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  1. Pfft, I love you Meela. You’re ranting at a scary stranger you don’t even know and could likely kill you.

  2. I have to agree with Peach-O’s. Not only is she ranting at a scary stranger, she’s ranting at a scary stranger who just threw a guy pretty far, into her shelter.

  3. Second panel!

    That face!


    I really like Meela so far. x3 She might lack some common sense, but… those are some pretty awesome ranting skills so far.

  4. IN the first panel, i think the symbol on meela’s shirt is missing

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      It is indeed!

  5. I love the 4th panel OwO

  6. Feral’s face looks so funny…

  7. I didn’t even notice Feral’s tail in the first panel until I re-read it the second time. I thought it was some sort of bag or something. Then, when he turned into a wolf later on was when I realized he wasn’t human, and that’s when I noticed his tail.

  8. I thought that Feral was goin to do a sleeper-hold to Meela XD


  10. Lol fourth panel, Feral’s looking at Meela like “wth do I do with it?”

  11. hay look is ferals WTF face and his OH CRAP face

  12. Me once again in the second panel, i was going to torture her with Bohemian Rhapsody all night…. it was worth it..xD

  13. I love Feral’s WTF face hehe

  14. Hah, i like how
    Meela is suppose to be hiding, yet(instead of running like she has all her life (she chews a stranger out…go Meela!!!

  15. I like the fourth panel where Feral is like: I have no idea how to deal with this chick… Then his expression changes to: Oh crap.
    I think that I am going to continue enjoying his facial expressions that are worth a thousand words.

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