelightedDarkness

      dude, are you new?

  63. meela should hug feral,would he hug her back?

  64. does he not realize pointing does not work on meela?

  65. Brotherly Feral is brotherly..

    I love this page so much. :3

  66. feral looks younger! Onward with the story!

  67. Meela is so danged cute! And feral… I knew you had it in you to be nice to Meela!

  68. I just can’t get over all the emotion on this page! It’s adorable!!! ;)

  69. Dude, the lighting in that close up on Feral’s face makes his eyes look wicked awesome.

  70. Y did u stop the gammer cat comic??

  71. Not much of a commenter but this… this is… I mean… just… THIS! Can it get any better? Why doesn’t the English language have the proper words for this!?!?!?

    1. We do. You just have to make them up xD

  72. Something about this page makes me feel it in my heart, and I melt… Feral IS a kind hearted guy… something makes me think that he’s going to give her a hug next page… KEEP THE LOVE FLOWIN! :D

  73. Feral looks really young in the 6th panel. And so caring. His eye looks like it’s glowing, but at the same time, you can tell that it’s just the moonlight on it. A different kind of glow….
    Gah, this interaction between Feral and Meela is AWESOME! I’m really excited for the next page! Hug her, Feral!

  74. I think it’s still a little too soon for a hug from Feral. You two are so perfect at pacing your character development and plot, so I’m sure the next page will be amazing. :) Great job!

  75. I can see the next page being Meela trying to laugh it off (or admitting her feeling of terror), then Feral surprising her by hugging her and letting her cry on him. And then Holland finds them asleep, curled up together. I want that, so bad.

  76. I’m with Riku.


    1. yeah, he’s a real softie.

  78. man, no wonder she couldn’t sleep.i probably wouldn’t sleep if I’d nearly died…..

    1. I can. I passed out and came a couple inches from slamming my head into sharp metal. I went to sleep that night with a busted tooth and a puffy lip. It’s surprising how well you sleep. But for Meela it’s probably the fact that she’s afraid to dream. Her last dream, she discovered something about Feral. Given as her dreams have been weird, she might not want to sleep simply for fear of dreaming. I can get on board with that one.

  79. At first I saw Feral and Meela sort of like Tsume and Toboe from Wolf’s Rain. Now, they’re almost like companions. It’s so strange how annoying younger kids grow on you. The harder you try to dislike them, the more they get you to like them. Also… no view of Feral’s left hand here. Anybody else notice that?

    1. Well, Tsume and Toboe eventually get closer, do they not? It’s always inevitable.

  80. Has there been any sort of comment from the artists on whether Feral’s younger appearance has something to do with le magic or just evolving art styles? ^^ His features seem consistently more softer after he fought with that cat-person.

    I love that page and I’m looking forward to next weeks update. This is all playing out like a really, really good and emotional roleplay, making me miss my GM, but aside that good job on the page. =)

    Considering the opening image of the chapter I believe that Feral is going to teach her how to turn into a wolf soon enough. That shall be an interesting thing to see.

    1. He isn’t intended to look younger, but if he does then it’s probably just because of our evolving style. I did draw his hair parted the wrong way on this page though. Oops.

      1. or maybe he looks younger because he’s not glaring at anything XD that glare does make him look his age, but when he’s not, he looks about 10…20 years younger! It’s not your style, it’s the physics of his face! :D

        1. The physics of his face! I like that. :D

  81. I love that he gets down to her level…. don’t think he’s done that before. Aw, Feral’s turning into a softy ;P

    1. He’s always been a softy. It’s just that now he’s letting it show! XD

  82. Okay, totally fan-girling about Feral. I seriously wish he was real.

  83. I have said that phrase so many times hahaha though usually it’s after almost tripping off a three story building… Not being stabbed ruthlessly by a crazy monkey man with poison daggers…. Yah I’ll just give you a hug.

  84. Looks like Feral’s heart has warmed over, I wonder if the morning will freeze it back up.

  85. I think deep down he wants to try to raise her. Must have had a little sibling who looked like her :u or something


    1. Go Team Feela! Or Team Meral? :D

  87. Did Meela grow? It’s been a while since I last came here!


  89. I really like this page. Dang how I’ve missed these scenes with Feral and Meela conversations :)
    Can’t wait to see the continuation, hoping for 2 pages this friday :D

  90. Just reread the whole comic again just because. It’s been a long journey with this one! I remember I caught up with the story right after Feral killed that old guy who didn’t kill his wife. Anyways I just wanted to say that this is one of my favorite webcomics and that I love Feral and Meela so much and that his expressions are probably the best ever. Its always exciting or interesting or funny or all of that, every single page. I love that
    That aside, I just wanted to say how much appreciate your consistency. A lot of comics I follow have set dates for releasing pages but rarely adhere to them, sometimes they are weeks off. Of course viewing is free so you can’t really complain, but it makes me happy that here at least I’m never disappointed. If you say a page is coming out on Friday, I know it is. I don’t really recall if there have been any hiatuses with this comic, but the point is thanks you for being so awesome. I love this comic, like seriously I anticipate Fridays because of this. :)

  91. It’s nice to see that he’s genuinely concerned for her, vaguely silly gestures aside, this adds a whole new depth to his character.

  92. Is Meela going to tell Feral that she knows about his past? Is she going to call him Yuen? Is she? IS SHE?

    1. Omg thatd b amazing!!!!!

  93. This is such a sespensful moment! Feral looks so fatherly! Is it just me?

  94. Feral seems…I don’t smaller? Maybe more child-like in this page. o-o

    1. oops I mean “I don’t know” >.>

  95. It might just be me, but ferals answer to her question of ” I almost died didn’t I?” WASNT VERY CONFERTING!!!

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