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Look, Meela does something helpful! ...Sort of.

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  1. Hee, just finished watching the video of this being drawn, and came back to find the page up! Yay!

    Oh no…run Meela! Run! D; He’s proven he has nothing against harming children!

    1. Meela is like that level 11 rogue trying to sap a 85 hunter ;D

      1. ROFL! go roguie meela! :D yay, another WoW fan!! ^_^ /waves

    2. WHAT?!?! there’s a video of these being drawn?!?!?!?!! must…have….link!!!! PLEASE!!!

      1. Each Tuesday night I use Livestream to broadcast the page as I ink, flat and shade it. You can find it and previous videos at

  2. Oh crud just remembered…. kitty has poisonious knives in the hand closest to Meela….. RUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Kitty? I thought he was a monkey! >_>

      1. Lol! XD Well, in one of the first panels that he fights Feral, he yowls, so I always guessed cat.

      2. wait that’s not a monkey?

        1. if you read the comments to the time he appears, you will find out that he is a cat.

        2. He’s got wiskers! Duh!!

          ANyone notice that she keeps hitting that leg? First she kicked it not she stabbs it. XD

        3. Never watched the old “Monkey” tv series, or “Journey To The West”? King Monkey (the dude Goku from DBZ is based on) has ‘whiskers’, but yes, that guy is totally a pussy

        4. Like I said. GO FOR THE NUTS!!!!!

  3. Holland sounded like Urkel for a second there…”Did I do thaaaaaat?”

    1. Steve from Family Matters XD

    2. Yeah, I can never see those words without hearing Jaleel White’s voice. XD

  4. Holands face in the second panel!! Just made my day hahaha! XD
    On another note, hoorah for Meela, what a courageous babe! Hope the aftermath isn’t too bad though…

  5. wow, that knife is in there really deep… I didn’t think Meela had it in her o.o

    1. +1. Except for the “made my day” part.

      1. Uggh- was gonna reply to K-diz D:

    2. Sticking a good sharp knife in like that is not as hard as you might think. Assuming you miss the thigh bone that is. Just take your average kitchen knife and poke it into the thickest part of a roast next time you cook one, you’ll see what I mean.

  6. Awwwww….I have a sad feeling someone is going to get poked with the poison knives, and something tells me it may not be Meela…><

  7. 1 possibility
    meela gets poisoned

    holland or feral get poison saving meela (haha she cant get a break)

    They live happily ever afte…..errrr wait.

    1. Awwww it ends already? QnQ

  8. Inevitable dire consequences aside.. Nice shot, Meela!!

    Also, I think this site needs a Gallery of Amazing Holland Faces. ;)

    1. Absolutely :D

      And I completely thought of steve urkel as well slop.
      “Did I do thaaaat?”

    2. Where’s The Like Button? ~o3o~

  9. LOL Holland’s face in the second panel! Brilliant! And Meela, you’re awesome, but you should probably think about running for your life now o_o

  10. Kitty, You ‘ve got backstabbed. :p

    Way to go Meela. Go kill that kitty. :3

  11. I have a baaaad feeling about this….

    And Holland’s expressions could seriously be their own line of icons pfft XD


    Don’t discourage her Holland, Meela’s being helpful!

  13. Holland’s face is sooo funny in the 2nd panel! XD and omg…Meela actually did something courageous! Now run, Meela! Runn!!!

  14. She had to do something stupid, didn’t she?

  15. Huh, the little pup has a bite on her after all…now I wonder what on earth is going to happen next…I don’t imagine that killing machine is going to take kindly to that.

  16. That second panel…EPIC. XD lol!
    And I wonder what’s gonna happen to Meela now….oh, I can hardly wait til NEXT Friday. >.<

  17. Helpful…. until he swings his right arm back and she gets a face full of poisoned knives.

    1. Yeeeeep….and this is what I was afraid of happening. -facepalm-

  18. Oh, dadgummit! D: Run, Meela, run!
    Figures she manages to do something seemingly helpful right at the wrong time. Poor Meela has had no luck in this area, and the trend seems to have continued. Hopefully she doesn’t get a face full o’ knives like everyone is worried she will.

  19. SpicyBleachedHead

    I think Meela screwed something up, I just don’t know what. :D

  20. Oooo, I sense bad things are coming….

  21. Wound the cat and it will scratch back, this one with poison claws!

  22. 1. Holland, shut up! Meela was being sneaky!

    2. Ouch!

    3. RUN, MEELA! RUN!

  23. Meela RUN!!! D:

  24. Go Meela Go!!! Show them what little you can do!!!

  25. Watch for the poisonous knives! D:

  26. The problem here isn’t that Meela managed to blindside the guy, it’s that she has no idea about the right way to take advantage of the position and the suprise it afforded her. Putting an knife blade into the outer part of the thigh muscle, while painful, and likely to slow the opponent down, won’t be a fatal or debilitating blow.

    Debilitating and potentially fatal would have been a strike on the inner thigh into the femoral artery. Better yet for debilitating would have been a knife into one of his kidneys. Better for fatal would have been sliding the knife between his ribs into his lungs/major organs.

    Best would have been a knife into his exposed medula oblongata at the base of his skull where his spinal cord enters his skull. That’s an instant kill with the dead opponent unable to attemp a final comeback strike with the top of the spine severed. This is what happens when you give someone a knife, and don’t teach them the appropriate anatomy lessons required to properly make use of it.

    1. Wow, I think you’re thinking into this way too much.
      I doubt Meela wanted to KILL him, just wound him enough to stop the fight, which I’m sure that knife stab would do.

      You’re telling me that won’t be fatal or debilitating??? I’d like to see anyone get up after that!

    2. -.- …

      You strike me as someone who enjoys little in life.

      1. You strike me as someone who puts people down for no good reason.

        Why is it that every time someone applies a little logic or science to a story, someone else comes along and tells them that they are ruining everything by thinking too hard about it? It IS possible to analyze something AND enjoy it, you know.

        He has a point; Meela could have made better use of the element of surprise, but of course she lacks the experience or knowledge to do so. Anyway, I think she’s too short to pull off the spinal cord thing, even if she knew how.

        1. LOL this is a pg13 story, I highly doubt the writers would want that kind of violence in their story :L

      2. Ah, the interesting controversy over pointing out where the best place to use a knife would be depending upon the desired result. If the desired result was to become endangered, and to do something relatively ineffectual in a fight compared to the other available options, then Meela has chosen the right option. Otherwise the character “Meela” has chosen poorly in getting involved in that manner. This as others have pointed out does fit the character. My comment was not a critique of the author/writer’s choice of character actions, but a comment about the character doing something with a high likelihood of negative ramifications for their well being.

        So for those who thought I was advocating taking the comic from a PG-13 to an R rating, that was not the case. I am no more attempting to change the author/artist’s direction than the earlier people advising Meela to “Run” were. I was pointing out that any people who thought Meela had performed a valid and wise combat manuver were missing the opportunities available to her as much as she was.

        From the beginning of this fight sequence this hasn’t been a “first blood” honor duel kind of fight. This is a disable/kill or be killed kind of situation. In those kinds of situations going for a less than immediately disabling blow (like striking the meaty part of the outer thigh) is not a good idea especially when the attack leaves the attacker exposed to a fatal counter strike.

        As has been noted earlier, Meela isn’t always the font of good ideas. In fact her track record suggests otherwise up to this point. The most obvious example being a young “twelve year old” getting mixed up with a dangerous bounty hunter on the job. This is most interesting from a dramatic standpoint, but it establishes the character has a pretty poor concept of how to make solid good choices which are appropriate to the situation. The only question I have is whether these kinds of characters will live long enough to learn from their mistakes, or if they will jump from bad choice to bad choice without any kind of severe consequence or any growth of character.

        1. The thigh seems to be a fairly large target at about eye-level for her.
          I would imagine it to be a strike of convenience as much as anything.

          Personally, I’d have suggested knife upward to the crotch or in through the back of the knee… but those generally wouldn’t be intuitive to a kid with no combat experience. Essentially, just going for the easy target probably isn’t a bad idea for her if she would miss anywhere else.

    3. While your assessment makes perfect sense logically, it wouldn’t be characteristic of Meela to do any of the things you mentioned, or figure any of this out in the middle of a fight. Holland simply traded the knives for his family swan thing, he didn’t intend for her to actually use them.

    4. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      All good advice, but Meela is far too short or inexperience or uninformed to do any of it. What she did fits her character perfectly, including going for the leg on the same side as the fistfull of daggers.

      1. Personally, I sleep easier believing that 12 year olds don’t have this sort of an education.

        1. XD Ditto, East.

    5. I was thinking the same thing as the first comment, actually. Seeing as I don’t know Meela as well as the author/artists, though, I cannot say that it is uncharacteristic of her. She talks tough, but up until now she has shown little bite in a fight.

      However, I think she can assess the situation well enough to realize that this is a life or death situation which is why she decided to intervene and aid Feral, as she has somewhat attempted before.

      Even for her, the leg still seems an odd place to aim, as my first thought would have been a jab to the side, but this is from reading books, watching movies, etc. Meela has not had any outside influence in combat. Even so, it seems that she would have gone for his side as it was more at her level than the middle of his thigh.

  27. Little pups, while seeming to be helpless, still have teeth to bite with as Meela has proven.
    But what wrong did she do other than what’s already been stated I wonder? It could be anything. Grrr. The anticipation kills!
    Can’t wait for the next one!

  28. Okay, Holland! Time to shoot a sparkly arrow into Visrial’s hand, before he gets Meela! …Or Feral, kill him. Kill him dead… like a rock. Or something.

    1. Kick him in the head! >:D

      1. I second that notion!


  30. Well… this can’t end well… Run for it Meela! Before he turns on you! I wonder why Holland hasn’t just shot that guy yet? I mean, who would know it was him?

  31. What are you doing Meela? Whenever you try to help, something always goes wrong.

  32. WatchOutForWendigos

    Run, Forrest, Run!… Oh wait, Run, Meela, Run!

  33. Meela.
    Yer gonna cause a war or something D:

  34. Go Meela for striking, but get out of there! I had a feeling something like this would happen, and I was hoping I was wrong, but it did happen. No!! Run!

  35. I just read all of these pages and they are great!

  36. Nice move Meela, except….


  37. craaaaaaaap…. I have a bad feeling about this

  38. run now meela… he will not like having been stabbed in the leg… and if he is a cat – that just got stabbed and is shocked about it- shoulding his tail be a little fluffed up??

    1. If You Look Closely, The End’s A Little Fluffed Up. Maybe His Job Makes Him Shave His Fur Short, Or It’s Naturally Short, Therefore Doesn’t Fluff Up Easily. There’d Only Be a Bunch Of Fur On The End Because That’s Always What Happens. XD I Don’t Know. That’s Just My Idea. X3

  39. StellalunaNightshade

    YESSS! >:D
    GO MEELA!! I swear we’re the same person. x3 I’d do that too. <3
    my twin forever

  40. LOL Jeez, I did not expect for her to jab the whole knife into his leg like that! Ouch!

  41. Herpaderp. First time commenting, but I ‘ve read the whole comic, it’s wonderfully amusing, especially with Holland and Feral’s expressions! Oh, and Meela~ <3

    But I'm predicting bad things for Meela. She's waaay to close to Visrial x3

    1. First time commenting, yes, but I see that you have experience in reading webcomics. Especially one about crazy bears. ;)

      1. That’s me! c: I love BearNuts <33 It's way too cool not to have as avatars. But yes, I am one of the commentors on there. <3

  42. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Yikes, get out of there Meela! You don’t need a facefull of poisoned knives. But I don’t think she’ll be poisoned. Feral or Holland will be. 95% sure of that. Visrial’s surprised face is awesome though.
    Gosh, I love all of Holland’s faces. You guys are awesome with the facial expressions! Meela’s face in the last panel is amazing. So vicious!

  43. did Feral even get any secret information while infiltrating that office? I mean for all the trouble they’re going through for Holland, they better get something useful out of it! just say’in.

    1. I think so. He was routing around the draws while the cat was giving Meela death threats, so maybe.

  44. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Meela seems to have a thing for the back of Visrial’s right leg…. This is the second time she’s hurt it (page 185, she kicked him in roughly the same spot.)

    1. @KaelinaLuvsLomaris: It does seem like that.

  45. Whoa! I totally dreamt up the page after this and woke up not realizing that I had only dreamt that the new page was posted- and came to the site all bewildered that it was still on THIS page before realizing I had only dreamed about the update! XD Haha, now if the next page is like the page I was dreaming of..!

  46. Meela you fool you’re gonna get yourself killed :c but I think this will happen. Feral will push Meela out of the way and he will get cut with the poison knives. Prince boy will attempt to shoot a arrow but fail, Meela in anger/despair will somehow change into her wolf form and attack cat man ;D

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      That would be awesome. I would love to see Meela in wolf form!

      1. Ikr? That would be amazing, I know that in the previous comic pages she said she didn’t learn how to transform yet. But who’s to say that anger and despair cannot bring out the beast within, hmm? ;)

        1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

          Exactly! She’s growing up. Soon she’ll learn how to transform, and something like this could definitely trigger it!

  47. I actualy kinda hope She gets hurt and not like Feral or Holland, it would make it more interesting. Lol thats just my opinion :P

  48. Yay! and DoOm… the poison would not have been involved in the story unless it’s gunna get somebody… I know it sounds all sadistic, but I kinda want it to be Meela– for the sole purpose of getting to see Feral squirm! Xb He’ll have to be all heroic and concerned and save her! ^o^ And maybe Meela will finally get a slice of humble pie. -_- Love the girl to death, but no, you’re not the shiz like Feral. Feral is older, smarter, and stronger. (Although Meela is the shiz in other ways. Just not head-kicking ways)

    It also might be the catalyst (hahajokedidanyonecatchthat?) for Meela convincing Feral that he should teach her a few things about fighting, as she’s not gunna stop getting involved with him and his dangerous situations…

    1. That is completely agreeable with, hmm that would sound interesting for Feral to go all BA to save Meela x) and lol nice joke ;D

  49. I’m pretty sure professional killers are trained to have auto-stab-back reflexes ><

    let's hope thats not whats gonna happen or if it is, she moves fast.

  50. She might have scored a lethal hit if she managed to get the femoral artery.

  51. I used to be a mercenary like you, but then I took a knife to the leg.

    1. Would’ve been awesome if she had hit him in the back of the knee.

  52. I swear I just love the faces Holland makes XD

  53. Nice holland. Just give her away don’t you

  54. not sure if anyone else said this but…..
    Holland reminded me of Steve Urkel in the second panel.

  55. Next time puppy-meal, grab the tail and slice it off!!

  56. She should have gone for the side… Kidneys bleed out faster than the thigh…

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