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I hope you can run in them heels, Piper. And for those that didn't see the announcement on the front page, the store has been updated! Check it out! We also have a new vote incentive! Vote to see a concept sketch of Meela's wolf form. Still working out her markings, but it's on the right track.

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  1. Love her wolf form! I just captures her character right too! :D

    soo… if she has a wolf form… she CAN’T die… :)

    but still, ahaha Piper! Love her googlie eyes in panel 4. Can’t wait to see what happens next! :D

    1. Whose wolf form?

      1. Meela’s, in the vote incentive.

  2. I love how Feral is still Scruffy XD And man, I bet Piper probably didn’t expect her two favorite guys to know each other. (But poor Meela, who is probably dying and isn’t even recognized. Daw).

    I wonder where Feral and Holland are gonna head to? I expect there’s not many places they can go while being chased by guards and with a sick girl on their hands…

    (And when all this is over I expect Feral is either going to shoo Meela off, so she doesn’t get hurt in the business again, or insist she learn how to at least stab a guy properly).


    1. Or maybe he’ll teach her how to get her leg up to kick people in the head! 8D

      1. Yah “are you going to KICK HIM IN THE HEAD to” and
        I love pipers eyes I never know that her eyes could get so big there likeO.O wow what just happened

    2. Maybe Feral will teach her to transform! :D

    3. Well since they were in such a rush she might of not noticed meela or have time to mention it.

      1. I still like the head kicking idea…

  3. Kick off them heels, Piper, and run for it.

    BTW, Veeery smooth run ya got, Feral. Not jostlin’ the Meela at all 8U

    1. Those guards are going to grab anyone in an odd place — like this — RUN!

  4. ha ha I just love her expression ><

  5. Hey there Piper, you wouldnt happen to maybe know anything about poisons would ya? Cant wait to see where everyones running off too xD

  6. Ahaha yay!

  7. “What did you do?!” XD I laughed so hard. We all knew she would get involved, didn’t we? She might’ve gotten away with letting the guards run past her if she hadn’t started running away suspiciously.

    1. I think her natural instinct to seeing guards run towards her is to flee in opposite direction XD

  8. The 3rd panel’s just priceless. :D (and I really, really like the way you draw hands.)

  9. Lol oh My RUN GUYS RUN oh and Piper.

    Lol so funny great Comic keep up the great work :)

  10. Wow….. Holland’s a super runner!

  11. hahaha, love how there’s a bit of humour in a very serious situation.
    Of course Piper could not be gone for long could she :3

  12. Piper has experiece,she is kind of a thief so she must know something about poison and their cure or something. She will help only if she gets something back xD

  13. I love your comic the color and art is amazing!

  14. Sprint guys, SPRINT! They’re coming for you! XD

  15. Oh! That was what was makeing those jingle sounds earlier.

    1. that’s what I was thinking but I’m not sure

    2. No it was someone else

  16. And I guess the group just got bigger? XD

  17. Love the running poses in the fourth panel :D and Piper’s O.O face xD

  18. Piper’s probably thinking “I thought *I* was the one who caused trouble!

  19. Aww at school so I can’t see her wolf form yet! *pouts* Later I’m going to the libarary so I’ll have to add my own pic to my name here and also check it out….

  20. Scruffy…..

  21. “Piper’s joined the party.”

  22. Piper- O_O “What did you guys do?”
    Do you really have to ask? :P

  23. What I think is funny is that Piper is totally innocent of whatever those guys are doing and not even being chased by the guards, and yet her first reaction when she sees the guards coming is to turn and run WITH them, thus telling the guards that she needs to be chased, too. Possible poor forethought there, Piper. XD

    Also, AWWWW, Meela’s wolf form is adorable. I forget, do these guys have to be a certain age before they can turn into their wolf forms?

    1. My thoughts exactly on Piper. She coulda just stood their innocently and probably would have gotten away with it. XD

      Meela said something earlier in the comic that she hadn’t learned how to transform yet, so I’m guessing it’s a skill that has to be taught. He brother probably died before he could teach her.

      1. Poor Piper. Those thief instincts have gotten her into trouble once again. XD

        I thought that might be it, because I had the very strong impression that she couldn’t morph yet. It might also be a maturity thing, like you can’t transform until you reach puberty, which would kinda make sense. Ah well, at least Feral can totally teach her now. :D When she’s, y’know, not dying and all.

  24. I love the way Holland is running. Technically, he should fall over, but since he is capable of using wind magic, he doesn’t. Tiny details like that make this comic even more awesome than it already is! ^^

  25. I love how it was just Meela
    Then Feeral Crashed his way into the Party
    Then Holland Sneaked his way into the Party
    and finally Piper Inserted herself in the Party
    I love these characters

  26. Awww wolf Meela is sooo cute! Lol, wonder if Piper’s gonna join the band of misfits now ;}

  27. <3 meelas wolf form, she looks as rambuctious as she is in the human form but with a tint of more… (as the hatter would say) Muchness… like she has grown up a tiny bit in wolf form, although thats probably all those wolf instincts that would get tacked on to that form…

    1. wait how did you see the wolf form?!

      1. The new vote incentive is Meela’s wolf form. The little thumbnail of it just still show’s the swan.

  28. XDD I love The fox lady’s eyes when they ran past her lolz

  29. Holland runs fast u.u

  30. The big eyes+ “What did you guys do?!” comment = LOL XD

  31. Finally saw wolf Meela so cute! ^.^

  32. Stop! You’ve violated the law!

  33. Okay, it’s time to write a TRUE coment \รต
    Love the Meela’s wolf form, it really combines with her, reflecting her youngster spirit and everything else… I wonder what is the animal form of the Lord Mithrennon -a bird, it obvious, but what type of bird? A eagle? A falcon?- and the animal form of Visrial -what type of cat? I think in lynx and panthers…-
    So, changing the subject, Meela’s fraternity connexion with Feral is the cutest thing ever! It’s sooo beutiful, the form as she was able to break down the barriers between they, making Feral a better person, someone who cares with her… Own, I really love that comic.

    PS: I’m sorry for the possible errors of writing and everything… I’m brazilian, english is not my first language :x

    1. Isn’t he a swan?

      1. No the swans Hollands
        But when ever I look at lord mithrennon I think Raven Black Ravenalso I think of Visrial as a black panther
        And I LOVE this comic
        Sorry bout spelling I’m not a good speller

    2. Mithrennon is based on an American Robin and Visrial is a panther of sorts.

  34. Wait, so celesse is algy now? I’m confused :S

    1. What? No, we’re two seperate people. I wanted to post the page this time since I was awake.

      1. So y’all make this together?

        1. Oh ok sorry D:

  35. And the group just got bigger? Haha!

  36. I read 20 plus comics a week, and I always say to my self that I’ll skip a month and come back and be flooded with reading updates. Then I remember Strays and say “oops! I can’t skip! I NEED strays

  37. Something tells me that Piper can run in any shoes…

  38. This is my favourite webcomic!
    The story’s brilliant and engaging and it’s all so beautifully drawn!
    Please keep being amazing and inspiring me to be better in my own comic works!

  39. WatchOutForWendigos

    Holland? Scruffy? *looks at guards* What did you guys do?
    And then she proceeds to tag along to find out what they did.

  40. -snigger- “What did you guys do?!” -Piper… that is starting to seem like a trend here. Very funny.

  41. i really like Holland so far :)

  42. Did any one else see that in panel 4 Holland is smiling and Feral is frowning

  43. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Did anyone else notice that in panel four, it looks like Holland is holding onto the tip of Feral’s tail??
    Oh, Piper…should have known you’d walk off with some spoils….

  44. Piper’s face when Holland and Feral are running past is priceless.

  45. How the heck did that left handed guard draw his sword from a scabbard strapped to his left hip? He must have some hidden mad skillz to do that without being awkward.

    1. Algy moved it during the inking process by mistake. We’ll fix it soon.

  46. MOVE FOOL! We gots a main character to save!

  47. Finally got caught up – loving this comic!

  48. LOL! This comic is so awesome! It really inspires me to start actually drawing my webcomic!

    I just read all the archive. I am a complete fan already and I love all the characters!

    And Piper’s expression was priceless.

  49. Piper “I wonder why the party ended so early…?”
    Feral, Meela and Holland rush by.
    “Oh, that’s why.”

  50. It’s fun like Holland is shining in the dark xD

  51. Love her expressions, especially in panel four!

  52. Meela calls him fluffy
    Piper calls him scruffy



  53. Piper: “What did you guys do? And why didn’t you save any for me?”

  54. Last panel:
    “Wat did you guiez DO?!”

  55. I just realized this, She IS missing a shoe!

  56. I’m reading back through the comic, and I have to say, the sense of motion on this page is amazing! I absolutely love it!

  57. This is soooooo obvious a AD&D (bzw DSA) group:Meela=the noob;Feral=The Fighter;Holland=The Wizard;Paper=The Thief


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