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You can close your mouth now, Meela.

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  1. Feral and Holland… they just WORK as a perfect team! But awesome that you’re showing us an amazing other side of Holland… he’s becoming my fan-crush… :D Great work! Please keep going!

  2. Holland’s face in the third panel is epic xD

    1. i know right! :D he’s got the cutiest and funniest expressions! :D

    2. I second that! ^-^

    3. ha he looks like he is whistling!

      1. Nah, it’s a Kissie-kissie face

  3. Just when I though nothing could tear me away from Holland’s sparkling appearence, Feral showes up. While Holland is so shiny, Feral has this sexy adventurous touch… I can’t decide, which I like more… *.*

    (besides, beautiful background in the first pannel :D)

  4. Delusional-Weirdo

    I love it when stories don’t have the characters sit there talking while a perfectly able fighter just sits off the side politely letting them finish their conversation. It’s one of the most frustrating things in some shows/comics! This plays off of that.

  5. ooo this is getting so exciting. I feel that I’ve missed many hints in the past pages so now I have to go and reread the whole thing to see the hints that I missed if I can.

    Holland, you are so amusing and coy and so much more. Your counterbalance with Feral is so epic that’s it’s hard to measure, not that I actually want to. ^^

    Take notes Meela.

  6. Meela is this close to a perfectly awesome Ponyo face.

  7. Haha, I love it when that happens! And I think the voice Holland has in my head just got a little deeper because of the first panel XD

  8. once again i will never be able to get over Holland’s many hilarious faces. The effects in this page turned out amazing everything from the “YOWL”, “KSH”, and “CLANG” to the lights in their eyes. Just like every one else is saying the 1st and 3rd panels turned out amazing and Meela’s face cracks me up. I personally like the last two panel’s details on Feral; I’d have to say Feral is my favorite character. I’d love to know more details on him in up coming pages.

    Despite how awesome Holland’s face is in panel 3, my favorite Halloand face is still the “oh crap” face! :)

  9. IMMA DUCK, DUCKFACE!! QUACK QUACK!!!…… urr wait hes a swan.. HONK HONK!!

  10. … I think I might have fallen in love with Holland … badly …

  11. lol! I love Holland’s face in the 3rd panel! XD

  12. o.o I still love you most, Feral! I’m just…admiring Holland. >.> He is so awesome-looking in the first panel! :D

  13. I was wondering were Feral went…glad he’s back now :)

    Meela, you lucky du…uh, dog. How often do you get a prince as a bodyguard. :)


  14. Man, you’re guy’s use of lighting is amazing! It’s breathtaking & I love how unique it is. LOVE the description for this one {Meela’s gonna catch a fly isn’t she? O.o} And yay! Feral ^,^

  15. Omg yep crushing on Holland now from this point. Sorry Feral but..Holland he can be such a dashing badarse! 8’D

  16. Today, on Strays! Feral gets back into action, and Holland makes the ultimate smarm face! Don’t miss it!

  17. Quick miss Celesse! Holland is in danger of getting his own fan base! Make Feral the fan-favorite again or it will go to Hollands head!

  18. My little brother: “Flying glowing swan to the rescue! Da dada DAA!”
    He loves this comic.

  19. -SNERK-

    My brother occasionally reads my webcomics, and I let him read this one ’cause it’s safe.
    Prompted by the other comment, his reaction:


    -insert flapping arms-

  20. Oh Holland, hes becoming an interesting/awesome character. BUT, Feral is still number 1 for me! GO FERAL! XD

  21. Oh, Holland! U so badass!!! ^.^

  22. HEHEH DUCK FACE, even though he’s a swan. >.>

  23. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Ahh…Holland is so awesome. But Feral’s still my favvy….He just hops into action, disregarding the conversation. Of course, he probably doesn’t have much respect for conversation, because he can’t participate. Poor Feral!

  24. <3

  25. lolz third panel facial expression!! gotta love Holland but Feral is still my favorite though. Can’t help it. *shrugs*

  26. first panel should be made into a full downloadable background

    1. That would be very cool :)

    2. I agree with you on this one. >:I I’d love to have this as a background!

  27. That right there is a third panel win~

  28. Oh, how fun it was to watch this page being made :3 Especially when we were oogling over Holland’s kissy kissy lips X3
    And when you put lip gloss and eyeshadow on him? Hilarious :3

  29. Holland- Only person in the world who can pull off Duck-Face. ;p

  30. HOLLANDS FACE and MEELA’S FACE. I love their facial expressions more than the best apple pie in the world! This comic is so awesome and its nice to know some people can still draw epic fight scences, i havent seen any good ones in a while.

  31. “And I’m surprised to see you ignoring the REAL threat.”
    The Holland-Feral tag team here is just hilarious.

  32. I just found your comic yesterday and I am really diggin’ it. You have reignited my desire to draw again.

  33. Long time ninja stalker. I love your work, but I being the person I am would like to point out that Holland hasn’t really pulled the bow back to the right position. His string hand should be closer to his jaw and to his body, otherwise that arrow will go really high up and to the left. Also, the position he is in is really uncomfortable, for drawing back in, even for a double-jointed-in-my-shoulders person like me. Just pointing this out there because incorrectly held bows are a pet-peeve of mine.

    To end with a brighter note, I loove the 3rd panel. His face, is priceless :D

  34. Dude. Holland looks so freakin’ awesome with his swan-bow and shininess…and then he kind of ruins it with THAT FACE two panels later. XD I love this guy so much. And it IS kinda funny that Visrael is more focused on Meela than Feral, seeing as how Feral’s the one who is probably gonna end up handing his tail to him.

    At one of these points I hope to figure out how they’re all doing the shiny flashy things and whether or not that realy was Feral that just threw that one. Do all animal-people races have some power of this kind?

    1. Majority of the races in Meoley have magic. What hit Visrial is Feral’s magic in the form of arcs.

      1. Ah! Thanks for clearing that up for me. ^^

  35. silly prince, bah they can get away with anything x.x
    I can’t wait for the next page :)

  36. Hollands oooo face is so adorable.

  37. Oh, Holland–you just kill me!!! I love him so much! Almost as much as I love Meela :)

  38. omg! love it!

  39. Sank your Battleship

    … Holland’s kissy lips face is never going to leave my mind.

  40. Holland…have my babies..

  41. Hey why is feral’s sword different? Shouldnt it be bejeweled, curved, and with the little circle taken out at the base of the blade?

    1. I thought the same thing, but I think he left that blade on the balcony. If I remember correctly from nearly flying off. He has has a sheath on his back and his thigh. The fancy one goes in the thigh one and the sword he’s using now on his back. But I also could be bonkers! Lol. Who knows?

  42. Gaaaaaaaaaaah I love Holland and Feral and Meela so much!!
    But Holland is the one who makes me squeal with happy.

  43. question if 2 of the different races had a child would the child have one of the parents animals? an odd mix of both? is it even possible for them to have a child?

    1. They cannot interbreed with each other.

  44. Most. Epic. Duckface. Ever. XD Holland FTW!

    1. I imagine he’d be pretty good at a duckface, considering his animal form is a swan :P

  45. So Holland’s left handed? *knows this because she has a bow* COOL! I’m left handed too xP

  46. Haha, that’s humble of him – I bet he’s refering to Feral as the real threat! Luff him! <3

  47. DUDE! His bellybutton isn’t showing! Dx

  48. Holland’s comment there reminds me of something from Firefly:
    Man in bar: I said you’re a coward and a piss-pot. Now what are you gonna do about it?
    Mal: nothing. I just wanted you to face me so SHE could get behind you
    Zoe: *bangs Man in Bar over the head with a rifle*

    sorry, completely random thought, there…. :) I love this page, and the comic so very much!!!

  49. Favorite character~

  50. …I just noticed that Holland is left-handed…
    And I love Holland! He’s awesome!

  51. Not saying that he’s a nice guy or really that likable, but Visrial is pretty badass. Its 3 against 1 in this scene, one being a prince and the other Feral, and he’s holding up really well on his own.

    Well, I guess 2 1/2 against 1…. but still. :P

  52. THAT. SMUG. LOOK!!!! *swoon*

  53. IT WAS A DISTRACTI- ugh his face again.

  54. I really hate nit picking but this really annoys me. THATS NOT HOW YOU HOLD A BOW!! EVER!! I feel really strongly because of the weeks I spent practicing the proper grip and draw point.

    1. I’m betting your weeks of practice didn’t include a magic bow that shoots feather arrows. It’s fantasy, suspend reality for a bit and just enjoy it.

      I used refs of people holding bows and arrows too, so I don’t know what to tell you.

  55. in my head Holland sounds like Mephisto Pheles from Blue Exorcist. Maybe it’s because he kinda acts like him.

    1. I always hear Griffin Burns’ voice. XD

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