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As if things weren't bad enough, now there's going to be a lot of running. This is the first part of the two page update for this week. Page 196 is coming soon, probably late today or early Saturday morning. We're still working on it and will have it up as soon as possible.

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  1. Is anybody else concerned by the fact that Feral’s creepy demon eye is still glowing?

    But aaaah, so happy to see an update after an extra week of waiting X3 And so far I am not disappointed.

    (And it is even more awesome to know there’s still another page comiiiing X3)


    1. I’m concerned…. But more excited than anything else :3 lol

    2. Sank your Battleship

      I’m concerned too. It looks like it’s prepared to fire lazors.

    3. I think it just doesn’t go out right away from using magic, It looks like Holland is holding something in his left hand maybe it’s the antidote.

      1. I saw that two
        So happy for the new update

      2. no his bow is magic and not material. he is infact holding something. it could be the antidote. also he holds the bow in his other hand

    4. I think his eye starts glowing when he feels something very strong….
      -Sorry for my bad english-

    5. You raise a good point, and something I hadn’t noticed on the first pass. Hoooooh boy. This is gonna be good.

      Feral looks very, very concerned, so I’m hoping to see his older brotherly/romantic side when it comes to caring for and saving Meela.

      I’m betting Piper might lend a hand in their escape, since she likes Holland and Feral and isn’t heartless enough to let Meela die.

      I’VE MISSED THIS COMIC!! So 2 pages in a week is very much appreciated. <3

      1. Romantic?? Lol XD he’s like old. And she’s like twelve XD I’d say brother/father :3


    6. Haha. No, I’m actually not conerened. I’m lovin’ it! Ba-da-ba-ba-baaa~

      1. Not concern he looks cool when it glows!

  2. Methinks that those guards are going to get a very evil glare from Feral. So evil it might even kill them

  3. I love how the bird people have cat people as guards. Something about this dynamic is highly amusing to me. Can’t wait for the second page update! Do we still get the regular Friday update as well? Because Sunday for me is part of next week, which just makes it all all the more awesome~

    1. Yes, such amusement with infidel creatures inadequate for politics, and their counterparts are the ones who take charge.

    2. Probably because they pecked the cats’ heads enough they were like “OKAY! WE GET IT! NO MORE LAZING AROUND, GOOOSH!”
      And then they were guards xD

    3. Is Called Irony. XD Not All Cat Enemy Of Bird. Friends Cat Let Bird Pick Off Stray Straw. :3 XD

      1. Lol believe me, I know. I have a cat and a pair of lovebirds 8D funny relationships for the win~

  4. Ohman Oh man Oh man….

  5. Holland I hope you have the antidote TnT
    Grab her and run Feral!! Before it starts to rain :{
    Don’t die Meela! DON’T DIIIIIIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D’,’,x

  6. Hope it is not like pokemon where the running speeds up the poison. D:

    1. Really?

      Oh, yeah, huh! Well, I doubt it. Cause in Pokemon its always a certain number of steps you take so…. That’d be cool though xD

    2. I think that only works if the person who was poisoned is the one running. More than likely Feral or Holland will carry her.

    And then Holland is just panic-spazzing
    And Feral’s gonna kill some more people yay!

    1. ^ I love how we’re still referencing Feral kicking people in the head

  8. ooh~ epic lightning strike in panel three

    GO Epic red eye on Feral!!!

  9. oooo I am soo frightened… /_/

  10. This…is…so…awesome. *Waits for next update*

  11. I love the way the blood was colored (call me sick, but i prefer black->red blood as opposed to the bright red->orange i see often)
    This comic is just pure awesomeness, and gets better with each update

    1. Actually, the black veins in the blood are to symbolize the poison. But we don’t do bright blood anyway XD

      1. Wouldn’t the blood on the blade be less… patchy? Less spray paint looking, I mean. Wouldn’t it be more of a solid streak of red with streaks on the blade rather than the sort of “powdery”, if you may, effect there is now?

      2. Anyone else notice the knife holland was holding was meela’s?

        1. Never mind, I realized that meela probably didn’t put it away so holland picked it up

  12. Now they’re going to get caught! I thought this was a stealth operation!?!

  13. I love how Holland points out the obvious.
    “No! She’s been poisoned!”
    ….Yeah. Lol.

    1. Lovable things about Holland:
      His faces
      Points out the obvious
      …Everything so far…?

  14. YAY Update. I just love how you draw faces! O w O


    …Yeah, good luck with that guys. Feral’ll kick you in the head and get you off the roof xD

    1. ^ I love how we’re still referencing Feral kicking people in the head

  16. anybody else still thinking about the bells in the woods? Perhaps it’s something to help with a convenient get away… or the antidote…?

  17. Yakuda! I’m going to keep this page open all weekend long! Feral, go crazy-alpha male again! \ ^o^ /

    I love that swan by the way. Birds are so flighty. Hm!

  18. Normally I would say pulling that knife out would have been a bad move, but considering it’s poisoned I would reckon the situation would have called for it to be removed as soon as possible.

    Hope there is a way to create an antidote if Holland didn’t manage to find it. Here’s hoping all the poison didn’t make it into Meela’s bloodstream before they pulled it out.

    And yes, that glowing red eye is a bit disconcerting…

  19. NO! DON’T DRIVE THEM AWAY NO! I want Meela survive T^T Feral’s already somber he might push everyone away now…

  20. Meela….will live. I hope. I really do. Lol.

  21. *nods, nods* And so the pawns follow my theoretical story perrrfectly. :3 (cat joke- to soon? Xb)

  22. Nyaaaaaaaaaaaah! Meela! Everything is going to be okay!

    But is it just me.. Or does she look kind of dead in the first panel?..

    1. Her eyes still look slightly open in the last panel, though I think this’ll be a close shave :(

      1. She could die or faint with her eyes open. Often in fiction eyes open means dead and eyes closed means KO, but medically eye position could be anything.

    2. not dead, but really scarily close to dead. she looks like she might vomit and/or faint at any moment.

  23. Holland, perhaps you should drop the bloody knife as you stand over the dead body so the guards aren’t as suspicious…

    1. Feral did not kill him. Just knocked him out, or drained him.

  24. awww omg quick grab the cat and flee with it! XD

    1. This made me laugh way harder than it should have. xD Oh em gee.

  25. Time for an ass whoopin’! KICK ‘EM IN THE HEAD!

  26. If I were one of them, I’d be like “Well this sucks.”

  27. Umm question, what is everyone’s age? How old is Meela and how old is Feral?

    1. From what I could tell looking back through the comic Feral seem in his high twenties, maybe even 30’s. Meela is 12, and Holand maybe 19-21?

  28. i thought there were going to be two pages today?

    1. Read the comment below the page. She said it’ll be late today/early tomorrow morning since they’re still finishing up the second page.

  29. Yay! Maybe now we will get that great escape scene with Holand carrying them off in his swan form. Freeeedooom!

  30. Also, I finally just saw that Feral’s glove was burned with that attack he did on the cat.

  31. Does Holland’s face in the last panel look somewhat… Chibi? XD

  32. I hope you know that you have my little brother eagerly awaiting the coming of Fridays even more then usually. He loves this comic and whenever we say we like something we say “Yay (fish) I love (fish)!” with or fists in the air. Tidbit of trivial knowledge.

  33. “NO! She’s been poisoned!” not to mention stabbed with a 9 inch knife. Thank you, Navi. XD

  34. I can’t tell if Feral’s face is shocked, scared, or deeply concerned…

    1. D) All of the above

  35. Hmmm… I bet his eye that is still glowing means that he is trying to express a strong emotion… and i doubt that Meela would die… that would like murder the plotline wouldnt it?

  36. Dummy! D8 Dun pull the knife out! The poison part of the damage has already been done, and if you pull it out, you’ll just make her bleed more. DX
    But then again, she’ll probably have to be carried and Feral wouldn’t be able to help jostling her. Then the knife would have to be taken out anyway, I guess.


    Ahem, can’t wait for the next page! 8D You guys are doing awesomely.

  37. WatchOutForWendigos

    Feral is now going to kill you all. You do not mess with the semi-annoying brat, because she’s HIS semi-annoying brat.

    And wouldn’t the guards have recognized that Holland is their prince, and been all like ‘sorry, your highness, we will do as you command’, etc, while groveling on their knees?

  38. in panel 1, Meela looks seriously ill D: But Holland in panel 2 is a little exposition-y. Not sure how to fix, though… maybe “That’s one of the poisoned daggers! Meela!”

  39. has anyone else noticed that the guy with the sickle in meela’s scary dream at the beginning had glowing red eyes? And he was a lupian? (like feral…?)

    1. But there are lots of lupians… and besides, Feral only has one red eye. I think that first dream is still a little too vague to be guessing at yet, but hey, maybe it does mean something. xD But I don’t think it’s likely.

  40. Poor Meela, she and Feral are connected somehow and as a book worm and otaku of immense levels I must continue reading this! >:D *is a little crazy thanks to being a rabid fanfic-er*

  41. one of the guards looks like a lupian.

  42. Son of a *****! That b*****d! I really didn’t want to censor that but I didn’t want my comment deleted. Who agrees with me that that comment was totally justified.

    Please stab him with his own poison arrow now <.<

  43. wait isn’t it bad to pull out the knife since pulling it out would make Meela bleed even more?
    but then again it’s a poisoned knife so they probably took it out so no more poison would get into her system

  44. I presume the blade in the 2nd panel was the throwing blade used by the cat-guy…
    … but different from the blade in the last panel, which is presumably the dagger Meena stabbed into cat-guy’s leg… right?
    Confusing on account of them both having similar blood-patterns on them and the blades themselves the same shape… but the handles are blatantly different, and only the throwing knife should have any trace of poison on it.

  45. Did Holland take Meelas daggers?

    1. No, retrieved it from the pussies leg

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