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And here is page 196! Sorry for the wait. RUN, FERAL! RUN!!

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  1. Yay, its about time Feral is showing that he actually cares about Meela and doesn’t think she is an annoying pup. I have to hand it to her, that was really brave move. I hope she’ll be okay D: Though I know its too early that the main character dies. I am rather curious to know about Feral’s glowing red eye. And now it looks like the Prince is an outlaw now?

    1. Prince as an outlaw? i never thought of that. it sounds so intresting!
      Mabey Feral cares about Meela because mabey he was a bit like her when he was a pup? that would be cool!

      1. Well, it would be pretty heartless if he’d left her. He’s kind of distant with Meela, but I doubt he’s heartless.

        1. He’s shown a good ability to distinguish between Meela’s being bratty and immature and when he really ought to do something for her — which is how he ended up sleeping on the floor in the inn.

    2. Given the apparent legal system, I suspect it takes more to outlaw a prince that a couple of witnesses who claim to have seen him on a roof, even with a dead body.

      1. Yeah just the party host dude that owns the place will know and target him or watch out for him

    3. Wow. That hadn’t even crossed my mind! The intrigue rises!

      And yeah, it’d be really something if Feral was like Meela when he was younger.

      I’d love to see a character sheet with Feral’s stealth outfit. It’s so cool! <3 And I am LOVING this comic! Keep up the great work, girls!

      1. Ok you peeps above me have said it all soo….

        I Agree to everything you just said XD

    4. I don’t think feral ever disliked her, it’s one of those love/hate relationships were one character gradually gets to love the other one despite the fact that they can be pretty annoying.

      I mean, it’s not as bad as being friends with Sheldon Cooper 030

  2. YAY! Escape scene! ^^ XD prince got the antidote didn’t he? XD I’m sensing another flashback moment~! XD

  3. Oh No! Run you guys, run! I hope Meela’s alright. T_T
    Also, Meela just lost a shoe o.0

    1. Remember Children, It Was The LEFT Foot. XD

      1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

        Actually, it was the RIGHT foot.

        1. Where is the like button? XD

    2. byeeee, shoe! ;n; it was nice knowing you

    3. Lol I didn’t see she lost her shoe till I read this
      And I LOVE this anima
      Don’t die Meela T.T

  4. Aw! Meela lost a shoe! Dx NOW RUN FERAL! Don’t let Meela die!



      1. How much are you willing to bet that Meela’s stupid shoe is going to cause problems? Ha ha, that would be just their luck, eh?

        I love this comic! Feral is awesome! But… Has anyone aside from myself ever noticed that near the beginning of the comic, when Meela is having a spooky nightmare, there’s a dog guy who appears to be slashing out one of his eyes with a hook, or something… Anyway, it’s his right eye, and Feral’s right eye is red. Weird, huh? Just something I noticed, probably means nothing XD

  6. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who noticed Meela’s missing shoe.

  7. XD I saw her lose her shoe too. Was the falling significant?

    Minor nit-picks, though; the glove on Feral’s left hand didn’t seem to get colored in on the second panel. It was just his right glove that got trashed, yes? As well as the first panel, the knife in Holland’s hand is supposed to have blood on it, right? I totally understand that you guys were trying to get this out as soon as possible, however, so I don’t think it’s a big deal.

    1. He has two knives in his hands, one is bloodied (you can barely see it in the second to last panel) the other is not. If you noticed in the last pg he picked up another knife

      1. Yeah, left hand holds the un-bloodied knife. It’s the one in his right hand that I was looking at in the top panel, which is the same one you pointed out in the second to last panel.

        1. o yep i see it now

    2. Yeah, there were a few booboos. They’ve been fixed now.

    3. It may be.

      Of course, we haven’t seen whether such articles of clothing are useful in magic, in which case it may be really significant.

    4. Yeah. But with the glove it’s been ripping since the last page. Idk why I noticed that. They must be getting old or something. But what I’M wondering is, How are they gonna get the antidote?!

      1. I think the antidote might actually be in Holland’s left hand instead of a knife because if it was a knife, he would be holding the blade…..ouch.

        1. Oh I see that. I guess the look on his face is what keeps us in even more suspense.

  8. Her shoe fe- oh wait. Good thing everyone noticed already. xD

  9. *has been madly refreshing all evening waiting for the second page*

    Interesting…hope they can get away and not injure Meela more in the process. Nice recovery, Feral. :D

    (Also I love the return of Holland’s sparklies XD Did he do a full transform just to jump down, or did he just use magic to make the jump safer?)

    Seems he snagged one of Visrial’s not-bloody throwing knives, too. If he didn’t manage to find an antidote, hopefully they can at least figure out a cure by studying that @_@


    1. He didn’t transform to fly down, he just used wind magic to float himself down so he could, you know, land without breaking his legs XD

      1. Hear that, Feral? Landing without hurting yourself is GOOD

        1. XD Feral’s too cool for floating

        2. Feral’s also too cool for broken legs.

    2. The knives Holland snagged aren’t the throwing knives. They are the ones Meela bought from him.
      Look at the hilt/end. The throwing knives just have a little circle on them, while Meela’s knives have a full hilt and guard. She bloodied one by stabbing Visrial in the leg. Holland isn’t shown holding the knives until after he goes to check Visrial’s body for an antidote, so he must have picked the bloodied knife at least from there (I’m guessing she dropped the other knife immediately after stabbing him, when he turned to throw knives at her).

      I checked because I was hoping they brought the bloodied poisoned knife with them in case there was some way to check for the poison type on it and thus make an antidote. They still might have it with them, just not shown.

      1. Correction- just double checked. The bloodied knife is the one Meela stabbed the guy with. But the NON-bloody knife only has the little circle. So he grabbed Meela’s knife out of Visrial as well as grabbing one of Visrial’s poisoned throwing knives when he went to check for an antidote. Yay for smart thinking, Holland! Hope they can make an antidote without too much trouble!

        1. Lol yes, that was what I meant by my comment–when I mentioned Holland grabbing one of the ‘not bloodied knives,’ I meant that he was clever enough to snag one of the throwing knives that hadn’t hit Meela, instead of them just taking the one Feral pulled out of Meela on the previous page. Since her blood all over it might ruin any potential possibilities they might have to use it for creating an antidote or…whatever. This is obviously in addition to Meela’s own regular knife, which he clearly recovered from the leg stab wound. Sorry for the confusion XD


  10. haha i didn’t even notice the shoe.
    i am curious about Fera’ls red eye.
    I also have theories about Meela’s dreams and my guess is that after all the action of escaping and getting to safety, Meela will slip into another one of those weird dreams and more will be learned about whomever.
    climaxes are so fun!
    i also wonder if they are going to get the papers that they origin….oh wait, Feral did get them. Where’d he stick em?

    is it sad that i dream about Strays?

    1. Nah, I dreamed about it once, too. xD

      1. Same here x3

    2. I just woke up from a Strays dream. XD

    3. i do too. last night actually i had a dream about strays. lol

  11. Yay page! My brother will have to wait until a reasonable hour in the morning to read it. :D

  12. I don’t think Meela’s very worried about her shoe right now. xD

    More wacky speculation timez, yay. Anyone else wonder if Feral made the tree die with his very touch? I mean, yes, he’s heavy, but his eye is still glowing, and Holland did say it was risky.
    -ramble ramble-

    I love Holland’s face in the last panel. :C He looks so worried.

    1. It’s possible I suppose, but I think Feral’s just a fatty. He’s carrying Meela after all. But then again who knows? :3 that hand WAS the one with the red symbol on it.

      1. Yes, exactly, that hand. He’s burnt the fabric off his glove. And despite two people’s body weight, he grabbed the branch somewhat near its base–I don’t think it should have snapped.

  13. GEEZ Feral be more careful! D: Meela’s already poisoned and if either of you get hurt/more hurt I will be sad ;_; and there’s the rain’s cue.

    Also am I the only one that thinks the fact that Feral drew Visrial’s energy is somehow going to help save Meela? There must be SOME reason that Feral’s eye is still glowing…

  14. Guard: I said halt! You have nowhere to go!
    *They jump off.*
    Guard: (O.O)…Dadgum…I wish I could do that.

    Holland’s sparkly again! (OwO)

    Next page, por favor!

    1. The guards are cats… They probably CAN do that.
      Brasileiro, também?
      É bom não estar só… ;)

  15. Second panel? simply brilliant. Can’t wait to read the next page!

  16. So Holland decided not to use the Lollipop. All know, including Feral there was no way he could. D:

  17. Is it just me or do Holland and Feral look REALLY REALLY SEXY when they jump off the roof?

    1. He does look sexy.
      Damn. Another non-existing hottie.

  18. Meela can’t die.
    She’s feral’s pup now.

  19. That shoe is going to be significant, isn’t it?

    I really want a print/poster of Holland in the pose in that last panel.

    1. all hail the magical shoe!

  20. There goes the other shoe!

    R.I.P. Shoe

    D: Run Feral, rRRRRURrrRRUUNNN!!

  21. Feral is so sweet when he clearly cares about Meela. n_n <3

  22. Awn, Feral… *-*


  23. Why did I get a bad Cinderella feeling when her shoe fell off…?

    Holland, your birdie brain has asked yet another rhetorical question. “Are you okay” when you have a fall like that usually earns you a glare of “What do you think”. Feral is just too preoccupied with his new Paternal/Fraternal feelings to be angry with the swan prince. /hugs swan anyway/

    Run like the wind, Feral! You’re a wolf! You could move faster! Meela can’t be that heavy. You throw men into Eeyore-styled huts for a living after all….

    1. And he pinned Meela to a tree with a dagger. She can’t be all that heavy.

  24. Meela lost a shoe… Are they going to be found because of that? (get a dog to smell the shoe and find the owner xD)

    Meela and Feral are sooo cute *-* They would be a perfect father and daughter, or little sister and big brother!

  25. I can’t wait to see how Meela will recover from this! Can’t wait for next weeks update!

  26. Hrmmmm I don’t wanna be nitpicky either but looking back at the last 3 pages I’m pretty sure glowy crazy powerhand is Feral’s right hand, but when he’s carrying Meela in panel 2 the tattered glove is on his left and and then switches back to his right on the very next panel.

    1. nope the tattered glove is still on his right. Look, the one with the 2 finger sleeves still left on the glove is on his left.

  27. Oh jeez I’m so anxious to see the next page!!! Feral is definitely my favorite character, and I’m so happy to see that he’s showing how much he really cares about Meela. I’m willing to bet that he’s going to scold her in some way once she gets an antidote, though! Kind of like a “OMG thank goodness your okay–DON’T EVER DO SOMETHING THAT STUPID EVER AGAIN!” XD

    RUN, GUYS!!!

    1. Lol, if mutes can scold. I”m pretty sure Holland will have to do the talking.

      1. Not to mention an ‘I told you so’ that’s probably coming Holland’s way at some point. I mean, Feral didn’t want to take Meela with them in the first place; Holland was the one who insisted it’d be fine. Oops.


      2. I assume the scolding will come in the form of more of Feral’s epic facial expressions. I love all of his wacky faces! =3

        1. I can’t wait for more Feral faces when Meela gets better XD

  28. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    I love Holland’s expression in the last panel.
    He might be smart enough to grab her shoe.
    I love the way Feral lands. There’s probably nothing really significant with the branch breaking other than that Feral’s heavier than he’s used to being so he made an error. He’s so worried about Meela that he totally was not thinking to take her weight into account.

  29. I wonder what Holland’s looking at…

    1. I’m guessing he’s checking to see if the guards are following

  30. The shoooe! Attention to detail, guiz.

  31. omg what if they used the shoe to track meela?

  32. awww, so Feral DOES like Meela. here I thought he didn’t.

    …Or at least he’s nice enough not to let her die on a rooftop. >_>

  33. Guard: “You have nowhere to go!”
    Feral: Tree
    Holand: Magics down
    Guard: “Well shit, and I just climbed up here.”

  34. Feral, Feral, he’s our our man if he can’t do it no one can! :3

  35. Ommmmgg noooess D: Someone get the pwettay shoe!

  36. i need to know what happens! where is the DeLorean!

    1. You just made my day with that xD

      …can I hitch a ride? :3


  38. For some reason I think there’s a hidden family connection between Meela and Feral and only Feral realises. Maybe he’s her brother and that’s why he cares so much for her? I don’t know but that would be cool as bro. :P

  39. I love this series so much! Can’t wait for the next page. really wish you guys could update more often. it’s so hard to wait till friday XD

  40. Getting the feeling that this shoe IS significant, and the bird guys (using the cat guys) are going to somehow use it to find the gang later on…

    And of course, damngit Holland, why you so sexy?

  41. … The shoe may be significant.
    If it isn’t, oh how I shall laugh. >:D

    T^T Run guys run! *bounces*

  42. StellalunaNightshade

    Meeeelaaa!! Noooo!! T~T <3

  43. The plus side to all this is that now there is no way in New Hampshire that Feral can EVER deny that he cares about Meela at least a little bit. ^^ ‘Cause you don’t generally go running off a roof and do a thumpy landing WHILE STILL MAINTAINING YOUR GRIP ON THE KID unless you care somewhat for their well-being. So once they manage to get Meela to not die, she can totally hold this over him forever.

    And dagnabbit, Swan Guy, if you’re gonna be all floaty and magical, why don’t YOU carry the girl? 0.< (I know, I know, Feral already had her and they're running. Hindsight is 20/20.)

    Awesome page as usual, you guys! You have such an excellent mastery of panel spacing and facial expressions, not to mention seemingly unnecessarily yet totally story-enhancing action, like that random tree branch breakage. It all lends to a compelling, fast-paced, enjoyable story where every page gives you a sense of satisfaction while still spurring you on to read more. Keep up the awesome work!

  44. This is getting so intense O_O
    Holland looks longing, he’s sad to leave the party? I hate fancy stuff I’d be glad to leave… Especially if we had a dying 12 year old girl.
    I can’t wait a week… >_<

    1. Lol, yeah, dying 12 year olds are usually pretty good excuses to leave a party, no matter how fun ;P

      1. Yea, I guess XP might as well :3

    2. I think he’s sad to be leaving Piper behind, or he’s just looking back to see if they’re being followed.

      1. Yea, maybe :3

  45. Also when will you check feral’s formspring?

  46. I always seem to come back to Strays at times like these.


    It’s like I have a cliff-hanger-ish magnet.

    Hope they run faster than those guards. And that they DID get what they came for. OxO

  47. oh i hope mella’s going to be ok


    Also yes i just noticed after reading all this she lost a shoe.

    Also i love the prince he just acts so childish but also so mature.

    1. HOLLAND IS FAI. 8D And possibly also Mytho.

  48. Looks like they’ve got an awful lot of running to do…

    (Brownie points to anyone who gets the reference!)

    1. Doctor Who, specifically the song from Chameleon Circut, a Time Lord Rock band?

      1. Love that band!

  49. Is it odd to have thought of something similar to Strays as a little kid who obessed over foxes and wolves? *tilts head cutely*

  50. Ahhwww! How sweet! X3 Feral has a paternal side! <3

  51. Haha, after reading all these comments, I would laugh if it turned out that Feral was actually only a few years older then Meela XD

    Flying shoe! Also, loving your art :) Celesse, your style has changed a bit, but better :) Stacey (Sorry I keep forgetting your art-name!) is great too, especially with story plots and details :D

    Oh, my friend wants me to ask if you accept fanart? As in posting of it on Deviantart, as long as all credit is given to you two great mangaka?

    1. Algy! That was it! *headdesk* Gomenasai XD

    2. But, Feral isn’t just a few years older than Meela. If you remember Holland’s flashback meeting with Feral, you’ll see him, as a young boy, meeting the teenaged mute. So, if Holland is now around his twenties, then Feral is probably nearing his thirties. That makes the trio’s age gaps spaced in about a decade each. If that makes any sense at all. It does in my head. That means, all we’ll be seeing out of Feral is brotherly concern. Holland too, since it’s too serious for him to do any playful, meaningless flirting.

      1. Hmmm, true ¬_¬’ I did forget about that page. Though if there is romance at some point in this story I’d be even more happy ^^

  52. Oh no! Little Meelarella lost her not-so crystal shoe! ;A;

  53. It’s Feral, why are you even asking if he’s okay? Even if he wasn’t, it isn’t like he’s going to stop in that situation.

    Hell, I know, I’m in the military, when shit goes south, you don’t stop, you go. Doesn’t matter if you’re injured, someone’s life depends on you being able to pick yourself up and carry on.

    1. Plus he, you know, can’t talk xP I know exactly what you mean though. Holland’s just on a roll with stupid questions tonight :3

  54. Hey how about including some crazy healer from Feral or Holland`s past ? I got some ideas : lives in a treehouse really moody but reeeaaaaaaaally nice ?

  55. I think Meela is going to have one of these weird dreams while she is poisoned, and maybe will be a long one .

  56. oh no the branch! foreshadowing!!! ohnoohno!!

  57. Holland, let now us just assume that, for now, everyone IS NOT OKAY!

  58. Wait a sec…. if Feral grabbed the tree with his right hand, what’s supporting Meela….? O___o’


  60. if Holland’s a prince why is he running?

  61. Sorry if this was already said, but when anyone saw “RUN, FERAL! RUN!!” did they thing “RUN, FORREST! RUN!” (No idea if I spelled that right..)

  62. Wow when they were running it remindid me of temple run

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