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And here we go with Chapter 9! Come back in a few hours when it's Friday for the first real page of the chapter ;)

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  1. yay 1st time i’ve ever commented and i get the 1st comment XD
    Just taking a guess that Meela turns into her wolf form in this chap…

  2. Yay! Wolf-Meela!

    1. She IS a cutie!

  3. WolfFannerBannerClick

    Wolf Meela rules! I expect this to be an awesome chapter :3

  4. I’ve been looking forward to seeing how Meela gets her wolf form….looks like it’ll finally be happening with this chapter :D


  5. I can’t wait to see the opening page!
    Random dude: Yes you can.
    Yeah, I guess you’re right…But I shall be waiting in agony.

  6. I’m giddy and excited for Friday!!!

  7. You two did a fantastic job with Meela’s wolf design. It keeps to a natural style while emanating her exuberant and youthful self. I love her sock and back markings, as well as the ones under her eyes. Even the warm colors attribute themselves to Meela’s personality.

    This is definitely one of my favorite splash pages so far! Well-composed & well-drawn. I’ll be counting the hours ’til the next update. :D

    1. It’s got to be one of mine, too…right up there with the melancholic image of Avela for Chapter VII. =)

  8. Om frickin’ g… I LOVE Meela’s wolf form. -Two thumbs up.- I is looking forward to tomorrow morning fer the update!

  9. This is SO Meela I love it love love love it! Super excited for this chapter! *mini squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!*

    1. And asking the obvious question that is in everyone’s minds… Who’s responsible for what? Meela’s family’s deaths? Or is Feral now responsible for Meela?
      And, random question that may or may not have been answered before but I just didn’t see it- is it simply a matter of maturity of when a pup changes for the first time, or is there some voodoo-magicky-spell-stuff to do by a mature wolf?

      1. Lemme try to answer all those questions X3
        – its unclear who is responsible for Meela’s family deaths
        – in the past pages, Feral DOES show some signs of protectiveness for Meela, so who knows? Maybe he does care…
        – as for the maturity, we just need to wait for new pages to be uploaded and then piece everything together.
        Hope that helped somewhat

        1. I seem to recall Meela saying at one point that her brother wasn’t able to teach her how to transform before he died, so there’s gotta be some learning on her part before she can do it. So it’s not an automatic coming-of-age thing.

  10. I cant wait to see how this chapter unfolds! the only thing i hate about being caught up in a story i like is becoming impatient for the next page xD

  11. I just love this picture!!! She is so adorable! ^^


  13. What happens to her bracelet when she shifts? (transforms, whatever you want to call it)

    1. wolves of mercy falls fan?

  14. come back in a few hours when its Friday?…. its 4:30PM Friday here that’s the annoying thing of being in Australia you get everything a day later even tho you are from the future

    1. In Hawaii I get it on Thursdays X3

    2. i know right!

  15. way cool!! so excited to read this next chapter!!^.^

  16. Awww….! So cute! Meela in wolf form is awesome!
    Definitely hoping that this is foreshadowing….

  17. Meela wolf so cuuuute!


  19. AHH!!!! I was just clicking to look back on some pages and this pops out of no where!! *Freaks out!*

  20. that could be Piper in wolf form….But I am quite comvinced its Meela!

    1. Piper’s a fox, and her form looks diffrent. this is so meela! *does a happy dance*

  21. if lupians are wolf people and lyrians are bird people what are cat people?

    1. felinians! XD

  22. I just LOVE this comic. It’s incredible. You guys who made it are amazing :D I can’t stop reading but I have to :(

  23. Me: “Meela get down from there!”

    Meela: “NO, I must dance!”

  24. i have been waiting to say dis… FWUFFY!!!! X3

  25. SO CYOOT

  26. mEela.. suCh a.. CUTe!

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