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Things are getting interesting indeed.

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  1. Whichever way Holland goes… I’m loving this twist in his character!

  2. you can say that again Holland

    (yes twice in a row!)

  3. First. I wonder what’s inside the package. And why he’s sticking around to see what Feral chooses to do. :P

    1. thelightedDarkness

      its papers on bird king

    2. I’ll bet it’s Feral’s journal !
      Oooow, what have you done, you dirty bird ? u_u

      1. no, its the papers Feral took from the study. Its related to Holland wanting to prove there is bad dealings going on related to the man who threw the party, who’s study the paperwork was stolen from.

  4. I’m still worried that that panther dude is going to attack Meela Dx and that Holland might turn out to be a bad guy TT~TT and that Feral might leave Meela T^T it’s so frustrating that I don’t know what might happen Dx update update UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love Hollands thinking face.. lol

    1. YES^

  6. I still dont think Holland is a ‘bad guy’. But all these little secrets do make his actions a bit more interesting. Gonna be watching him alittle closer :)

  7. Holland, sometimes I hate your deviousness.

  8. I wish it were next friday already o; Need to know what Holland is up to! xD

  9. Hm, what is that under the cloak? A sword, a tail, or something else? I hope it’s a tail… Just so my theory has a lifeline that Jyaku COULD be Mal

    1. I think it’s just a part of the outfit (looking back a few pages, it seems possible) but personally..

      I’d much rather find out what’s under the mask. ;D

    2. Looks like a sword sheath to me. And if it were a tail, it would be that of a lizard, not a wolf, so I doubt (s)he would be lupian if that were his(her) tail.

      1. I think it’s part of the outfit.

      2. Look at the ridges in his ears. He’s definitely Lupian.

    3. That’s part of the out fit if you look at the bushes there is another part like it, like a tail coat

      1. That’s probably a really wide sword. But…if it is a tail…lemme give a little smile to that. And if it isn’t a tail, does he have a tail at all? And, I was thinking real hard on this… how about a species with scorpion tails?

    4. Check out page 218. It’s a part of the outfit.

    5. Well, that’s my dream killed

    6. I think it’s safe to say that it’s a part of the outfit.

      If you look at the first and second panels closely, notice their sleeve.
      It’s exactly the same colour, with the same style and same coloured trim.
      That leads me to believe that this is the same kind of material in the “tail” of the outfit.

    7. I sware you are on to something(not the tail but I wish it was)but I sware its a wolf from the past. I just cant figure out if it is Mal, Ferals mom or worst and the one I hope it isnt the guy who killed/knocked out Ferals mom whos name excapes me and I don’t wanna hunt for it but you all know who I mean. the dude killed his dad who looks like scar from lion king… but yeah, its a wolfie from the past for sure. im hoping the mother cause we dont actually see her “die”

      1. you have a valad point

        when your head it slamed against the edge of the table, you don’t always crack your neck… My sister triped me, and i fell the same way into both my mom’s laptop and a table. My neck hurt (and still kind of does), but I’m still alive! And my guess is that Feral/Yuen’s mom was after all more used to getting into fights, so there is a chance that she didn’t really die!

        For all we know she could have used that to cover up an escape to leave the clan!

  10. Holland seems to be a bit manipulative, I like the character twist… I’m already looking forward to next Friday!

  11. what makes that jingle sound???
    just curious…

    oh… so now we are gonna see what feral gonna do and how piper has managed to do. or we can see the Panther guy…

    1. (S)he has beads hanging from the antlers. That makes the jingle noise, I believe.

  12. HOLLAND! I don’t like the look on your face in the first panel. (Well, I love it, because it’s awesome…. but, I don’t like what it could mean…..)

    1. I’m totally with you Kaelina. Holland, what are you up to?

  13. Phew! Holland makes a dang good villain if I may say so myself.

    Not that I want him to be a villain.

    But he makes a good one.

  14. So close!!!! Almost to the place where Feral and Meela meet again right?

    1. I’ve got bells that jingle jangle jingle!!!! LALALALALALA!!! Lolz!

  15. Hmmm… I wonder if his idiocy has been a facade all this time?

    1. Yes! Holland the Scarlet Pimpernel! :D

  16. Man, I loooooove this new character’s design. <3

    Can't wait to see more of him/her in the future!

  17. Holland?! What side of the street are you on? Are you helping or attacking?

  18. bahh great page! I can’t wait for next friday! :D
    …What are you up to, Holland?

  19. I wanna know more about Mr. Jingle there! :)

  20. I’m now going to forever remember that character as Mr. Jingles. Even if it turns out to be a woman, they’ll still be Mr. Jingles.

  21. ohgowsh what noooo i just read it all today and this is how far it gets? nooooooo

  22. OH HOLLAND NOOO!!!! Ahem, outrage over. Who is Jyaku anyways? I want to know!

    Hey Lulu!

    1. Lulu? LOL, That’s what I named my dog!

  23. i cant wait till friday!

  24. …Wait, is Holland wearing jeans too?

  25. Feral/Yuen is so sezzy~ I lurv him. I am also loving the deepening of Piper’s character here. :3

    Holland is obviusly just an bored prince who wants to have fun
    he’s not evil
    not really
    kind of
    a bit
    every bored prince is a little evil
    a little
    yeah, he’s going to choke everyone in theyr sleep

    1. i can see that happening… sadly 0_o

  27. omg hollands wearing jeans!

  28. They suuure aaare.

  29. I don’t think this encounter makes holland evil at all. I mean common, he only gave a package to the mysterious deer man who might i remind you, wears things that ominously go jingle jingle when he moves… The only bad guy I can think of like that is the ghost of Christmas past and he isn’t even bad…. Just really… Creepy.

    1. XD You… are now my best friend.

  30. Anyone notice the symbol on his (her) glove? Besides that I don’t think Holland is a bad guy. He hasn’t done anything that would he classified as “bad”.

    1. HeissandCommander

      I think that the symbol on his glove resembles a deer hoof. They have foxes, birds, and wolves in this world. Why not deer, scorpions, and narwhals too? (That’s what I really want to see…)
      This page said a lot and nothing at the same time. I need Friday to hurry up.

      1. He’s definitely a deer. Notice his glove. The middle two fingers both have no fingers in the glove. If you know about deer feet anatomy, you will know that those are the two digits that are their hooves. A very clever inclusion on the part of the artist! :D

        1. Hmmm now that you point that out *takes more notice to the glove* there could be a possibility that (s)he is a deer or some other hoofed animal. And I agree the artists are putting in the very clever hints here and there for their audience.

  31. Things are just getting interesting aren’t they?

  32. I can see it…Holland is evil…

  33. I believe that their interest in Feral and Meela might not be a bad thing. And I don’t think Holland is the bad guy. I just think they are doing things others might not understand at the moment. Though, there is just not enough information to tell just yet.

  34. i always had a feeling he was not a good guy…….guess i have to wait for the next page!

  35. Gosh, I just found this comic and read all of it in one go. I can’t wait for more! This is pretty brilliant.

  36. I’ve seen Jyaku before in Algy’s Gallery on her DA. xD

    Never thought (S)he would appear on the comic. e-e

  37. When’s Feral gonna teach Meela how to turn into a dog?!?! >._<)/) Feral must TEACH!!! I wanna see her new awesome action!!

    1. haha i like your comment…its not a dog but a wolf!!!!

      1. Yeah, I know :P I’m just too lazeh to type XD

  38. Omg! Holland! I just read this comic and it’s amazing! Who’s the deer dude? I wonder…;)

  39. GARRH! New page new page new page D:

  40. That was the jingly-jangly that Meals heard before the party?

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