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I think Meela has trouble focusing. Still, slipping into unconsciousness when poisoned seems like the logical thing to do.

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  1. Arg, and now I gotta wait another week to see what happens! LIVE MEELA, LIVE!!!!!

  2. Yay Meela’s hair is back to being cute. Sorry Holland, I didn’t like your hair styling. :\

    1. LOLZ!!! ROFL sorry not the right momet to do that but what you said if FUNNY!!

  3. Awww thats so cute but so sad T-T you’ve made me cry now, can’t wait for the next one great work :)

  4. MORE MORE MORE!!!! HURRY and make more NOW!!!!

    1. Sigh* Wish you could update all of them to see if she loves lol! Love it btw! Keep up the good work! :)

  5. This is like my new fav comic!!! more soon please, you know an early release never hurt anyone ;). ~giggles~ soooo good! Oh, i hope Feral and Meela fall in love :D!

    1. Meela and Feral falling in love would just be wrong. He is so much older than her :C I really can’t imagine Feral beeing the pedophilian type.

      1. Age is but a number hun, it would be totally cute.. plus, they haven’t really told us their ages anyway lol.

        1. Delusional-Weirdo

          Meela is 12 (so a bit young), which is on the character’s page. Feral’s age hasn’t been given yet, but people theorize he’s in his twenties. I suppose age is just a number, but there are still boundaries to be had. I would go over the “why she’s too young” and “why it’d be a little creeper-ish of feral” but I don’t think it’s necessary. Plus, I’ve seen edgier age differences of established character pairings, no thanks to certain animes. e_e

          Unless, of course, it ends up more of a one-sided puppy-love type thing that children sometimes have. Afterall, most people experience crushes well before they’re anywhere near ready for a relationship. That, I admit, would be a little cute.

        2. Hmm…I don’t think Feral is as old as some of us may be thinking. There is more than meets the eye with him. we know that already. As well, he could be somewhere between sixteen and twenty.

        3. Twenties or thirties, really. Holand looks to be in his twenties, but in that little flashback that showed when Holand and Feral first met, Holand looks very young and Feral is already a teenager.

          I wouldn’t go to say age is but a number…

        4. @Len – based on pages 151-153, I don’t think Feral could be as young as 16. He’s already a “teenager” (page 153) when Holland is “10” (page 151 – assuming that age 10 is when Holland and Feral met on page 152). Feral is at least 3 years older than Holland using these numbers (with the youngest “teenage” year being 13; he could be even older on page 152). I don’t know what age Holland currently is at, but I’ve always placed it late teens / early twenties. Feral’s at least 3 years older than that.

          I’ve always seen Meela and Feral’s bond as that between brother and sister… in essence, Feral is the figure she looks up to in Tannor’s absence.

        5. While large age gaps are uncommon they’re not unheard of and can even work very well, my friends parents have a 18 year age gap between them and their as inlove as any body else.
          I think that if there is any romance in this story it’s not going to happen untill Meela reaches her late teens – but before that there can be puppy love!

        6. Age is NOT always just a number. With that thinking, you could justify a five year old with a twenty year old!
          I really hope Meela and Feral do NOT become a couple, but instead bond more like brother and sister. If they DO, I hope it doesn’t happen until they are BOTH full grown adults.

          Anywho, LOVELY comic, cannot wait to see what happens next…what a sad flashback. ;_;

        7. Now wait a minute, that saying, age is but a number, is obviously not meant to mean a 5 year old and a 20 year is ok, i mean, its obvious it has its cut off point. the saying is meant to say that Age doesn’t show how mature you are, and such. Like i have seen 50 year olds act like drunk teens, and 13 year olds act as mature as an adult. Plus, do u even know how old she is? some seem to think Feral maybe in his early 20s. but off point, please do not make my words sound like i am some crazy person justifying something like a five and twenty year old together. it is obvious that is not that i meant.

      2. Delusional-Weirdo

        Sigh. This point has been brought up more than once. >_> I think a bulletin should be made from it. Rofl.

    2. I sincerely hope they do NOT fall in love. D8 My goodness, she’s twelve years old! I’m hoping for an older brother/younger sister development. Age may be a number but for heavens sake there need to be a boundary SOMEWHERE.

      1. I can’t think of a name. Yeah, but they are part wolves …wolves mate with their brothers and sisters or even fathers. You never know. I always thought Feral was in his early 20’s and Holland is like 18. Somewhere around there. haha. I do hope they have a brother-sister development or even a child and father development. But eh. I am not sure. XD

        1. good point XD about the wolves.

        2. oh um well i just wanted to add that while i really hope they do not become a couple (i always thought of them as having a more sibling like relationship) i remeber reading on the forums long ago under a post for facts on the wolf people that once they hit maturity they age much much slower then other species. with that reasoning feral and holland might have met when feral was in his “teens” and right now holland is just catching up with his growth to feral whos growth has slowed down, making them seems like the same age-ish.

        3. That is a very uneducated assumption. Wolves do not normally mate with any blood relatives, they are extremely picky about mates. Only in captivity and through human interference does anything like that happen even remotely often. There are age limits even in the animal kingdom. It is rare for animals (apart from primates and dolphins) to mate or partner with those that have not yet reached sexual maturity. That being said, I really don’t think Meela is anywhere near being ready for that kind of thing. Unless it was later in the story where she has matured, I really don’t think that is proper. A brother/sister relationship is all I see between the two and I find that far more fulfilling than a romance. Anyways… Excuse my banter, do not mean to offend or anything.

    3. I believe age is just a number, but within boundaries. I think when you are older, and more mature age becomes less of an issue. (And I’m speaking of ages of the legal kind, meaning above 18, and even older if you want to be realistic) But if Meela is 12 and Feral in his twenties as people theorize then I think it’s not a good thing :/ Now if they grow older and still stick around each other and maybe develop a relationship later on i think it would be just fine ^_^ I like the Feral and Meela pairing as well, but as of right now I think their relationship is more of a big brother little sister thing.

      1. i think everyone is over thinking this a bit. It’s a their comic so they can do what they want with it. P.s. love has no boundaries. love is love and that’s it.

    4. This topic seems to be coming up more frequently, so I’m just going to put things to rest now.

      Meela is 12. Feral is somewhere around his 30’s, but he doesn’t know exactly. Holland is around 20.

      Meela and Feral will not end up together. If they develop any kind of relationship, it will be like siblings at most. BUT because Lupians are so long-lived, a romantic relationship COULD be possible once Meela reached maturity.

      We do not intend to go in that direction, but if you want to imagine it you may. Just keep in mind Meela would have to be an adult before anything of that nature developed. Meela could also develop a crush/puppy love towards Feral while still being so young, but Feral would not reciprocate.

      1. Finally some insight from the artist~ I never imagined Feral was that old o3o;;

      2. thank you. Finally a final word from the artist/author ~~

      3. Thank you for finally addressing this, the pairing comments were starting to really wig me out @_@ I can understand a little crush on Meela’s part, because that is pretty common for young kids and preteens, but beyond that…no, just no.

        Besides, a surrogate brother and sister or father and daughter relationship is way more adorable and feels much stronger just because it’s so under-appreciated in literature these days…so I’m very happy to learn this is the intended direction. Extra points to you for not taking the cliche way out. :)


      4. Yay! I guessed thier ages right! X}

      5. But, in the character page, it says hes twentyeight….?

        1. Also, i donoot support the meela a feral paring. Their ages are to far apart, and meela seams to need a father/brother

  6. Ahh getting to some intense memory flash back now~! Can’t wait for more pages! :)

  7. Delusional-Weirdo

    Wow, great page. You chose an excellent shade of red. : D

    Also, just a suggestion from an aspiring Graphic Designer, but the sudden change to red seems… sudden. XD I actually found it somewhat disruptive in the overall flow from the previous page/present to flashback. It’s a minor detail, but perhaps you could use the shade of blue you’ve been using and have it bleed to red to match how the panels shift colors as well.

    Again, just a suggestion, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to say something. :) Keep up the good work!

    1. Delusional-Weirdo

      The sudden change I refer to is the border/background around the panels. Just to be clear.

    2. Yeah, that’s something I was playing with and ran out of time. I’ll probably go back and adjust it.

      1. Delusional-Weirdo

        Ah alright. Take your time with it. :)

        1. Delusional-Weirdo

          Wow that was quick! : D

  8. Nice pages (yes pages, don’t read since my last come XD )

    I hope they can find an antidote for Meela, poor girl :/ wrong place wrong moment. And so young and ‘active’ (Ô_o , not the good work, I think XD ).
    And a little piece of Meela’s past (and her brother) :) Maybe last week more of this? And some answer about Meela and Tannor’s past ? ^^

    As usual very nice work ! :)

    See you last week (maybe XD)

  9. the raindrops in real life are turning into tears in her dreams…

  10. Ah, the first Friday of the month – my Strays catch-up day :)
    I love the cue into flashback; the balance between back story and action is well wrought IMHO. First class work, as always!

  11. that so sad, now i have to go to schoool wondering if meela’s going to be okay :(

  12. Yay! Tannor! Sadness about the memory of losing her family, but… TANNOR<3<3<3 How I wish he weren't dead in the present…
    BTW Tannor, I don't think trying to wipe your eyes whilst your hands are covered in blood is the best idea…just a thought…

  13. Poor Meela! I love the flash back transition here!

  14. Nooo! We have to wait another week to see what happens… I think I’m addicted to this comic!

  15. I love flashbacks. I’ve always had a thing for flashbacks. And using a red filter to show the scene and place have changed is perfect.

  16. poor meela. hope her condition doesn’t turn out worse.
    meela and her brother are / were so cute when they were litle kids.

    oh. and i LOVE this comic so must.

    1. uups.. spelled it wrong…
      must = much

  17. poor girl < but still…

  18. Aw, the vote incentive is so cute compared to this page. XD

  19. Poor Meela! I hope she recovers fast!

    Honestly guys, if I hear one more “I hope Feral and Meela fall in love!” I’m gonna throw up. Feral is probably in his 30’s and Meela is 12. If anything he’ll be a brother or a father figure to her. Having them fall in love would just be playing on an overused and much dead cliche’ and would seriously ruin the story…

    1. I agree.
      but it would be cute if they would visibly like from each other … Well not love each other but … care

      1. I think they do care for each other at least somewhat… do you notice Feral’s face when he saw the Meela was hurt he was totally worried. And I agree with LicianDragon, I’m tired of reading everyone’s comments about Feral and Meela getting together, the age difference is too great and their attitudes are more like that of siblings rather than a romantic couple.

  20. Wow I just noticed something. Tannor looks alot like Avela to me. Maybe it’s just he hair color, eye shape and ears….hm. could Meela been dreaming in Tannor’s place this whole time? I mean she was close to him after all…..

    Tannor come back, we have so many unanswered questions dealing with you!

  21. I’ma cry. <:(

  22. *looks slightly shocked* This reminds me of one of my old fanfic stories in a way…I never posted it since it was rough but this is so eerily familar….*tilts head slightly.*

  23. Ohhh sadness! D-=)

  24. Oh man oh man OH MAN! I am LOVING this page, not just for the holycrapdanger! Meela is now facing, but for the care her boys will have to provide. Then, of course, there’s the lead into this tragic flashback. Tannor is fast becoming one of my favorite post-mortem characters; he’s clumsy but he tries so hard to be a good brother to her, and it looks like they’ve suffered an awful lot. ;_; Characters like that just break my heart and camp in the pieces forever.

    Now I’ll wait excitedly/anxiously for the next installment! <3 I LOVE YOU GUYS! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!! (Can't wait to own a printed volume)

  25. WAIT….Is that a tear or a raindrop under Feral’s eye? it seems a little well positioned to be a raindrop….That, or I am looking too deeply into this.

    1. I totally didn’t see that until I read your comment. Looks more like rain, but that could be one really well placed rain drop too.

    2. I think it’s a sweat mark cuz he’s had it sense they’ve startred running… I’m pretty sure.

      1. I think it’s a sweat-drop too; it was there on page 195.

    3. It’s a sweat drop. Meela is getting heavy XD

      1. KAY, yeah. I knew I was prolly looking too into it. XD Oh well.

  26. Cool the next page will be page 200 :)

  27. Man, every page that updates is awesome. Nice to get a little more insight to Meela’s past (although it’s also very nice to see Holland and Feral caring so much).

    Hrm….I don’t see the bracelet on Tannor though, so I guess that means he gets it later or goes back for it or something? Since in the beginning of the comic he says he got it from their dad who…sounds like he’s dead now Xx;;


    1. That will be explained shortly :)

    2. Hnn, I saw that too, and where this may be a tad of a “spoiler” (so don’t read this if you’d like to be surprised!!!) on the character page, (or it used to be, as they changed it now Xb) Meela’s brother Tannor is a twin. I suspect that is her OTHER brother, who’s name escapes me…

      1. Connor ^^ But it said he was dead so…

  28. can’t wait…flash back. :3

  29. Meela! </3 Poor little thing :(

  30. … Is it just me or does Meela look like Bella Swan in the second frame? XD

    1. Lmao XD!!!

  31. “Age is but a number hun, it would be totally cute.. plus, they haven’t really told us their ages anyway lol.” :|
    Maybe you should watch the movie ‘Trust’. Maybe that’ll make you change your tone.

  32. Flash backs are the best. I’m loving this! So much emotion on one page. Little Meela is so cute <3

  33. You actually caused me to tear up!
    Nice job. :’)

  34. I hope they don’t fall in love… That would be so awkward.

  35. She was pretty with long hair!! *trying to avoid seeing the blood*

  36. Own…
    Cute, but sad. I think that resumes.

  37. Aww, I hope her hair gets long again. She’s so cute with it long xD

    Hooray for flashbacks! Excellent pick of trees, Tannor, most excelent! I can’t wait to see what’s next… I wish I could see ahead in time so I could read this and make a spoiler for everyone xD

    1. Last sentance:

      I meant spoil it for every one xD Maybe. Or I would just keep it to myself and hint at thigns to come… >3>” Or just pretend it never happened…. xD

  38. NOOO MEELA! :( But at least we can start to see more of the backstory now, huh? :D

    Question: Where did Tannor’s bracelet go? the one he gives to Meela? Just thought I’d ask

    1. The bracelet will be addressed soon.

      1. Awesome! Thanks! You know I’ll stay tuned anyway! :D

  39. Is it wrong for me to say that I’m actually crying from little Meela crying for her father?

  40. I LOVE Strays but it DOES NOT come out fast enough!!! *twitch*spaz*twitch* >_<

  41. O.o I just spent the last half an hour reading through this whole comic so far. I am 100% obsessed.

  42. Ah! Meela doesn’t look so good!

  43. Just read the whole comic ;^;
    -Feral is hot
    -The art, shading, and expressions are out-of-this-world fantastic
    -Holland is pretty cool
    -I want the next page! D:

    1. You win the internet.


      1. Second that!

        1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

          Third that.

        2. Fourth that. Oh yeah.

  44. I can’t wait another week to see what happens. o.o
    This is killing me!
    Must. Know. What. Happens…!

  45. It’s always sad to see such a young child having such an unbearable memory…
    Her past is so sad…
    Go Meela~

  46. I was RIGHT!!! :D Flashback time!!! YAY!!! :DDDD I luv her flashbacks.

  47. I don’t know why, but I keep thinking that Feral is Meela’s older brother

    1. I think that’s just the relationship that they’re trying to portray. Feral certainly ACTS like an older brother (like when he shoves her out of the bed. XD My brothers would totally do that to me) but I don’t think they’re actually related. Though we can’t really be sure with all those mysterious flashbacks we’ve been getting…

  48. thatguyeveryonehates

    i dont want to wait a week…

  49. thatguyeveryonehates

    personally i think that it should be closer to a father/daughter relationship.
    no offense to the idiots that say age is just a number but you people are strange in the head…but its not like i have any room to talk and stuff.

    1. Totally understandable. Not all main characters have to be children or young adults! It’s refreshing to see one in his thirties for a change.

      But admittedly, once it falls into “This character should be paired with this one!” etc simply because they’re the opposite gender it starts to get a little annoying. It just…isn’t needed in -every- comic, regardless of the genre.

      That aside, this lurker has decided to post and say that I’m loving this so far. <3 I can't wait for next week's page. :D

    2. Lol! XD I’m sure no one will take offense to that


  51. Maybe Ferral’s name its not his real name, what if he is the twin of Tannor?! Pom pom poooom…! haha No! or maybe he is Mal. hm….

    Random: I just noticed that my little sister looks just like Meela, the hair cut and all. xD

  52. just wen’t back to check something at the first pages, and it looks a lot like the flashback she is having now is happeniong very very shortly after her first flashback O__O

    Tannor/someone else, maybe his twin, wasn’t wearing tannors/daddys bracelet in that flashback either OO:

  53. oooooh!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe meela will turn in her wolf form!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Never really considered Meela and Feral getting together, a rather awkward idea. I’ve always thought that Meela would teach Feral in a sort of brotherly love. Kind of cute really.

  55. Age really doesn’t matter for love, but who knows. But, i’m feeling bad for Meela. She’s having to relive her younger years again.

    Seeing as Feral is protective of Meela, he is rather like a brother figure. Just by simply looking and the lower panels of this page, Feral may remind Meela of Tanor.


  56. WatchOutForWendigos

    Random thought reading over comments:
    As we can see the protective brother-sister relationship between Meela and Feral, I can only wonder,
    When Meela grows up and takes home a boy, how badly will Feral hurt him?

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      Your comment made me laugh! That’s a funny mental image…

      1. I agree that’s really funny to think about.

  57. I’m not going to state my position on this argument, but I’ll say my thoughts.

    Enough with it. pro-Meela/Feral, Anti-Meela/Feral, just stop. It’s turned from supporting or not supporting the ship into attacks against each other. And since the author has already cleared up the matter. Drop It.

    It’s over, there is no more sides. We are all reading this comic because we like it. Not so we can attack each other for our opinions. I don’t want to hear that someone’s head isn’t screwed on right because they think this way or that way. I’m sorry if this upsets you, but part the reason I read webcomics are for the comments, and I don’t like us fighting. We’re a community, and all like the same things: webcomics and wolves…and especially this webcomic. I revert you to the old phrase: If you don’t have anything nice to say, shut up.

    1. Ok you could have said that a little nicer but I get your point (also I know you as a friend and know how you think). I personally would like to know more about what people think of the art work for this page, or other thoughts on thier mind.

  58. alot of people here said they’d like to see a brother/sister relaitonship, but i always feel like it’s turning into almost a father/daughter thing. Give her some family, and him someone to…take care of/a cause.

  59. At this point in this crisis….I want to ask…Feral, where do you plan to go? With Meela dying (rather quickly it appears with bleeding out AND poison), and running from the guards, though Piper’s gonna handle that…they don’t even know what’s killing her. How can they fix it? WHERE ARE THEY GOING TO GO TO FIX THIS!? D: -kind of panicked over this point-

  60. I just noticed something……if she’s bleeding that badly shouldn’t most of the poison have flushed out with her draining blood and the rain? *tilts head and nibbles on a cookie.*

    1. The poison had already entered her. It doesn’t stay in the area of the wound. Once it’s in the blood stream it flows all over the body.

      1. :( Not good

      2. Ah, thanks for explaining! *Is now slightly worried for her….*

  61. to the dream………………………………………………………AWAY!!!!!

  62. I swear I wanna see more of Tannor D; They be so cute! . I re-read the panels like 3 times a week. T.T I wants more!

  63. Is Feral crying?

    1. Doesn’t look like it to me. It looks either like the little sweat drop that anime/cartoon characters tend to have when they’re nervous, or it’s just from the rain.

  64. Well, curses. What an inopportune time for me to sit down and read the whole archive in one night. *bookmarks*

  65. This makes me wonder how Tannor died….

  66. I Realised Feral LOVES Pears….go back to earlier…..mal IS feral!!
    Which means meela is dreaming his friends past…….

    1. That doesn’t seem likely. Why would Meela dream Feral’s friend’s past? I think Feral is Yuen. It just makes sense!

      1. Sorry but who’s Yuel again? I forgot.

        I can never remember names. :p

      2. I dont know, maybe he died and wants to get a message to feral, or maybe feral is in danger about his past or something…i dont know….anyway at least we know shes dreaming a past connected to feral which is interesting !! I wonder how this will play out ^_^

  67. WHEW! I am quite relieved to hear that a Meela and Feral pair up is pretty dim :) ‘cos they really are like brother and sister!

    A cute pair up? FERALxPIPER! That’s who! Though it sounds like Piper and Holland had quite a history. Do I smell a love triangle? Kukuuu~! :3


  68. This is probably a *spoiler* so you won’t answer anyway, o well. So how old is Meela in this shot? Because she looks about as old as she was in your first couple of pages (when Tannor gives her the stuff dog toy) only her hair is longer in this shot. Also Tannor looks extremely older (around mid teens while Meela looks 6-ish, seven-ish) on page 4 when compared to this page were he looks around 9-ish, while Meela in page 4 looks about as old in this shot. Any reason why the Tannor aged “faster” and Meela appears around the same age in pg 4 and pg 199?

    1. It probably just appears that way, age is hard to judge TBH it may just be because he hasnt been drawn in a long time or something ^_^

    2. It’s partially due to age being hard to judge, and partially due to my inability to portray it correctly LOL

      In this shot, Meela is around 3 and Tannor is maybe 6? So in the stuffed wolf toy scene, Tannor is around 11 and Meela is around 6. Tannor does look a bit older than he should be in the toy scene, but he’s definitely not mid teens. I guess we can chalk that up to a growth spurt? Also, Meela is a runt, so she tends to look younger than she is half the time.

      1. ok thx so much

      2. You just told us they are 3 years apart and 5 years apart simultaneously…? Shall we suppose Tannor was 8, then?

        1. Also, if she has been on the road for the last 9 years, how is it she hasn’t learned any of the most basic survival skills by the time we meet her? Did Tannor do everything possible for her, not just clean the bunnies?

          (I’ve been lurking since the comic was new, but with the Big Reveal had to go back and reread the whole thing and see the comments for the stuff I missed and all the rest.)

        2. The ages are estimations, so they can vary by a few years.

          And no, Meela hasn’t been on the road for 9 years. They found a place to settle down, and yes, Tannor kept her very sheltered.

  69. Looking forward the 200th page :D

  70. Wow, that was dang easy. Why didn’t I get a gravatar earlier?)

    Ah, I wonder if they’ll explain the twins here! We actually get some Meela back story instead of Yuen and Mal! All sad and red still. Maybe we get some brother development?

  71. Lick the wounds, that’s the puppy way.

  72. Ahhhh this week wont go any quicker!!!! I need to know what happens ^_^

  73. I was having fun investigating with Feral — then I took an arrow to the knee.

    //I had to say that

  74. Ooo this is getting exciting! :) Can’t wait for the next page!
    Oh and may I say, don’t Tannor and Feral’s hair and face look very similar? Hmmm pondering possible implications :)

    1. No, Tannor’s hair is gray and Feral’s hair is dark brown.

    2. Feral also has a green and red eye, Tannor’s are golden yellow/brown.

      I do wish it could be true though…

  75. Can’t wait for more! (:

    *WARNING: I hope this is no spoiler*
    I don’t know why, but I think that Meela is Yuen and Feral is Mal… because Mals necklace (e.g. page 38) looks like the “things” that Feral has in his hair (or are this earrings??).
    Then Feral could have his red eye from the demon who attacked him in Meelas memories and the scars/wound that makes him dumb is also caused by this demon…
    But is the age difference between Yuen and Mal really that big? I think my whole thoughts are totally wrong. XD

    1. I just want to add that Mal has an gold earring(left ear) and Feral had one too… of course Feral has more that just one earring but there is a golden one at the same place where Mals earring was.

      1. I think some people theorized that too before… but the thing is, Yuen’s a boy @_@ and Meela’s a girl @_@ so it complicates things and its hard to say that they are 1 person

        1. yeah you’re right… but I just wanted Mal to be alive, he’s one of my favorite characters. ^^

          Maybe Yuen and Meela are siblings? They look so similar… aww, I should stopp thinking an bubbling nonsense. XD

        2. *waring possible spoilier*
          No meela is dreaming about mal and yuen and she is dreaming HERSELF into the dream, and you are right, she IS dreaming about ferals past! There is a lot of evidence to back it up with the pears (both feral and mal love them etc) and what you said…….you see what I mean! This means she is dreaming THE PAST, meaning that there wouldnt be TWO characters because if who she is dreaming is still alive he would be the same age as feral and probably look different.
          Theres a chance that Meela IS related to who she is dreaming, it may be her dad as a child, though I doubt that cos that would mean he would have had meela VERY young o.O who knows!
          :) ^_^

  76. Miss Fwuffy Kitty ^-^

    Awwww :c

  77. OMG O.O so many comments… a couple of pages ago i only saw like 5 or 2, now its busting @_@

    Love love love strays~! Absolutely high quality in each page! keep it up :D

  78. I wonder where they got the blood from…
    I mean, yeah, their dad is dead, but I wonder how the poor kids got covered in his blood…

  79. Meela’s pretty with long hair. (although I think almost everyone looks pretty with long hair. ^_^” )

  80. Young Tannor in the last panel here…D’AWW.


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