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Uh oh. What are you up to, Meela? Don't be a hero!

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  1. Meela’s gonna be smexy when shes older

    1. One can only hope. Fanart? /crosses fingers

      In the meantime, yes, Meela, BE A HERO. As long as it actually works out and she doesn’t fail again, that would make me week. <3

    2. .. oor she could turn out really ugly :D You never know!

    3. I think she’s pretty smexy now…

      *is hit for being a creeper*

      1. *Collects the gunpowder*

        1. *Attacks you with a diamond sword in an attempt to kill you and get the gunpowder*

        2. shapeshifters16

          Did I just stumble into some Minecraft nerds? AWESOME!

        3. LOL Creepers were the first thing that came to mind.

    4. If she’s going to keep acting like she is she better learn to enjoy abandonment play.

  2. Ah! Meela is going to try and do something useful! (Though that has usually ends up rather bad hasn’t it?)

    *Cheers* Don’t listen to my doubts Meela! You can do it!

    1. lol! Seconded!

  3. omg… Holland’s face is so funny in fourth panel… guess he is hiding a LOT of things >>”””

    Good luck meela! save poor feral!

    1. Holland always has the greastest expressions ;P

  4. Why do you have to have such an adorable I’m-hiding-something grin Holland? You keep pushing Feral away from being my favorite D=

    o.o is Meelah going to *try* and fight in a helpful way? She shouldn’t even try XD

  5. I suddenly have a thing for Holland! XD What a smile and Meela looks like maybe she’s going to pull something rad off hopefully!

  6. i never noticed the symbol on her necklace/collar before.
    she’s p.o.ed. go Meela! Go for the knees!

  7. This could end badly…very very badly. I hope you at least know how to use those! Or at least KINDA know how to use those! D:

    Don’t accidentally hit Feral if you’re planning to help him!

    1. Of course she does! The pointy end goes into the other person :P

      1. In the words of Jon Snow: stick ’em with the pointy end!

        1. In the words of Arya: “I know which end to use! Hmph!” <3

        2. oce he fiquerd out which end of the wepon is pointy, he was promoted to sentury duty- goblin promotion sistem

    2. In the words of Inara from Firefly/Serenity “I think (s)he knows which end to hold.” XD

      1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

        Oh yes! Firefly fan!! gotta love that show. :D

        1. If you don’t, your crazy :P

          Browncoats forever :3

  8. I love how you manage to keep everything consistent within your comics. You must work very hard on this, especially considering it’s full color. C:

  9. I fear that this will end in tears – most likely Meela’s

  10. Yeah don’t be a hero! Rule of Zombieland! Wow, such a nerd -.-‘
    But gotta love Meela’s grr face. :) & the clouds in the starry night. Gosh I love the art is this comic X}

  11. Good luck Meela! :O

  12. “Uh oh” is right, Meela has a “plan”

    Halland (as usual) you are amazing, you got Meela all confused about you. And that is his role in the story right? To be epic and to make everyone else confused?

    1. lol that sounds alot like me! maybe thats why i thought holland seemed so familiar….

      also GO Meela (and maybe fail a little while your at it because its too early in the comic for you to be the awesome defeat all hero everyone wants you to be, and knows that you eventually will be!)

  13. And then Meela serious’d the F up.

    1. Uh-oh, sh!ts going dowwnnnn.

      (I’m more then a little doubtful Meela won’t manage to do this without messing up though.)

  14. Lyrian? Is that some sort of swan thing? What else is he hiding…… *spoilers*

  15. Oh, that knowing look in panel four…0.<

  16. Hope that if Meela’s hero attemp (if thats what she tries) works… that would be a shocker since in the past they havent!
    And also- Feral’s face if she succeded would be hilarious!!!

    1. Ahhh I can just imagine Feral’s face now!! God, I love the facial’s in this comic (not to mention just about every other little bit of it), especially Feral’s!! Now I hope that Meela succeeds just for Feral’s reaction haha – bring on te lolz! XD

  17. My dear girl, if he is hiding something then why would he tell you about it? ;)

  18. Whoa, I think Meela’s really going to hurt Visrial. YAY!

    Hm, where did the dagger scabbard go in the last panel…? It seemed too long to hide entirely under her little dress, but I could be wrong…

    I’m guessing Holland’s other secrets have to do with the tiny dress he had in his luggage. xD

  19. Meela…no. Do NOT try and stab the guy. Let Feral and Holland handle it. YOU need more training before you stab a cat.

    1. You don’t need training to stab a cat ;P Like Celesse said, the pointy end goes into the other person ;P
      Plus she got every right to. That guy has been nothing but creepy to her =.=

      1. Have you tried to stab a cat? It’s really hard, and they claw the crap out of you.

        1. Very true… probably twice as hard to stab a cat w/ a sword…
          Meela’s smart, she’ll think of something ^,^…which will end horribly, but you know, it’s the thought that counts… right?

        2. o____________________________________o Well, I’d hope they hadn’t, no…

    2. Slopdoggy your icon is Xion! So cool

  20. GO MEELA!! :D I believe in you!…mostly :P

  21. I forgot what a Lyrian was. could someone tell me

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      a bird person.

  22. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Go Meela! Save Feral and make us all proud!! Then maybe he will find you useful enough to stop trying to ditch you! :D
    On the other hand…..don’t do anything stupid….

  23. Love hollands face in the fourth panel! :D

  24. WatchOutForWendigos

    Canines and Felines will always be mortal enemies:) Love how the cat-dude dodges with feline grace, while Feral is charging in like a bulldog.
    Go Meela, you can do it! Pretend the guy knocked over your shelter!

  25. Meela, please don’t stab him. STAB HIM LIKE A BOSS!

  26. Holand’s “I’m hiding something face” is EPIC.

  27. Hollands Face In The Fourth Panel. XD

  28. I’m never tired of Holland’s facial expressions. They are just the BEST :D
    Meela… I know you want to help, but probably you’re gonna molest Feral more than help him ^^U

  29. I just have to say, Holland is very sexy ;)
    Aaaaand, I’m kinda in love with his nose…

  30. Uh ooooh… Holland… What are you up to (suspicious look)
    GO MEERA (stands in backround in little cheerleader outfit and cheers her on)

  31. Meela be wantin’ to be a part of the show instead of juz watchin’ eh?
    Well, I hope she’ll put the knife into da right person…………..
    I hope anyway…(-~-);

  32. Panel 4 ~
    Knowing smile is knowing.

    Holland you enigmatic sexy bastard.

  33. oh-oh

    is Meela going to stab holland???

    1. MasterassassinMan

      Rofl no shes gonna help feral

    2. Why on earth would she stab Holland? xD I think she’s gonna help Feral. Or attempt. . . Who knows if she’ll be successful. Lol.

  34. Am I the only one who thinks she’s sheathing the daggers? It kind of looks like she may have drawn them when Holland bird’d her in the face but put them back after his tremendous rape face in the fourth panel.

    That and Holland is facing them with Meela to his left–she looks like she’s either walking away or making a clumsy attempt at a flank?

    1. Rape face?!?!?!?

  35. Hmm..Holland reminds me of someone. X3
    The whole ‘hiding’ things and the smile. The smile! Instant love. =w=

  36. Finally caught up! Cliffhanger though, dang it!

  37. Even if this comic is updated just once a week. I love this comic so much! Keep up the good work!

  38. Hmm…. I have the sense that Meela may find a power at some time during this fight… >.>

  39. Bwaaa T.T >.< Where is the new page? *sniff*

  40. hmmm…she might do something useful,…

  41. There must be a lamp up on that roof for them to be lit like that during the night.
    Also, nice roof tiles.

    1. Or a full moon. ^.^ Full moon is REALLY bright.

  42. I spy with my little eye.

    The secret third brother of Fai.

    Also, browncoats forever. Cheers to all you out in the black.

    1. I knew I wasn’t the only one who saw Fai! xD In Holland, I mean.

  43. I wonder when the next comic will be up! I love this one a lot!

  44. StellalunaNightshade

    Oh my gawsh, she’s got a knife. <3
    This is gonna be epic!

  45. I need the next one!

  46. New page pleeeaaaaaase *_* hehe :)

  47. WUaw I just LOVE this comic! So beauty, and funny, and still make a lot of sense :)!!!

  48. What else are you hiding?
    Pants suddenly seem large.

  49. I’ve just realized something. Meela’s dagger resembles a “Cinquedea”, a Renaissance-era Italian weapon.

    It’s about the right size and shape, and many Cinquedeas were sheathed behind the back like that (albeit horizontally instead of vertically).

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