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  1. …… I knew it! >:U

    1. I know right?! 8D

      1. ASDDSFSDS?!!!

        Spore did not know. :c

        1. O.o I had a hope that this was what was going on but I never thought that that’s actually what it was! Way to go Celesse and Algy!!!!

      2. *nod, nod*

    2. I KNEW IT ALL ALONG!!! -giggle-

    3. YaaaaH! What a cute lil kiddo! In other words. Yes. I KNEW IT TOO.

  2. Saw it coming…

    1. so did i, but i started going away from that idea just to have it slap me in the face <.<

      1. Yeah. I played around with the idea that Feral was Mal for a while

  3. FERAL??????????????????????????????????????????? OH MY GOSHNESS> I’m tearing up at the excitement… okay. Guys you made me cry. LITTLE FERAL? OH SNAP IS RIGHT. Did NOT see that coming….

    1. Delusional-Weirdo

      I wouldn’t have either, but I made the mistake of reading the comments on earlier pages. :T

      1. I know right |D

    2. He’s so cute!

    3. I don’t think Yuen is feral. Feral’s eyes are green and red. then again, that could just be because of some demon thing he went through.

  4. I just got my mind blown…I felt a shock go through my body. I thought Yuen’s friend would have been him, not Yuen himself…

  5. … there is no possible way for me to calm down at the moment….. YUEN IS FERAL!!!!…. I-I just needed to say it myself

  6. I knew it!!!! I knew it as soon as Meela said something about her dreams to Holland and Feral had that look like, “oh crap….’ XD omk I knew it….oh this is awesome….

    1. Just remember, as far as we know. Feral doesn’t remember anything.

      1. really? *looks back* Oh yea….so many plot twists! lol i love it!

  7. WOO!!!!
    That’s all I can say :D

  8. Called it! I am excited and saddened at the same time!! Excited for what will unfold and how Meela will react to all of this!!

    I wanna hug Yuen so badly!! Cute little face! >3< Feral, you are adorable as a child and rather good looking as a grown up (And as a teenager)!

  9. HAHAHAH! I’d repeat what everyone else said, but I have a feeling that it would be redundant at this point. But yeah, I totally hoped that it was Feral. Snoochie-Boochies! For something that everyone was HOPING, it’s really been nice to have it confirmed- sometimes those odd twists that authors/artists do are dissapointing, but yeah, this one was perfect.

  10. WHAAAAAAAAAAT?! *major flip-out spazz moment*

    Okay, so I’m not an idiot and I have been reading all of the comments and theories that people have been posting. I knew eventually that Feral’s past self would be revealed somehow. I knew all this. So why the freak out? Because I didn’t subscribe to any particular camp of thought because I wanted the comic to do JUST THIS. Tell me in its own way in its own time to make the reveal just that much more perfect. I don’t make opinions, I don’t speculate, I don’t theorize, none of it. I let the story play out because I like to be told the story the way the writers intend, ya know?

    So thank you, Celesse and Algy, SO MUCH for your fabulous storytelling! I’m sure you’ve been snickering all along at the theories and such that people were throwing out.

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the story as it unfolds :) We do enjoy seeing what people theorize. They come up with some pretty creative ideas, and some people do hit the nail on the head. I hope they still enjoyed the reveal though!

      1. Speaking as an outspoken speculator, I DEFINITELY enjoyed the reveal. That’s what I enjoy in a story – one that holds up to my predictions without being too predictable. (I was still torn up to this page whether Feral was Yuen or Mal.) The story was told in a way that the clues were all there, but there was just enough mystery to cloud the final reveal until it occurred. That’s an awesome way to write a story. Thank you so much, Celesse and Algy! As always, I cannot wait for Tuesday night.

  11. *Fangirl squeal* Little Feral :D <3

    1. yaaa little feral is cute :3

  12. I think almost everyone figured this but still great to see it confirmed. And OMG LITTLE FERAL! So CUTE! <3

  13. Check that second to last panel–the face anatomy is off a little where Meela’s eye on the right (her left) is supposed to be. Looks like that part of the face was mistaken for background.

    Still loving this comic <3

    1. Actually, that’s her cheek. It does look like part of the background though. I’ll probably go back and darken it when I get a chance.

  14. Eee! It’s mini Feral! He’s so cute!

  15. I KNEW IT!!! >:D

  16. I knew itttt! *runs around madly* Can’t wait for the next page :D

  17. Even though I was kinda expecting it (having read all theories) I still squeeled in delight as Yuen-Meela became Yuen-Feral!

  18. OoO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Haaaaaa!!!! I knew it all the time! =D

  20. can’t wait for the next page i wonder if she is gonna tell feral about it. suggestion u guys should update it at least twice a week

  21. OMG FERAL!!!! HIS SOOO CUTE AS A KID!!! ^////^


  23. Woah it ate my comment 0_o

    But I said that small!Feral is adorable omg.

    BUT ALSO… Yuen looks a lot like a mini!Feral but… he has yellow eyes. And Feral’s normal eye color is green. >>

    1. No, his eyes are green. Look at Meelas eyes and you will see the difference.

      1. actually I think that one is yellow other and the other is green…. so something has happened to him to make the yellow one red………..

        1. The eyes are green. There is a small sliver of gold in the right one, but it’s only because of the transition from Meela’s appearance.

        2. Oh! Alright, that makes a lot of sense, thank you! 8D

  24. Wow, didn’t see that comming o.O
    Awww, chibi feral… <3

    Btw, did you guys notice the scars on his neck?

    1. I don’t think those are scars, it just looks like a halo of swirly magic around his head to me, since the irregular light continues onto the background.
      It could just be this moniter’s poor resolution, though, haha.

      1. Correct! There are no scars.

        1. All right, I see now x3

  25. Whoa! This is HUGE!

  26. Things just got serious.

  27. I wonder if the scars and even the earrings are on him as Meela’s interpretation as he didn’t have the earrings (and had just gotten the neck wounds) when he was much older. Poor Feral! So much more makes sense now, and I bet he and Meela are connected by their parents’ murderer (and possibly in other ways, too). The big question is if/how/when they take that MoFo down.

  28. HAH! Feral was not Mal! >:D *rises arms in triumph*
    This page looks really great, he looks so adorable! I wonder if Meela is going to call Feral as Yuen eventually… I think that Meela is now Feral’s key to his forgotten memories.

  29. I knew it! :D

  30. well that was a fun ride. all the times of trying to figure out Meela’s dreams and now we know. I enjoyed this reveal. I envy you guys as a writer. my attempts at having suspense and mysteries always end up as fails. good job.

  31. I think it would be great and even touching if when Meela wakes up, she calls him Yuen :D

    1. I was hoping she’d do that, too. But just because I’d like to see Feral’s reaction to it.

  32. OH MY GLOB! O_O

  33. You seriously can’t expect me to survive a week waiting for what happens next!

  34. I’ve been reading this comic the whole time. Never commented till now, but I just had too. <3

    So if Yuen is really Feral, then based off of page 166, he knows that Meela has been having dreams about him? This is now very very very interesting indeed. I will admit, there are days when I would love to know whats going on in Feral's head. Yet, not having having him say a word makes this story so awesome. We get to figure things out as Meela does.

    Thank you for doing such a great job!

  35. Hahaha how come so many have guessed?! :’D I was like whaaaaaa.

  36. Oh SNAP. It’s going to be interesting when Meela wakes up.

  37. Now the questions on everyone’s mind: Why is this happening between Meela and Feral? And why did Yuen change his name to Feral? Since Feral had a similar past to Meela, I bet that’s why he “let her tag along”, against his better judgement lol.

    1. Based off of the facial expressions from the murderer in Meela’s dreams and Feral’s evil cousin, I’m betting the same person killed their parents.

    2. I think Feral is somehow unintentionally communicating telepathically with Meela. 8D Because her dreams started the night she met him.

      The name thing, I’m thinking that’s just what mabye Kosher or someone started calling him. Maybe he had his accident before his real name was well-known, and they didn’t know what to call him so they just picked something that seemed to fit. C=
      And I speculate the reason Feral didn’t try to contradict them is he doesn’t remember his actual name. Under his description in the character gallery, it says his past is unknown to even himself.

      1. ^ This. :D

      2. YAY someone else thought telepathy was an option! -highfives-

        1. I think that Feral killed Meela’s parents.
          The guy that appears in that page looks like him.
          I don’t know.

  38. Must say I didn’t saw THAT coming…

  39. I had the feeling… :D

  40. I guess I’m just stupid! D: Because I didn’t see that coming…

    1. What a shock huh? I only considered it recently when someone brought up a Feral = Yuen theory. Then when Yuen shared Meela’s new haircut it became clear that Yuen probably didn’t look like Meela. It was well-played.

  41. HAha! I was right all along! Whahoo!! He’s so cute. Well he’s cute anyway but now he’s cuter!

  42. Awww~! Finally get to see little Feral <3 Just want to put him in my pocket and run!


    I was actually quite surprised!
    AWESOME <3


  46. I knew it! Wanna read more! *otaku reader chic*

  47. I WAS RIGHT!!!!

  48. o.o.. cute litle feral ^.^ right?
    thats so grate and surprising

    I LOVE this comic <3

    I did not see it coming :D grate work.

  49. Haha, YES!!! It’s Feral!! :D

  50. woot snap. I may not read comments ever again :’D You bad spoilering people.

    But aww they’re so meant for eachother <3 Meela is even dreaming about him.

  51. Well, I must really need to go back to school and sharpen my intellect, cuz I didn’t see that coming at all. I thought Yuen was a younger version of Meela this whole time. Lol….

    1. Love your icon, anyway ya i got it wrong to, i thought I would have been Mal b/c of what i read in the diary entry

      1. I really thought it was Mal too!

  52. I saw that coming!!!!! But still. Adorable!!!!!!!! He was so cute!!!!!!!still is!!!!!!

  53. He’s Feral!! … or Feral’s relative.

  54. Oh my D: I… I had speculations but… wow! D:

  55. Waiting for this moment!!!!!


    Little Feral is too adorable :D

  57. soooooo, not that we know Yuen is Feral (but Feral doesnt remember that) should we start referring Feral as Yuen?? :/

    1. For the sake of not accidentally spoiling new readers, I would continue with Feral :)

      1. quite honestly, I prefer the name Feral to Yuen…..


  59. *desperately wnats the next page to come out RIGHT NOW*

  60. Yay! Little Feral is the CUTEST!
    Now someone just has to explain how Mal’s demon powers transferred to him…

  61. Wait… really… All you people did not see this earlier?! Hahahaha.

  62. Darn, I had it wrong on which one Feral was. Oh well, still cute!

  63. Color me a bit confused. For all this time, Yuen is actually Feral then, right? Checked back to the intro to check back on when Meela met Feral, if there was some kind of magical thing of them meeting, some kind of contact, but the only contact they had was him picking her up to hit bad dude with to knock him down. Immediately after that is when Meela dreams about Yuen/Feral’s past.

    I’m just a slight bit confused here, with how she’s dreaming about his past when she’s only just met him. That’s just my little confusion.

    1. Don’t worry, the connection will be explained eventually. There is a reason for it beyond having made physical contact. One reveal at a time ;)

      1. One of my theories was somehow if there is magic, maybe there might be a possibility of some having maybe telepathic abilities. I got this idea from Star Trek. hehehe. I guess we’ll see. :D

  64. …….
    WTF ?!!!!
    Why-… When-… What-…. Oô
    Just chocked.

  65. A great story and great plot build up! I didn’t expect Yuen’s identity to be revealed so soon – this was a welcomed surprise to my day! You’ve done a wonderful job with this comic, it’s well written, with great art, and the characters are absolutely charming! Both Feral and Meela play off of each other so well; especially Feral’s facial expressions and how he communicates without talking.
    Anyway, I think todays page was brilliant – you introduced Feral’s journal as a key point to Yuen’s identity and had Meela ask the question that was on the tips of everyones mind. I also enjoyed how the transformation from little Meela too little Feral happened.
    I wonder – it would be cool if you did some extras where Feral was put in the place of Meela’s past dreams about Yuen. Gosh, I can’t wait for Meela to wake up now and see what happens next! :D

    1. Thank you very much :) I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! I considered keeping this mystery under wraps for a while longer, but this was the best opportunity to present the reveal. And you can’t save everything until the end!

      And yes, we actually do plan to revisit the dream sequence pages and replace Meela’s image with the proper ones of Yuen. We’re not sure when or how though. Maybe as a bonus chapter for the release of Volume 2 in print form :)


  67. This explains why that particular panel was black. EVEN IN THE LIVESTREAM NO SPOILERS ARE TO BE REVEALED.

    I would have been amused had Algy added a gif of her typing hands, though. ;D

    I’m just as squealy as everyone else for this, man. 8U

    1. Yes, we wanted to keep this a surprise, so no sneak peek at it during the Livestream ;P

      1. I was wondering about that, since I can’t always watch the Livestream. That’s cool.

  68. Oh chizz. Didn’t see that one comin’.

  69. Didn’t see that coming.

  70. This page gave me shivers! I’ve been reading your comic for such a long time, but I had to reread the whole of it after this page…the flashback sequences and the scenes that prompt them make so much more sense now! Brilliant storytelling!

  71. Awww widdle bitty Feral!! That’s so exciting! I didn’t expect that at all.

    I’m trying not to be the ‘tard of a shipper that I am because of the major age difference, but the idea of Meela helping Feral and Feral helping Meela is so adorable.

    I doubt it though, they’re way too different in age XDD It’d be wrong, lest there be some twist or something

  72. Shit just got real.

  73. I knew it!
    I only started reading this comic fairly recently, but I had thought that Meela was seeing Feral’s childhood this whole time! ;D

  74. I knew it. >:D Feral’s so cute though. <3


  76. The noise that came out of my mouth was not human, oh my god. FERAL IS YUEN. AHHHHH. I’ve been reading all the comments and the speculation over it and now we finally know eeee. so exciting. :D Next friday cannot come soon enough!

  77. Wooo! Haha yess, I also saw this coming! I also had a few doubts though, so I had to reread those dreams again with more confidence now! hehe! XD I also made a new discovery! I think the guy who killed Feral’s parents is also the one who killed Meela’s~!

  78. OMG my mind just went *KA-BOOM!!!!!* I can’t wait for the next one!!!

  79. I wonder if she’ll remember…

  80. THE TRUTH IS REVEAAAAAALED!! -fangirl squee- 8DDDD oh i love this comic X3

  81. Aww, little Feral’s so cute!

    I knew it Feral is Yuen! All of the hints were there, but it left us enough of a mystery that many couldn’t solve. This is a great reveal, I can’t wait to see next week’s page.

  82. KID FERAL! Wait…………. Right?

  83. OH GAH. How LONG have we been pondering and pondering who Yuen really was? I almost feel like this can’t be happening! Must reread the whole comic to help let this sink in!

    But, seriously. Amazing job, guys! I have not kept with many webcomics as long as I have Strays, and it STILL never ceases to amaze me.

    Then I calmed down and was like Owwwnn pretty little Feral *fangirls squeak²*
    Aw yeah.

    1. Oh, wait a sec
      So his name wasn’t Feral? And what’s with Mal? I’ve thinked that Feral needs to be him.
      Woah, now I’m thinking that Meela and the red-eyed-guy-with-two-names have a amazing connection, right? She barely knew him and began to see his childhood.
      Woah, and what of his eye? And the voice… And all the weird Feral-like things.
      And OMG for Anubis sake why was he becoming the little-Meela?

      -so much feelings-.

    I neeeed mooooooar



  88. Woah
    This is crazy.
    I’m super glad it’s Feral. Can’t wait for next Friday!

  89. O.O WOAH!!! Can’t say I saw this coming… but Young Feral is so cute! XD

  90. Dun dun duuuuunnnnnnn.

  91. Amazing Page as usual :D

    Young Feral is adorable!

  92. That was just so awesome and matter-of-fact! This is such a brilliant comic, I can never wait for the next installment!

    I might be late to the whole ‘speculating thing’…and I’m not sure if this topic is even interesting to most people compared to the ‘who’s Feral’ thing, but since that’s over I saw a few things I thought were interesting, and wanted to apply them to the running debate about who killed Meela’s family and why. (Should I put this on the forum? Ahhh, where is the forum?)

    Um, here goes. So do you know how, in the flashbacks, Meela’s brothers and father all had grey hair? Well, in the Yuen flashbacks, on page 121, the rightmost lackey of Korin sort of looks like Connor. So, maybe…Meela’s father was involved in murdering Feral’s.
    (And maybe Feral wound up going nuts for a while after finding him and tried to avenge Terin’s death? He does have demon powers, and maybe that makes them able to switch into ‘berserk mode’ or something. I don’t accept the theory that Feral was working as a mercenary when/if he did it, because the killer looked positively bloodthirsty, not professional.)

    Ah, anyway, my main theory is that Feral did kill Meela’s family, but he may not necessarily remember because of the ‘berserk mode’ thing. I don’t know, the tail, build, and hair of the killer all make me think of Feral, and there’s a glow coming from his eye–though I’ll concede that that evidence is flimsy.

    Well that’s it for that. Do you suppose Yuen turning into Feral happened because Meela finally realized it, or because of the psychic link?

    1. Hmmmm…although Tannor says ‘they’, so…

  93. NO WAY!!! I did not see that coming. I’m not often surprised but this sure did it! I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out who Yuen was. Biggest working theory I had going was a past life for Meela. The truth is way better! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  94. GAH! OMG! This… this… Celesse and Algy, I am stuck at home sick with a cold and this was the PERFECT thing to make me feel even the tiniest bit better. Thank you for that. And since if I hug you both you’ll get my germs… *hands you both fruit baskets* Have a nice weekend!

  95. I can barely even organize my thoughts well enough to say how enthusiastic I am about this development! The way y’all chose to reveal Yuen’s identity worked so well, and the art is beautiful for this page.

    Can it be next Tuesday yet? I look forward to the Livestream & wait in anticipation of next week’s update. <3

  96. I hate to say it but I didn’t even get it till I read the comments.
    This has always been my favourite webcomic and it took an amazing turn.
    Please don’t ever stop <3.

  97. I did NOT see that coming! What a great comic, keep it up!!!!

  98. Color me both shocked and confused. I did not see this coming, for sure, but even moreso did I not expect Yuen to be Feral as a kid.

    How does every other 3rd person on here seem to have “called it”? I’m so dreadfully lost. Hope the next page sheds some light on this big reveal.

  99. u guys think Feral ever dreams of Meela’s past?

    1. Wow, good question. Maybe it’s a two way street?

      1. that’s what i’m wondering. I do wish we could enter Feral’s mind a little more often. I think the weirdest part of all this, is when i have dreams of strays, Feral can talk. weird.

        1. Cool! With what his voice sounds alike?

  100. OMG!!!! FERAL!!!!! This whole time I thought Yuen’s friend was him!

  101. *official mind-blown*x_x little feral is so CUTE!!!! But wait I just realized he doesn’t have the one red eye right there? So did he not always have it?? Love love LOVE this comic!

  102. um…now im sorta confused its awesome but im still confused….

  103. This sort of supports my theory I developed. My theory is that Yuen was Feral and that Mal might have been Meela’s father. Meela looks and acts a lot like Mal. Since we now know that Yuen is Feral, we’ll just have to wait and see how Mal’s parents look (if they’re even shown) and who Mal is. This is getting good.

  104. :0… XD… ^u^… 8F!!!

  105. Yus.

  106. WHAT

    At least not to me, lol.

  107. Ok, I just read through everything again, and now I’m seeing the signs…
    The pears back at the party were a major one, and some commenters on that page had caught it. I’m inspired to pay better attention in the future…(I love catching complicated plot points and secrets! XD)

  108. I KNEWW IT!!!
    I saw that book in somewhere…in page 111 *u*

  109. tl;dr comments again and no time to read them >.> WHY LIFE?

    WAIT so how-? Mal was the one injured/with the hand-magic thing, yuen was the one who stayed at mal’s when his parents were murdered, and we know yuen’s past but we don’t know Feral’s and honestly I thought Feral was Mal and OMG >.> I can’t wait for the rest! EURGH… 7 more days… -.-

    …Still don’t think it’s Feral there.

  110. ok, so at first, I was like “I KNEW IT”
    because Yuen is sooo so cute, and I really wanted him to be Feral.
    and also, I thought it would be cute that the shy one is the bounty hunter now.
    Now that I think about it. I have my doubts.
    If Yuen is the one telling Meela all about death, then he must already be someone on the other side! And if Feral is still alive, then he’s not Yuen! :O
    Hoping its not like that, and Feral is Yuen though.(’cause shy guys turned badass are totally awesome!)

    1. Also, Mal is the one with a bio in the Characters page.Yuen isn’t mentioned….

      1. Now I’m just confused.

        1. Sorry, I fan girl ranted a little up there.

          But basically: If Yuen is talking to her about the other side, then he’s probably dead.

          And if Yuen is dead, then Yuen cant be feral.
          Because feral is alive.

  111. Awesome! …. I’m too tired to be shocked. last time I camp.

  112. Holy Frick!!!! I love this comic! It’s taken over my life! :D

  113. Why are you so cute little Feral? Did you know your hair will turn black when you get older? And one eye will be magic and you won’t be able to speak.
    SPOILERS! Oops. Sorry little Feral. ;)

  114. This comic is so good I cant wait untill the next pages come out.

  115. Omg! i cant wait to see what’s next! what ever happened to his little friend with the broken arm…? ;^;

  116. You know, even though everybody had theorized this was going to happen, it’s still surprising and shocking when it actually happens or when it is actually revealed in the comic!

  117. Maybe Meela will spontaneously hug Feral when she wakes up.

    …no? Bah, let me have my wishful thinking. >:T

  118. Hey…thats why feral addopt meela. He was a lost child too TT_TT But anyone addopt him in the past TT_TT

  119. awww ive already commented but algy and celesse i just had to say that i love this webcomic so much that i kept coming and going back to this page, enough that i made the last pannel of little feral as the background picture of my itouch’s lock screen XD hes even more adorable as a little boy! XD i hope we get to see more little feral/yuen through meela’s dreams now that his true appearance has been revealed. too cute!!

  120. i am going to have to re-read the entire comic yet again to try to comprehend what’s going on here. or maybe, when it is completed, i will actually buy a copy!

  121. Now we just need to figure out why one of his eyes is red now… I’m guessing something like what happened to the one guy on Naruto(I think his name is Kakashi?)
    Great, I sound like a total otaku… :P But that’s my guess anyway.

  122. Good to know Feral always had that chubby nose lol He is adorable. Wondering why now that Meela was high enough to think she was him..

  123. I am so confused XD. I had to reread the whole comic today because I didn’t even know who Yuen was xD

    This whole time I thought that the flashbacks were what happened to meela because they had similar hairstyles.

    I must have been tired or something because I never noticed the names mentioned was not her’s and really reading a panel a week can make you forget details like the journal.

    Though thanks to the comments and rereading it I understand now XD

    >> I still feel bad for being confused.


    Not like a lot of us didn’t realize what was going on, but still. Definitely an OH SNAP moment for Meela. XD

    Now the question is, why DID he look like her? AND, is he actually talking to her now, or is she sort of conversing with Feral’s subconscious/inner child?

  125. Okay, snap. I need to read everything again. I forgot too much to not be understanding this =.=

  126. Little Feral is SO CUTE!!!!
    But now, how does Mal fit into this….??? He’s too important not to fit in somewhere. I always thought that Mal was Feral…

    1. Also, I love how you did the transition from little Meela to little Feral…

  127. Another thing…. this probably isn’t the best place to put this, but I don’t know where else to…

  128. I´d like to see all Meela´s dreams but with little Feral, not Meela/Mal

  129. Meela/Yuen, i say XD

  130. Woah… Didn’t see that coming…

  131. I did NOT see that coming… little FERAL?? How is that.. I mean, why… crap, now I gotta read through the comic all over again to see what I may have missed…

  132. Finally, the truth is revealed. I loved how this simple fact was led up to as the plot unfolded. Very graceful, I might add. I agree this was the perfect time to reveal it as well. I can’t wait for next week. This is going to be an interesting turn for the plot that I’ll try not to scream as it unfurls…

    Awesome transformation by the way! I still envy you artists that can bring your characters to life… T-T

  133. Well, that was a pleasant surprise. :D *hugs Feral* I can’t wait ’til next friday to see what happens next. I do read this comic about one every two months, but I woul never abandon it. Things are getting really interesting now.
    I’m not sure if anyone has asked it before nor whether you are free to answer that but how long will this webcomic go on? I mean are we still at the intro, in the middle of the plot or nearing to an end? :) Just asking out of curiosity.

    1. Thank you :) We’re about in the middle of the story. We’re planning for around 3 volumes.

      1. Middle of the story? Already? D:
        I love stories that actually ends, and don’t go on and on… but it also make me quite sad not to be able to experience more of the characters. :C

    2. Good question Cliodna.

      Thanks for the answer, Celesse. Nice knowing where we are … and that we have another 4ish years of this to look forward to.

  134. ohmygoodness!!!!! Tht’s really feral?!?! and i have never seen so many comments like this in my whole entire life!!!! =D

  135. When I saw this page, I thought about two things. First was, “I wonder if Yuen’s confused by Meela asking why he looks like her, or if he already knows that he appears to her in that way”, and the second thought was that Yuen looks cuter and more innocent as Meela to me. But probably only because he looks so much like Feral there, I keep thinking of the bigger Feral instead of a kid. ^_^”
    Hmm… (considers re-reading comic, keeping this in mind)

    1. Yuen DOES look more innocent as Meela than Feral!

    2. I actually did go back and read the Yuen bits just because my mind was so blown by this…..

  136. *randomly starts screaming at the computer screen* It is Feral! it is Him!
    *everyone else watching the movie* shut up!
    *me* I’m sorry!
    *Dad* quiet!
    *me* i’m sorry!
    *Dad* stop saying you’re sorry!
    *me* I’m sorry, it’s just too awesome! I did not see that coming!

    1. This sounds similar to the time I saw Meela stab Visrial in the livestreaming.

      *randomly* SHE STABBED HIM!!?? GO MEELA!
      Mom: …

      1. I also freak out at Holland’s faces, they always crack me up! especially the “oh crap” face and the “injured puppy” face he had when Feral got mad at him before Meela passed out… yes… he looked like an injured puppy….

        *screams and points at the screen* look at Holland’s puppy face!
        Mom: …

    2. lol I’d be “You shut up! >:V”

  137. my brain is now pregnant…..and this page is the father O.o

  138. *faint*
    I knew it, but I didn’t REALLY believe it! D:

  139. Just realized that the eye that will turn red later on is a lighter color than his other green eye; almost yellow. =3

  140. It’s cool that some people guessed it, but I’m glad I didn’t expect anything. SHOCK FACTOR.

  141. Whaaaa? o_o’
    I thought Mal was Feral …. So confused!
    And I just moved house! I left my copy of volume one at home! D: I can’t re-read without putting up with shitty connection! *whines*

  142. I still don’t get what’s going on D; ….

  143. Let`s just all go `D`awwwwwww` together now…XD

    wait wait whut, then how did Feral get that wicked power? Aaaah, man, this story is so win~

  144. I knew Yuen was Feral! ;D

  145. Awesome….didn’t link it up. LOL

  146. This is the most comments I’ve seen on any one page yet!!! and it’s only been up for a few days!

  147. I KNEW IT! Keep it coming, this comic is fantastic!!! :D

  148. Ha!!! I actually said Oh Snap before I read the artist comment. Damn!, I did not see that coming….how the hell did I not see that coming?

    1. Xb I said “Oh snap” before seeing it too!! On the other hand, though- I saw it coming. >.>

  149. :O OMG!!!! This was a totally shock for me! XD I even think I almost fainted when my friend (Earthy) pointed out that the little boy was little Feral. :O But that same friend of mine got me into this comic and I couldn’t stop reading it the first time! =D You guys are so great with this comic! ^_^ Keeping coming up with those awesome drawings of the story! :3 But so I can’t wait till the next page.


  151. Holy cow that’s a lot of comments! And omfg Sooo cute >w<

  152. Course, I had to look in the comments to figure out it was Feral. xD

  153. “Meela…I am your father.”

    1. HaHaHa

  154. o.o I, no joke, read/looked at this page at least 10 times and only JUST realized that Yuen was Feral. |D Epic fail on my part; but now I’ve gotta go back and read the comic again.
    … Woo! I have a reason to re-read this. :D Haha, sorry I’ve not commented before, but this comic is AMAZINGLY amazing. LOL <3
    Love it. C:

  155. … Well that makes a heck of a lot more sense than recovering from amnesia. I had initially figured that Meela was originally Yuen, but had suffered amnesia and been adopted by Tannor. But there were some pretty heavy flaws in that to begin with – Namely flashback-Meela being pretty clearly younger than Yuen.

  156. I knew it! >D
    But I’m still loving these comics. I can’t wait for the next one. Beautiful, Celesse!

    I wish i could draw like that >.>

  157. Do you guys like write this head on and improvise?
    or did you plan it from the beginning to the end?

    1. We have it all planned out. Sometimes we have to go back and change parts as they come up.

  158. I KNEW IT~~ e3e


  160. I think the killer from s. 8/9 is Mal..


  162. omg, i called it..and not being shure it was feral made the story confusing but all fits :3

  163. You know what I just realized? This would technically be the first time Meela ‘heard’ Feral speak. -If- his voice changed with his appearance as well, that is. It is a comic, so it’s hard to distinguish such an aspect…

    Maybe I’m just over-thinking, but I considered it a neat aspect.

  164. Such a twisted twist! But why did he look like Meela to Meela? Just part of it being her “dream” I guess.

  165. It had to be Yuen, not Mal! Mal had brown hair, but we didn’t know what Yuen looked like because he looked like Meela. Then the pears were a dead give away, and in the last page the journal sealed it for sure. Plus not all the flashbacks included Mal, so it wouldn’t make sense… the dreams were influenced by the presence of Feral. Mal couldn’t have remembered things he didn’t experience.

  166. Am I the only one noticing a mistake at the second to last panel? Sorry for the confusion.

  167. Bleh. Everyone was practically screaming this in the comments every single page where Yuen showed up… so… Kinda boring that it is so.

    (And just to clarify, everyone knows my previous comment [before this one] was facetious, right?)

    1. Yeah, don’t worry, you’re screaming your sarcasm out loud and clear ;)

  168. Omg. This is so.. rejssssssssssssswv cwgssg

  169. told you guys it was MAL

  170. Feral without red eye… but then that was already implied to be some sort of demonic mark or something. Probably got demon taint. By which I mean he saw a demon’s taint and tried to stab his own eye out, and it went red. =3

  171. OH

  172. GOSH I KNEW IT I DANG KNEW IT !!!!!!!!!!


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