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Uh oh. Looks like Visrial has a dirty trick up his sleeve. Sorry this is later than I said it would be ^^; The special effects took longer than I thought they would.

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  1. So good! I can’t wait for more!!<3<3

    1. I missed so much action because the screen keeps saying *banned word*

  2. ortensia orlandi assassino

    Omg I love the special fx on this but what is meela gonna do I’m sooooooooooo excited fr the next page!

  3. Yay! Holland to the rescue!

  4. Yikes! O_O be careful, Feral!

  5. My mind is saying that next weeks page, or the one after it, is going to have something very bad occur due to our friend Visrial…

    God I hope I’m wrong ._.;

    1. I have the exact same feeling… and i think it’s poison related.

    2. Quick Feral, kick him in the head so this doesn’t happen! O.O!

      1. Always a good plan.

      2. lol! yay for skull smashing! >:D

      3. Or Meela can do her little *POW!* Punch.

  6. As always, nice expressions miss algy and miss celesse. bravo.

    1. Agreed ^^

  7. Am I the only one who really wants to know where all this light stuff is coming from? And does anyone remember the jingling Meela heard earlier? Also…what exactly are Feral’s abilities? That one chapter toward the beginning he called back a knife he had thrown and he attacked a shadow. Gah…so many questions…

    1. I remember that it was said that each of the characters (that can turn into animals) has its own magic, so that’s where the glow’s coming from. Idk about the jingling though O.o…

    2. The light stuff is basically their magical power manifested in physical form and used for attacks. It’s stronger than normal punches and kicks and is useful for attacking from a distance.

      Feral’s powers are numerous. He knows a lot of different things and we try to show them now and then (like how he retrieved his dagger).

      The jingling is relevant and will be explained in the near future ;P

      1. YAY! Questions, questions. I love Feral’s character. Actually, I think I love all the characters. Meela reminds me of a spunkier version of myself and Holland seems to be rather mischievous and reminds me of a blonde version of my brother…XD

    3. The jingling is Santa Claus, come to save the day, of course. Like out of Narnia. :3

  8. Poison type pokemon are always purple lol

    1. XD! What’s a pokemon doing here? o.O

  9. Yikes- this puts a twist in dont it? i mean with the fact meela seems up to something and this cat-man specialises in poison?? Yikes.

  10. Deffinately worth the wait, the effects look awesome ^,^ Love Feral’s fighting expressions ^,^

    Getting so excited to see when Meela makes her move :}

  11. I feel Meela might be the one to get poisoned, pass out, cue another dream! And obviously live….I like Meela. Awesome page! Though any page with Feral is awesome XD

  12. Cat dude, that wasn’t smart, telling him those daggers are poisoned. Now Feral will be extra careful not to get cut, while usually in a hand on fight some damage can be expected and combatants sometimes ignore minor cuts. I expect you better have the skills to back up your big mouth.

    And nice shot, Holland.

    1. A smart person wouldn’t announce it, but Visrial is an arrogant jerk and thinks he’s going to win no matter what :P

  13. I thought he was a monkey…. Wow… I feel stupid now. And I can see Meela getting the poison Then Feral actually freaking out and caring about Meela. Or something like that. I tend to be clichè sometimes.

    1. I was thinking the same thing O.O

  14. uh oh… I sure hope Mila doesn’t try anything on that guy. 0_o

  15. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Oh, no! Meela had really better not do anything stupid now!
    Watch it Feral.
    Great effects with the lights in the first few panels. Love it.
    The facial expressions in panels 5 and 6 are AWESOME! Smug and shocked horror.

    1. Meela’s kind of got the monopoly on stupid, unfortunately. She can’t help it though, she’s young. (;

      1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

        That’s very true.
        Ammendment to my previous comment: Meela had really better not do anything TOO stupid now!

  16. Now i have to wait until the 14th. I need the next one.

  17. I bet V. accidentaly poisons himself. just saying….

  18. These effects are BEAUTIFUL~ They’re so shiny, but they don’t get in the way of everything. And it somehow doesn’t surprise me that the cat guy is a poison user. :U Seems fitting.

    Does it seem like Feral’s eye-tattoo should be visible in the second-to-last panel though, or is it just me? :U

    1. Actually, I think you’re right… compared to the image of him in the website banner, we should probably be able to see the tattoo…

    2. We forgot to update the file while swapping it back and forth. Feral’s tattoo will magically appear soon!

      1. Yay for magic! ^^

  19. A few extra weeks for “Special Effects”? What, the blur on two tiny panels that just makes them look lower quality?… =/ I don’t see any difference, otherwise..

    1. A few weeks? What are you talking about? This page was only about 2 hours late, and it was only because I didn’t like how I did the magic the first time and decided to redo it. I didn’t spend weeks on any of it.

      1. ono;; Anon, you once again prove that dickery is multiplied when you don’t have to leave a name.

        Celesse, the SFX looks AMAZING on this page, and your figures are always amazing, we know that already.

    2. They were at the AWA, which was why they didn’t post last two weeks ago. Its always good to read the news on the front page :)

  20. Ohhh, I just found this amazing web comic! O.o I’m loving it! HOW DO YOU GUYS DO IT?! I found it on Baka Updates, here –>
    I encourage fans to go on the side and vote the rating up! I skipped over it two or three times because it only had one vote and no reviews. Show your support peoples!

    1. Ah, this is a beter link –>
      (the other was a link to my comment…)

  21. StellalunaNightshade

    I wish they posted more than one page every friday…that would make much more sense if they posted 10-20 pages. Then, you can actually remember what happened prior in the novel than trying to understand what one page means…. It’s really good though! :D Try to post more~

    1. Ten to twenty pages every Friday?? Ridiculous. They give us what their time allows them to in the quality they produce it now. Please be thankful that they give you ATLEAST one free page of their time and effort every week.

    2. I can understand what you’re saying and 10-20 pages per update would sure be nice, but that’s, to be frank, completely insane. We couldn’t produce that many pages a week even if we wanted to.

      We might be able to do like CLAMP and release a chapter a month if we worked in black and white and had 4 artists working on it at once, but it’s just not possible with full color and only 2 artists that also have day jobs. Sorry!

    3. do you want music wish list with that

    4. And I suppose you would also like a diamond every Friday as well.

  22. StellalunaNightshade

    Oh my gawsh Meelaaaa!!! <3 Please please pleeeeease finish off the cat-man and show Feral you're strong *-* Awesome~!!

  23. And the pup save the day! :3 Yessss! Thanks for the nex page :D

  24. SpicyBleachedHead

    Feral’s reaction is priceless XD

  25. Teehee~ Holland seems to be covering Feral- hopefully the poor bigpuppy won’t be poisoned. :<

    1. I don’t that that was Holland.. who is to say (besides Algy and Celesse) Meela’s knives can’t shine like that?

      1. Well, from his transformation, I’m pretty sure Holland’s magic is blue & since the ‘ksh’! thing was blue…

      2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

        Holland’s magic is blue, Feral’s is yellow-ish, and Visrial’s is purple. No one knows what color Meela’s is yet!

  26. Okay, so my theories for what happens next are as follows:

    1) Feral gets poison’d but his life isn’t in danger, and Meela jumps in at the last second to save him – thus proving she isn’t The Load but a promising fighter in the making.
    2) Feral is ABOUT to be poisoned, possibly to lethal effect, when Holland swoops in and saves him, and Meela’s moment of courage will be covered later and elsewhere.
    3) Feral saves himself and beats down Visrial, but the latter gets back up and launches a last ditch-effort attack, which is foiled at the last second by either Meela or Holland.
    4) Again, Feral is poisoned, Meela saves him, and it then becomes a race against time to get him an antidote while Holland provides their backdoor escape route.

  27. I think Meela should be all bad ass and wear sunglasses, that way if she isn’t of any help at least she will look cool failing.

    and Holland should have a thin, curled mustache!

  28. This guy is an idiot. What kind of dork GIVES AWAY the fact that he uses poison? XD Its like he’s saying, “Yeah, I TOTALLY don’t need the advantage of you not worrying about getting the occasional scrape by my daggers because you don’t know they’re poisoned. I want you to be EXTRA GUARDED so my job is EVEN HARDER.” It’s these kinds of things that lead to pay cuts, my friend.

    1. Well that’s what happens when a guy has an ego, Riverfox237. xD

      1. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if they didn’t have pride once and a while… -le sigh-

        1. Hey, I’m not protesting the realism. XD It’s hilarious to me when people sabotauge themselves via their humungous ego.

        2. SELFEDIT: When BAD people sabatouge themselves. Less satisfying when it’s someone trying to do a good thing and they just get a big head and trip themselves. Then you want to bop them on the head.

  29. Oh I hope he doesn’t poison Meela when she tries to help! D:

    1. Let’s hope he isn’t that low as to harm a child.
      Then again, I’m not too sure how old Meera is. I’m guessing she’s a teenager.

      1. Well, he did try to kill her a few pages back, and would have succeeded if Feral hadn’t intervened, so my guess is that he really is that low. :/

        But I would like to see Meela actually accomplish something, here. Kicking kitty-boy did show promise, though.

  30. Oh man.
    You poison Feral, you die >:[

  31. This is absolutely amazing!! How you two manage to get such consistantly wonderful art and plot out on a weekly basis astounds me… It’s just… Gah! You two are brilliant, as is Strays!

    PS. Love the magic- uhh I’m gonna go with “sparks” for lack of a better word… They’re perrrrrrdy

  32. Magic! The climax will arise soon enough… climax of the battle, wonder the outcome.

  33. we should all vote for this comic every 4 hours and strays up to #1

  34. and get strays up to #1

    1. I’ll have to do that later, my server won’t let me poll things, but I’d like to see Strays as #1!! :D

  35. That cat guy reminds me of the evil guy on a movie called The Nine Lives of Chloe King, and they both have to do with cats. Which is odd, but cool! :3

  36. Holland: 7/10 Other Dude: 4/10 {xD} Feral: 1,930,987,408,730/10! xD

  37. i still have trouble keeping all their magic light colors straight…

  38. Okay…someone just needs to whip out their feather on a string and go “here kitty kitty kitty!” it works everytime!

    What pretty shiney lights!

  39. omg im all caught up *sadfaise*

    i am enjoying this comment, there is never a dull moment! :D

  40. I hope he accidentally gets stabbed by one of his own sharp pointy poison thingies.

  41. how do u know that guys a cat?

  42. Wait, what kind of thingy is Visrial, cuz he keeps calling Feral “dog” which implies he isnt lupian, but he kind of looks like a monkey.

  43. Maybe he is bluffing.
    Maybe it isn’t poisoned at all.

    And I’m not talking about the colouration. Most poisons wouldn’t have funky colours.

    They’re throwing-knives, right? The shape seems a bit simple. Liquid poison would run off them pretty quickly, so if there is a poison on them then one would expect it to either be ridiculously potent (so even a meagre drop could kill), or some sort of gel (that wouldn’t flow so easily off such a plain blade from the act of being thrown). Plus the fact that he is holding them point-upward suggests any more liquid poison on them would run down onto his hands (making very strong liquid poisons a poor choice).
    Ideally, blades designed to actually work with poison would have some sort of reservoir built into the blade for them… and they would be handled more carefully…

    So… all these things considered, either he is bluffing… or it is some sort of waxy / gel poison that doesn’t need to be treated quite so carefully (and would last longer, at the cost of not poisoning so easily).
    Either that or “poison” is just an abstract template applied to his weapon, and not requiring any sort of physical properties whatsoever… o_o;

    1. Oh please, stop hanging out the know-all…

    2. It’s possible the poison is magic-related.

  44. Wow! It’s a cat!

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