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Meela seems to decide that wasn't such a good idea after all, and Feral goes a little overboard. Cue dramatic lightning strike! Oh, and before anyone goes off on any crazy theories, the word Visrial uses in the first panel is just a curse word. No deeper meaning behind it.

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  1. O_O What’s the red thing? Magaic????

    1. Yes, magic.

      1. Speaking of, the symbol’s red luminance against Feral’s gloved hand looks great.

        Looks like Horse had better learn a few tricks of his own if he wants to stay competitive.

        1. He’s not a horse silly he’s a little kittle cat!

    2. Hes a demon this just confirmed it.

      1. Or half-demon anyway. Notice how only his red eye is open…

      2. No he just obsorbed a lot of dark magic and that was what became of it

    3. O.O Feral….who is he i wonder…

  2. WHAT IS that red thing!!?

    1. magic…?

    2. Looks like the Neverwinter Nights emblem to me :D

      1. Now that you mention it . . . It DOES. xD

      2. Celesse am I off my rocker here or is that cuss word serbian slang for b!tch?

        1. You’re off your rocker :P It’s a word I made up, any resemblence to existing words is purely coincidental.

        2. Well, she IS a female dog ;-)

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE love love just…love. *sigh*

  4. I seriously saw this page and went, WHAOOOOOOHHHHH! That’s so cool! Please next friday come sooner! :D

  5. Whoa…. demon eye thing again. Hope we find out more about it soon!

  6. Haha oh man~! Soo close to what this page apparently looked like in my dream XD My dream version of this page had a Feral seeing Meela and danger and getting all rage-anger protective mode..~! Its pretty close though I have to say :3

    1. I wish I had awesome dreams like that!! *jealousy*

  7. HAH.

    I TOTALLY KNEW IT. I knew his scarlet demon eye had some kind of magic =DDDD


  8. This page brought to you by one BAMF Feral. =D I approve of the magic.

  9. Cool evil/dark/magic/something mysterious and awe inspiring powers beyond imagination…. it’s fluffy.

  10. Angry demon Feral is angry! ..and demonic.

    Also, I looove the constant leftward movement in the middle of (and really, over most of) the page.

  11. Poor Meela!

    I seriously doubt that someone skilled enough to give Feral a run for his money would miss when his target is so close! But here’s hoping for the best anyhow!

    1. Never underestimate the evasive power of panicked flailing!

      1. AHA! That made me laugh so hard because it’s what they do in the game Sparta xD

  12. He’s gone feral.

    1. Where is a “like” button when you need one! :p

      1. Seconded! and for the comments too! especially for the “panicked flailing”…never fails! when in doubt run like a chicken with it’s head cut off!

  13. Shouldn’t Visrial’s language be bleeped out?!? Gosh, there could be kids reading this comic!

    Lovely as usual :3

  14. WOW! Warnig to all bad guys – Do not attack Meela in front of Feral. He does not take it well.

    Hold on…. I’ve seen Ferals attack before, didn’t he grab Meela by the throat like that when she woke him up? I think his eye was glowing then too. No wonder he was so freaked out, not only was he choking her but he was about to use his Glowing Red Hand Of Doom!!!!!

    Exelent work as all ways :)

    1. I knew which page you were talking about so I went back to look and confirm his eye was indeed glowing then too. Poor Meela!

  15. Whoa. This page is awesome!
    I almost feel bad for Visrial, Feral looks like he could do some real damage in that state! That and Visrial’s expression in the last panel looks anything but pleasant o.O

  16. Also, I just want to say, Feral’s face is really neat in the 2nd to last panel, half of it lookscrazed and angry and the other half looks almost like he’s in pain. Hmm…

  17. That cat guy’s aim is terrible. xD

    1. He spent all his time specializing in poison, not in learning how to throw knives. =)

    2. You jinxed her….

  18. I love how he seems to just ignore the dagger in his leg.

    1. Cats have a high threshold for pain anyway, but he’s also trained in bearing it. Especially when it’s stuck into a non-lethal area like a thigh ;P In any case it wouldn’t prevent him from turning enough to throw stuff at her.

  19. -girly squee of delight moment-

    Eeeee!! >w<

    Now I REALLY want to know what's up with his eye! :D

  20. The symbol on the palm of his hand is awesome by the way! Great job with that! ^^

  21. I should seriously talk to my cousin… hes an execuyive director forthe Liongate movie company.
    I bet he could turn this into a real movie/tv show!

    Awesome work guys! This just keeps getting better and better!!!

  22. Demon Lupian! He’s a demon Lupian! :D

  23. heeheehee! Feral’s like an overprotective older brother. in a good way, of course ;) I LOVE when guys do that :D this is very well done. Now whenever I’m mad I have something to say! Pesh’t’kah!!!

    1. Trent the Awesome

      I kept scrolling to find if anyone had already posted something like this! My sentiments exactly XD

  24. AWESOME! Feral just went all feral….I-I’m sorry *hangs head in shame*

    Okay, that side, this page is so amazing. I’m not sure if Feral just went all super badass to save Meela, but I’d like to think he did, it’s so sweet.

  25. …… O_O My mind has blown up now…

  26. …I count four knives in the first 2 panels and only 3 in the third panel… And Feral is about to kill the guy with the antidote…This does not seem like it will end well.

  27. Feral lied to Meela… he IS a demon XD

    1. Hm… maybe half O.o…

  28. Love the symbol! It looks awesome. o3o

    Very well done page. <3

  29. Ohcrap, freaky red symbol that probably has something to do with his eye ’cause he’s only looking through that one and they’re both red. Visreal’s in troooubleee.

    Also, good thing Visreal apparantly can’t aim when he’s just been stabbed in the leg, or Meela would be totally dead/dying right now. Lucky break for you, Meela!

  30. Ah! Dun dun Duuuuun! Can’t wait to see what’s next!
    Awww Feral really does care <3

  31. Wow, this reminds me of when Feral strangled Meela back at the inn…he went right for the neck and his eye was glowing. Gees Meela you dodged a bullet! I’m not sure what that magic is gonna do to that guy but it’s not gonna be pleasent, if Meela didn’t plead he could have very well potentially killed her!

    I mean yah he could have killed her by now if he wanted to but if I was Meela I would seriously just be, “0.0”

  32. OMG! I loves it!

  33. O.o anyone else notice that the symbol on his hand resembles a demonic eye? (It even has a pupil!)

  34. Wow – I think Feral is taking a liking to Meela given his angry/physco expression in the 2nd to last panel. Of course, when you travel with someone, they are bound to rub off on your even a little. ^^

  35. *dies from intence moment*&

  36. WOAH!!!! *Dies of amazingness*

  37. I llovvvee this, Feral looks so freaking sexeh in this page. I wish you would post the pages more often, rather than every Friday D: I then need to suffer a whole week of school before I get to enjoy this ;_;

    1. agreed T^T
      but its something to look forward to, no?

  38. Looks like Visreal is in danger of getting dusted :v

  39. He’s….draining Visreal’s magic?


  40. Going to love Feral \o/

  41. First time I post, I find your comic maybe 2 weeks ago, and… OMG O_O amazing work !

    And about this page, maybe later we can learn about a little piece of Feral past ? ^^

    I just want to say that you make a great job, and it’s really nice to read. See you next chapter :)

    (by the way, sorry for the grammar, i’m french XD. So, hope you can understand what i mean ^^)

    1. Thank you! Don’t worry, we’ll delve into Feral’s past eventually. And your grammar is fine :)

  42. Horray! Demonic Symbols! ~o3o~

  43. How do you pronounce that, anyway? Pesh-ta-ka? Pesh-tkah?

  44. whoa! umm…
    Go feral GO!!! Show them what you’re made of!!! >:D

  45. DEWD! Whatda! Now we get to see why on earth Feral has a red eye – is he cursed??? D-8

    1. He’s Allen Walker is disguise! (except opposite eye)

  46. Pakkun The Destroyer

    SO did Meela actually get hit by one? Awesome page BTW. Really cool!

    1. I count 3 out of 4 of the daggers he threw…. BUM BUM BUM

  47. Feral is Mal :P

    1. No. Feral is Yuen. I think. But I’m pretty sure he’s not Mal.

      1. Mal is the one with the creepy eye thing in his palm :P

  48. Ok so, cat man threw 4 poisoned knives towards Meela. According to the panel where she is running away, there are only 3 visible knives. Unless the 4th one already passed her by, it probably hit her ;_____;

  49. I don’t think Feral likes seeing Meela attacked. XD I so totally ‘ship those two. <3 Very loverly page.

    1. It’s Meela like… 10? D:

      1. Yes yes she is around that age, young. So I do think it would be a bad pairing for those 2. Since Feral is like in his 20’s or like 18 xD

        1. I’m assuming Feral is 20 at least, cuz of Holland talking about how scrawny he was as a teenager. That would lead me to believe that he is a teen no longer…

      2. Bwah! age! who cares! they’re cute and that’s all that counts! c’mon! SHIIIIIP! -has been a long time Feela shipper-

  50. so THAT’S what that eye is for!

  51. *gasp* Feral has the Eye of Sauron on his hand!!!!!

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      Totally does look like that!

  52. Reminds me of Kakashi from Naruto. Red eye and lightning shooting from his hand. Except with the wrong eye.
    Hey, he even has a scar over his red eye! :D

  53. well guess now we know why his eye is red XDD although i am a little bummed this only updates on fridays :< sure would be nice to see it more often lolz

  54. Ahh, oh nooo!! If Meela got cut and Feral kills the bad guy, they won’t know the antidote to the poison! *frets*

  55. Why why whyyy does friday have to be so far away! Damn this is an amazing page! Though i had hoped to se Feral see Meela in trouble or sumin like that – but anyway this page was so good! :D Go Strays!

  56. Visrial’s tail is all poofy in the last panel

  57. Meela left her knife in the kitty guy’s thigh. And then it’s gone in the last panel. It’s the magic of comics! :D

    1. It’s still there, you just can’t see it at that angle.

      1. Oooohhhh….Gotchya. Angle-ism. (Not that there is such a word, but it works. :D)

  58. As self-assured as Holland was for most of this scene, I doubt anything is going according to his expectations now…

    Now, of course, I have to wait along with everyone else to find out where the fourth blade went, what Feral’s actually doing to Visrial, and to just in general find out how much more amazing this comic can get!

  59. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Yikes! This is getting interesting. I have to wonder whether Holland knows about Feral’s…..power. And whether Meela got hit by the fourth poisoned blade. And what exactly Feral is doing and where he got that power…. and just about everything else! Gosh, I wish I could speed up time until next Friday!

  60. Did anyone notice the hilarious friz on Visrial’s “monkey” tail when Feral grabs his neck?

    1. Lol just noticed it, also he’s a cat :3

  61. OoOOoO! :D

  62. MasterassassinMan

    Hello cellese, i just wanted to ask you something, is it ok if i use this face as my gravatar on other sites besides your own? I just think i need your permission first before i go posting on nother sites your work, yknow.

    1. We don’t mind. :)

      1. MasterassassinMan

        Thanks, great work so far btw.

  63. ….Where’s the blood from the stab wound? -tilts head-

    1. As long as the knife is still there, you may not see the blood for a while, sometimes it just sits in a position that blocks the blood vessels, and you won’t actually see any blood until it’s pulled out.

      That or the layering of the clothes in the place where Mella stabbed him is too thick for the blood to immediately show on the outer side of his leg strap.

  64. Oh, snap-diddily.

  65. Huh. There I go, patiently waiting for the new chapter, and it turns out the old RSS just stopped updating, and there’s a brand new one. So, yay for new chapter?

    But maybe send out a note on the old feed to switch to the new one, for anyone else who’s assumed there’s just a long gap between chapters?

    Lovely updates, though, worth waiting for :).

  66. So he does care if she gets hurt or not! 8D Good boy, Feral! Protect the young! Enslave the old! Or at least the evil cats!

  67. WHOA!

    Im so on the edge of my seat! I want to know what happens now, damn waiting an entire week.

  68. I just started reading this last night, I absolutely love this comic, Go Strays!!!

    I do wonder what is going to happen on the next page though, I can’t wait until Friday!

  69. Can I just say, thanks for doing this awesome comic?

    I’m so into it and I can’t wait to find out about Feral and Meela’s family. I hope you guys the best so you can continue to update on time and keep this great story going :)

    not to mention this page is BOSS

  70. Ooo! Oooooo! <3 I want the next page god damn it! :D

  71. On the thumbnail the red magic stuff looked kind of like blood, and at first glance I thought Feral had, like, cut the dude’s head off. o3o

    Also, dunno if I’ve commented before, but I really love this comic. :3

  72. KAKASHI!!
    But really, that’s pretty awesome. This story keeps getting better and better :)

  73. did anyone else notice the cat guy still had Meela’s dagger in his leg? XD now she’s short a dagger. HOLLAND! get another dagger! it’s gonna be a long night. (….it played out better in my head… ._. )

  74. Duh duh duh duh (superhero theme) Feral to the rescue to save his pup!

  75. Quote from Feral’s journal:
    “…Mal had this weird mark in his palm. It’s kind of freak since the middle has what looks like an eye that just stares at you when you look at it.”
    Hmmmm… a mark that looks like an eye… Feral’s got one’a those too! Coincidence?

  76. Oh, I think I know that symbol. It’s Lupian for “FUS RO DAH.”

  77. Now THAT is the most ferocious stinkeye I have EVER seen.

  78. Yuen’s mom had the symbol that Feral has glove on his arm. Clan symbol? Coincidence?

  79. Uh oh. What’s his face done po’d Feral. RUN!

  80. More evidence that supports the Feral is Mal theory It was posted earlier that in the journal Feral has there is a mention to Mal gaining demonic powers along with a mark on his palm that included an eye.

  81. i love how Holland’s all like “MEEEEELAAAAAAA!” and Feral’s like “Oh no you didn’t”

  82. That sure is an evil person if he doesn’t have anything against harming children, even if I am one myself. O_o

  83. It’s just like the symbol he wrote Mal had in his journal…

  84. Fluffy to the rescue. OMG this reminds me of a scene in Wolfs Rain… xD

  85. Visral used dagger throw on Meela. It missed. Feral uses life drain of Visiral. It is super effective!!!

  86. -panel one- sorry what was that u said? i didn’t quite hear u…

  87. I’m shocked not many people commented on the first panel what did he say???????????????????????


  89. kitty cat curse words?

  90. ooooooooooooh
    demonic feral… fanceh |:3

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